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The Truth About Nikki - pt14 – Work and Play

Note: Again, I have changed the names of the men that I dated from the time that I moved to Seattle and thereafter. These diary posts are intended to tell my story, not to embarrass the men whom I have spent time with over the years.

Bill and I began seeing each other several times each week, we would meet for lunch near the college or go out for a movie on occasion. We developed a friendship between us and I really enjoyed being around him. We never had sex when we were out together yet every Friday night I would be squirming in my seat as we drove to the group party together. We would always start out each evening, fucking each other before splitting up to mingle with the other members. He coined the term one night that we were friends with benefits and I had to agree that it fit us perfectly. He admitted that he really had no romantic passion for me and I knew that I felt the same way about him, we just enjoyed being friends.

I continued my side job of dating men for hire and as time went on and I adjusted my client list, I finally ended up with six regulars that were enjoyable to be around, always paid well over the going rate, and were good in bed. It was kind of a win-win situation for me, these guys were all married so none of them ever wanted a Friday night date, allowing me to attend every group meeting and build up a tidy nest egg for my kids and me.

I had just entered my fourth month of pregnancy when bill and I walked in to the motel room that was to be our party palace for the night. This wasn't a nice suite like most of our parties were in; it was a pair of adjoining motel rooms in a small town, south of Seattle near Lacy. It was crowded to say the least and as people began to couple up the four beds were double and sometimes triple occupied. It took on the atmosphere more like an orgy than anything else. Couples fucking side by side on the beds surrounded for the most part with the others standing to watch because there was no place to sit except on the small tables and the very corners of the beds.

Because I was the only pregnant woman in the group and I was beginning to show a pronounced belly, I was treated like a mini-celebrity. The guys and even some of the women would come over to chat and rub my swelling belly. There was a new guy this night and his name was Leland. He was over 6' tall with wide strong shoulders and rippling muscles everywhere. He carried beautiful brown twinkling eyes in his handsome face and had a quick wit, which made me like him right away. As soon as I saw his big cock I knew that I wanted to feel him inside me. His chocolate brown cock was about 9' long with a slight bend to it but the most intriguing thing to me were the big bulges down it's length and it's almost pink cock head. Bill and I had already separated after an awesome first fuck in the other room and I decided right then and there that I wanted Leland to be my number two guy tonight. I introduced myself to him and his eyes almost instantly focused on my little round belly. As we chatted, I guided his hand over my belly and watched for any reaction. His cock, which had been hanging down at about half-mast began to rise and bobble telling me that he too had a thing for pregnant women. Keeping an eye out for an opening on one of the two beds in the room, I began milking his hardening cock in my hand and we began making out. Between kisses he asked if it was ok for the baby for us have sex and I giggled in his ear and assured him that it was perfectly ok.

As Marta and Brian slipped from a bed, Leland and I filled the opening. His cock was hard as steel as I guided him directly into my already gooey hole. He wasted no time pressing his cock into my hungry pussy. It felt incredible as my hole was stretched over the large lumps of his cock. Each stroke of his cock was awesome, my pussy would be ride over those two big lumps of his cock making me shiver and squirm with pleasure. He asked me several times if it was ok to lie on me or if we should change positions, finally I just pulled him close and told him to fuck me, the baby was ok. His stroke changed immediately, he began pulling almost all the way out then slamming his big thick cock fully into me again, making a wet smack each time. After about his third or fourth hard stroke I told him that I loved it like that and that I wouldn't break. Leland's cock was driving me nuts and in what seemed like only moments I felt that electric buzz running up my spine and zapping my brain into a wonderful climax. I shuddered against Leland as he continued to pound my hole with his big, lumpy cock. As I recovered I told him that I loved the way his cock felt in my pussy and he told me that he loved my juicy cunt too. The trembling in my pussy had never gone completely away and was soon tingling like crazy again, wanting to cum again I whispered to Leland to fuck my pregnant pussy hard. He groaned from deep in his chest and doubled his efforts, slamming his wonderful cock into me so hard that it sounded like a thunderclap when his balls bottomed out against me. It took only moments of this hard fucking to throw me into another blinding orgasm. It wracked me with wave after wave of intense pleasure and I drifted off into my own world for several long moments before I returned to this planet. Leland had slowed his pace a bit and I was able to catch my breath for a moment before he began pounding my hole hard and fast again. Those big lumps on his cock churned my guts with each stroke and I found myself clutching his back as another intense climax racked my body again, I was still gulping air as the final spasms of my climax subsided when Leland drove himself to the hilt inside me and exploded in orgasm. I could feel each heavy pulse of his cock as it dumped his hot sticky seed into me. I gripped my pussy down onto his cock as I felt the thick flood begin to trickle down my ass crack and form a puddle around my ass cheeks. Leland continued to thrust into me, ten, twelve, maybe fifteen times before he finally slowed to a stop and rested upon me, leaving a small river of sperm pouring from my pussy. I was astonished at the amount of cum that he had blasted into me, much more than any other man that I could remember. As he lifted his head from the crook of my neck he told me that I was one hot little fuck and I told him that he was one hell of a stud too. He slipped from the bed and stumbled over the camera guy who was shooting straight up between my legs at the river of sperm flowing from me. I sat up just enough to look down at my used pussy and noted that there was about a 2-inch puddle of cum on the bedspread.

