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First story ever...
It was a warm spring afternoon and me and some guys from my team were eating a late breakfast at a restaurant celebrating a playoff win in our adult hockey league. One more win this afternoon and we’d be playing for the championship on Sunday. One of the guys had two of his sons along for the meal. I’d gotten to know all of his boys pretty well through the years and kind of watched them grow up before my eyes. Having a handful of nephews the same age as his boys made it easy for me to entertain them in a big group of adults. The kids can get neglected when the team is hanging out, so I make it a point to provide them with some entertainment They always light up when they see I’m there, and we joke around and have a lot of fun together. This day he had his 12 year old son Max, his 9 year old William, and an 11 year old friend named Max as well. The older Max is a very cute kid. The kind you’d see model clothing or haircuts in magazine ads. Short blonde hair, deep blue eyes, and a perfect white smile. He carries a hint of baby-fat, but is in no way overweight. A tall athletes body, waiting to mature. His arm is in a sling from a recent hockey injury, but his spirit is good and he’s more than willing to belly-roll at any joke thrown out there. William is a quieter kid, more reserved and intelligent. He was sitting there, working on masterpiece with crayons on the back of a placemat. The other Max I’d never met before. He was an adorable little boy. Longer brown hair tossed messily atop his head in need of a trim. Large ice blue eyes and thin lips on a short and skinny frame. He wore remains of his breakfast across his shirt in a little stain.

Shortly after we were seated I heard the older Max say “this is the guy from my dad’s team I told you about. His name is Danny and he’s really cool.” I smiled to myself feeling good about the approval from a younger audience. I noticed while we were sitting around the table waiting for our food that the younger Max was staring at me quite a bit. Checking out a stranger I guess. The place was very crowded so we waited a long time for our food to arrive and we joked and laughed and drew pictures to pass the time. At one point I drew a picture and the boys leaned in to take a closer look. The younger Max was across the table and got up and stood next to me to get a better view. While standing there he leaned his whole body against my arm. I was delighted but figured he was trying to get in closer to see better. He was standing against me in an oversized hockey jersey, hiding his cute little butt. I wanted a better look and was saddened that I had to imagine what he’d look like in his jeans underneath. I thought maybe he’d come to our second game in different clothes.

After I completed the portion of pancakes I wanted the younger Max asked me if he could have the two cakes I didn’t finish. I was shocked he was still hungry after finishing his own meal, but I said sure. It was interesting to see a kid eat food off a virtual strangers plate. He must have been pretty comfortable with me.

