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To begin my story, let me start with the characters. Mercedes Browning is 18 years old, 5’6”, 124 pounds with long strawberry blonde hair that goes to her waist. She is a student at an exclusive private school in Kentucky. Bruce Jenkins is Dean of students and Mercedes love interest. He is 32 years old 6’ tall, 185 pounds with brown hair, mustache and the clearest green eyes. This is my very first story, so let me know how you like it.

Today is the last day of her time spent in this school, as a student anyway. Graduation was last night and she has come back to the school to say her final good byes to some of the lingering students and the teachers that she will miss the most, especially Mr. Jenkins. The school seems so big to her now as she roams the empty halls. Her footsteps are echoing as she makes her way to Mr. Jenkins office. She swears she can hear her heart beating. She finally finds his office and just stares at the name on the door “Bruce Jenkins, Dean of Students”. Oh god, I can not believe I am about to do this, she thinks to herself. Just then, his door swings open. There he stands right in front of her looking so handsome, she wants to run but her feet feel like concrete and they do not allow her to move. “Hi” she said. Well hi, Mercedes. Are you ready for summer vacation?” He is trying to act professional but the sight of her is making his dick so hard, so he hurries back inside and sits down. “Yes”, she said “but I have something I need to talk to you about. Do you have the time?”
His office always looked nice and orderly. There is a large desk in the back of the office, right in the center of the large bay window. There is a bookshelf that goes to the ceiling, on either side of the desk. In the center of the office, there is a long sofa, a coffee table and 2 leather chairs facing the sofa. I always have the time for you, he thinks. “Sure, what’s wrong?” “Oh, nothing is wrong. I just have a little problem that I don’t know how to handle.” She pauses for a brief moment, not sure if she should continue with what she is about to say. What if he rejects her? “There is an administrator in this school that I have fallen in love with and I am not quite sure how to tell him.” She sits frozen, scared to say anything else. Calmly he says “it is illegal Mercedes…” she interrupts with “But I am 18 now.” “Well, that may be so, but you are a student at this school”. “Not anymore” she says with a devilish grin. Bruce starts pacing the floor. Anger overcomes him quickly. How dare someone move in on her? She is supposed to be mine, he thinks. “Has he made a pass at you?” he says angrily. “No he has not” she whispers. Through his teeth, he says, “I want his name”. She looks into his eyes, visibly shaking and says, “It’s you”.
He stares at her for a few moments, sits on the couch next to her, and starts to laugh. Tears fill her eyes as she runs toward the door. Instantly, he is behind her with his hands on the door blocking her escape. He leans in close to her ear and whispers “Why are you leaving?” She cried, “You laughed at me. Do you know how embarrassing that is?” “I was not laughing at you, I was laughing at me”. Slowly she turned to face him, her eyes questioning his. He grabs her hand and leads her back to the couch. “I was laughing at myself because I was actually jealous thinking you were talking about someone else. I am actually very flattered. And honestly, Mercedes, I think I am falling in love with you as well” Overcome with emotion, she leans in and kisses him. It was the most passionate kiss she had ever experienced. All of her fears were gone now that she knows that he feels the same way. “Look” she says “I am not expecting a long term thing with you. I know I am leaving for college in a week, but before I go, I need you, I want you and I have to have you. I have saved myself for you.”
With that said, she stands up and unbuttons her shirt, one agonizing button at a time. Bruce almost feels like a teen again. His heart is beating fast, his hands are sweaty and the sight of this beautiful, young woman in front of him undressing herself has made his dick so hard, he feels his pants may burst open by themselves. Slowly, her fears are coming back. Not fears of rejection but fears of doing something wrong. Finally the last button is opened and she slides out of the shirt. Her bra is a white frilly little number that leaves nothing to imagination. It can barely contain her breasts. She releases her 36D breast and lets them fall free. She slowly walks to him and sits next to him on the couch, grabs his hands and places them on her breasts. He leans into her and kisses her neck while he massages her breasts. He sucks one of her nipples into his mouth, lightly biting it. A low moan escapes her mouth. He alternates between the two. “Stand up” he tells her and instinctively, she listens. He runs his hands across her stocking clad legs, around the back of her thigh up under her skirt until he reaches her ass. He reaches around and unbuttons the skirt and lets it fall to the floor. She is wearing a lacy thong that made you envious, wishing to be next to her skin. He slides the panties and the hosiery off which leaves her completely naked in his presence. He sits back and stares at her, savoring every curve of her body.
