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After weeks of suggestive talk, I finally get to fuck a lonely sex staved wife
When I was 31, I worked at a MFG plant that was 95% women. It was located in a rural area about 35 miles from my house and most of the women there were married and working to supplement the family income. There were older grandmother types, young tight hotties, and everything in between. Even an average guy like me stood a chance of getting some action here and the action was fun while it lasted.

I worked on one of the assembly lines and got to interact with different woman on a consistent basis. While most of the young sexually inviting women worked on days, I worked night’s and had much slimmer pickings.

After a while I got friendly with one of the women there. Pam was 36, had 2 kids, and was in an empty marriage. She often complained about wanting to have sex, but her husband wasn’t too interested. Little by little, I worked my way into her thoughts and before you knew it, the sexual innuendos and suggestive talk grew more and more common. We would often stand out in the parking lot talking and flirting after work and she was leaving no doubts about what she wanted. It all came to a head late on night in January.

I was at home around 7pm on night when the phone rang. I answered it and Pam was on the line. I asked her how she got my number, and wondered why she was calling me? She said she decided to take a drive, give me a call, and see what I was up to. I asked where she was, and found out she was only about 10 minutes away. Knowing her personality, I didn’t want her coming to the house, so I drove to meet her. I had her follow me to a deserted gravel bank and I got in her car. We had some small talk for awhile and then she said, “I came here to get fucked, are you willing to help?” While not in the same class as some of the women on 1st shift at the plant, Pam was attractive and wanted to fuck me. She was 5'6", weighed about 160 pounds, had shoulder length brown hair, green eyes, soft full lips, a nice full pair of C cup tits, and a set of wide hips and the ass to match. While I normally won’t look to fuck someone with an ass like hers, it served the purpose of getting me laid and her fucked.

With that, I leaned over and kissed her firmly on the lips as our tongues slipped in and out of each other mouths. After breaking our lip lock, she removed her jacket and flashed a naughty grin my way. I unbuttoned her shirt and soon had my hands on a very nice pair of C cup titties. Pam wore a shear white underwire bra with a front clasp and her areolas and nipples were visible even in the dim light of her car. Pam unhooked her bra and there before me were a pair of tits belonging to another man and they were there for my pleasure. Their size caused them sit with a very sight sag, and the areolas were a medium pink in color and about the size of plums. Her nipples were darker in color and they stuck out about 1/3" waiting for my lips to greet them.

I leaned over and placed my hands on both of Pam’s tits and rubbed her nipples as we spent the next few minutes playing tonsil hockey. After kissing Pam’s soft lips for a long time, I lower my lips to her tits and suck her nipples into my mouth one at a time. While sucking on one nipple I would massage the other tit with my free hand. While I was doing this, Pam has running one hand thru my hair and using the other one to rub my thigh and growing cock. After sucking on both of Pam’s tits for a few minutes, she pushes my away and says “how it’s my turn to suck on something.”

I leaned back in the seat as Pam reached to unbutton and unzipped me jeans. Once she had opened them up, she reached between my legs and took hold of my hard cock and gave it a kiss. It jumped at her touch and I waited in anticipation of what was to come next. Pam cocked her head and smiled as she slowly started to slide my cock into her mouth. The feeling was exquisite as she slowly moved her mouth up and down my hard throbbing shaft. As she slid my cock in and out of her mouth, she fondled my balls and tickled them with her fingernails. As she sucked my cock, I reached over, unbuttoned her pants, slide my hand under her panties, and started sliding my fingers up and down her hairy pussy and tickled her clit. As I was sliding my fingers deeper into her increasingly wet and dripping pussy, she moaned her approval and when to work faster on my cock.. After a few minutes fingering fucking her and having my cock inhaled down her throat, I couldn’t stand it anymore as the pressure built in my balls. None of my previous girlfriends would suck my cock, so Pam had gotten my blowjob Cherry, and I was looking to blow my load in her mouth. I warned Pam that I was going to cum and her reaction was to deep throat me and bury her nose in my bush. When she got all the way down my shaft, I sent long thick streams of cum into her mouth as she did her best to swallow every drop.

After licking her lips and wiping off the excess cum she didn’t swallow, Pam leans over me and hangs her tits over my head for my mouth to sample again. As I grab a tit with each hand, I suck on them until her nipples doubled in size and Pam starts moaning her pleasure with the increased sensitivity of them. Soon Pam reaches down and starts rubbing my cock and positions her pussy over my meat stick in preparation for her next move. As she guided my hard cock into her neglected pussy, I enjoyed the feeling of her wet hot pussy and reveled in the tightness of her velvet tunnel. Once she has my whole cock inside her MILF pussy, she pauses for a moment to give her pussy a chance to relax. She slowly rocks her hips back and forth on my lap, causing my cock to rub her clit with every movement. Slowly she picks up the pace as I grab her hips and help her rock back and forth on my cock. As Pam rocks her hips back and forth, her tits swing above my mouth and I stick out my tongue and lick the nipples every time they swing within reach. As we continue fucking I feel her juices trickling out of her pussy and running down my balls to the car seat. After about 10 minutes, I feel a pressure building in my balls as Pam slides her pussy faster and faster over my cock. Soon I can’t hold it back anymore, and I grab her full sized hips and hold her still as I my cock throbs and sends my hot seed deep into her dripping married pussy. As soon as Pam feels my cock release it’s cum in long thick streams, she moans in satisfaction as her cunt tightens up and sends warm streams of her juices flooding out of her and down my across my balls.

