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The voyeur turns the table on his sexy neighbor.
Voyeur in Big Trouble II: The Sequel

This story is a sequel to Voyeur in Big Trouble. I will try to make a quick summary of the first story, for those readers who don't want to read it:

In this fictional story my name is Ray, and my wife is Ann. We are in our mid 40's. Our neighbors, Karen and Bill are in their late 20's. Karen is 5'6", 135 lbs., and has light red hair. She also has big full breasts and a beautiful bubble butt. I have thought of making love to Karen for years.

Early this summer, Karen's husband, Bill, went on a week long business trip. The same week, my wife, Ann, left to help her sister with a wedding. One night I caught a glimpse of the beautiful Karen nude at her bedroom window, and I couldn't take it any more. I dressed like a cat burglar, and snuck to her bedroom window. The sight of Karen watching pornos was mesmerizing.

My voyeurism soon got me into big trouble as Karen caught me. Karen proceeded to threaten, tease and seduce me. She let me suck her full creamy breasts. She let me kiss her full swollen vulva and bulging clitoris. Karen let me get so terribly close to getting everything from her that I ever wanted.

Then, she tricked me. Karen turned the most stimulating night of my life into the most humiliating night of my life. In the morning, Karen kicked me out of her house buck naked. Luckily, I was able to race back to my house without being seen by me neighbors. That morning I was so humiliated that I never wanted to see Karen again.

Now, it is late summer, and things have returned to normal.

I avoided Karen as long as I could after that dreadful night, but eventually things returned to normal. To my amazement, when I started talking with Karen again, she acted as if nothing had happened that night. It was probably six weeks later when Karen mentioned that Bill was going on another business trip. Then she teased me a little and asked if I was going to be a good boy. She told me that good boys usually got what they wanted.

I had no intentions of trying anything with Karen. She was too dangerous. She liked playing games with me, and I knew that she was a lot better player than I am. I thought to myself, "I'll bet that she'll try to turn this good little boy into her sex slave again." I feared trying anything with her like a man fears the plague. Despite this fear, all I could think of was Karen's big full breasts. How soft they were, the way her large areolas puffed and how they were topped with big rigid nipples.

The thought of Karen's beautiful breasts made me rock hard. The thought of her shaven pussy made my cock drip, literally. I could remember Karen's bulging vulva, and how soft it was under my lips. I remembered how fragrant she was, how sweet and juicy. I wanted to run my lips over her love triangle again. I constantly thought of tasting her dripping pussy one more time. I remembered how her clit looked like a small erect penis. I wanted to pull on her clit with my soft lips, I wanted to flick it with my tongue.

Yes, I feared Karen, but she was all that I could think of. I thought of her as I licked my wife's sweet pussy and fucked her hard. I thought of Karen as I jacked off in the shower. Karen was the most stimulating woman that I'd ever seen. Despite this, I feared her like no other woman that I've ever met. Karen, Karen, Karen, all I could think of was Karen.

A couple of weeks ago, I saw Karen while I was in my back yard. She reminded me that Bill was leaving on his business trip in a few days. I thought to myself, "good grief, Ann leaves for her family reunion two days after Bill goes on his trip." I hoped that Karen wouldn't notice Ann's absence. Then Karen nonchalantly told me that Ann mentioned her reunion. I was left speechless, and didn't know what to say.

Karen didn't let the subject die, instead, she started teasing me. She mused aloud, how she'd have to be careful since she was going to be home alone. Karen teased me for a few minutes then she blurted out, "OH RAY, wait here, I have something for you, I'll be right back." Karen raced off, and I wondered what she was up to. Karen quickly returned and handed me a small cardboard box, and I asked what it was. She replied, "its your uniform." Puzzled, I muttered, "my uniform? I don't wear a uniform!" Karen replied, "you know, your Captain Cat Burglar uniform."

