Aunt Alice gets fucked by MAX REAL doggie style
Chapter 2 (Aunt Alice gets fucked by MAX REAL doggie style)

After her husband had gone to work the next morning, Alice thought
about the wonderful fuck she and Paul had had. She sat at the table
watching the children finish their breakfast. As always happened the
day after a good fuck, she was in an extremely horny mood. Sitting with
nothing on except a thin dressing gown, Alice could feel the hot juices
oozing out from her cunt.

Waiting for Amy and Jimmy to finish their breakfast, she kept glancing
over at Max, sprawled out on the floor. Looking at the animal's sleek,
black coat, she could hardly wait for the children to go outside and

"May I be excused, Aunt Alice?" said Amy when she'd eaten the last of
her cereal.

"Certainly, dear," Aunt Alice replied with a smile. "What are you going
to do today?"

"I guess we'll go over to the playground," said Jimmy, getting up from
his chair. "There's nothing else to do around here."

As soon as they'd gone, Alice snapped her fingers, and the big Labrador
got up and walked over to her.

"That's a good dog," she whispered, petting his broad head as the
animal pushed his nose up between her bare legs. "Am I gonna get a nice
hot fuck this morning?"

As if the big dog understood what she said, he vigorously wagged his
tail as he sniffed his nose around in her blonde bush.

Getting up from the table, Alice walked upstairs with the dog trotting
right along beside her. As soon as they were in her room, the horny
woman removed her dressing gown and sprawled out crosswise on the bed
with her legs hanging over the side of it.

"Come on, Max, honey," she whispered, spreading her thighs for him.
"Are you gonna eat mama's hot little cunt?"

Excitedly wagging his tail, the big dog moved toward her. With her bare
ass perched on the edge of the bed as she lay back with her legs spread
wide, her juicy cunt was exposed to the excited animal. The depraved
woman had been fucking with the beautiful, big Labrador for over two
years, and the dog knew exactly what to do.

A shudder raced through her deliciously-naked body when she felt his
cold, black nose on the sensitive flesh of her hotly-oozing slit.

"Oh, sweet doggy," she softly moaned when the animal swiped his hot,
wet tongue up the length of her cunt.

As always happened after he had his first taste of her cunt-juices, the
animal went wild. Shaking and whimpering, he was soon flashing that
incredible tongue all around in her cunt, reaching into the very core
of her sensuality. Each plunge of his tongue was carrying her to new
heights of ecstasy. He licked the woman into a writhing frenzy.

"Holy shit!" she squealed, lewdly spreading her naked thighs wider
apart to give him more room. "That's it, Max! Eat me out, you fuckin'

His tongue seemed to be everywhere at once as he feverishly licked and
lapped her steamy pussy. Feeling this unbelievable ecstasy down between
her legs, Alice was unconsciously squeezing her big, full tits in her
hand, her fingers teasing and pulling on her hard nipples.

"Oh, goddamn!" she moaned, feeling the walls of her insanely-aroused
cunt involuntarily contracting around the length of the dog's deeply-
plunging tongue. "That's it, baby! Lick my fuckin' cunt!"

It suddenly felt as if she were riding a giant wave as she crested
higher and higher toward a thundering climax.

"OH, YES, MAX!" squealed Alice, her entire body jerking and spasming as
the intense orgasm exploded in her pussy. "LICK! LICK! LICK!"

As the woman's orgasmic juices flooded out of her climaxing cunthole,
the dog licked harder and faster on the tasty discharge, prolonging her
heavenly come until Alice thought she'd lose her mind from the intense
pleasure of it. Even after she'd finished climaxing, Max continued
feverishly licking the woman's cunt until she sat up and pushed his
face out from between her legs.

"Oh, you naughty dog," Alice giggled when she saw his horrendous boner.
"You wanta fuck me, don't you?"

Whimpering and trembling, the beautiful animal excitedly wagged his

Anxious to feel his hard dog-cock in her, Alice dropped to her hands
and knees on the floor. Max had screwed the woman often enough to know
this postion meant she was ready to fuck, but as always, he licked her
bare ass and cunt a bit before mounting her.

"Come on," she whispered back to the animal. "Stick that nice, big cock
in my hot pussy."

Reluctantly pulling his nose out of that fragrant hairy spot between
her legs, Max jumped up and placed his paws on her back. Whimpering
excitedly, he moved them on up to her shoulders as he began prodding
his long hard prick unsuccessfully against her body. As often as the
beautiful beast had fucked her, he could never seem to find the right
hole without her assistance.

Reaching back between her legs, Alice grasped his slippery, hard
cockshaft in her fingers so she could guide it into her pussy. Feeling
her soft fingers around his throbbing boner, his hips began
involuntarily humping in a rapid, fucking motion.

"Take it easy, you dummy," she giggled. "Get it in my cunt before you
start fuckin'."

Firmly holding his slippery, red cock, Alice skillfully guided the tip
of it between the juicy lips of her pulsing pussy.

