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First of the series, also my first story, please be constructive.
Its been a short year, Or at least that's what it felt like.
Too much happened in such a short amount of time and when I look back at it all I wonder to myself
" how the hell did I get here " let me tell you my story.. of love, and love lost, and love gained

The story takes place in a Small town far from any civilization or means of getting there. essentially if you live here you are doomed to stay here for the rest of your life. end of conversation. The main Character is a young man by the name of John he works at The local gas station and makes crap pay for crap hours and gets to clean up crap and gets to take crap from his manager. he didn't finish high school and the only good thing that happened In his life was when he won big off of a scratch off ticket that paid him $200,000, he was able to buy a nice house (though he cant
entirely pay for the bills and expense)
It was early January The cold still biting at my heels and the roads still covered in ice and snow. I watch out of my bedroom window as a plow drives by, lights flashing, as It passes only the distant sound of mettle scraping against the pavement. A sigh leaves my lips and I fall backwards to my bed. " sooooo bored..... nothing to do.... and the paint isn't drying fast enough!" I then proceed to get to my feet , I found the remote control for my TV and switched it on. the sound was cranked up and It woke me up from my daze, I quickly found the sound button and lowered it. "*click* nothing *click* nothing *click* STILL NOTHING! *click* ohhhh.... whats this..." I stumbled across a Sex discussion program that I hadn't noticed before and became instantly intrigued. What can I do to pleasure my partner more. How can I stay satisfied while satisfying my partner. Different sex positions... too bad I didn't have anyone to practice with. "awesome now I am depressed, Thanks TV yet again you ruin my day."
I decided to actually get dressed and get out of my house for a change. *ring* "Fuck phone....."
"Yes John can you come in to work, Sal got caught in the snow and cant move his car, we really need you"
"Yeah sure I didn't have anything planed Ill be right there ♥!"
"Thank you John!"
"No problem!"
*hangs up*
I proceed to my room, when I hear moaning coming from inside... The sex discussion program was over,
Now there was just sex.
"OH GOD YES! mmmm give it to me ooh ohhhh AAH♥!?" the actress on the set proceeded to moan, and wonderful ... now I had a boner and I was going to work... great.. I turned off the set before they got to the juicy part and before I came in my pants.. I rushed to the bathroom to finish off what was started. and after I was relived. I heard the TV blaring again in my room..
"What ... oh great.. I need a new TV now too?"
I walked into my room and I saw my TV was on again. I turned it off... then it turned back on...
there was some movement on my bed under the covers. and some giggling as well. Startled at first I slowly walked over to my bed and reached for the sheets. I was about to lift them
*kick to the groin*
"ohh... that... justtt...."
I awoke in pain several hours later hands still clutching my aching balls, It felt like a truck hit me. Getting to my feet I noticed something.. I didn't have any clothes on. There was a pillow where my head rested and my bed was made neatly...My room was cleaned !
"What the fuck is going on..." I said under my breath. I got a new pair of pants on
and a shirt. I began to walk out to the living room and I saw that my answering machine was flashing.
*beep* "John .. we relied on you to come to work and you did not, because of this we had no business today. I regret to inform you that you are fired." I laughed so hard after the message ended. "well time to go job hunting.... In the winter.... Oh fuck my life..." from behind me I heard a delicate voice say "I'm sorry.." I turned around to see a young girl probably around 16, wearing an over sized t-shirt and some shorts..... wait " what.... Isn't that
my shirt...? and those THOSE ARE MY SHORTS!"I shouted.
The girl began to whimper a little and she frowned at me with sad puppy dog eyes "I'm sorry mister... I came here.. because your house looked nice and I thought you might have some nice things..." she quivered a little and tears formed. "I was gonna break in and take some of your stuff.... I'm sorry... I am so sorry...." she began to break out in tears Crying nonstop now, I couldn't help but feel a little bad for her. "Um ... its alright .. don't cry... please?" she began to perk up a little but her cheeks were still stained with tears.
