A young guy's boring weekend turns into a wild sexcapade
It was the same old lonely boring weekends with nothing much to do. There was nothing interesting on TV nor any events in the neighborhood. I was lying naked under my comforter with the sun beaming through the window on my face not giving me any time to enjoy my sleep. I thought to myself, for a guy in his early 20's who is full of vibe and energy, this is not the way to spend a weekend. It was almost noon and I was damn hungry. I quickly got out of bed, didnt care to cover myself up.. went to the kitchen, made some scrambled eggs and bread toast and sat with the news paper to have my brunch. Its the same old news, nothing much has changed.. recession, loss of jobs, economy, obama, well.. its the same everyday! What caught my eye was a speed date party being organized at one of the best clubs in NYC. I thought, what a waste of time, when life is so fast moving in NYC, only shapeless people at the age of my parents would go to such parties and its an utter waste of time and advertisement space on the newspaper.

But then, given that I had nothing better to do for the day, I thought, why not I give a try. Atleast I could find the kind of crowd coming there to be entertaining than sitting at home and idling all my time. I finished my brunch, freshened up a bit and hit the gym. I spent some three hours at the gym working out for the most part and winding up with a relaxing whirlpool and sauna. Did I mention, I'm quite atheletic, slim and 5'7" tall and have a tool thats sufficiently big enough to do its job and to impress! After gymming, I drove home and groomed myself for the speed date. I didn't want to wear anything formal like a tuxedo or something. I just wore a simple white shirt with my blue jeans and my aviator glasses. Know what, from what I know, a white shirt is the best thing to wear to a night club and that is enough to impress the girls out there if you are able to carry yourself well.

I reached the club at around 8 and the event was to start at around 7:30, but it hadn't started. As soon as I entered, I was asked for a cover charge of $20 which I didnt expect. But since I had made my way so far, I didnt mind paying it. Then I was given a questionaire to fill out, which again, looked kiddish to me. But when I looked across the room, everyone were so seriously filling it out as if they are taking an exam. I was like, WTH and when I looked through the questionaire, it was kind of dumb with questions like what do you look for in a girl and what are the best things about you etc etc. I felt quite annoyed, however I filled it out quite hesistantly. After they collected the questionaires from everyone, the organizers announced that we are going to be split into groups based on our interests and matches and there will be music of all genres played by the djs and when the genres change, we switch partners within our group. Sounds like a nice arrangement and we dont have to get stuck with just a single girl who may or may not be to our liking. Oops, I am missing out the important part here.. The girls.. let me describe a few of them who caught my attention. There was this pretty female dressed in a red ball room gown.. She had an amazing rack and showed off the valley between her voluptuous breasts. I wonder if she was wearing her bra inside as her tits were calling for attention. She had her long curly brown hair cover her boobs every now and then so that she doesn't look like a slut who is desperate to get laid. I dunno what was about her, but she carried herself very well and in class and at the same time not throwing off too much attitude. And there was this another girl dressed in pink and purple mini skirt and I should say, those were the most beautiful legs I have ever seen. She was as tall as me, perfect tanned skin and had really good shaped boobies that stood firm and all that she had to do was to bend forward a little for you to catch a glimpse of her sexy ass and pussy. which she did once in a while to catch the attention of everyone around. She was wearing pink panties made of silk that added to her sex appeal but only made us to crave for what it was covering. I thought to myself, who's going to be the lucky guy here to breed that pussy tonight. There were a few more sexy girls I could spot but only these two landed in the same group as mine and I was quite excited about it. There were three other girls in my group of 10 (5 guys and 5 girls), one was an asian and its very difficult for me to say if she was chinese, korean or japanese as they all look the same to me and one was an Indian and the other was a brazilian. I wanted to stay away from the Indian girl though she was quite pretty coz I didnt want to spend my night alone on bed after paying for her dinner. Common man, no offence but thats not the point of this date thingy right? I'm not serious about getting into a relationship or anything. I just wanna spend my time with someone and that includes sex! There was this other Indian guy in my team and I could see them bond already and I thought to myself 'good for me'. The brazilian girl seemed to be the odd one out here as she had tatoos, piercings etc and I'm generally not that type and it kind of scares me sometimes when there is too much of that. So, I was left with my two beauties and I thought to myself, if its not for either one of these, then I would rather go home alone than take anyone else along! Luckily when the music started, I got to start dancing with the short skirt girl whose name was Annie. Well, it was my time to make a first impression and I hoped to make it the best. Fortunately, it was my kind of music 'hip hop' and I should say, she was an awesome dancer as well. She did the grind so well and I did my best to do the grooves. She was impressed and we were pretty close compared to the other couples in our group. We were too much into each other. I ran my fingers around her hips and slowly progressed towards her ass.. held it firm and pulled her close to me.. and before I realized, her hands were on my you guessed it right.. and she was even talking dirty to me - "aren;t you horny.. whats your little boy doing down there.. is he getting ready for me..kiss me.. feel my pussy.. its getting wet.. oooh.. you re hot.." phew.. she made me sweat and I started sporting a hard on.. I wanted to take her to my home right then and fuck her all night. She was too hot to handle.