I could feel my face redden as Karen handed me the box. Karen told me how she washed it for me, and even hand washed my wife's black panty hose. I didn't know what to say, but Karen seemed to rattle on nonstop about the uniform. She asked, "are you going to model it again for me some time?" I told Karen that I didn't think so. I told her that I'd learned my lesson the first time.

Karen didn't stop, she folded her hands together and whined like a begging child, "OH PLEASE, he was SO cute!" Karen started reminiscing about how she thought I was a pervert or rapist when she first saw me, but then she thought I was cute after she learned who is in the costume. Karen told me that I looked like a big black Easter bunny. Karen giggled as she told me how the black pantyhose looked like big floppy rabbit ears, and how adorable they were. Then in a sultry voice she growled, "AND, I love Captain Cat Burglar's bulgy sweat pants!" Once again, Karen asked if I was going to model the uniform for her again. I meekly mumbled, "I don't think so."

Karen's voice and attitude changed as she told me, "at first, I thought Captain Cat Burglar was a pervert, then I thought he was cute, but I NEVER thought Captain Cat Burglar would turn out to be a big WIMP!" With that, Karen abruptly turned around and steamed into her house.

I was stunned, she thinks I'm a wimp, a big pussy! I started to get a little steamed myself. It didn't bother me that Karen called me a pervert, I'd thought that of myself many times after I had peeped on her. I muttered to myself, "I might be a pervert, but at least I'm an honest pervert." I remembered how she tricked me after she discovered me. I remembered how she humiliated me, how sore I was. It burned me that Karen thought I was a wimp, what hurt more, I knew that she was right. I was a big wimp. As I continued to simmer, I muttered to myself, "OK, I'll play her game, but this time I'm going to play to win, this time it won't be a spur of the moment thing, this time, I'll be ready."

I suspected that Karen would not talk to me again, but I was wrong. Looking back, I think she knew exactly what she was doing when she called me a wimp. It's a little scary, but Karen knew exactly how to make me do exactly what she wanted. After her husband Bill left on his trip, Karen came over to talk to me in the back yard. I thought her blouse showed more cleavage than what she normally wears. It was impossible not to notice. It wasn't long after that and she returned in a bikini to do some sun bathing. We've lived next to Bill and Karen for over three years, and I'd never seen her sun bathe before. The bikini wasn't much more than a few little triangles. Karen looked hot, really hot. My wife, Ann, made a few comments about Karen's bikini. I think Ann wanted to see the rest of Karen's hot body just as badly as I did.

Soon, my wife left for her reunion, and all I could think of was Karen's hot body. I constantly wanted to jack off, thinking about making love to her, but couldn't. I had to save every drop. Karen had better be ready this time. This time, she wouldn't say, "oh its too big for me." No, this time, I vowed, "I'm going to fill her with load after load of cum." Yes, this time I wouldn't be going home with blue balls. Not again, this time I'd be going home with a limp sore dick, not a sore ass. I muttered to myself, "Friday night, her pussy, her mouth, her ass, they all get it, she better be ready."

I couldn't spend all of my time dreaming about Karen, it was time to get ready. Somehow, I knew that Friday night would be the night. I only had a couple of days left to get ready, and this time had to be different. I had a little shopping to do at the hardware store and the hobby store. Then there were a few things at the adult book store that would be needed to carry out my plan. Yes, it was time to get ready for Friday night.

Thursday night as I went to bed, my cock throbbed as I thought of Karen. I had to save it, all I could do was reach down and feel my slippery precum. I thought to myself, "the first time I cum tomorrow, its going to be a flood." Amazingly, I quickly fell into a deep sleep. Its easy to sleep when you know that your prepared for the upcoming day.

Friday morning as I was getting ready to leave for work, Karen came out and picked up their newspaper. We exchanged a good morning, and then she asked me what I was going to do that evening. I told her, "I'll probably just mow my lawn and work in the yard a little." Then I said, " you probably know my Friday routine as well as I do by now." Karen nodded, then I asked what she had planned. Karen replied, "oh, its been pretty boring without Bill around, I think I'll just rent some movies this evening." I told Karen goodbye and left for work, all the time thinking to myself, "yes, I know what type of movies you're going to rent, YES, tonight is definitely the night."

