The twins have sex for the first time
Chapter 3 (The twins have sex for the first time)

Returning from the playground that afternoon, both of the twins' minds
were on what they'd seen Uncle Paul and Aunt Alice doing in the den
yesterday. Though they didn't say anything to each other about it,
that's all the children could think about.

During dinner that evening, Jimmy kept glancing at his aunt and uncle,
vividly recalling how exciting it had been to watch his big hard cock
fucking into her pussy. The kid had been walking around with a hard- on
since yesterday afternoon, and the feeling wouldn't go away.

As the evening slowly dragged along, Jimmy couldn't get his mind away
from fucking, and as soon as he went to bed, the horny kid began
excitedly beating his meat. He was almost on the verge of popping his
nuts when the door opened and Amy tiptoed into the room. He realized it
was only his sister, but he got a funny feeling in his cock when the
light from the hall silhouetted her naked body through the thin
material of her nightie.

"Are you awake?" she whispered, walking over and sitting down on the
edge of his bed.

"Yeah," he grinned, turning on the bedside lamp. "I can't seem to get
to sleep."

"Neither can I," giggled Amy. "I keep thinking about Uncle Paul and
Aunt Alice."

"Me, too."

"Jimmy," she asked, her face slightly flushed with embarrassment, "did
you really have a hard-on when you were rubbing the front of your pants

"Sure," he grinned.

"Was it as big as Uncle Paul's?"

"Shit, no."

"Do you have a hard-on now?" his sister excitedly asked.

"No," he answered honestly. He had quickly lost his erection when Amy
had unexpectedly walked into the room.

"Jimmy." She hesitated. "Will you show me your prick?"


"Well," she giggled. "I remember seeing it when we were youger, but I'd
like to see it now that you're big."

"I wouldn't dare." He blushed. "Dad would knock the hell out of me if I

"He wouldn't know about it," she assured her brother. "If you'll show
me your prick, I'll show you my pussy."


"Sure." grinned the cute little redhead. "We could sorta trade, I'll
let you look at my cunt, and you show me your cock."

"Okay," he agreed, throwing back the covers. "Here it is."

The young boy always slept in the raw and Amy's eyes almost popped out
of her head when she first saw her brother's prick. She'd expected to
find a big, thick hose like her uncle had, and she was stunned when she
first saw the adolescent cock that was about as long as her middle
finger, only thicker.

"Gee," she gasped. "It sure isn't very big."

"It gets a lot bigger when I have a hard-on," he explained.

Feeling slightly let down, she just stared at the pale, blue-veined
prick that ended with folds of uncircumcised skin over the head. It
seemed strange to her that there was only a light growth of red fuzz
around the base of his limp cock. Remembering all the thick hair around
her uncle's lusty balls, her brother's little bags seemed so pink and
hairless. Jimmy had told her his cock was smaller than their uncle's,
but she hadn't expected it to be this much smaller.

"Is it all right if I touch it?" she whispered.

"Sure." He grinned. "I'd like that."

When his sister nervously placed her trembling finger on his limp
prick, he couldn't get over how neat it felt to have her touch him down
there. Her hand was so soft and gentle that her touch made him shiver
with excitement.

Amy's warm exploring fingers moved down onto the spongy surface of his
young balls. Cupping his balls tenderly, she squeezed them, feeling the
warmth of the crinkly skin and the hardness of his balls inside.

"What are these?" she whispered, excitedly feeling his balls.

"Those are my balls," he explained. "They store up the cum that I

"Gee, boys are funny," she giggled, still gently fondling his balls. "I
like touching you down there. It makes my pussy all hot and wet.

"I'm glad you like it." He grinned. "It really feels good when you mess
around with me."

Releasing his balls, she began tenderly caressing his limp prick. She
couldn't get over how nice and warm the velvety skin felt against her
trembling fingers. His cock reminded her of a warm, fat worm in her
palm as she closed her fingers around his prick. Giving his cock a
loving squeeze as she instinctively pulled back on his loose foreskin,
she was pleased and excited to see the end of his pink cockhead peeking

"Hey, do that again," he urged, loving the way his sister was fondling
his prick. "Pull the skin back and forth."

When Amy did as he suggested, he could feel the wild pleasure streaking
up and down his cock. Shit, it felt a million times better than jacking
himself off. Getting hornier by the second, Jimmy could feel his cock
starting to twitch and swell.

"Hey!" she giggled as his cock started to throb and swell under her
caresses. "It's moving. What's happening?"

"I'm gettin' a hard-on," he said excitedly. "Just keep doin' that."