But before even I could ask her out, the music changed and we had to switch partners. Let me skip the part of dancing with the other 3 as there was nothing interesting there. Finally it was the last genre to be played.. latin style.. I love latin dance styles especially bachata.. It needs a lot of chemistry and I was glad to be dancing with the red gown girl (her name is Julia). She foudn it a little difficult to dance bachata with her long gown, however she managed well. I was so excited to have a closer look at those attention craving titties of her. When I held her close, they rubbed against my chest and it felt heavenly. I put my hands on her hips and she had such a nice figure. No extra flesh anywhere. It was all in right proportions. Perfectly shaped ass - not too big and not too small.. flat stomach and tits - dont ask.. they were just made for her. She was really cute and classy. She didnt do much of the talking but I could say, she felt comfortable with me. I couldnt get whether she liked me or not but certainly I loved her. Once we finished, the organizers had a round of techno music played where guys and girls should pair up with whoever they found to be their best match. As soon as it was announced, before even I could make a judgement, Annie came jumping towards me saying ' Baby... lets gooo.. I just cant wait'... As I said, she was a little too much to handle. I looked at Julia and she smiled genuinely bidding good bye.. Me and Annie danced for a bit and had a few shots of tequila before we left home!

She was drunk, uncontrollable and damn horny.. she started kissing me madly and we were making out in the cab itself while we were on our way home... once in a while she would hold my hair, bring me close and bite my ear lobes.. It turned me on.. I kissed her on her neck, sucked her lips dry, played with her tongue using mine while giving a good massage to those firm breasts of hers. She should have barely crossed her legal age I guess.. her boobs were so firm and perfect. She was now lying on the back seat of the car and I was on top of her. We didnt undress yet as Im not comfortable doing stuff in front of someone. We were just kissing and smooching each other.. and that itself was quite wild!! I kissed her tits on top of whatever she was wearing and she was making groaning loud and I had to shut her up by kissing her non stop.. :) I rubbed her pussy and I could feel how horny she was from the wetness of her panties. Shortly we reached home and I paid the cab driver and lifted her off the ground with both her legs on either side of me and her boobs towards my chest.. Kept kissing her all the way to the door.. held her high against the wall and I couldnt reach for my keys from the pocket.. Kept kissing her and removed her tops while we were still outside the house.. Finally reached for the keys and i was sucking on her boobies while she was only wearing her bra and skirt.. Opened the door with one hand while the other was busy caressing her marvellous boobs.. the door opened.. Carried her to the bedroom and dropped her on my bed.. I was damn horny and I wasted no time in removing my shirt and jeans.. Sprang on top of her, pulled her skirt away and unhooked her bra.. She was just in her panty and I'm in my boxer.. Man, you should see those boobs to believe it.. They were those perfect symmetrical tanned breasts with the bikini line and those lovely pink titties that were standing erected needing a good mouth to savor them.. I started sucking on those lovelies with an ocassional bite to the tits when she used to scream in pain.. they tasted delicious.. I could have kept on sucking on it for the whole night.. While we were in the missionary position, she used her feet to remove my boxers.. I pulled the silky pink panty of hers and sniffed it.. it smelt divine.. I started licking her pussy and it was delicious.. I wonder why would such a girl had to come to a date party.. who wouldn't want this one.. I kept licking her pussy and she turned me over, sat on my face wiht her pussy towards me and bent down and started sucking my cock.. man.. she knew what she was