I came home Friday and did my yard work much faster than normal. It was late summer, and the sun was starting to set earlier than it had that fateful night almost two months ago. I didn't have much extra time, and there was one more thing to do before it got good and dark.

After eating a quick supper I did the dishes and headed out to the garage. In the garage, there were a couple of small sheets of Styrofoam. I grabbed the Styrofoam, a utility knife and a hot glue gun. It wasn't long and my Styrofoam hat was finished. The hat was topped with a big pair of erect bunny ears. I tried the hat on, and it fit fairly well. Chuckling to myself I said, "Oh Karen, this time when Captain Cat Burglar bursts through your window, he's not going to have limp bunny ears, he's going to have big erect ears, and he's also going to have a big erect cock."

There was still a little time before the sun set, and I checked the weather. The weather report was good, widely scattered light showers. There were no major storms anywhere in the area. It didn't really matter. This time, I was going to make sure that my ladder didn't blow over again, but still, it was reassuring to know that the weather wasn't going to give me any problems tonight.

I turned off the TV. It was time for me to take a shower and shave. After my shower, I started putting my uniform on. I put on all of my cat burglar outfit except for the black gloves, the Styrofoam hat, and the black nylons that would cover my face and hat. The sun disappeared over the horizon as I sat by my bedroom window keeping watch for Karen to appear. I didn't have to wait long. Soon, Karen appeared at the window, totally nude, I grabbed my binoculars as my cock started to swell. Karen stood at the window for a few moments, then she reached up and firmly squeezed both of her breasts. Just before Karen turned and disappeared, she tweaked her nipples and gave them a pull. I thought, "Karen sure knows how to put on a good show." I wanted to tweak Karen's breasts, just like she was doing. Soon, I would!

The next few minutes were agony. I wanted to race down to the garage and get going, but it wasn't quite dark enough yet. Somebody in the neighborhood might see me. So, I waited as it got darker. It wasn't long and I could see the flickering light in Karen's bedroom window. Yes I thought, she's watching her movies. I wondered what she was doing to pleasure herself as she watched.

I waited another fifteen minutes, and then could wait no more. I put on my rabbit ears and covered them with the black nylons. I looked in the mirror, the ears weren't perfect, but they sure didn't droop. I put on my gloves and headed for the garage, carefully ducking under every threshold being careful not to destroy the bunny ears in a doorway.

In the garage, I threw my black nylon back pack over my shoulders and then grabbed the ladder. I crept out the back door, quietly opened my gate, and started working in the shadows of Karen's house. I slowly and quietly extended the extension ladder, then I pulled a roll of duct tape out of my back pack. It didn't take long, and I was confident that the ladder was rattle free. I knew Karen would be listening for the smallest noise, but tonight, I was going to be as stealthy as possible.

I set the ladder up against the side of Karen's house and made sure it was setting properly. In my back pack, I found a small hand crank drill. I grabbed the drill and climbed the ladder. Slowly, quietly, I drilled a small hole in Karen's fascia board, then climbed back down. I tossed the drill in my back yard, then found a large lag screw with an eyelet on the end, and the small piece of cord that I had previously cut. I put the back pack on, and climbed the ladder. The eyelet screwed into the fascia board firmly, and then I tied the side railing of the ladder to the eyelet. It felt good knowing that the ladder wasn't going anywhere until I wanted to take it down. It felt good knowing that I had an escape route if needed.

I climbed onto the roof as quietly as possible. The only thing that I could hear was my pounding heart. I walked up the slope of Karen's lower roof, until I got to the side wall of Karen's bedroom. I slowly crept toward the flickering window. Four feet from her window, I could hear her TV. I could hear a woman screaming, "UHHH, UHHHH, OH YES, FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARD." I was ready to do exactly that.

