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A man's wife goes to the doctor claiming that her husband has recently become poor in bed. The doctor gives her some pills, tells her that if she slips one pill in her husband's drink at dinner, she will have the best sex in years. Then asks her to call in a week with the results.
That night the woman places one pill in her husband's drink at dinner and has the best sex that she has had in years. That next night she thinks: What would happen if I slipped two of them in his drink? She did and the results were even better. The next night, she adds a third, and WOW!
After a week has passed and the doctor hasn't heard from her, he becomes worried and goes to the couple's home. As he walks to the door, he sees a little boy crying on the front doorstep. "What is wrong?" he asks the boy.
The boy replies in cries and tears. "Mommy's dead, sister's in the hospital, my butt hurts and daddy is in the back saying, 'Here kitty, kitty, kitty."'
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