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As far fetched as this sounds, this actually happened...
As far fetched as this sounds, this actually happened to me, and long story short, my eyes have been opened to a new lifestyle!!!

I had gotten out of the shower, about 8 a.m., and laid down on the sofa, nude, for some cybersex. After checking emails and goofing off on the net, I was laying on the sofa, watching t.v. when I dozed off. While I was sleeping, I was dreaming of getting a rim job (I am bi), and totally enjoying it. Well, after a few minutes of that, I started to get aroused, and realized it wasn't a dream; my wife's dog, Rusty, the Boston Terrier, had gotten out of his kennel, and was the one licking my ass!!!

I started trying to shoo him off, but by this time, he had done gotten hard, and started viciouslly growling at me, even trying to bite me. I was laying on my side, and could not move due to how I'd sunk into the sofa. He then proceeded to mount me, hitting my ass hard with his hard prick. I was trying to get him off, but after a couple strokes, I finally relented. Damn, I never thought it would feel so damn good!!!! I've read several stories of women getting fucked by dogs, read about their knots, thier stamina, but until now, had never once given it ay thought, let alone dreamed I would be, let alone enjoying it!!!

While Rusty was humping away, I started stroking my cock, enjoying the penetration. While doing this, I started feeling his 'knot' forming. From what I had read, I knew from this, he was going to be hung in there for a while. I started more stroking on my now throbbing member, while he slammed away at my ass. About that time, I felt him cum, like no other man before or since had ever cum in my ass. I didn't think he was ever going to quit!!!!

After he finally quit, I tried to get him off again, to no avail. The knot had gotten above my spinchter muscle, and when I tried to pull him off, it started hurting like hell. From what i could tell, his cock was triple the size it had went in at, and the only way I was going to get him out of me was to take the fucking. Hell, I was actually starting to enjoy it, so I settled down and let him do his thing. After he got up to speed, he pounded my tight ass, cumming another gallon in my ass. But, this time when he came, I was so engrossed in it, I came with him, spurting my hot load all over the sofa.

After what seemed like an eternity, Rusty was cumming again, but this time, he never lost stride. He stopped long enough to blow his load, and started back up fucking me. I could fell that knot tugging at my ass, and feel it sliding up and down my poop shoot. Damn, did it feel good!!! I was lost in the moment, and him being like any other male, it was taking longer for him to cum between loads. I didn't care, cause I was in sheer heaven. I was getting hammered by a thick cock, had plenty of spooze to lubricate, and was getting my prostate massaged while i jacked off.

By this time, there was so much cum leaking out my ass it wasn't funny. I was messy, and so was Rusty. With his every thrust, it sounded like my cock slamming in and out a well fucked pussy. The slopping sound did nothing but made my dick harder!!! Rusty didn't care about all that; he was getting him some, and had gotten off twice so far.

About that time, I felt his knot start getting even larger. I never realized such a small dog had such a large cock, nevermind so much damn cum!!! As his knot was getting bigger and bigger, my ass was getting sore. I didn't care; I was way too far into the moment, and did not want this to end!!! Luckily, my wife's a school teacher, and I didn't have to worry about her walking in on me...

Rusty, at this time, was pounding away, and wasn't thinking about anything but making sure he had some offspring. His main concern was getting his "bitch" pregnant, and with two good nuts so far, if I'd been a female, I'd had a couple litters off him. At this time, he was like most guys when they get to fucking; it doesn't matter, as long as they get theirs.

After he came the third time, his knot finally subsided, and his cock pulled out. While he went over to the corner to lick his cock off, I finally got up and went to clean up myself. I swear, there was a good trail from the sofa, to the bathroom, which was over sixty feet apart!!! A blind man could have trailed me into the bathroom, and with his sense of smell, found my well fucked ass!!! While in the shower, again, I jacked off again. At first, I was embaressed about this, but now, I've gotten over it, and Rusty and I have repeated this several times, but now it's more willing than the first.

Hopefully, my wife will never find out how perverted I am, how I've perverted her dog, and more important, I can keep up the fun not only between the dog and myself, but also between me and my several boyfriends!!! That is a totally different story in itself, and I will be sharing it with you later...

But until then, practice safe sex, keep the stories coming, and hope all enjoy this.

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2014-05-21 13:29:16
at this time

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2011-02-24 00:01:27
I remember being mounted by a dog outdoors when I was alone on my farm when I was 13. It was a german shepard and boy did he make sure my ass was filled . 2 full hours we were out there, my ass was so soar afterwards but it was worth it. He fucked me when we were out in the woods . If someone reads this, can someone make a fantasy about a bear raping a male. Can be any age, that will turn me on the most!!


2010-11-10 22:06:41
my situation is wild, i was babysitting for my ex wifes daughter, i had put her to bed and went into the shower, when i came out, her dog,digger was in the bathroom with me and he began to lick my cock, i was about to chase him away when i decided to see how far he would go, well he went all the way, i actually knelt down with my ass in the air for him, i was feeling kinky, he jumped on my back and drove his hard cock up my waiting ass, it didn't wait long, he fucked me until his huge knot was rammed up my ass, then he fucked me harder and faster and his knot grew bigger and lodged way up me and he came a gallon it seemed like, then it was a while before i could get hit out of me, when he did his cum leaked out of my ass and down my legs and i heard a noise, i looked up and there was my daughter, watching me and rubbing her hand inside her nightgown between her legs, "oh daddy" she said, "can i watch digger do that to you again?" i was sexually excited, i got hard right away, gues


2010-04-16 18:24:27
i also enjoyed getting laid by my dog, i came home from my girls house late one night and slightly drunk, i got undressed and passed out naked on my bed, i awoke to find my dog licking my ass, at first i was shocked, but as my cock grew, my hormones kicked in and i decided i wanted this kinky sex, i let him continue to lick my ass, then i thought why not let him do you, i got up on my knee's with my ass in the air and he did mount me, he wrapped his paws around my waist and rammed it into my tight ass and then he fucked me silly, then he thrust real hard and he got his huge knot up my ass, then he screwed me for some time and blew a big load of hot cum in me, i loved it, afterwards i even blew him and swallowed his cum, i never thought getting laid by a dog could be so much fun, of course now he goes wild when he's near me and when he gets a hard on when we're alone i have to service him, its a kinky kind of situation, i love dog cock and he seems to know it. i'm HIS sex slave, cool

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2009-09-09 18:14:04
good story same thing has happened to me but while looking after a friends house while they were away so i just let the dog do it because i had had the thought of it but never had the chance to do it

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