After my second ball draining orgasm, Pam lays down on my chest kissing my neck and chest. As she lays on me, I run my hands up and down her back and ass giving her a light massage as my soft cock slowly slides out of her cum filled pussy. As we kiss and hold each other, she reaches back and comments on my now hard cock. She asks me, “why don’t you have a girlfriend? You have such a nice cock and soft touch that a woman would be lucky to have.” I reply to her “ I’m kind of shy around women and it takes time for me to get into these situations.” Besides, I’m no Tom Cruise and I don’t get out very often working second shift.” She then says “ their loss is my gain.” With that, she rotates her hips up and slides my hard cock back into her sticky wet pussy. Up and down she rides my cock bouncing on my lap making my balls jiggle around between my legs. Watching my cock disappear into her furry brown pussy was a sight I had waited for the last 2 months. All the flirting and suggestive talk has lead to my cock being the fuck toy of a lonely sex starved mother. It didn’t take Pam long to start flooding my cock and balls with her pussy juices again. The warm fluid running over my balls has the effect of bringing me closer to my own orgasm. Finally I can’t hold back anymore. The sight Pam’s juicy pussy and her honey flowing over my balls brings me to my 3rd orgasm of the night. I grab her hips and hold her down as another load of my seed is sent blasting towards her womb. Pam sits quietly on my lap and smiles as she feels my cock pulsing and comments on how nice my cum feels inside her. She also comments on my ability to keep getting hard and filling her pussy with my lovely seed. She hasn’t had so much cum shot into her since she was single, and enjoys the feeling of a naked cock filling her pussy with lots of warm cum.

After my 3rd time filling Pam’s pussy, we held each other and kissed and talked some more about us and what we were doing. I told her I wasn’t looking for a girlfriend, but like fucking her and would be happy to continue fucking her if she so desired. She kissed me and said, “lets fuck some more and then I have to get back to my husband.” With that declaration, I maneuvered her beneath me and spread her legs wide as I gazed at he cum and honey covered pussy. I leaned into her and placed her legs over my shoulders as I put my cock head at the entrance of her sloppy pussy. With a quick push of my hips, my cock slid between her swollen messy lips and went into her until my balls came to rest against her ass. With the confined space of her car, the best I could do driving my cock into her was limited to a subtle thrusting of my hips back and forth. As quickly as I could, I thrust my hips forward while sending her tits flopping back and forth across her chest. As I was penetrating Pam’s hot sloppy pussy, she was grabbing for my ass and cooing her pleasure with the movement and feel of my cock against her G-Spot. Because of the workout Pam’s cunt had given my cock during the night, this load of cum has not going to be delivered without some effort. In and out I thrust my cock for over 20 minutes as Pam enjoyed one orgasm after another and sent streams of hot pussy juice over my cock and onto the seat of the car. Finally, I felt the cum build in my balls and headed for the warm tunnel of Pam’s cunt. With one final thrust, I buried my cock to it’s maximum depth as my last load of cum was sent shooting into Pam’s inner regions. The orgasm that went thru my body was the most intense of the night and my cock grew very sensitive to even the slightest touch until it had softened.

After licking, sucking, kissing , and fucking for 4 hours, Pam had to leave for home. She had a 45 minute drive home and she would have our sexual smells to keep her company as she drove home because her car seat was covered in her juices and my cum from multiple orgasms from both of us. We met up again the next night and fucked 4 more time again. This time I even fucked her in the ass and left her with my cum seeping out of her browneye as she drove home. Unfortunately, she soon became the stalker I feared she would be. She called all the time and was looking for something more than a fuck friend. The only thing that stopped her calls was me hooking up with another woman at the plant. Once she realized the situation, all I ever got from her after that was dirty looks and scowls at work.

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This sorta reminds me of how I'm fucking my co worker and just the other night we fucked so good and the way her eyes looked so heavy and sleepy after I stuck my rock hard cock in her just won't leave my mind. She drank my hot cum while her cell phone rang over and over because her fiancé kept calling her to find out where the hell she was. If only he knew that she was drinking the cum out of my balls and using my dick as the straw.

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just take fun that time. after that take care your family wife or husband. you do not love with third person , just spend time when you gota chance. so you will be have both way. no problem come to you..

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if you are married it mean you can have sex with othere too. you can like or love some one after marrige. it not gonna hurt if you give big strok or take big strok in.
just take fun that time. after that take care your family wife or husband. you do not love with third person , just spend time when you gota chance. so you will be have both way. no problem come to you..

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if you are married it mean you can have sex with othere too. you can like or love some one after marrige. it not gonna hurt if you give big strok or take big strok in.
just take fun that time. after that take care your family wife or husband. you do not love with third person , just spend time when you gota chance. so you will be have both way. no problem come to you..

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