I side stepped the final four feet and peered into the window. On Karen's big screen TV, the actor was furiously fucking the actress missionary style. Karen was lying on her back, one hand was squeezing and kneading one of her big creamy breasts. The other hand was stroking her big swollen mound and massaging very close to her fully aroused clit. I couldn't watch any longer, my cock was throbbing and I wanted Karen immediately.

I ducked back down silently and looked at the window screen illuminated from the flickering big screen. The screen was not positioned properly in its retaining channel. I'm sure that Karen had the screen positioned so that it would fall out as soon as I gave it the lightest push. "Good," I thought. Then I took off my backpack, found tow pairs of handcuffs and a long strip of fabric. I hooked the cuffs on the waist band of my bulging sweat pants. The strip of fabric went in the sweats next to my throbbing cock.

I held my backpack in one hand as I slowly stood up. After mentally visualizing my entrance several times, it was time to go. I pushed on the screen and it fell to Karen's bedroom floor. My back pack hit the floor a second after the screen. Karen looked up with a surprised look, I'm sure that she didn't know that I was out there yet. I quickly raised my left leg like a hurdler, and stabbed my foot through the opening. Then I lowered my head and chest close to my left leg. A second later, I had finished my hurdling move and was in Karen's bedroom. By then, Karen had jumped up and screamed, it was the quietest scream that I had ever heard. Karen rolled over on her bed, and reached for the telephone that was on the far side of her bed.

Karen's beautiful ass was in full view as I pounced on her. I laid across Karen's back, grinding my throbbing erection into the crack of her ass, as I reached for the phone. I ripped the phone out of Karen's hand, and threw it to the floor. Karen reached back to claw at me, and I grabbed a wrist with one hand and a handcuff with the other. Seconds later, I had Karens hands cuffed behind her back. Karen started to scream, but still, the scream was not loud enough to be authentic, Karen was putting on a good show. I reached into my sweats and pulled out the strip of cloth, soon Karen's mouth was gagged. After the second pair of cuffs were placed on Karen's ankles, I had a couple of seconds to relax.

Things were definitely going better tonight. Now, I was in control. It didn't matter if Karen had let me tie her up, or if I had actually surprised her, and conquered her. The consequences were the same. I had her in a position where I could do anything I wanted. I had months of fantasies to act out, my cock was dripping with anticipation.

I rolled Karen over onto her back, as she stared wide eyed and let out a muffled scream. I announced, "my name is Captain Cat Burglar." I slowly removed my sweat pants and gave my throbbing cock a few strokes. Then I told Karen how I was going to fuck her until her pussy was sore. I straddled Karen and placed my big thick cock between her luscious mounds. I squeezed her full breasts around my cock and lightly pinched her nipples as I growled at her, "you are so beautiful, I've wanted to fuck you for years, tonight there is no turning back."

I crawled off of Karen and got a few more supplies. I slowly tied four pieces of half inch piping cord, a smooth soft rope, to Karen's wrists and ankles. I then tied one of the ankle ropes to a post on her footboard, then wrapped the second ankle rope around the other foot board post. I released the cuffs that were restraining Karen's ankles, spread her legs and finished tying the rope. Karen's pussy was moist and open. Her vulva was bulging slightly, as was her clit. I wanted to dive on her and smother her sweet pussy with my lips, but I couldn't with my mask on. Instead, I told Karen what I wanted to do as I ran my fingers over her vulva, near her clit, and across her slippery opening. I slowly stoked Karen's slot and then dipped a finger in, it went easily into her warm silky crevice. I muttered, "I can't wait to ram my cock into this, you aren't going to pull off of it this time, this time I'm going to fuck you hard and fast." Karen screamed into her muffle as I reached for the final two pieces of rope.

