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We decided to go to sleep, and when we started changing, i knew i needed to fuck her pussy. I saw it only once, nice and shaved, and needed to taste it, one way or another.
It’s been about three months now that I have been secretly fucking my best friend while we had sleepovers. Nobody knows about it but me. Nobody knows I’m a lesbian either. It’s weird how my best friend has no idea I’m attracted to her like fucking hell. Girls change clothes and get naked around each other and think nothing of it (unless they’re lesbians). So the first time I realized I wanted to lick her pussy, was the first night I did.
We were changing into our pajamas and she was taking off her dirty panties. Just one glance at her shaved pussy and mine was drenched. She took off her bra and pulled on a long tee shirt to sleep in. It was driving me mad when I noticed she didn’t put more panties on. I guess she thought the t-shirt was long enough.
One thing I knew was that she was a heavy sleeper, but I wasn’t going to take any chances that night. I needed to suck that pussy good or i'd be horny forever, and I didn’t want her finding out. It just so happened that my dad was taking sleeping pills to sleep better since he was so stressed for work or what ever. So I snuck into his room and grabbed a pill.
Leah was some loser who took vitamins before sleeping, and that worked out perfectly. All of the pills she took were small, so was the sleeping pill, so I just threw it in her vitamin bag and acted as if nothing happened. I was delighted when she unknowingly swallowed my secret pill. I knew tonight would be great.
When she was fast asleep, I crawled over to her. I knew she wasn’t going to wake up and my pussy was throbbing so bad that I knew this was going to be fast anyways.
I pulled up her tee shirt and wanted to suck and fuck that tight pussy right away, but I wanted to treasure the moment first, so I slid the tee shirt up to around her neck, with her arms beside her head on the pillow.
I thought I was going to scream when I finally reached up and touched my sleeping friend’s titties. I bent down and licked each nipple then rubbed them in small circles. I got wetter and wetter as she remained unconscious but her titties got harder by the second.
“Oh god” I murmured to myself as I bent in to lick her titties. She was so knocked out that she didn’t even move in her sleep as I spread her legs as wide as they would go and nibbled her nipples, savoring the taste.
I licked down her stomach and breathed in her pussy when I arrived at the shaven glory. I kept going and flicked my tongue on her clit. I think my pussy was dripping by time my tongue ran down the inside of her pussy and I greedily slid it into it. Even unconsciously, she was wet. I loved her taste more than anything I had ever tasted.
It even made me hornier knowing that she was sleeping and that i wasn't going easy on her nice cunt. She was unaware and was out for display and some good fucking on my part. This was the first time I had ever licked a pussy or nipples or anything since I had just discovered my attraction to her, and so I found out something else-I am I serious pussy muncher. I stuck my tongue in as far as I could into her pussy and rubbed my nose against her clit.
I began sucking at every wet inch of her pussy, especially her clit. I loved that little nub as much as I loved the taste of her pussy. I loved watching her pussy juiced steadily flow out of her pussy as I gave her orgasm after unconscious orgasm. I never knew i could love someones pussy that much. She was definately going to be my nightly fucking toy as much as possible.
Occasionally I’d reach up and massage her titties and lick her nipples to keep them nice and hard for me. Then I realized I was about to orgasm and I hadn’t even touched myself. I was very curious as to how I could use my unconscious friend to help me orgasm fully. I decided to keep It safe and grabbed her hand as I scooted my pussy towards her hand I held out toward me.
As I took one finger and massaged my wet clit with her I felt so in control. Since she was passed out I got to do what ever I wanted to her. She couldn’t object. I could feel my orgasm coming as I grinded my hips on her finger, so I took her three middle fingers and towed them toward my dripping pussy. I shoved them all in greedily and began fucking her fingers with small thrusts of my hips.
I moaned to myself quietly and panted when my pussy blew out my cum onto her fingers. I knew to end this magical night I’d have her taste my cum. So I used her limp hand to scoop my cum into her palm. I held it over her mouth and pulled her jaw down. A few drops dripped in, then I stuck her three fingers in her mouth and closed her jaw. I hope she’d have that taste in her mouth in the morning, but expect nothing.
I left her hand like that while I kissed her nipples goodnight and slid her shirt back down. I teased her clit once more before I went back to my bed, and went to sleep happily.

The next morning she woke up a little earlier than me and woke me up right away. At first i was scared she found out what had happened, but thens she burst out... "I had the best dream last night! I don't know what it was about, but it was just me feeling so much pleasure and wishing it would never stop!" . That made me feel really good. So i had pleased her, even in her sleep. I knew she didn't know that that was me giving her that feeling, so i'd do it again, and again, and again, till i wanted to tell her it was me.

To be continued asap….
please comment, Hope you all like it. I know it got me really horny just writing it! ;] and remember, this is just the teaser ;]

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2010-07-17 10:56:39
Without any depth of content or even enough length this really doesn't go anywhere.

It's a nice sample, but a sample isn't really a story. Though maybe that's just me ...


2010-07-16 17:18:00
Oh my god that was so fucking hot I have the biggest boner right Now I wish I had a really sleepy pussy with me right now.


2009-12-02 12:19:55
That was fucking hot. I am filling my panties with warm goo as I read these. I wish you and I could have sleepover night sometime.


2009-12-02 12:16:25
That was fucking hot. I am filling my panties with warm goo as I read these. I wish you and I could have sleepover night sometime.


2009-12-02 12:16:25
That was fucking hot. I am filling my panties with warm goo as I read these. I wish you and I could have sleepover night sometime.

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