I had intended to sit up and suck Leland's beautiful cock but TJ slipped in beside me, slipped a finger into my filled pussy and kissed me. As we broke our kiss he asked gently if I would do him the honor of accepting his sperm. Being that he had already begun to make me squirm on his finger and his jet-black cock was pointing straight up at the ceiling and looking incredibly beautiful I just lay back down and smiled at him. He didn't roll between my legs instantly as I had expected, he took his hand and scooped up the puddle of cum between my legs and rubbed it over my pussy and bulging belly until I was slick with cum from the breasts down. He then scooped up more of the musky seed and coated his groin and belly before slipping the head of his dark cock into me. With one thrust he drove himself to the balls in my super lubed hole, taking my breath away. TJ's big cock felt perfect inside me and he wasted no time building up a fast powerful tempo. He had me whimpering and bucking against his balls in no time. His mouth close to my ear he whispered how good I felt inside me and I told him that his cock felt wonderful in me too. TJ and I and had fucked a few times before, but this time he was fucking me with such powerful thrusts that I had a huge orgasm within minutes and as I shuddered under his assault I could hear him whisper "cum for me baby" into my ear. I rolled my head to the side trying to regain my breath only to find myself looking into the lens of a camera and thought that I probably looked like hell. But I had other things to think about because another mega orgasm screamed up my spine and exploded in my head, pushing me into another dimension for long shuddering moments. I couldn't breath or even think as I felt another orgasm washing over me, pushing me back into oblivion. As I bucked against TJ he moaned loudly and slammed himself into my womb and spewed his fertile seed into my soiled pussy. TJ kissed me, told me that I was an awesome fuck and lifted himself from my sweaty body. I took a moment to rest and watch Ellen and Daniel fuck right beside me, when I turned my head back to the front here was Leland climbing back onto the bed with his hard cock in his hand, aiming it directly at my creamy hole.

He didn't give me time to say anything before I felt his fat cock plunge into me and his weight settle upon my belly again. He pushed my knees up until they were almost in my armpits and drove his big, lumpy cock fully into me again. As he began pumping me with long hard strokes he told me that I was so fucking good the first time that he just had to have another slice of my hot little fuck pie. His cock felt so delicious inside me that I couldn't help but grip his hips and pull him into me while telling him that I loved the way his lumpy fucking cock felt inside me. He thrust his tool into me with ever-increasing force, making loud wet smacks as our bodies came together. I had wanted a break but this was so much better, my pussy began to quiver and I could feel the electric energy building within me already. With each stoke of those big lumps on his fat cock little shudders went through me, I could feel a huge orgasm fast approaching and wrapped my arms about him and held on as a bolt of lighting raced through my womb. It felt so perfect, shuddering beneath him as the huge jolts pulsed through my body while at the same time feeling his wonderful cock pounding into my very core. He never gave me a chance to regain my breath as he continued to drive my hips into the bedspread with his powerful thrusts. I came again so soon that my eyes hadn't even re-focused. I felt like passing out but the quaking orgasm kept me bucking into Leland's cock instead. Leland's voice drifted through the throbbing of my heartbeat in my ears and I could hear him saying, " fuck me gurl, fuck me", all I could muster to say back was "fuck me baby, fuck my pussy". Another climax ripped through me and I drifted back into space for a few seconds only to recover just in time to hear Leland groan and spasm against me again. His hot cum again gushed from me with each pulse of his cock. I could feel my body go limp even before his thick cock had finished depositing his sperm between the folds of my used pussy.

This time as he lifted from my belly I held out my hand and let him pull me to my feet, I was afraid that if I remained prone for even a moment, another man would mount me again. Leland wrapped an arm about me and steadied me as we watched Greg's big cock fuck Mandy's small ass. It amazed me that she could take his big cock up her ass but her pussy was too small to fit him all in. While we watched those two Rebecca and Dale filled our vacated spot on the bed and his cock slammed into her pussy. It was visually arousing watching his almost jet-black cock sinking into Rebecca's red haired pussy surrounded with almost bleach white skin. I shifted my attention back to Mandy and Greg and leaned against Leland until Greg let out a huge moan and filled Mandy's tiny little ass with his cum.

I moved away from the bed and weaved my way through the dwindling crowd and finally found a cooler with iced drinks. Taking a wine cooler I headed straight on to the bathroom. The door was open and Gordon had Amanda on the counter, pounding her pussy with all his might. I stepped around them and into the shower stall, flipping the water on and leaning back against the wall as the warm spray began to wash the coating of cum and sweat from me. It hit me as funny to be taking a shower while two people were fucking just feet away but I put down my wine, pulled the curtain and washed. Just as I shut the water off and slid the curtain back, Gordon came and thick drools of his cum dripped from Amanda and splattered onto the floor.

I found my clothes, then Bill and we left the party a bit after midnight, I thought that I would spend the next day resting up, doing some homework and playing with my son, but I was in for a surprise when I got home.