Remembering how hard her uncle's cock had looked, Amy stared in
amazement as Jimmy's prick swelled bigger and bigger in her hand. His
cock continued throbbing and growing until his prick was standing up
stiff and straight in her grasp. His cock wasn't as huge as her
uncle's, but it still looked awfully big and hard to the excited little

"Does it feel good to have a hard-on?" she asked, thrilled by the way
his hot erection was throbbing in her hand.

"Shit, yes!" he exclaimed. "But it would feel a lot better if you'd
slide the skin back and forth."

Trembling with horny excitement, the little girl took her brother's
loose foreskin between her thumb and forefinger and began peeling it
back down over his stiff cock. Her eyes became larger and larger as the
shiny pink flesh of his protected knob began to appear. She stared at
the little hole on the end of his gleaming cockhead.

"Is that where the pee comes out?" she asked in an awed voice.

"Yeah." He grinned. "And my jizz shoots out of there too."

Nothing had ever felt so good to him as his sister's fingers sliding
his tightly stretched foreskin back and forth over the sensitive head
of his prick. As the intense pleasure streaked up and down the length
of his hard, young cock, thick bubbles of cum began oozing out from the
end of it.

"Is that jizz?" she excitedly asked.

"That's just stuff that leaks out when I get horny," he explained.

"Like the cream that's oozing out from between my legs right now?"
asked the wildly-aroused youngster.

"Is stuff leaking out of you?"

"Shit, yes," Amy giggled. "I've never been as hot and juicy down there
as I am right now."

"Let me see," panted Jimmy. "You promised to let me see your pussy if I
showed you my cock."

"Okay," she giggled, standing up and quickly removing her nightie.

Jimmy's prick began throbbing more violently as he stared at his
sister's naked little body. She looked so cute with her slim waist,
softly rounded belly and smooth young hips. Her tits were nothing like
Aunt Alice's big, heavy knockers, but she had two cute little lemon-
sized breasts that were capped with big, juicy nipples that made his
mouth water. Her young tits were perfectly formed, standing out firm
and pointed from her chest.

Letting his eyes move on down over her body, they came to rest on the
sweet, puffy lips of her cunt. The creamy flesh around them had a wispy
covering of soft red curls. Her moist little pussylips were gleaming
with a slippery coating of cunt-juice that was oozing out from between
them. Compared to Aunt Alice's sexy body, his sister didn't have much,
but her juicy little cunt and pointy tits were driving him wild.

"Geez," he panted. "You sure got a pretty little pussy."

"D'ya wanta play with it for a minute?" she giggled, hopping up onto
the bed with him.

"Shit, yes!" her stiff-pricked brother exclaimed.

When Amy spread her naked body out on the bed next to him, Jimmy almost
shot his wad. He couldn't believe his sister was really going to let
him fuck around with her cunt. Reaching out, his trembling hand first
touched the inside of her thigh just below her little red-fringed
pussy. He could feel her entire body shivering as his hand slowly moved
higher. The smooth flesh of her naked thigh was soft and yielding, and
the closer his hand got to her pussy, the hotter her skin felt.

Amy was holding her breath in anticipation as his fingers moved closer
to her horny cunt. It was a naughty and exciting feeling to know that a
boy was going to play with her hot little cunt.

"Jimmy," she panted. "When you play with my pussy, will you kiss me
like Uncle Paul kissed Aunt Alice?"

"What do you mean?" he asked.

"You know." She blushed. "Stick your tongue in my mouth."

With his finger almost to his sister's crotch, he put his other arm
around her and pressed his hot open mouth to her softly parted lips.

"Mmmmmmmm!" she moaned, feeling his tongue gliding in around her own.

Probing around in the hot wetness between her legs, the tip of his
finger found the damp fluff of soft red curls that surrounded her
little driping cunt. This was the first time Jimmy had ever touched a
girl's pussy, and a wild thrill raced through every nerve in his body
when the tip of his finger reached the hot slick flesh between her
juicy cuntlips.

"OOOOOOOH!" Amy squealed with delight when his finger wormed into the
slip- pery hotness of her oozing cunt, brushing against the sensitive
little clit at the top of her slit.

"What's wrong?" he panted, quickly pull- ing his finger out. "Am I
hurting you?"

"Shit, no," she giggled. "It feels really neat."

When he screwed his finger back into her horny little cunt, Amy let out
another squeal of delight as her hot juices boiled around his invading
digit. With their mouths locked in a deep passionate kiss, Jimmy began
fingering her a bit more urgently.

Moaning and squealing with excitement, Amy was writhing her naked body
all over the bed as her hot little cunt creamed around his plunging
finger. Amy had seen the pleasure on Aunt Alice's face when Uncle Paul
was fuck- ing around with her, but she couldn't believe anything could
feel this fucking good. As her brother continued fingering her cunt,
the little redhead got hotter and hotter.

