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This is the true story of the wildest night of my life that occured about a year ago.
We were 18, Me and Alice had been friends for about 5 years since high school and I had always thought she was incredibly sexy. She was not the best looking girl in the world, 5"8 with a cute face. She was a little on the chubby side but because of this her ass and tits benifited hugely. I would often go around to her house to meet her, we would have fun, talk about school and other stupid things but that was not why I was always there. Any time she would leave the room for a considerable amount of time ,for example to get the phone I would instanly run over to her dresser and pull out her underwear. I would rub it all over my face and take in deep breaths of her scent. I occasionally stole her panties or tights and wore them whilst I jerked off. I got such a rush from the idea that she was rubbing my dried cum all over her self unknowingly. I did this for about 6 months until one day I was Caught....

Alice left the room to go to the bathroom and as usual I watched her ass jiggle as she went. The second that the door was shut I was at the dresser. I pulled out a particular favourite of mine, a black lace thong with frills on the side. I began smelling it and instantly got a huge hard on. I decided to take them and savour the taste later at home so I crammed a then into my pocket and turned to go back onto the bed.
I almost yelled out loud as Alice was standing right behind me when I turned, with a wicked smile on her face.
"I know what you've been doing Jim" she said cooly.
"What?" I stammered
"Dont play games Jim, Youve been stealing my underwear, you have been for weeks"
There was no use pretending, she knew.
"Now what shall we do? I could tell everyone at school that you a fetish pervert freak? Would you like that Jim?" she asked.
"NO please!" I let out a loud cry in panic.
"Well then, I think you'd better get on the floor."
I obeyed and lay down on the carpet floor of her bedroom. As I went down I couldnt help but stare at her body. She was dressed in a tight top which show off her breasts perfectly and I could see the outline of her bra through it. After that a skirt coming down to just above her knees and a pair of blue tights that I knew only too well.
"Do you like my body Jim?" she said staring down at me lying there at her feet.
"Yes Alice" I replied.
"Today you shall call me Mistress!"
"Yes Mistress," I replied. This was a side of Alice that I had never seen before but it turned me on massively.
"Then you will do as I say!"
She walked over to her bed and beckoned me to follow, once over there she bagan to peel off her tights and threw them on the floor beside me.
"Suck my toes Jim!"
I wasted no time in obeying as this was a dream come true to me. I place my lips around one of her big toes and began sucking on it, she moaned with pleasure as I sucked and shover her other foot in my face. I moved onto that one and before long both feet were dripping wet with my spit.
"Very good Jim" she said. " Now would you like to suck on my breasts?"
"Yes please Mistress"
She took off her shirt and unclipped her bra. Her breasts were better than I imagined, perfectly round and with large pink nipples. She was already erect as she grabbed my head and shoved it into her bossom. I groped around with my tongue and within seconds found a nipple. I began sucking it with great enthusiasm. I tried to pull away but she held my head firmly in place.
"Not Yet!"
I was forced to suck her nipple for a full 5 minutes until she pulled me up we tocuhed lips for the first time. My tongue darted around her mouth, drinking in her saliva as my hands groped her breasts.
"Hmmmm your tongue still seems to have some energy left" she said with that wicked smile again.
Alice stood up and pulled down her skirt, she was now fully naked as she was wearing no panties. She ordered me to get undressed too and I obliged. Alice lay down on the bed on her back and told me to eat her pussy until she said to stop.
I moved close to her bush, she did not have a lot of hair but it still covered both her lips entirely. I took in the scent and dove in. I felt my tongue push past her hair and fit the wet patch of flesh. I plunged my tongue into her hot pussy. She began to moan with pleasure and I felt her pussy getting wetter and wetter. I was loving every minute of this. She screamed louder and began to girate. I was a little hesitant and so tried to pull out a little but she shoved my head deeper into her muff.
"Stay right There you little perv till I'm Finished" She shrieked.
I continued licking her until suddenly she squirted her juices all over my face. I drank her pussy juice down and found that it tasted amazing. She could tell I enjoyed it as she rubbed more in my face. Alice then lifted her legs and said, "Now eat this"
I was alot more hesitant of this but proceeded. I push my tongue through her cushiony ass cheeks and swirled it around her hole. She rammed my face inwards and my tongue stuck right in there. I licked her and she groaned. I continued and gained speed and pushed a finger into her, twisting it inside her gaping asshole. She moaned loader now. She flung herself over and ordered me to fuck her in the ass. I of course proceeded but knew I wouldnt last long, she screamed with pleasure as I burst myself inside of her. I felt my hot cum squeeze itself into her open ass as we both collasped onto the bed panting heavily.
"Jim, your job is not done, lie down on the floor."
As I did this I wondered what she had in store for me now.
"Close your eyes and open your mouth Jim" said Alice in a quiet voice.
I did as she asked and waited for a few seconds. Suddenly I felt a hot sticky liquid pouring into my open mouth and as I opened my eyes saw that Alice was pushing my cum back out of her ass and over me. Her ass was centremetres from my face and I couldnt help but lick her ass more as she did this.
"Eat up now Jim, You'll need your strength tonight."

To Be continued?

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it says toys in the tags did anyone see toys in this text

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nice but it came on to quickly with the Dom. part so give her a history that says she has done this before than it would make more sense

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It's short but really sexy

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