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Tony wants to fuck innocent religious Jim. He will find out later that he is not so innocent
His body twisted as I penetrated his young virgin ass savagely. He screamed and yelled as I pinched and sucked his nipple. This is all I wanted to do to him, but it was just talk. I know I’ll never dare touching him. He was as they called him, God’s angel. Son of a preacher, excellent student in class and the most respectable teen ever. How could this boy ever be mine? He refused all the girls that came to him; even a kiss or a blowjob. So why? Why would he even think about kissing another man? Jim Carley was perfect. He was 18 years old. Lean toned body, a real twink. Short brow hair, full bottom lip, deep green eyes, and most importantly, perfect round ass. He made me crazy. All I thought about when I saw him was fucking him deeply and hear him scream like mad. All I could think of was opening his legs wide and suck and fuck him roughly. I am a 30 years old man, leaving by himself in a house. Fortunately for me, I am handsome and built enough to attract females. I fucked them, thinking it was Jim. My sexual appetite never ended. I needed the preacher’s boy now. I knew what I was going to do and there was only one thing to do.
After days and days of friendship with the Carley family, tricking them, making them believe I was a very religious person, they totally trusted me. Even Jim let me in his room once. I remember how he jumped on his bed topless and fell asleep right away. I remember how I forced myself not to take off his pants and suck and lick his pink hole. One Friday, Mr and Mrs. Carley asked me to take care of their son because they had to leave for the weekend. I was in heaven. How could I miss a chance of being with the cute ass angel? They gave me all the keys to their house and they were gone.
Hours came by and nothing happened. Me and the little angel, Jim were watching a sort of religious movie and I was getting bored. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know where to start to get him to let me fuck him. “Going to take a nap Jim,” I said, disappointed and terribly bored at the same time. As I fell on the bed I started jacking off. No doubt I wanted him bad. Little fucker, I thought, once I get your ass, I ll fuck you so hard you will scream like you’ve never screamed before. I got out my 9 inch cock and started jacking off.
30 minutes later I heard some noise coming from the living room. They seemed like…moaning noises. I stood up immediately and hurried to the living room. I was shocked by what I saw. There in front of me, was Jim, on the floor naked legs spread wide, jacking off his big fat meat furiously, as if he wanted to tear it off. On the T.V was showing…gay porn! A young boy was being penetrated really hard by two big large cocks and moaning. “Oh yeah, fuck him, fuck that bitch!” Jim was saying as he jerked himself. The poor boy was in pain. His mushroom head was swollen, and red purplish. OMG I thought I was going to explode in my pants as pre cum started oozing from his cock. Suddenly he saw me, and screamed. “Jim don’t be scared, I wont do anything.” He asked me if I had been here a long time, and he begged me not to tell his parents. “ I wont tell Jim…if..” His body tensed and he pursed his lips. “If what?” I let my pants fall down, unleashing my 9 inch cock monster. It was hungry, red and veiny. The little angel’s jaw dropped open and he started drooling. I couldn’t believe it, this young cute religious teen was actually a cock sucker. He grinned and put his 18 years old hands around my cock. “Hmmm I want this big red lollipop” Then without a warning he started devouring my cock. He started suckling on it like a vacuum cleaner. He sucked it on like this is all he has been waiting for all his life. He munched on my big mushroom head, licking the slit and pinching the big vein under it. Then all of a sudden he took almost all of the damn thing in his mouth and started biting and sucking on it. “Oh, oh little ahhhhhhhhhh you evil cocksucker! Suck it bitch!” I yelled as I pulled his hair toward me. He looked at me as he was licking my dick. “You like that? Does that feel good? I love your lollipop!” he said as he looked at me. He gave me an evil grin then he went right back at suckling it. I was losing my mind. His slurping noises and the way he rubbed his dick against my leg was bringing me over the edge. I pulled him off my dick like the leech that he was. “Hmmm I love it! I want your cum in my mouth.” He said.
I realized he wasn’t an angel anymore, he was a cute little demon hungry for cock in his mouth and hopefully in his ass. He started getting undressed. I started licking his ear, his neck and his lips. I forced my tongue in his mouth and he opened it wide. We were tongue wrestling and he was winning. When I got down to his nipple he moaned loudly. I understood it was one of his hot spots. I pinched them then I nibbled them. I bit them and sucked on them like a hungry baby on his mother’s breast. I sucked and sucked it again and again. He was moaning real loud. “oh baby don’t ever stop it feels so fucking good!” he yelled. I wondered how he would react then when I’ll get down to his cock. Without a warning I gulped all of his 7 inches red swollen dick in my mouth. He screamed like crazy. He was on his back, legs spread wide. I didn’t let go. I sucked on it. I gripped it. I bit it. I suckled on it. I did it as though I wanted to drink the sperm from his penis. I went up and down faster and faster. I gobbled his dick, I bobbed it. “OH GOD!!! OMG OH please Tony you are killing me, please stop this is so goooooooooood! Oh Tony yeah yeah! Suck it suck it! Awwwww!!!” He moaned like hell! “You like it huh? You like it you little motherfucking cock sucker!! You like it when I suck you off like that huh? Yeah? Yeah?” I kept teasing his dick. “ Yeah Yeah Oh Yeah! I am your bitch now fuck me, I want you to fuck me” he screamed.