With her knees steepled and her feet planted firmly on the bed, Amy was
arching her hips, hotly writhing her slippery cunt up around his
wildly-plunging finger. As his finger zipped in and out of her heavenly
little pussy, he was eliciting soft squeals of delight from deep in her

Completely overwhelmed by these wild, new sensations, the ecstasy was
building and building in her little, uninitiated body. She in-
stinctively knew it was a naughty thing they were doing, but she'd
never felt anything this good in her whole life. Nothing else seemed to
matter except the fantastic tingling sensation in her overheated little

She was frantically arching her hips, trying to fuck her cunt back up
around his plunging finger. The intense pleasure between her legs built
and built until she was aware of nothing but the screaming ecstasy that
was jolting her entire young body. As the searing heat radiated from
between her legs to the tip of her toes, her naked body began tensing
and then suddenly exploded into a wild, jerking climax.

"EEEEEGGGHHH! AAAAAAHHH!" she shrieked, not fully realizing what was
hap- pening to her as she writhed through her very first orgasm.

Screaming and lurching all over the bed, she was unconsciously
squeezing his plunging finger with her climaxing pussy, coating it with
her hot, orgasmic juices.

"OOOOOH, SHIT! OH, SHIT!" she screamed. Babbling and moaning, she glued
her hot, open lips to his as her young body lurched and bucked all over
the bed. When the last delicious tremors finally subsided, she fell
back, completely exhausted.

"Oh, God," she panted, smiling at her brother. "That was so good."

"What did it feel like?" he excitedly asked.

"I just can't describe it," she panted. "But it was so wonderful."

"Amy," he whispered a few minutes later when his sister had completely
recovered from her orgasm. "Will you play with my cock again?"

"Sure," she giggled. "If you'll suck on my tits while I do it."

"That's a deal," grinned Jimmy, anxious to get his lips around those
big, hard nipples.

Facing him on her side, Amy wrapped her fingers around the hard, hot
meat of her brother's stiff prick. A wild tingle rippled through her
young body as she stared down at he throbbing cock she was holding.
Moving her hand up and down, she was thrilled by the feel of his soft
foreskin sliding over his rigid prick.

"Does this feel good?" she whispered.

"God, yes!" he panted.

Unable to believe that she was really playing with a boy's hard cock,
she began moving her hand a bit faster. With his prick throbbing
deliciously in her grasp, Amy could feel it growing even harder and
thicker as she pumped.

"Gee," she giggled, reaching down and cup- ping his cute balls in her
free hand. "Pricks are fun to play with."

As his sister continued deliciously jacking him off, he gently grasped
one of her firm little tits in his hand.

"Oh, yes!" she hotly whispered. "You promised to suck it."

Lovingly stroking his hard meat, Amy watched her brother's mouth moving
toward her tit until his warm lips closed over her nipple.

"Mmmmmmm!" she whimpered. "That feels so good, honey!"

With his lips sucking and pulling on her nip- ple, he flicked the
quivering bud from side to side with his tongue, sending delicious
chills streaking through her hot, young flesh. Part- ing his lips
further, the excited boy sucked more of her hard little lemon-sized tit
into his mouth.

"Oh, Jimmy," she whispered. "That feels so good, honey."

After sucking her spit-soaked tit for several more moments he finally
removed his mouth from it.

"Don't stop!" she squealed with disap- pointment.

"Did you like that?" asked her brother, hungrily licking his lips.

"Shit, yes," she giggled, squirming around to get her other tit near
his mouth. "Now suck this one."

Amy let out a soft moan of satisfaction when he suddenly wolfed her
other nipple into his mouth.

"Mmmmmm," she moaned, stroking his hard prick a bit faster as his lips
and tongue worked on her quivering nipple. Rapidly sliding his foreskin
up and down over her brother's erect cock, she could feel his entire
body trembling from the intense ecstasy he was feeling.

"Oh, Jesus!" he suddenly panted, rolling onto his back when he felt his
climax rapidly approaching. "Bring me off, Amy! Keep pumping my cock!"

"What do you mean?" asked the confused little girl.

"I'm almost ready to shoot my load off!" he gasped.

"What do you want me to do?" she asked.

"Just pump faster!" he panted. "Pump faster!"

Realizing that she was really going to see a boy shoot his juice, she
excitedly stared at the little slit in the end of his cock as she
rapidly stroked him.

"Aim my prick at your tits!" he heatedly panted. "Let me squirt cum on
your tits!"

Excited at the thought of his jizz shooting onto her tits, she quickly
leaned over him so he wouldn't miss.

"Pump faster!" he squealed. "Bring me off! BRING ME OFF!"

Amy's aim wasn't as good as it might have been, and when the boy's
stiff prick exploded, his thick, white jizz splattered all over his
sister's face and neck.

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