My message light was blinking as I came through the door and I punched the play button. It was Kevin, informing me that he would be in early Saturday morning and should be at my apartment about 9 am. I felt a shudder of dread surge through me, we had talked several times a week on the phone ever since our vacation together but I had purposely avoided telling him of my pregnancy. I knew that there was no way to hide my growing belly and that Kevin would figure out the timing of my conception in moments. It was his reaction to this fact, which sent chills of fear rippling through me. I had always known that this day would arrive, but I had been too much of a coward to tell him, now the day of reckoning had arrived. I slipped into bed and should have instantly dropped into a coma from the night's activities but I found it impossible to sleep.

The next morning I made arrangements with my neighbor to keep my son for another full day, made breakfast, then sat and waited for the ax to fall, there was nothing else to do. I had finally gotten about 3 to 4 hours of sleep but I still felt like crap, so when the knock finally came on the door I was just ready to get it over and done with.

I opened the door and Kevin stepped in and kissed me before he even put his bag down. As we broke our kiss he realized that something was wrong and pulled back from me and asked what was wrong. Then his eyes surveyed me and locked onto the lump in my belly. He set his bag down and placed both hands on my womb before looking me straight in the eyes. I was waiting for the anger to flood his face but it was more a confused, puzzled look that reflected back at me.

I led him to the couch and sat before I dared to speak, I could already tell that he was mentally measuring the bulge in my belly and calculating the time line so I decided to just blurt it out and get it over with. My voice broke a bit as I looked him in the eyes again and told Kevin that he was the father of my child, that I had made the decision to do it and that he owed me nothing because of it. I went on and told him that I wanted another child, that I took full responsibility for it, and reiterated to him that I didn't expect him to support it or be its full time daddy. Kevin leaned back against the couch for maybe a full minute without speaking before he finally spoke. He said that he just didn't know what to say, that he had never really wanted kids to begin with and that both of his son's had been total accidents. He finally looked up and into my eyes as he put his hand on my belly, then told me that this was somehow different, he wasn't sure why but he felt happy about being the one to knock me up. I felt a surge of relief flood my body as I realized that he wasn't going to explode in anger at my theft of his sperm. A small smile crept across his face and he patted his lap and told me to climb on. I slipped onto his lap, straddling his legs and we shared a long passionate kiss while his hands explored my belly and breasts under my T-shirt. As our lips parted he said that I was still the sexiest little slut that he had ever known but would have never guessed that I would do something like this.

I could feel his cock hardening through his trousers so I unbuckled his belt and opened his fly, releasing his beautiful cock into my hands. We kissed as he fondled my breasts and I stroked his cock to full hardness. My heart was pounding in my ears and my pussy was filling my panties with juice by the time Kevin's tongue slipped from my mouth. I needed to feel this man between my legs so I slipped from his grasp and led him down the hall to my bed. We quickly tossed our clothes aside and jumped onto the mattress together, kissing and groping each other with abandon. Kevin pulled me around and drove his face into my wet pussy and began tonguing me wildly. The heat of his assault on my hole instantly ignited the electric pulses of an impending orgasm and I squirmed on his face while I pulled his massive cock head to my mouth and licked up his thick pre-cum before exploding in a huge climax.

I broke his hold on my hips and twisted back around to face him as he rolled on top of me and drove at least half of his 9" cock into my depths with one stroke. The suddenness of his entry made me mew and quiver from head to toe. His pussy juice coated face was smiling at me as he asked if I still loved big nigger cock and I wrapped myself tightly around him and told him that I certainly loved his big baby maker. Kevin gave a deep groan and told me to stop that talk right now or he would bust his nut right then. I kissed him and told him that I loved it when he filled me with his sweet cum and that was part of the reason that his baby was inside me right now. He groaned again and slammed his entire cock into me making me moan again. Kevin continued to thrust his cock into me with hard, deep, thrusts and I exploded again in no time at all. Bucking beneath him I could hear his strained voice telling me how much he loved fucking my nasty little cunt. I was gasping for breath but managed to beg him to cum in my nasty hole just before another wonderful orgasm ran through me like and electric current. The closeness of my orgasms had me dizzy and gasping for breath as Kevin made his final guttural growl and exploded deep inside my pregnant pussy. It felt perfect to feel his thick cock pulse inside me, and his grunting body upon mine as he lurched into my womb over and over until he had spent himself and finally relaxed upon my chest. I lay there rubbing his sweat coated back and listened to his ragged breathing soften and his thumping heartbeat slow to normal. He finally rolled from me and I rolled to him and rested my head upon his chest, basking in the afterglow of our sex. Kevin's thick cock lay across his thigh leaking it's final globs of his thick white sperm onto the blackness of his skin, it was beautiful to watch his cock twitch like that and with each twitch another small lump of cum would ooze from his cum hole and dribble onto his leg. I slid down his body and began to lick up the puddle of semen, and then moved to his cock and began licking him from the base of his thick shaft all the way to his big round cock head. Kevin moaned and squirmed as I cleaned his cock, and he finally put his hand on the back of my head and pressed me over his cock. He held me tight as I rolled my tongue around his cock head and into the wide slit of his cum hole. His cock thickened quickly until it was fully hard and throbbing once again in my mouth.