A little while later I got up to use the restroom. Before I was finished the two Max’s came busting in. They both ran to the lone stall as if it was a race, and shut the door. I finished up and was heading to the sink to wash my hands when the older Max said “Dave, can you come in here and help me?” a little thrown off, I said “sure” and headed for the stall. I opened the door expecting some kind of joke or prank, but instead big Max was standing, facing the toilet bowl and little Max was leaning against the wall at the back of the stall, resting his hands behind his back. I walked up to the toilet and asked what he needed. In a quiet, quivering voice he said “I can’t hold my sweatpants down and penis at the same time with this cast on my arm. Can you help me?” Sensing the serious tone of the situation I cautiously obliged and approached him from behind. As I stared over the top of him I noticed how big his feet were. He was already in adult tens. I started to imagine how big his package must be for a boy his age. I stood right behind him and gently pried down the front of his sweatpants expecting him to take out his penis and start to go. Instead he asked “can you hold my pants down and aim for me?” I was in a haze. My cock was pushing against zipper. My heart was racing and I was starting to overheat. Could he really want me to do this. He seemed so hopeless and serious. Still holding the front of his pants down I began to pry down the top of his boxer shorts and fish out his penis. He took his good hand and hiked his shirt up over his bellybutton so I could see what I was doing. I pulled his penis out from under his shorts with my thumb and index finger and pointed it toward the toilet bowl. His penis twitched a few times and he looked up to me and smiled. This was the first time in my life I had a penis in my hand that was not my own. He had a very nice penis. Much bigger than I remember mine being at twelve years old. It was about three inches long flaccid and had a pretty hefty girth to it. It looked quite large with a nice bell on the end surrounded by no pubic hair. I directed it down and he started to let his urine flow into the toilet. It felt nice vibrating my fingers as he picked up the pace. His member became warmer in my hand. I was standing over the back of him with a birds eye view, my own rock hard cock inches away from the top of his ass. He seemed to sense my closeness and kind of rocked back into me as if to feel for me. After the flow started to slow down he asked me to shake it to make sure he got it all out. I milked it a few times for good measure and he responded by rocking his ass up against my cock. I was aroused beyond belief. I didn’t want this to end. I placed his penis back in his pants for him and pulled up his sweats and that’s when I noticed little Max standing right beside me, watching what was going on. He might have been there the whole time, but I cannot be sure. He looked up to me and said “I have to pee too and my arm hurts” with a seductive smile. I responded “do you need me to help you too?” He nodded yes and practically pushed big Max out of the way. He lifted up his hockey jersey with both hands and for the first time I got a glimpse of his incredible ass. It was so cute and small and he had very sexy tight jeans on with buttoned pockets in the back. I reached over him and undid his fly. I was starting to feel for his penis in the slit on his pants when he wiggled his hips causing his pants to fall to his knees. I decided to follow his lead and pulled his boxer briefs down to his knees as well. I wanted to see his cute little ass bare naked and it didn’t disappoint. I took my right hand and grabbed his shaft between thumb and index finger and again directed it toward the toilet. His penis was a bit smaller, two and a half inches long and skinnier. But it was perfectly shaped, just like the rest of him. As he started to pee I reached down with my other hand and cupped his left butt cheek, which fit entirely in my hand. When he finished he asked me to shake it all out for him. As I did this his penis started to get hard. I couldn’t hold myself back and I started jacking him off. He gave out a little moan as I picked up some speed. Within a few minutes his penis twitched and he had a dry orgasm. He fell back into my arms and thanked me for the help. I said no problem and figured we’d be heading back to the table when big Max stepped in front of me and said “I don’t think I got all the pee out.” I said “Oh, we better have a look.” I dropped down to my knees and pulled his sweatpants and boxers down to his knees in one swift motion. There before me was a fully erect cock pointing strait north. It had grown to about four inches and was very thick. I told him he had a big future ahead of him with a cock like that and grabbed a hold of it with my hand. I started stroking it the full length cupping it at the end of every stroke. He started moaning in pleasure as I picked up the pace. I then looked up at him and said “there’s only one way to make sure it’s really clean” and leaned in with my face. I stood up and came down the full length of his cock in one motion. Leaving his whole length in my mouth I licked at his ball sack and hummed. He nearly fell over with pleasure so I grabbed behind him and held him up by his ass. I started bobbing up and down on his shaft and massaged his ass cheeks, paying close attention to his soft, hairless crack. While I was engulfing him, little Max came up along side me to watch. I noticed out of the corner of my eye that his pants were still down to his knees, so I reached out with my free hand and latched on to his already hard penis. I began jacking him off to the same rhythm I was sucking big Max to. Little Max stepped in closer and reached for the top of my pants. He unzipped me and put his hand inside my pants. He fished out my rock hard cock and started to copy me by jacking me off. It felt so good in his little inexperienced hand. He was learning fast and was working me into a frenzy. After a few minutes, big Max was starting to move his hips spastically, and before long he shot a small load of boy cum into my mouth. Before I could even swallow, little Max was standing with his cock inches from my face saying “I need a good cleaning too.” He grabbed the back of my head with both hands and shoved his three and a half inch pencil into my mouth. I took the entire length, balls and all, into my mouth with ease. I was licking the area behind his balls, trying to get a taste of that great ass. I put both my hands on his ass and pushed him deeper and deeper into my mouth. I was on my knees, lifting him off the ground. He wrapped his legs around my neck and I inhaled him. His sweet boy taste and smell was overwhelming. I romoved my mouth from his cock and turned him around. I then started to lick his butt crack while jacking his little dick. My tongue found its way to his asshole where I probed as deeply as I could go. Before long he started to twitch and then collapsed into my arms from exhaustion. His little body had all I could take. I stood up and saw big Max sitting on the toilet watching, with his dick still hard. I said “it’s time to go boys, you’re all cleaned up and we better get back to the table.” They both looked at me with big smiles on their faces. Speechless.

All I could think about was my next opportunity with the boys. I could hardly wait.
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