Minutes later Karen's arms were spread and tied to the headboard posts. I pulled an eye mask out of my bag and put it over Karen's eyes. I growled, "I can not let you see the true identity of Captain Cat Burglar, now that I have you blindfolded, I'm going to take off the rest of my uniform and have my way with you all night long."

I glanced at the television, and a porn actor was sucking on a fury bush. I told Karen what I saw, and then informed her that her smooth pussy looked far better than what was on television. With that, I leaned over and started kissing and massaging Karen's silky smooth thighs. I tried to hold back and tease Karen, but simply couldn't do it. My lips found Karen's bulging vulva. I slowly kissed Karen's firm bulging mound and inhaled deeply, the aroma made me moan loudly.

I opened my mouth as wide as it would go, turned my head and tried to wrap my mouth around her entire vulva. It was too big! I slowly closed my mouth, and then took my first taste of her sweet nectar. I dipped my tongue into her glistening slot. It was so sweet, and I moaned as I told Karen how good she tasted. The more I tasted Karen's pussy, the more ravenous I became. I soon was moaning and groaning, as I grabbed Karen's ass with my hands and lifted her sweet pussy to my eager lips. I puckered my lips and slid them up Karen's slippery slot, and over her bulging clit. I kissed and sucked on Karen's clit as I kneaded Karen's full firm ass with my hands. Karen started moaning and lifting her hips to my eager lips, her clit was enormous, I couldn't believe how far it was sticking out.

I let go of Karen's ass and then straddled her, rubbing my cock across her face as I continued licking her sweet pussy. I wiped the gooey tip of my cock across Karen's cheeks, telling her, "feel my drippy cock, its like that because you were so nasty wearing that little bikini in your back yard." I went on, telling Karen how I hadn't cum for days, how I'd had a boner all the time thinking about her, and how I was going to fuck her all night long.

I could sense that Karen was close to the point of no return, her juices coated her sexy thighs, and her pussy was open and ready for more. I dipped my index finger into her luscious hole as my tongue found her erect clit. The tip of my finger soon found her soft gspot a few inches in. I slowly but firmly massaged Karen's gspot as my lips and tongue worked feverishly on her clit. It wasn't long and Karen began bucking her hips in the air. I pulled my finger out of her sweet pussy, leaned back and watched. Karen's pussy made little farting sounds as she orgasmed.

I couldn't take it any longer. I got between Karen's legs and rubbed my shaft up Karen's slippery slot, she started her theatrical screaming again. I think she was saying that it was too big, I really couldn't understand what she said, and I didn't care. I placed the tip of my cock on target and growled at Karen, "don't tell me its too big, I'm not falling for that again, this time, I'm going to fill it up with my big cock and flood you with cum." My cock easily slipped in three inches. It felt wonderful, so warm soft and slippery. It wasn't too tight, it was perfectly squeezing my throbbing cock. A few slow strokes and all seven thick inches of my cock were buried in Karen's silky tunnel.

I grabbed Karen's ass firmly as I hammered my cock into her pussy. It wasn't long and I could feel Karen's juices start running down my balls. I glanced at the television and the porn actor was fucking like me. Then, he pulled out and made the actress suck him off. I wanted to see if Karen would suck my pussy drenched cock. I pulled out of Karen and straddled her. As I ripped of Karen's muzzle, I told her what was happening on the television. I barely had time to get my cock in Karen's mouth before I could feel my muscles contract powerfully. I growled at Karen, "see, you've turned me into a sex maniac, suck me, suck me hard, YES, suck me you nasty girl." Karen did as she was told. My orgasm was powerful and Karen eagerly sucked my cock, then she gagged a little after my first couple of spurts. I thought that Karen was revolting. I was ready to pull out and apologize, but then Karen cleared her throat and finished, eagerly sucking every drop of my cum.

I thought to myself, Karen is enjoying this as much as I am. I knew that tonight, I couldn't be Karen's nice neighbor, tonight I would be the sex crazed, Captain Cat Burglar. All night long.