Kevin pulled me up beside him and kissed me as his hand slid back and forth over my swollen belly. As we broke our kiss Kevin whispered that it made him so fucking hot to know that it was his baby growing inside me and that he had never really cared one way or another before, but knowing that his seed was growing inside my white belly was driving him crazy. I nibbled his ear and told him that from the very first time that he had mentioned breeding me, I had wanted another baby and that I wanted the baby of a fine man like him. Kevin chuckled and said that he wasn’t such a fine man, that he was nothing more than a fancy pimp that had used women his whole life for fun and personal gain. I kissed him again and said that he was a better man than he knew because I thought that he had probably saved my life and that of Anna by getting us off the street where we would have eventually gotten killed or contracted Aid's. He rolled back to me and began kissing and suckling my breasts and his hand slipped from my belly down between my legs to rub my slick pussy. The double stimuli of his mouth and fingers made me squirm and quiver. My grip on his throbbing cock tightened a bit more as I massaged his pre-cum over his cock head and down his thick shaft. I pulled my pillow down and stuffed it under my hips and Kevin took that hint and rolled between my legs again and I planted his cock at the door of my pussy. With one powerful push of his hips his thickness drove fully into me forcing a sigh to escape my lips as his lips met mine. He began fucking me with those long, slow strokes that I normally loved, but I needed to feel his power flow into me and I asked him to fuck me hard and nasty. His deep voice told me that he would fuck me as hard as I wanted and began to slam his wonderful cock into me with a wet smack of his balls against my ass with each stroke. The rippling waves of pleasure made me squirm and whimper as he pounded his beautiful cock into me over and over, making me bounce on the mattress with each hard thrust. With my hands roaming his back and ass I begged him to fuck my slutty white pussy and to cum in my pregnant hole. He pushed me over the edge and into a huge shuddering climax and as soon as I recovered enough to speak I again begged him to plant his seed in my white pussy hole. I could feel from his hard fucking and labored breathing that my words were having the desired effect. I was rocked by another wonderfully massive orgasm, which took several long moments to recover from, only to feel the onset of yet another one rippling up my spine. All I was able to mutter was "fuck me" as I was engulfed in another wave of sexual bliss. Kevin was growling from his very core and slamming his thick cock into my depths when he suddenly thrust himself against my sopping wet hole and exploded with pulse after pulse of hot, thick, fertile sperm, filling my upturned pussy past it's limit and it began leaking from me, coating both of us in it's sticky delight. Kevin moaned in my ear that I was a nasty little bitch and didn't play fair at all, that he could have fucked me for a lot longer if I hadn't kept bringing up my pregnancy. I bit him lightly on the neck and told him that was my plan, that I wanted him to fill my nasty pussy with his baby juice and I got my way. He chuckled and rolled from me again, flopping onto his back and breathing deeply. We lay there in silence for a minute or so before Kevin said that he wanted to be part of this child's life, his comment stunned me and I didn't know quite what to say. I asked him why he felt that way, because he had bred his whores before and didn't get involved with their lives. He responded that he didn't know why, but he just felt a need to be something more than a distant mentor to this baby and that he didn’t want to just be some guy on the outside looking in, that he wanted to be involved. I rolled towards him and explained as best I could that I liked being in charge of my family and thought that he should be the same with this baby as he was with my son, just a friend of mine that liked to come and visit us and spend time with them. I could tell that Kevin really wanted to be a daddy to this baby and have this baby know who daddy was but he relented and said that he would play it by my rules.

I snuggled into the crook of his arm and told him "thank you". He pulled me closer and said that he still couldn't believe that I was having his baby and his hand slipped over my round belly again and remained there. It felt so wonderful against his warm body that I drifted off to sleep within minutes.

I awoke late that afternoon to the smell of food cooking and realized that I was famished. I jumped from my soiled bed and pattered down the hall to find Kevin cooking cheese sandwiches and soup. He smiled and motioned towards the table and served me like a waiter. He was fully clothed and it made me feel a bit uncomfortable sitting at the table nude and splattered with his sperm hear and there so I told him that I would grab my housecoat and be right back. He told me to sit, that I looked beautiful with my little belly hanging out and that freshly fucked look on my face. His words made me blush and he chuckled as he sat beside me and began to eat. After a few bites he asked if I knew whether it was a boy or girl and I told him that my ultra-sound wasn't for another couple of weeks. We chatted about other things for a few minutes before it dawned on me that Kevin was kind of dressed up and I asked him about it. He told me that he had actually flown up here for a legitimate business meeting and had just caught an early flight so he could get his ashes hauled while he was in town. Now it was my turn to chuckle and I told him that he had expected to drop in for a quick booty call and ended up being a black daddy. Kevin chuckled and put his dishes in the sink before telling me that he really did have to get on the road for his meeting then head straight back to Portland tonight. I was really hoping that he could stay but he went on to explain that tomorrow was his anniversary and he had to be there. The irony of the situation made me smile and I walked him to the door and gave him one final kiss before he left.