"Oh, yes, you sweet doggy," she blissfully sighed, feeling his
wonderful prick gliding into her juicy cunt. "Now give me a nice, hot

When the full-length of his long, hard cock was completely in her, the
animal began instinctively pumping. As with all dogs, he began fucking
into her with an animalistic frenzy, drilling his cock in and out with
the rapidity of a machine gun.

"YES! YES!" Alice squealed with delight as the big, black Labrador
feverishly rammed his cock home. "That's the way to fuck!"

Being deliciously jolted as she knelt beneath the magnficient beast,
Alice suddenly wondered what her husband's reaction would be if he knew
how she'd been fucking their dog for the past two years. She wondered
if he'd even fuck her again if he knew her cunt was usually full of
dog-jizz when he shot his wad into it.

The friction of his hard shaft against her clit was driving the woman
wild, and her juicy pink pussylips were glistening with her frothy
discharge. Crouched beneath the wildly-humping dog, Alice could feel
herself being carried closer and closer to a bell-ringing climax.

"Fuck it to me, doggy!" she squealed with delight, her big firm tits
jiggling furiously beneath her as the dog further increased the tempo
of his thrusts. "Oh, fuck! FUCK! FUCK!"

A man would have probably tried to hold back until Alice reached an
orgasm, but not Max. The animal was completely disinterested in
anything but his own sexual gratification. The only thing the dumb
beast was aware of was the heavenly, tingling sensation in his prick as
he raced madly toward a jizz-spewing climax.

Listening to the delicious slurping sound of his hard prick zipping in
and out of her cunt, Alice feverishly ground her ass back against him,
writhing her overheated slit all around the slippery length of his hard
cock. Her big, full tits burned with excitement as they heaved and
bounced below her.

"Oh, God, Max!" the horny blonde whimpered, loving the fantastic fuck
she was getting. "That's the neatest cock in the world!"

Never had Max fucked her with the enthusiasm he was showing today.
Feeling his furry balls slapping against her bottom, Alice was being
carried to new heights of ecstasy. She was conscious of nothing else in
the world except this hard dog-cock that was pounding into the darkest
depths of her ravaged cunt.

"Fuck into it!" she hysterically squealed, her tongue lolling out like
a bitch in heat. "Fuck your doggy-prick into my cunt!"

As if he could actually understand his pretty blonde mistress, Max
began fucking deeper and harder into her juicy pussy. The beautiful,
big animal's hips were jerking with a blinding speed as he frantically
fucked his prick into her.

"Oh, you sweet, fucking' beauty!" she whimpered, arching her ass up to
better receive his magnficient thrusts. "I think I really love you!"

The unbelievable rapture mounted and mounted in her writhing loins as
Alice slammed her hot ass back to get the full length of Max's cock in

"OH, FUCK!" she squealed, raising her creamy ass a bit higher to give
the Labrador still better access to her deliciously-ravished pussy.
"That's the way to use a cock!"

The beautiful blonde's entire body was tingling with unbelievable
ecstasy as the dog's long, red boner vibrated rapidly against her
sensitive clit. The heavenly speed of Max's quick thrusts was bringing
her such intense pleasure that she was almost losing her mind.

"Oh, you beauty!" she sobbed. "God-damn, but you can fuck!"

This was the wildest screwing she'd ever had from the dog, and as he
brought her closer and closer to a thunderous orgasm, her glazed eyes
were staring sightlessly ahead.


Feeling the heat increasing in her loins, the madly-aroused woman was
digging at the carpet with her fingers, humping and bucking beneath the
dog's powerful thrusts.


As if he knew what she was saying, the animal instinctively began
pounding faster and deeper, the top ridge of his long, red shaft
streaking deliciously against her quivering clit.

Crouched on her hands and knees with her ass thrust high in the air,
Alice was taking every magnificent inch of his plunging dog-cock. The
rapture she was feeling was beyond her wildest imagination, and she was
no longer aware of anything in the world except the hotly-sizzling dog-
prick that was fucking in and out of her cunt.

"Oh, shit, baby!" she squealed, clawing at the carpet with her nails.

Each deep thrust of his juice-slickened cock was driving deeper and
deeper into the horny woman's overheated pussy. This was the most
heavenly fucking she'd ever received.

"OH, FUCK!" she suddenly cried at the top of her lungs. "CREAM ME, MAX!

At that very instant, Alice felt his deliciously-hot jizz shooting into
her cunt, and she exploded into the wildest orgasm she'd ever had.
Never in her life had the woman ever experienced such intense pleasure.
Completely overwhelmed by the magnitude of her unbelievable climax, she
continued writhing her sopping pussy back around his spurting cock for
several more moments as the heavenly orgasm continued washing through
her cunt.

When the big Labrador finally pulled his limp wet prick out of the
beautiful woman's cum-drenched pussy, she collapsed on the carpet.

"Jesus, Max," she giggled a few minutes later as she slowly recovered.
"You sure know how to fuck a cunt."