I told Karen that she was the best fuck that I've ever had, and that she was a good nasty girl. I told her how my wife wouldn't suck me off and swallow. I told Karen that there was going to be a reward for her.

I went to my backpack and got a vibrating butt plug, some flavored lube and a vibrator. I knew that I'd need a little help from some toys if I was going to last all night long. This time, it would be Karen begging, "no more, please no more."

I started kissing the side of Karen's face and her neck, nibbled on her ears and whispered to her, "I'm just getting started, I have a little surprise for you." I grabbed a bottle of cherry flavored lube and drizzled it over her full breasts. I started massaging Karen's full breasts, kneading them, and finally wrapped my lips around Karen's big puffy areolas. I let Karen know that before the night was through, I was going to titty fuck her and shoot cum all over her face, but first there were other things in store for her.

I took more cherry lube and made a trail down her chest, across her belly button, down one thigh and back up to her pubic area. Then I proceeded to kiss my way down the trail. After Karen was obviously aroused again, I turned on the butt plug vibrator, and held it to her ear and told her, "guess what this is, you're going to find out real soon." I told Karen how I'd been thinking of this ever since the first time I saw her on her hands and knees early this summer. I put a little lube on one of my fingers and rubbed Karen's tight little back door. Karen's back arched, lifting her ass off of the bed as she squirmed and hollered into her muzzle. I didn't pay any attention just as Karen hadn't listened to my pleas when she had me in a vulnerable position. I simply started probing Karen's asshole with my finger as her muffled protests continued. Karen's ass tightly gripped my finger, and my cock started to rise again.

I lubed up the butt plug and ran it over Karen's bulging vulva and clit. I ran the vibrator up and down Karen's vaginal opening telling her how good it looked, then slowly, I worked it in as I flicked her clit with my tongue. I told Karen that my cock was jealous of the vibrator and that I'd have to find some place else for it, because it was time to fuck her pussy again.

I pulled the vibrator out of her pussy and put on a little more lube, then squirted an overly generous amount on Karen's ass. Then, I slapped her ass with an open hand, not a violent slap, but still plenty hard enough to get Karen's attention. Karen jerked and screamed, I'm sure she was more surprised than hurt. In a slow deep voice I told Karen, "I remember how sore my ass was when you got through with me, I've been thinking of getting my cock in your ass for months, now its time." I placed the butt plug on its intended target and slowly worked it in. It didn't take long, and it was buried in Karen's sexy ass.

I slowly worked the plug in and out of Karen's ass, as I started teasing her hot pussy with my mouth. I moaned and told her how sweet her pussy was, how tight her ass must be, and how I'd dreamed of fucking her all summer long. Once again, I straddled Karen and plunged my cock into Karen's pussy, it was easy to penetrate Karen's warm slick opening. I grabbed Karen's ass cheeks with unbridled passion and hammered away at her pussy, moaning deeply all the time.

Karen's fake screams quit, and she arched up to meet every thrust I gave her. It was time for me to take what I'd been thinking of all summer long. I pulled my cock out of Karen's sopping pussy, and removed the vibrator from Karen's back door. Karen began her muffled protests again, but my cock was already pushing at her back door. I managed to get the head of my cock into Karen's ass before it had completely closed again. My cock had slid easily into Karen's pussy, but this was a different story. Karen's asshole gripped me like a vise, but my cock was well lubed with her pussy juices. It didn't take long and all seven inches were buried in Karen's sexy tight ass.

Karen soon quit screaming and began to moan. I was doing plenty of my own moaning. In a few minutes, Karen's tight sphincter had me moaning deeply, telling Karen, "OH, AHHHH, UHHHHH, that's SO GOOD, I'M CUMMMMMMING, UHH, YEAHHH, OH YEAHHHH, UHHHH, UHHHH, UHHHH!" Karen moaned too.