The following Thursday afternoon Bill called to confirm that I was going to go to the group party and I asked if it was going to be in another tiny motel room again, and he said that this one in a nice hotel out to the east. We chatted and caught up on things as I hadn’t seen or heard from him since our last outing. He told me that his brother was in town doing job interviews and they had been spending a lot of time catching up. He went on to say that he had sponsored his brother to attend the Friday night fling and asked me to take special care of Rick for him. I asked him about his brother and he told me that Rick had led a sheltered life so far, that he has had a couple of live in girl friends but had never been married and had never dated a white woman in his life and that he thought that Rick was a bit intimidated by white ladies. Bill suggested that we all go out to dinner before the party, just to break the ice with Rick because he said that Rick was really pretty nervous about his first swingers party, especially with white ladies as the only treat's. It sounded like a great idea and we set a time to meet, and I hung up.

The very second that I slipped into the car and laid eyes on Rick my entire body tingled. There was some electricity there that I couldn’t quite put my finger on but I felt an instant attraction to him. His 6'+ frame was solid and well muscled; his face has that rugged, manly look to it, not weathered or beaten but manly. There was a cool intelligence radiating from his light brown eyes that just made me want to jump into them and swim around and his mannerisms were gentle, yet I could feel certain steel underneath it all. I found myself holding my breath, waiting for him to speak and then seemed to hang on his every word. My mind raced back through every man that I had ever known and not a single one compared to this sweet giant sitting in the front seat. Rick is almost 9 years my senior and even though there is a certain family resemblance, the difference between him and Bill is remarkable. We chatted as Bill drove, allowing us to get to know each other before his first experience at a sex party. I could tell that he was nervous about going to the party and I told him to just keep an open mind about it all. All through dinner I squirmed in my seat as I became more attracted to Rick with each passing minute. I kept telling myself that he was just another nice guy, but my entire being wanted this man.

We walked into the suite and of course needed to strip from our clothes. I could tell that Rick was almost ready to bolt so I told him that I would help him if he helped me and began unbuttoning his shirt. With his hands fumbling and shaking he began working on my blouse and it felt like little electric shocks each time his fingers would brush my skin. I had Rick's shirt open in no time and slowly began removing his pants before he had even finished with the last button of my blouse. His cock was straining to get out and as I unzipped his trousers I was very pleased to see his beautiful big cock lurch from the flap of his boxer shorts. Large cocks must run in his family because his was every bit of 9 inches but was even thicker than Bills wonderful cock. The thick roll of foreskin was bunched up at the base of his cock head and I reached out and ran my hand down his girth several times as he shuddered and moaned. Bill had finished un-dressing and headed into the main room leaving us alone. I knelt in front of Rick and slid his trousers off his thick powerful legs, stood up and pulled his shirt off of his wide shoulders. It took my breath away just looking at this nude man before me, his eyes riveted to my open blouse and exposed bra. Putting his clothes aside I popped my bra and asked Rick to remove it and my blouse. With trembling hands he gently slid my blouse off my shoulders before pulling my bra down my arms and off. I could hardly contain myself, my pussy was flooding my panties and the electric tingle was growing intense. While Rick turned and hung my blouse I unfastened my skirt so it was ready for removal as Rick again turned towards me. His breath was already a bit ragged as I guided his hands to my hips before releasing them so he could slip it from my hips. He knelt before me, looking up and into my eyes as he slipped my skirt and panties over my hips and down my legs so I could step from them. His eyes roamed down my body finally focusing on my shaven mound, he had to be able to smell my musk because I had seen the wet stripe of my juice on my panties as he had pulled them from me. I felt like dropping to the floor and pulling him on top of me right there and then but I restrained myself and gave him my hand and led him slowly through the main room which was now filled with grunting, laughing, fucking, couples to an empty mat at the far edge of the crowd.

As soon as we got there I turned to Rick and slipped into his arms and we kissed, I had never felt a kiss that relayed such passion as that first long kiss from him. His huge powerful arms were wrapped about me in a firm embrace but I could feel him trembling from head to toe. As we broke our kiss I looked into his wonderful eyes and asked him if he wanted me, his voice cracked a bit as he uttered that he wanted me so bad it hurt. I dropped to my knees and instantly licked a large drool of pre-cum from his pulsing black cock head, grasping his thick cock. I pulled his foreskin down his shaft and engulfed as much of his throbbing cock in my mouth as I could. Rick's hands were pulling my head from his cock within just a stroke or two and I knew that he wanted more than a BJ. Without a word I lay back on the mat and positioned a pillow under my hips as he knelt above me examining every inch of my body. I held my hand out and he leaned over me, his hard wet cock plopping into my hand as he did, and I guided it directly into my hungry pussy hole.