My dick was rock hard and could have gone through a concrete wall by now. I raised up his ass in the air. His ass was perfect, big and round. I slapped them a couple times then I plunged my tongue in his ass hole. He was squirming like a worm. He told me to suck his ass. I sucked it, I licked it. Then I put my finger in his ass hole. OH GOOOOOOOOOOODD!!” He screamed! I loved it. I looked as his face and the poor baby was in pain. OH stop he said! “Is this all you can take bitch? Huh?” “Is that all? What’s it going to be when I fuck your fucking deep tight little hole with my fat meat? Huh?” I am going to rape your ass! Bitch” “Oh yes fuck me fuck me fuck me hard!!” he yelled in response to what I was saying. I finger fucked him really fast. Harder and harder. I slapped his ass and licked it too. The best part was when I sucked his dick hard while finger fucking him. He would go wild and moan the dirtiest obscenities ever. I spit in his hole.
Finally I knew I was ready and his hole was ready too. I have been working it out for good. We went in his bedroom and I put him on his stomach. I pushed his head in the pillows and arched him so that his fat ass was facing me. His anus kept going in and out. He was really turned on. I slapped him hard then I went on top of him. I went on top of him then I licked his ear while rubbing my big fat meat between his two fat ass cheeks. I was loving this. “ You want it huh? You want me to fuck your ass, right? Little bitch? You would like that.” He was moaning and whimpering. The little fucker was rubbing his fat ass cheeks around my cock wanting it in. “Oh yeah, please Mr.Craig, fuck me. I want your fat cock inside me so bad.” At that point I didn’t have any feelings for him. He was a fucking little slut and I was going to fuck him really hard. In one whole struck, I penetrated his fucking ass. We both yelled. “oh oh Oh oh yeah! Hmmm yeah, oh God, it hurts, I love it!” he screamed. I could tell he was in pain and in pleasure at the same time. I wasted no time either. I fucked his hole harder and harder. Faster and faster. I gripped his fat cheeks and thrusted harder. I slapped his ass cheeks and I went in faster and faster. “Oh please slow down, hm hm ahhhhhhh, oh yeah Oh God yeah fuck me, just like that, yeah fuck fuck yeah!” he kept yelling and squirming at the same time the little bitch. I grabbed his hair and pulled his head toward me. I put my other arm on his shoulder and went in even further and harder and faster. “That’s what you wanted, huh little bitch, you wanted a fucking cock in your fucking ass, in you fucking delicious tight ass hole.” “Oh yeah I am a fucking bitch and you are going to fuck me really hard. Fuck me fuck me, yeah yeah!” I bent down and licked his ear, I kissed him deeply then I gripped his shoulders and started going pretty rough. It was brutal and savage. All these days when I have been dreaming of fucking him. All these days when I would imagine him in my bed. The little fucker I thought. I was getting my revenge. I wanted to make him yell and scream. “orrrrrr my God!!! FUCK YEAH! I yelled, fuck fuck fuck you bitch! I was going so fast and so rough, I thought I was going to faint” “Hm yeah oh yeah motherfucker, fuck my fucking ass, bitch, you want my ass, show me how much you want it. Fuck it hard. It’s all yours bitch, fuck me fuck me.” He was moaning, squirming. I was fucking with an incredible violence and roughness. I was merciless.
Suddenly the door opened and we both gasped….
A young tall jock type kinda guy came in. He was blond, blue eyes and really hot. Judging from the big bulge in his pants, I could tell he has been listening….and liked it too. “Kyle!” Jim screamed happily jumping away from me and running toward the guy. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Jim jumped on Kyle and Kyle groped his ass and started fingering him right in front of me. I was so confused I just leaned down. “It’s my big brother, Kyle, he lives in Wisconsin,” Jim explained. I never knew he had a big brother. Obviously both of them were engaged in some type of sexual relationship too. Kyle was twenty. They both laid on the bed, each on my left and right side. Kyle started talking to me, “It all started when I was 17. Jim was 15. He came in my room and went under the covers; I didn’t even know he was there. Then all of a sudden he started sucking my cock like a real hard. I almost came right away. I pulled off the covers and I saw him there. Tightly gripping on my cock and sucking it hard. I couldn’t tell him to stop it was so good. He told me he was desperately in need of a cock in his mouth and ass. I told him it was okay for the cock in the mouth, but not in the ass. So since then we have been giving blowjobs to each other.” By the time he was done, my cock was rock hard again.

Sorry it was so long, but this is just part 1! Write to my email ( or inbox if you liked the story. Part 2 is coming soon

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