doing.. and god that was the best blow job ever.. she did a deep throat and kept on sucking my cock and balls.. I was in seventh heaven and with such a delicious pussy right in front of me.. I wasted no time in licking between those pink lips of her pussy.. and started thrusting my tongue in her pussy .. she was cuming inside and i could taste her juices... heavenly.. I couldnt take it anymore and I flipped her around and slowly thrusted my cock in her pussy.. she was tight and she screamed in pain.. I took it out fully and gave another thrust again.. she said.. stop.. its paining.. I knew its not her first time but it was quite tight for a pussy.. every thrust, I took out my cock fully and put it in, she was screaming in pain.. and the thrusts became faster.. and in rhythm.. she started loving it.. fuck me baby.. fuck me.. fuck me hard.. dont stop.. faster.. faster... she was enjoying every moment of it.. and so was I.. It felt so good to fuck a tight pussy after a long time.. the first time I could remember was with my ex gf when I broke her virginity.. After that, this was the best!.. I was kissing her intermitently and sucking and massaging her boobs every now and then.. I lifted her legs and opened them wide, brought her to the edge of the bed and fucked her non stop for 10 mins.. then turned her around in doggy style and fucked her continuously.. man it was so awesome.. I could feel her heavy boobs swaying in the air.. I held them and twee-zed her tits making her even more horny.. I was so horny and after another 5 mins of fucking, I was about to come.. she wanted to taste my cum and as soon as i told im gonna cum.. she got up took my cock in her mouth and started sucking it.. man.. everything about her was hot and sexy.. I couldnt hold it anymore and I cummed 5-7 shots of hot semen in her mouth and she gulped them like a thirsty animal.. I took my cock out and it was still rock hard.. I wiped the cum coated glans on her face giving her a facial.. and kissed her.. Both of us were dead tired and we lay naked on top of each other.. "That was the best sex I have ever had" I said.. "Seems like your little boy is not done for the night yet" she exclaimed..

After some time, we had another round of fucking session before we retired for the night.. We didnt know when we passed out.. but both of us woke up tired and pain in every part of our body resulting from the sex overdoze of last night. I could see my morning wood sported and I needed another round right then.. We did it once more in the shower.. Later only I came to know that she is already in a relationship and her boyfriend is in the army and is not always with her to satisfy her needs. Whatever, it was a nice sex and I bid her good bye and shared our numbers. Its a separate story on how I met Julia again at the library and how we took it off from there.. :)

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2013-01-25 07:33:32
I love your coverage of this event and thank you for metnnoiing urbansalt! I think it's important to have people like you covering these underground events too! Stay FABULOUS

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2012-07-24 07:49:09
This whole thing makes me sick. it shouldnt be that way. stuipd guys . ( love them but ya hate em too) it shouldnt be about looks. let me tell you, i cant even drive down the road with out being whistled at and im not at all egging them on. i dont even pay attention to them. I get my job, by being me. and have a strong work ethic, i dont go acting silly and dumb, and playing off my looks to get a guys attention, life isnt about looks. looks fade. its about who you are some people are so pretty/hot and their personality is so disappointing. i say, its about the heart. sounds cliche to some of you , but really , some day, i hope you see, it shouldnt be like this. dont encrourage other girls to flaunt it this is how our young teen girls are getting pregnant at such a young age, or posting nude pix on myspace or something. it gets us girls in trouble. b.c guys cant settle down. this is so disturbing.

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