He asks her “How far have you been with a man, Mercedes?” “I have never touched or been touched by anyone” she answered. “Are you sure this is what you want?” he asked. “Oh yes!” she stated. He walks over to her and picks her up and gently lays her on the couch. He kisses her on the neck, slowly moves to her breasts, down her stomach to the top of where her split of her pussy starts. He realizes that has shaved her pussy in careful preparation for today, these turns him on even more. He slides his tongue through her slit and rests on her clit. Her legs open up to make his access easier. His tongue starts to slowly dance over her clit and she starts to moan “Oh my god.” She grabs his hair and starts to grind her pussy into his face. He starts moving the tongue faster and harder now. In minutes, she has reached her very first orgasm. Her legs start to quiver, they tense up around his neck, but he does not stop. She grabs his hair and lets out a scream. Her pussy is overflowing in her sweet juices. Huskily, she says “your turn”. They both stand up and she reaches over and undoes his belt and the button on his trousers. As they fall to the floor, she says “just remember, I have never done this before so bear with me”. He kisses her and said, “don’t worry. Just relax, you will be fine.”
She slides his underwear to the floor and the gently pushes him unto the couch. His dick is at full attention, probably 9” long. She grabs the base and slides her tongue along the bottom of the shaft and stops at the head. She opens her mouth wide and slides it in to the end of the head. She starts sucking on it like it is a baby bottle. Short hard sucks, but it was very effective. His eyes close as he starts to moan. Little by little she slides it in more until she has decided she can no longer take anymore. She is about half way down and slowly starts to slide it back out. She looks up into his eyes looking for any sign of approval, which she gets. Smiling, she quickly slides it in and out for several minutes and says “ I need your cock in my pussy right now before I explode!” Well, what man can resist that? He lays her on the couch, spreads her legs and stands in front of her. She was such a beautiful sight to behold. She is breathing hard, her face is flushed with anticipation and her pussy was soaked. “Just remember, relax, take a deep breath and trust me. If at any time you want to stop, just let me know.” She just shakes her head and takes a deep breath.
He lays the head of his cock at the tiny opening of her pussy. He slides in about an inch and she starts to moan. He slides in another inch and he can feel her pussy stretching to allow for the entrance of his dick. He slides out to the head and back in with a little more each time. She is so tight, he is not sure if he can go all the way in or not. “Are you sure you want me to keep going?” “Yes, yes, yes” she says, “just do it all at once and get it over with” “Look at me” he says. She looks him right in the eyes and he says, “I love you”. She smiles at him and when he felt her relax, he pushed it all the way in. She screams out in pain, but it was a good pain and after a few minutes, it is no longer hurting and she is really enjoying the sensation. She is in no time, pushing back with him in rhythm and she is very quickly on her next orgasm. She arches are back, tightly wraps her legs around his back and she lets the orgasm flow as she screams in delight. He can no longer handle this and he lets his orgasm go. He cums in her and they both collapse on the couch in complete satisfaction. They start kissing trying to unwind from the orgasm. She looks into his eyes and says, “I love you too” They fall asleep in each other arms.

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2009-09-17 00:03:40
There is a private girls school in kentucky? I wonder if they are hiring teachers

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2009-09-07 23:04:29
Thank you for your post wannabherdaddy. I appreciate the input. I will use that request on my next story. Again, thank you for taking the time to send me a comment.


2009-09-02 09:03:16
Good story, but please break up your paragraphs. The blocks of text clumped together make it hard to read. Nice reading a woman's perspective.

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