My Surprising Stepdaughter!

My wife Judy and I met around 3 years ago. We had both gone through difficult splits from previous partners, but we met at a club, got on well and after a few months I used to pop round and stay over. We had a good sex life, although often she was tired after a hard days work, but if I’m honest, sometimes so was I and was probably not a star performer.
Judy had a daughter and a son from her previous marriage. Her son Mike was off at Uni, reading law and her teenage daughter Emma was at school, so obviously she stayed at home. She was a young kid, still skinny and gangly as young girls can be, but pretty cute. You know the sort of thing, pony tails and freckles and all that.
Anyway, things were going fine until one night in early November, about 18 months ago.
Judy and I were sitting down in the lounge, watching a DVD, while Emma was upstairs doing her homework. Judy and I had snuggled up on the sofa and she had brought a duvet down from our bedroom, so we hunkered under that and watched the movie. Things were getting a little frisky between Judy and I, but that stopped suddenly when Emma came downstairs and asked if she could watch the movie. She’d finished her homework and wanted some company before she went to bed.
Frankly, Judy had got me rather turned on, and I was about to say no, thinking I might finish off something as soon as Emma fucked off back upstairs, but Judy beat me to the punch.
‘sure Emma, come on ‘ she said.
I was told to move over to make room and so I soon found myself squeezed between the two, and no hope of getting anything more from Judy. Or so I thought.
Judy leaned over and switched the table lamp off, and so we all settled down to watch the movie with only the blue light from the tv. As we sat there under the duvet, I was cursing my bad luck, and seriously considered nipping through to the bathroom for some quick relief. Just as I considered this, I felt a gentle touch on my thigh. Slowly, the touch turned into a stroke and I could feel myself stiffen as the hand gradually moved across my leg and began to stroke my cock through my trousers.
‘fuck me’ I thought. ‘Judy is a real tease, but I’m not complaining’ Judy murmured something about the movie being scary and snuggled in closer, but that was just a ploy for a change in position. As she moved, her hand slipped up to my trouser button. In one deft move she unbuttoned my trousers and pulled down the zipper. I don’t know where she learned that, but before I knew what was going on, I was lying there under a duvet, with my then girlfriend stroking my bare cock, while her young daughter snuggled in beside me, blissfully unaware of what was going on!!
Fuck this was incredible. I was totally trapped while this woman gently masturbated me under the duvet, as I sat with my arms round her and her unsuspecting daughter.
I couldn’t move, but I desperately wanted to thrust in time with her gentle hand motions. Judy kept stroking my cock and tickling my balls and every time I thought I was about to come, she squeezed hard at the base of my cock. It was painful, but in a good way, and seemed to do the trick to stop me from shooting my load under the duvet.
After a few minutes of this exquisite torture, Judy turned to me and said that she was tired and was heading off to bed. She’d see me soon. Without a word she slipped out from under the duvet and went upstairs, leaving me sat there, with my cock pulsing away under the duvet as her daughter watched the movie, unaware of what her slutty Mom had been up to.
I couldn’t move, since my cock was rock hard and sticking out my trousers, so I knew I would have to wait till the movie ended and Emma went upstairs. Then, I would be able to get upstairs and give her mother the damn good fucking she deserved.
I relaxed, and sat there, ready to wait it out. Fortunately, it was a half decent movie, so it could have been a lot worse.
Then suddenly I froze with shock. I felt a hand on my leg. I sat still with fright, and couldn’t believe it when the hand slowly started to stroke my leg.
I looked at Emma, who just sat there staring at the screen. What the fuck was going on? The hand moved across my leg and reached my open trousers. I looked again at Emma, who sat there impassively watching the movie. The hand paused when it encountered my open trousers, but only for a second.
‘ my Mum must think I’m stupid’ I heard Emma say, as I gasped with shock as the hand wrapped itself around my cock. She turned to look up at me; ‘ I saw her hand moving under the covers, and wondered what she was up to? Is this what she was doing?’ she said as she gripped my cock.
I didn’t know what to do, or say.
‘well, is it?’ Emma repeated.
‘pretty close ‘ I was able to reply.
‘I’ve never done this before’ said Emma as she gripped my cock in her little hand, ‘probably a bit young for it, don’t you think?’
I didn’t dare speak but managed a nod and a gulp. Her hand was cool and it was a delicious sensation on my hot cock.
‘what else did she do?’ asked Emma, and looked up at me.
‘we ll, she kind of slid her hand up and down,’ I replied, ‘its feels kinda nice when she does that you see’
‘oh’ she answered, ‘like this?’ and gripped my cock and pulled hard.
‘oooyaah’ I gasped, ‘christ no, that hurts like that. Its more gentle’
‘show me!’ commanded Emma, and turned round, sitting up and pulling back the duvet.
As the duvet fell back, she saw my cock for the first time.
‘Good grief!’ she exclaimed ‘I’ve never seen one of those before, I didn’t realise they were so big!’
I smiled, as I began to feel a little more in control.