I know that Rick was already close to climax because he eased his wonderfully huge cock into me with short tentative thrusts, waiting a moment before he would again press another inch or two into me. Each tiny little thrust of his cock, my womb would flutter and the electric tingling would increase. My hips would push up towards him with each thrust of his hips and before I even felt his hard tight balls touch my skin, I came in a shuddering explosion. I still think that, that orgasm was the most powerful one that I have ever had, I have no idea how long I thrashed beneath him before my eyes could see anything through the spots and I could breath again. The look of concern on Rick's face was evident and he asked me several times if I was ok, that he didn’t want to hurt me. With my hands on his hips I pulled him deeper into me and told him that I was wonderful and would not break if he fucked me deep. He leaned into me, still unsure as to my health and I felt his cock slid deeper and deeper into my core until his balls pressed tightly against my ass, making both of us to moan with pleasure. I heard myself speak as I whispered to him to please fuck me. Rick loosened his grip on my ass cheeks and began to work his cock slowly into me; he used short strokes at first but was soon fucking my aching pussy with full strokes of his perfect 9-inch cock. I exploded into another orgasm that came from nowhere and was again thrown into another place and time for long moments while my body convulsed against his hard belly and chest. As I recovered, I realized that we were both gasping for breath and that he was fucking my pussy with hard fast strokes making my body shudder with each impact. I felt his ragged breath against my cheek as I clutched him to me, reveling in the way his muscles flexed each time he drove his manhood into my pregnant hole. As I surrendered to another huge climax I heard him groan and drive his thick black shaft fully into me, flooding my womb with his seed. I held him tightly to me, enjoying the feeling of his cock, thumping deep within my belly.

I held Rick to me, not wanting this moment to end as we caught our breath. As he finally began to move I initially though that he was pulling from me, but he was not pulling out of my pussy, instead he began was fucking me again. In my post fuck bliss I hadn’t realized that his wonderful cock had remained hard as a rock between my legs and he was now driving it into me with firm strokes which produced a wet smack each time his balls slapped against my cum leaking hole. I moaned and told him how wonderful he felt inside me and he responded that I was pretty awesome too.

Within minutes, Rick's thick cock had me panting like a dog again and I had another beautiful climax on his cock. After I recovered he asked if I always came that hard and I quipped that I only came hard when I was getting properly fucked. He chuckled and continued his hard fucking which soon brought me to the brink of another climax. This time I had enough warning to tell him so before I pulled myself to him and shuddered through another mind boggling climax. I drifted back to reality only to find that Rick's cock was grinding into my pussy so hard that the electric buzz between my legs was already streaming up my spine and flooding my brain with orgasmic bliss again. I was unable to do anything except attempt to breath, until this climax began to fade and I became aware of the world again. Rick was again pounding his thick tool into me, his hot grunting breath in my ear and I could feel his every muscle straining as he slammed himself into my womb. I whimpered into his ear that I wanted him to cum in me again and he moaned from his core and exploded within me again. I felt his sperm dribble from my pussy and stream down my ass crack as his cock continued to pump load after load of his sperm inside me. I lay there listening to his breathing slow and his body relax upon me and decided that this man was somehow special and I wanted him in my life from now on.

As we separated I slid down his chest and lifted his soft cock to my lips. Looking Rick in the eye I rubbed his cock-head across my lips, leaving a thick coating of his wonderful semen before allowing my lips to flow over and around his still twitching cock. The taste of our combined fuck sent chills down my spine it was so perfectly blended. The heady musk of his cum and pussy-coated groin made my pussy quiver,and the taste of his seed was divine. I sucked as much of his cock into my mouth as I could and his eyes pressed tightly shut as his hips pushed up towards me and a low moan escaped his lips. I drove my mouth onto his cock like a mad woman and his thick shaft began to harden again within what seemed like only minutes. Soon his hands were on my head again applying gentle pressure to pull me from him, not to drive his tool deeper into me. As my lips popped from his cock he asked if I enjoyed being on my knees and I simply turned and presented my ass to him doggy style. He moaned that I had a beautiful ass as he positioned himself and again pressed his cock into my juicy hole. His hands roamed my back as he pressed his wonderful cock fully into my very juicy hole. He moaned that I was so beautiful as he began to pump his cock into me with long firm strokes. My sopping pussy made wet smacks each time his big ball sack slapped against me, making my pussy quiver with impending orgasm. I lowered my head to the mat and told him how wonderful he felt inside me and his grip tightened slightly on my hips and he began fucking me with a bit more force. He kept telling me how wonderful it felt to fuck me and how beautiful I was, all the while pumping his big, thick cock into my core with ever increasing power. A huge orgasm ripped up my spine and I drifted into oblivion while my body spasmed around his tool. I felt a connection with this man that I had never felt with any other man before, his every touch seemed to transmit his power into me and It filled me with pure joy just to be there and please his every desire. My rational side was telling me that I had only known this man for a few hours but the pit of my stomach was telling me that this man was special, maybe that special man for me. While my mind raced through these thoughts another mega climax slammed into my overloaded brain and I zoned out for long moments as I bucked and twitched as huge waves of pleasure crashed through me. I could hear myself moaning and mewing as I recovered my senses, still feeling that electric buzz between my legs as his big cock continued to pound my hole with increasing fury. I had just noticed the sweat running up my back and dripping to the foam mat below me as an even larger climax rolled over my body like a tidal wave, crushing my mind with its force. I couldn’t breath, and all I saw were multi-colored spots as I opened my eyes for the first time. Then I became aware that Rick was grunting from somewhere in space and his cock was slamming into my hole with enough force that my knees were sliding on the mat with each thrust. I was still reeling with orgasmic bliss as he began to groan and thrust himself into me with short hard strokes filling my overloaded pussy with even more of his sperm. It flowed freely around his cock, dripped from his balls and began running up my belly. I thought that he would never stop cumming as he continued to grip my hips and pump his cock into my center. Finally after what seemed like several minutes he became still, his hands relaxed their grip and he let a long sigh escape his lips. When he finally slipped his spent cock from my pussy, a flood of his thick sperm gushed from me and ran freely up my belly and began to drip from my swollen belly to the mat. I allowed myself to watch beneath me as large drools of his sperm would stretch from my belly and almost connect with the mat below before breaking free, forming a growing puddle of his essence below my navel.

