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A true tale from when I was a teenaged slut
This is a true story, from back when I was a teenaged slut. Hey what can I say, it was the 80's
and I liked to screw. Is that so wrong just because I was a girl? It's not as embellished as the
other "true" stories here, but I wanted to keep it as close to thecomplete truth as I possibly could.
There's time enough later to write fantasy fiction.

It was 1984 , I was barely 17 and it was a summer day, yet pouring down rain. I was cruising
around town in my car when I saw the Yellow Hornet sitting in the park. It was Brian, a friend
of mine, I'd say he was about 22 back then. I hadn't talked to him in a while, my boyfriend at that
time was a complete jerk and didn't like me talking to other guys, but he was out of state for the
month. He thought that every other guy wanted to fuck my brains out, it turns out that he may
have been right about that.

I suppose the clothes I wore might have hard something to do with that. I had a great body
and I knew it and I saw nothing wrong with flaunting it, a lot. I mean really, you're only young once
and I knew men of all ages stared at me with appreciation in their eyes, I saw it all the time. It
always made me feel good knowing that just with the bounce of my step I could make a man I'd
never met get a rock hard erection. Long smooth legs, a beautiful firm ass and a rock hard pair
of titties. Not overly large titties, nice perky titties that fit perfectly in a male hand or mouth. The
long blonde hair helped out too. I always had a fondness for that Stones song "Start me up" I
felt that I could indeed make a dead man cum.

I decided to stop and see what Brian had been doing. I pulled up and dashed to his car. I was
wearing really short shorts, just short enough to show a bit of each cheek, so my long tanned
legs got wet as I made the dash. My spaghetti strapped top ended up all wet and my nipples
were hard as rocks as I shut the door. My top was just short enough to show a sliver of skin
between the top and the shorts. I always thought just giving a peek but yet making them use
their imagination for the rest was instrumental. I had a really nice body, I worked hard at keeping
it firm and trim. I had a great ass too, I used to hear it enough so I knew he was looking at me,
and I was glad, I wanted him to look. I've always very perceptive to the feelings and vibes coming
off of other people. I could actually feel his desire for me. I was doing everything I could to send
out the signals of my lust for him as well.

We sat in his car talking about trivial things, music, other people we both knew, just general
crap. After an hour or so, the conversation was lagging and I was really horny. I had always
wondered what it would be like to fuck this guy and I'm sure he was thinking the same thing about
me. I couldn't keep my eyes from falling on the crotch of his pants. I really wanted to know what
was going on in there, and I knew I could find out.

I turned to the side where I was facing him with my left leg bent on the seat. I was trying to be
coy, back at that time I was too young to be aware that men like a woman who makes the first
move or takes control. Somehow his hand managed to brush across my thigh. It was like a
bolt of lightening had hit me. Instantly my pussy was so wet and burning for his touch. I wanted
him. I grabbed him and pulled him to me and kissed him hard, my tongue probing inside his

He was very receptive to the idea, his hands were already exploring my body. touching,
searching, probing for my moist folds. He pushed his finger up into me and it about made me
lose my mind. I really wanted this guy to fuck me.

I felt there was no time to wait, I wanted his cock inside me. He unzipped his pants and
exposed this huge, fat cock. It was the biggest one I'd seen and much more fun looking than
what my boyfriend had going on. I wanted that cock, all the way inside me, NOW. I straddled
him as he shoved it up into my waiting entrance. He rammed that entire giant pole into me in one
full thrust. I rode him so hard and fast. He fucked me as hard as he could with that big glorious
dick of his. I was so hot and turned on, I'd never cheated on a guy, but this was exquisite, just
the thought of this guy, that my boyfriend didn't even want me to speak to, was ramming my little
cunt with his gigantic wonderful cock made me hotter than the fires of Hell.

I can still see it in my head today, nearly 25 years later. We fucked hard and fast both arriving
at an explosive climax together. It was over, but damn it was worth it.

Shortly after we finished and were just relaxing, the cops came rolling through, nice and slow
giving us the hard stare. I've always wondered, did someone see us? Just the thought that they
might have is a real turn on.

I always wanted the chance to have another shot with him. There are so many things I wanted
him to do to me, but somehow we just never were aligned at the right time again. I wish I'd have
fucked him again, several more times. It was always fun when my boyfriend came back into
town, every time I'd see Brian, I'd get this smile on my face and think "you didn't want me to talk
to him, so I just went out and fucked him instead". It always made me feel like such a dirty girl, I'd
also think "hey maybe you can get Brian to spank me for being naughty"

Even today, after nearly a quarter of a century has passed, I still think of that day. I still have
fantasies about him. I'll be writing those here in the future because I can't just keep all this in my

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2016-10-07 21:32:31
Ich wil geil ficken


2011-09-12 13:39:25
Nice story! Sounds like you were and probably still are one hot lady! Looking forward yo reading your other stories.

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2010-05-01 13:50:05
This 50 yr. old guy wishes he could find someone as hot as you sound. I bet you are as beautiful as you were those 25 yrs. ago!


2009-10-23 10:11:52
Regardless of what the other comments are, I luved the story and yes it did give me a hard-on dreaming of your sexy body and fantasizing it was me giving you a goood hard fuck !!!


2009-09-15 07:27:17
nice :)

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