By the time the horizon began to lighten, I was surprised how many times I'd cum that long long night. I thought, "for and older guy, Captain Cat Burglar didn't do too bad." I acted out all of my fantasies with Karen that night. I still think of the shower that I took with her, while I had her blind folded and hand cuffed.

I probably waited a little longer that morning than I should have, but opportunities like that might only come once in a life time. Finally, I had to put my uniform back on and put all of my supplies in my back pack. After that, I untied Karen and made a quick exit. I could hardly walk, let alone crawl through the window and back down the ladder.

As I crawled out the window, Karen giggled and said, "Captain, I loved your bunny ears."

That afternoon, Karen went to the airport and picked up her husband, Bill, from the airport. My wife, Ann, returned from her family reunion the next day. I thought life would return to normal, but things have taken an unusual twist. When I returned from work from Monday, Ann told me how Karen had been wearing her bikini in her back yard again. Ann asked me if she'd worn it that weekend. Ann told me how you could see Karen's big camel toe in her bikini, and she suspected that Karen's pussy was shaven. It wasn't long, and Ann and I were fucking on the livingroom sofa. Ann wanted more that night.

The next day, Ann was ready for more as soon as I got home. Then, Ann started doing things she hasn't ever done before. She straddled my face like Karen had done several months ago. She teased me and let me lick her, eventually lowering onto my cock before she protested it was too big. Then, she buried her pussy on my face as we got into the 69 position. Ann has never sucked me off before, but that day, she got me to the brink. When I started moaning that I was going to cum, she pulled off, and finished me by hand, admonishing me at the same time, telling me I was nasty wanting to shoot my cum down her throat.

It wasn't long, and she started tickling my ass. When Ann started playing with my ass, of course, I start playing with hers. Before, she'd only let me put a finger in her ass, and not very often. Last night, I introduced Ann to the butt plug, and she loved it. When we finished our first love making session, she was ready for more, right away. That's unusual for her. She asked when I got the butt plug. I told her a few weeks ago, and that I'd wanted to do that to her for years and years.

I think we're having sex more frequently than when we first got married. Something definitely happened to get Ann this interested in sex again, I think I know what it is.

I thinkg Karen and Ann have been talking about my voyeuristic adventure, it shows in everything that Ann does. I thought if she ever found out, she'd divorce me, instead it is turning her into a nymphomaniac. I keep wondering if Ann knew about my voyeurism before she went to her family reunion. I wonder if Ann knew about my first voyeuristic episode before she went on her family reunion. Maybe Karen spilled the beans after Ann got back. I can't ask either one, but some way, some how, I have to find out.

This morning, when I was going to work, Karen mentioned to me that she is planning a Halloween costume party. She thought I'd look good as Captain Hook. Tonight, my wife kept talking about the Halloween party. I have no idea what those two have in mind, but they obviously are in cahoots with each other. It is going to be a couple of long months waiting for the party, and wondering what they have planned.

I keep wondering if Karen's husband Bill knows anything, or perhaps everything. If he does, he sure isn't letting on. I wonder if Ann is having sex with Karen? I wouldn't be surprised. Who knows, she might be involved with Bill too.

There is one last thing that I've been thinking about constantly the last week or so. I wonder if, Ann's back door is as tight as Karen's. Ann has never wanted to do anal in over twenty years of marriage, but lately, she has been indulging in anal play. Ann still says no when I try to finish the act, but her voice and mannerisms say, "yes, yes, yes!" Soon, very soon, I'm going to figure out if Ann's ass is as tight as Karen's. Maybe I'll figure that out tonight, even if I have to put on the cat burglar costume and pay my wife a little visit. After all, there is no way that she doesn't know about it, perhaps she'd get turned on playing cat burglar games. After all, I've never seen Ann turned on like she has been the last couple of weeks.

I hope that you enjoyed this fictional story. I know that I'm not the worlds best writer, any suggestions would be appreciated.

Finally, does anybody want the Halloween party story?

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Bring on Halloween

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