Still in a horny mood, the woman reached over and lightly rubbed Max's
soft cock as he lay sprawled out next to her on the floor. Within a few
seconds, the bright-red head of the dog-prick started peeking out from
its furry sheath. Lazily fingering her own pussy as she fondled the
dog's prick, Alice excitedly watched the animal's organ explode into
another hard-on. Staring at his juice-coated cock, the horny woman
suddenly wondered how it would taste. The animal had been licking and
fucking her for two years, but this was the first time she'd ever
thought about sucking him off.

Still playing with her own pussy, Alice was lying on her side as she
moved her mouth toward his shiny red cock. When her face was up under
his belly, she inhaled the rich canine smell of his damp coat. There
was something erotic about the strong scent of the dog's cock that was
really turning Alice on. She could feel the dog shivering with
excitement as she nuzzled her face up under his soft, furry belly.

Feeling her hot breath on his prick and balls, the animal began
heatedly panting, his thick pink tongue lolling out from the side of
his mouth. His pretty mistress had never had her face up against his
cock before, and the trembling dog didn't know what to make of it.

Taking a deep breath, the woman flicked her tongue out and stroked the
tip of her tongue across the end of his prick, making the beautiful
beast yap from the unexpected pleasure. A strange excitement surged
through Alice's naked body when she felt the texture of a dog's cock
against her tongue for the first time. His cock had a rather strange
taste, but the more she licked the dog-prick, the more she enjoyed the
taste. As the excitement increased in her loins, Alice began slobbering
more feverishly on the hard meat of his dog-cock.

Thoroughly coating his shaft with her spit, the woman soon had the
whimpering dog's prick glistening. Conscious of the trembling animal's
excited whimpers, Alice suddenly closed her lips around the end of his
tasty prick.

"Mmmmmmmmm," the horny woman softly crooned as she took every hard inch
of his red cock into her mouth. Feeling the head of the dog's prick
nudging against the back of her throat, Alice slid her free hand down
over her belly until the fingers found the blonde curls of her cunt

Sucking passionately on the beautiful animal's erotic dog-cock, Alice
began vigorously fingering herself. The thought of this beautiful beast
emptying his hot load of fuck-juice into her mouth seemed to further
arouse the depraved woman.

Alice's husband and all of her other lovers had always told her what a
fantastic cock-sucker she was, and now she wanted to give her pet the
best time he'd ever had. She was going to make sure that Max's first
blow- job would be a doggy-heaven for him.

With all of his prick in her mouth, Alice slowly lifted her head until
only the sensitive end of the dog-cock remained between her lips, and
then after a slight pause, she plunged down over his prick until his
big knob skidded against the back of her throat. Again and again she
repeated the action until the dog was yelping with delight.

Not wanting the animal to pop his nuts too soon, Alice removed her
mouth from his prick and began licking his balls as she lazily fingered
her hotly-flowing cunt.

"Oh, you sweet doggy," she whispered a few moments later when she
decided Max was no longer on the verge of blasting off.

Grasping the base of his long, red prick more firmly in her fingers,
Alice closed her soft, moist lips over the head of his cock again. The
inside of her mouth was soft, warm and wet as she worked on his erect
cock. The horny blonde's tongue slithered from side to side,
deliciously stroking the hard length of his meaty prick, bathing the
entire dog-prick in a warm, moist pool of frothy saliva.

Softly moaning, her eyes half-closed, Alice slid her lips even further
down over the animal's straining prick. She could feel him quivering
with delight as her small, pearly teeth scraped erotically over his
sensitive meat. She moved her head up and down, her talented tongue
feverishly licking, lapping and rolling all around the pulsing head of
the big dog's tasty cock. Alice became even more aroused as her
beautiful Labrador continued trembling and whimpering from the feel of
the pulling suction of her mouth around his spit-lathered penis.

The depraved woman's mouth was moving up and down more rapidly, her
nose rubbing into the soft fur of his quivering belly. Feeling the
animal's cock twitching wildly against her tongue, Alice began rolling
her head from side to side, rotating his erotic dog-prick around in her

Wanting to give her beautiful pet as much pleasure as possible, the
lovely blonde cock-sucker began moving her head up and down with long
deep strokes. Slowly lifting her head until only the tip of his prick
remained between her ovaled lips, she lightly teased the tip of his
cock with her tongue until the buzzing sensations had him yelping with
joy. Then when Alice thought the animal couldn't stand anymore of the
intense ecstasy, she once more lowered her face, taking the throbbing
hardness of his bright red cock deep into her throat. Then back up
again, and down, up and down, up and down until the raw friction of her
soft lips against his sensitive flesh had the dog whimpering with

Completely carried away by what she was doing, Alice was more than
startled when his hot, swirling dog-cum began shooting from the end of
his prick, splashing deliciously against the back of her throat. Thick
rich spurts of this strange-tasiing fuck-cream were flooding all over
her tongue and teeth, pouring down the back of her throat.

The beautiful blonde's mouth was like a suction pump around the end of
his prick as she sucked deeper and harder, thrilled by the strange new
taste of her pet's hot, slippery cum. When his red cock finally started
to shrink in her mouth, Alice sucked even harder and deeper, wanting
every last drop of his delicious jism.

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