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store dressing room
Mary is in the store dressing room while David waits outside as she tries on several outfits. They are here to find a couple new outfits for their weekend trip to the big city. Mary would try on an outfit and come out to show it to David. He would give her his opinion of the outfit then she would disappear into the dressing room to try on one of the other outfits they picked out. They are looking for something elegant yet sexy, of course David thinks "the sexier the better". While she is trying on another outfit, David wanders around looking at other outfits in the store. He comes across a plaid micro mini shirt and gets an idea, he picks it out and starts looking for a top to go with it. He finds a lacy crop top with large gaps in the lace design. He takes these items and gets back to the dressing rooms just as Mary is coming out wearing a solid purple silk dress that shows off her ample 36 DD breasts and lovely long legs. It has spaghetti straps and just barely comes to her mid thighs. David lets out a low whistle of approval as she turns around to give him the full view. The dressing room attendant asks them if they minded if she took her break sense the store was almost empty at the moment. They said that would be fine, they where almost done, the attendant asked them to just leave any clothes they weren't buying in the counter and she would put them back when she returned. David tells Mary "that is the one, but with a different bra, I am thinking something strapless and cupless". Mary agrees. She sees the clothes in his hand and asks what that is. He says just something for her to try on for fun. She looks at the skirt and top and says "yea, right". He assures her that he had no intention of her wearing it out in public and just wants to see her in it. She rolls her eyes as she takes it for him and heads back into the dressing room. A few minutes later she peeks her head out to see if anyone else was around. With no one but David out there, she comes out and strikes a pose . She had removed her bra and her nipples are clearly visible through the lace and the skirt, riding very low on her hips barely covers her thong, if she moved the wrong way anyone could see what color panties she was wearing. Mary smiles coyly as she lifts the front of the skirt to reveal she had removed her panties as well, then turns and runs back into the dressing room. David looks around and sees no one is looking and fallows her into the dressing room. Mary has a look of surprise as David stepped in behind her. He presses her back against the wall and reaches under her skirt to finger her bald pussy. She starts to say something in protest but David sticks his tongue down her throat and kisses her passionately. He finds her pussy already wet as he starts rubbing her clit. David turns her around facing the wall and spreads her legs with one hand as he unfastens his pants with the other and pulls them down. Mary whispers, "what if someone comes?", David answers "the only one that will be 'cumming' is us". David bends her over and slides his dick into her wet bald pussy from behind. She lets out a soft moan and bits her lip to keep from getting any louder. David spreads her legs more as he reaches around and starts rubbing her clit. Soon she is slamming her hips back on him as hard as he is slamming his dick into her. Within minutes they are both reaching orgasms together in a flurry of grunts and moans. At the last second, David pulls out and shoots his cum all over Mary's ass as she collapses against the wall, some of it gets on the skirt she is still wearing. Just then there is a knock on the dressing room door, the attendant had returned and said, "only one person is allowed in the dressing room". David quickly pulls his pants back up, he sees the wet stain on the back of the skirt and removes it from her before exiting the dressing room. When he walks out the attendant is sitting behind the counter, he says, "sorry, I was helping her with a zipper". The attendant smiles and says, "that isn't what it sounded like". David decides to press his luck, he shows her the skirt with the wet stain and asks, "can we get a discount on this sense it has a stain on it?" The attendant looks up at him with raised eyebrows and an expression of "are you serious", David gives her his biggest, cheesiest smile. She sighs, looks at the tag and writes a tag slip for half off. Mary comes out of the dressing room with the outfits she tried on. She blushes slightly when she makes eye contact with the attendant as she sets the cloths she isn't buying on the counter. David says "thank you" to the attendant as they walk off. As they walk to the checkout, David shows her the skirt and tells her about the half off, Mary shakes her head and says she still isn't wearing it out in public, he says that it is just for his enjoyment.

They talk about their little adventure fondly as they are driving home. They pull into a fast food drive thru and order a couple drinks. Mary, still feeling horny, remembers one of Davids fantasies. As they are waiting for the car ahead of them to get their order, she leans over,unfastens David's pants, pulls his dick out and starts to give him a blowjob. When they pull up to the window she starts bobbing up and down with more enthusiasm, and starts making all kinds of slurping and moaning noises, knowing that her hair is covering her face and she couldn't be recognized. The kid taking the money at the window chokes on his word when he sees what is going on, his hands are shaking as he takes the money and gives back their change. As David pulls up to the next window to get their drinks, he hears the kid yell to his coworker at the other window "visual coming through". The second kid is already smiling as he opens the window. He nods and smiles as he watches the back of Mary's head bobbing up and down on David's dick as he hands them their drinks. Mary sits up after they pull away from the window, she smiles at him and kisses him on the cheek. She lays her head back into his lap and licks and plays with his dick all the way back home.
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