As I straightened up and turned to him I found him rocked back on his haunches with a look of pure pleasure and wonderment on his face. I was more than the normal post fuck smile that I was used to seeing in my lover eyes, his gaze was one of such depth that I couldn’t help but stare into the depths of his soft brown eyes. As his breathing slowed to normal his eyes scanned my sweat and sperm coated body before looking me directly into my eyes and telling me that " that was the most incredible sex that I have ever had" and I couldn’t help but smile back at him and tell him that I felt the same exact way, that it had touched me at almost a cellular level, making us both smile and chuckle.

It wasn’t until then that I became aware of voices around us and remembered that we were not alone in the universe but were in the middle of a group of other people who were fucking and laughing all around us. I felt a bit embarrassed to share the moment that I had just had with these other people but I couldn’t change the situation now. Another one of the men came over and asked if I was free and I told him that I needed a break right now and he moved to another mat and began making out with another lady.

Rick helped me to my feet and we headed for the bar for a much needed drink. He noticed the thick stream of his cum that had ran from my pussy up to the center of my baby bulge and made a comment about the mess he had made of me. I took my hand and while Rick watched me with interest, I rubbed his seed over my entire round bulge, making it glisten in the lights, then licked his musk from my fingers while gazing into his eyes. He didn’t return my gaze at first, instead he watched as each of my fingers would enter my mouth and I sucked them clean one by one.

As we sat and sipped our cool drinks, I found Bill in the crowd, kneeling behind a lady, pounding his cock into her. With all the other people talking in the room it was difficult but I thought that I could hear her mews of pleasure as Bill serviced her. Rick noted my gaze and asked what Bill and my status was and if we were an item. I told him frankly that we were just friends and would never be anything more than that. I could see that this news pleased Rick and I bent over and gave him a gentle kiss on the cheek. I had to ask the question and there was no real easy way to do it so I just asked him straight up what he had thought of his first sexual encounter with a white woman. Instead of taking a moment to ponder an answer he just placed his hand over mine and told me that it had truly been the most erotic and satisfying sex that he had ever had and that he couldn’t get over the intensity of his climaxes. I could feel my face flush with blood and my body shudder with the news that I had really pleased this man, I felt deeply complimented and a bit embarrassed all at the same time. I quipped that to get a true picture of the experience he should enjoy some of the other ladies but all he did was look into my eyes and say, "I don’t think so tonight, I don’t want to spoil my first night". Then he asked me if I had turned that other man away because I was truly tired or whether there was another reason. Now it was my turn to be truthful and I told him that I had been exhausted after our bout, but for some reason had no desire for other men tonight. It was his turn to blush now and a sly smile crept across his face before he leaned close and kissed me deeply. The hour was late and the group was beginning to break up so I suggested that we go and take a quick shower and Rick led the way. Walking down the hall with my hand in his I felt this feeling wash over my body that I didn’t want this night to end, that I wanted to feel this mans body next to mine all night and more. As we stepped under the warm spray and I began to soap Rick's strong back I asked if I could ask him another question and he said I could ask him anything. I gritted my teeth a bit and asked if he would like to come home with me. His reaction stunned me as he turned and pulled me to against his chest and kissed me deeply. I felt an electric energy surge through my body and I swear that my toes curled up as we embraced. As our kiss finally broke he told me that he had been trying to think of a way to ask me the same question because he didn’t want to go back to his room alone. A wave of pure relief and joy pulsed through every fiber of my body, for at least one night I would have this man all to myself. Between make out sessions, which restarted my hunger for him in spades, we finally finished bathing each other and stepped from the shower and returned to the main room. There were still several couples fucking here and there and I saw that Bill was sitting at the bar fully clothed chatting with a beautiful woman who I had never met before. As Rick and I dressed Bill broke away from the bar and came over. He smiled brightly at us then asked Rick what he thought about the group. Rick told him that so far, his first night was turning out to be so much better than he could have possibly imagined. Bill either hadn’t picked up on the "so far" part of Rick's statement or had chosen to ignore it, but it had made my belly do little flip-flops. I left them to visit the ladies room and we left as soon as I returned. On the trip back to my car we went over our evening and Bill mentioned to Rick that he has seemed to monopolize my company all evening to which Rick answered by saying that he had been so taken with me that he hadn’t seen the need to move elsewhere. This comment made my cheeks grow hot with blood and my body tingle all over, here was a man who would have been accepted by almost every lady in the room and yet he had chosen to remain with me as I had chosen to not only remain with him, but to be the first man I had ever invited to my home with the exception of Kevin.