‘actually, most of them aren’t this big’ I whispered, ‘ and keep your voice down or your mother will hear’
She giggled, and allowed me to take her hand and once again wrap it around my cock.
I held my hand over hers and gently showed her how to wank my rock hard cock.
She seemed a quick learner for such a young girl, and soon I was able to take my hand away and relax as she got into a rhythm.
I knew this was wrong, Emma was very young, and it felt like I was betraying Judy. But lets face it, Judy had got my incredibly hard in the first place and now I was getting a free wank, from a little girl who, it seemed by now , was a natural.
With a little encouragement from me, she increased her rhythm and I began to move my hips in time with her strokes. She froze and looked at me with a panicked expression
‘did I do something wrong?’ she asked.
Oh the poor innocent child I thought.
I smiled wickedly, ‘oh yes, Emma you are doing something wrong, terribly wrong! But I think you are enjoying it, so just keep on going’
She nodded , and got back to her work.
I could see her brow furrowing as she concentrated on getting the rhythm and length of the strokes just right.
In the light of the TV, I watched her face as this innocent young girl jerked my huge cock.
Any man she ever saw after me would be a real disappointment I thought, and smiled again as I leant over and took her other hand and wrapped it around my cock as well.
Both her small hands were moving in time now, wrapped around my meat and I could see a glisten of cum start to seep from the end.
She saw this and frowned, but like the good (or bad) little girl she was she didn’t break stride.
‘that stuff coming from the end, its called ‘cum’’ I told her, ‘don’t worry about it, it’s a good sign’
She nodded, and kept at it.
‘some women think its tasty’ I whispered, evilly.
She paused then, mid stroke and looked first into my eyes, and then down to the glistening knob sticking out from between those little hands.
She frowned again, and by now I recognised this was a good sign. With a determined look, she bent down, opened her little mouth and stuck her tongue out, just a little.
As if it was an icecream but she wasn’t sure if she liked the flavour, she delicately licked the tip of my cock, gathering a little of my cum.
She closed her mouth, sat up and looked at me.
‘it’s quite nice ‘ she said, and went down to lick up some more.
‘oh boy’ I thought.
I let her lick gently around the end of my cock, before I started to give her some instruction.
‘ok. Emma, here’s what I want you to do’ I whispered, ‘ lick up and down, gently and slowly. As if it is a great big lolly and you want to make sure none of the melted juice runs down onto your hand’
She obliged, and soon her little tongue was stroking up and down my cock
‘ I think the lolly is melting Emma’ I whispered,’ maybe you should try to suck some of the juices out?’
She ran her tongue up to the top, pursed her lips and started to suck at the very tip of my cock.
It was great, but not enough.
I put my hand down onto the back of her head, I could feel the pigtails under my hand as I pressed her head gently down.
As she opened her mouth to allow more of my cock in. I pressed gently again and raised my hips slowly.
Soon, I had filled her mouth with my hot cock, as her hands gripped the rest which she couldn’t quite accommodate.
‘ok, Emma’ I whispered, ‘now I’m gonna start moving myself back and forward, and I want you to get the rhythm as I do, keep sucking in time to my movement.’
She tried to speak, but my cock had filled her mouth so she could only nod.
I started to move gently, and slipped my hands around her head and took hold of her pigtails.
In the blue light from the TV screen, I looked down as I gently started to fuck her little mouth.
With my hands guiding her movements, and her hands moving up and down my cock as she slurped and sucked, I knew I was going straight to hell for this.
But never mind, ‘just so you know Emma, you really are doing something wrong now’ I whispered, but it turned into a groan as I felt the come begin to build up inside my.
As the pressure rose, I began to thrust harder, as I fucked her face and knew the end was near.
Just at the last moment, I knew I couldn’t come into her mouth so I pulled back. As the spasms started she looked on in awe as bouts of cum shot from my cock, and flew up over my bare stomach and chest.
Wave after wave I came, and the wanton little bitch even started to milk my cock for more as I shot load after load.
She smiled, as I gasped and fell back into the couch.
‘let me help clean you up’ she whispered, and bent her head down to my still hard cock.
She licked the end as the last remnants of my load dribbled out and began to run her tongue up and down my gradually softening member.
As I softened, she slipped her head down over my stomach and began to lap up the cum from the pools formed on my belly and chest. She didn’t take her eyes off me as she licked up the lot.
‘goodnight’ she whispered, as she bent over, gave my cock one last kiss, and slipped off the sofa and scampered away upstairs to bed.
I lay there, speechless and wracked with doubt over what had just happened. It was without a doubt one of the most intense and erotic experiences of my life. I had spent the evening being gently masturbated by my sexy girlfriend, before she slipped away and then her little girl had taken over.
Then despite it being her first time, she had given me the best head I had had in years. I hadn’t even had to lay a finger on her, and judging by the look on her face as she had kissed my cock goodnight, I suspected there may be more training on the cards for my new novice.
Unless of course, the readers don’t want any more details of my very surprising stepdaughter?

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