Bill said nothing as we both got out of the car at the parking garage, which told me that they had already talked about this while I had been in the bathroom. As we reached the van and I hit the unlock button Rick pulled me to him and we kissed again, sending lightening bolts through my brain and making my pussy release even more juice into my damp panties. Instead of opening the passenger door, Rick slid open the side door and guided me onto the bench seat and kissed me deeply again. He pulled the tilt handle and the bench flopped flat onto the rear seat as his hand slid up under my skirt and rubbed my pussy through my wet panties. As soon as his fingers traced their way up my slit I knew that I had to feel him back inside me. I groped his cock and found it stretching a tent in his trousers and began trying to tug his zipper down at the same time that he was attempting to slip my panties back off. After several attempts we both achieved our goals and I guided his wonderful cock back into my depths and he began pounding me with hard fast thrusts, we instantly fell into rhythm with each other, both of us grunting as his wonderful cock would strike the bottom of my womb with each stroke of his cock. I came almost instantly and clutched at his back as I shuddered and bucked with pleasure. I begged Rick to fuck me and to fill me with his seed. Between grunts he told me that he loved fucking me, that his balls hurt just being around me. His words and hard fucking pushed me into another climax and I again clawed at his back as I thrashed about in my bliss. Rick was grunting in my ear as I began to recover, his cock still hammering into me with hard wet smacks. I could already feel another orgasm ripping up my spine as Rick exploded inside me, bucking into my dripping hole, flooding it to overflow yet again and pushing me over the cliff and into another climax. We lay there, locked together with his thick semen flowing from me and onto the seat cushion and I found myself hoping that he would never lift from me again. But all things come to an end and he finally pulled his cock from my womb and knelt between the front seats as I slid from the van. I needed to tinkle so I squatted by the wall at the front of the van, pulled my soiled skirt up and released the flow of pee. Looking up I found Rick watching me intently and asked him why he was smiling. He said that he had never seen a woman pee before and it was actually a beautiful thing to watch. I giggled and asked him to grab a wet wipe from the consol and he held it one out for me. After I finished with the private pee show I grabbed several more wipes and mopped up the puddle of semen that we had left on the seat cushion. During our haste to fuck we had both ignored my sons car seat that was strapped to the bench seat beside us, but now Rick made a comment about me getting ready for my new arrival and I explained that I already had a son and that there would soon be a second car seat to install.

I could tell that Rick was curious about my pregnancy so on the way to my apartment I explained in a round about way, my rational for having a second child. Somehow I think that he was willing to accept any story that I told him about my baby as long as it didn’t involve his brother Bill or another group member. I gave him a very quick tour of my home then led him hand in hand to my bedroom. Again we instantly began kissing and even through my exhaustion I could feel my juices surge into my panties at his first touch. His cock was already beginning to press against my belly as our first kiss ended and I reached for his shirt buttons for the second time tonight. His hands stopped me and he began undressing me instead. His fingers didn’t fumble around this time and in mere moments he had opened my sweaty blouse and peeled it from me, next was my bra which dropped to the floor in seconds and he began suckling my hard nipples as his deft fingers released the clasp and zipper of my skirt, again letting it drop to the floor around my legs. His mouth left my breasts and he placed soft kisses down my belly as he slipped my, cum soaked panties down my thighs and over my feet. I had closed my eyes as he had began sucking my nipples and was amazed that when he again stood up he too was completely nude. For the first time in my life, a man scooped me up into his arms and carried me to my bed, holding me as I threw the covers back before gently placing me on the clean sheets and slipping in beside me. He pulled me onto his hard chest and drove his tongue back into my mouth while he positioned my legs at his sides and pressed his cock back into my womb.

I had so many emotions coursing through my body that I came before his thick cock was even fully seated inside me. Rick's strong hands held me on his cock as I thrashed about in my orgasm. I was beyond the point of exhaustion and running on pure adrenaline but my entire being wanted to fulfill this man in any way that he wanted. Rick was moaning that this was the most perfect night that he had ever had with a woman and I whimpered back that I agreed 100%. Another climax gripped me and I drifted back into bliss for more long seconds as my body convulsed on its own accord while Rick kept me from lurching off of his cock. As I recovered Rick moaned that he couldn’t hold it anymore and was going to cum. His words pleased me to my core and I kissed his panting cheek and begged him to fill me again with his hot sperm. His grip tightened on my ass-cheeks and he began to thrust up into me, his thick cock pulsing with each thrust. As each new load of his semen pumped into me I could feel his sperm flow around his cock and back out of me. As his orgasm waned his hands released my hips and fell away leaving only his softening cock twitching within my pussy. I forced myself from his chest and slid down until I was between his legs. His groin was covered in thick globs of his semen and I began to lick the lumps up from his belly and cock shaft. Again the aroma of our sex aroused me, I felt as if I had run a marathon but I couldn’t get enough of this man. I continued to lick and suck as much sperm from him as I could, but his thick crop of pubes made it impossible to recover it all. Rick pulled me back up and pulled the covers over our spent bodies before pulling me back to him and kissing me one more time before saying "enough woman, or you will kill me". We smiled at each other for a second or two before I snuggled into his arms and instantly drifted into a coma.

My next diary posting will be entitled " The Truth About Nikki - pt15 - Romance and Birth"


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love it as usual great job


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I like it, very deep

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