"But why did you take my clothes off?"I asked "Because the clothes I was wearing were badly ripped." she pointed at the pile of rags in the corner. " ... Oh my.. so your homeless?"I asked "No ... well... yes.. I'm never going back to that place though, no one can make me.." well you cant stay here. I'm sure that someone Is out there looking for y... "PLEASE YOU HAVE TO HELP ME!"she stopped me mid sentence. "If they find me .. They will take me back.. I cant go back ... If I go back they will.... they will rape me again!"
My face turned white and I felt my stomach turn "Alright... you can stay here but you have to clean up after..." She jumped on me and hugged me as tight as she could. her legs wrapped around me and she planted a kiss on my cheek"THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!" She shouted in my ear. "your .. welcome I cant ... stand... much..longer...." I fell over backwards to the floor while she was still on top of me. I could see she was very energetic, and I was happy to see that I could at least help this girl, I don't know what they did to her and I'm not going to ask. I just know that she is here and I guess its upon myself to help her.
"But really" I said
"While you are here please pick up after yourself. and If you could. Please find a job?"
"Ill try to.. but ... what if I cant find a job?" she asked
"Well... you could go to school?"
she looked to the ground "School? erm... I guess I could try.. but what if the kids make fun of me?"she asked
"To hell with them if you get a good education you could make something of yourself, if all they do is make fun of people that's probably going to reflect on their lives and carers, if you stick to school you will do just fine."
While we were talking the thought that she was on top of me was farthest from my mind... until now. I was thinking about it... and my cock began to grow with the thought. and her crotch was nestled right on top of my still growing cock. I could see it in her eyes as she looked into mine that we had fallen into lust.
She Began to move her hips back and forth on my crotch grinding into me with each pass she began to moan slightly and I could see the pleasure begin to pour out of her, as her moans became louder. I reached for the bottom of her shirt and slowly began to pull it up over her head. when it was off I gazed at her perfect firm tits, about a size c and her nipples were fully erect. I grabbed for her tit and began lick it with my tongue in a circular motion. She was now crazed with lust, grabbing my pants zipper and undoing it my 7 1/2 inch cock flung out fully
erect and throbbing.
She looked at it for a while with eyes wide open she grinned at me. and then gave my cock a kiss at the opening. She then stuck her tongue out a little and proceeded to lick my cock head slowly, like an ice cream cone. From the head she moved to the shaft with larger laps now she was beginning to hunger for it, and then she opened wide and took the cock in her mouth. a little at a time she moved up and down the shaft with her mouth, with one
hand she held the base of the cock and the other she began to massage my balls.
I picked her up and repositioned her so that her ass was facing me, While she was still sucking my cock I began to remove her Shorts, once they were down to her ankles Her precious pussy mound was revealed to me. There was a little bit of hair at the top and her nub stuck out a little just begging for me to play with, and so I did. I moved in closer to her and I stuck my tongue into her pussy moving up and down the slit till I reached the nub, when I did she froze slightly and cued while her mouth was still on my cock. the vibration coupled with the warm sensation of her tongue caressing my shaft and cock head almost made me cum right there. she lifted her head to take her breath and when she did I began to lick her clitoris starting in circles then lapping it up and down. She was going insane with pleasure. With my free hand I managed to find her tit, and with my finger i made circles around her
nipple, only driving her more crazy.
I stopped lapping her pussy, and I picked her up and placed her on her back. I kicked off my jeans the rest of the way and I removed her shorts . I got between her legs and my cock was resting on her pelvis. I got down and I gave her a passionate kiss on the lips. both of our mouths opened up and we began to explore each other with our tongues. I broke off the kiss and said.
"I'm sorry I couldn't help it , your just so beautiful, I promise to be gentile just tell me when to stop."
"I don't care" she replied
"at least you are a nice guy I feel safe in your arms"
with that I began to position myself my cock was now at her opening. I began to push in, I rocked myself back and forth. little by little my cock entered the girl, and soon I was all the way in. As I moved into her, she moved into me, her grunts matched mine, and at that moment it felt like this was more that just lust, I had fallen for her charm, and to me she was the most beautiful thing in the world right now. My thrust began to quicken and I could see she was about to cum, so was I. soon after I gave my last thrust and with that, we both fell into orgasm, He legs tightened around my back, and my arms around hers, we ground into each other and kissed deeply, I could feel our juices combined inside of her womb and It felt so right. we laid there on the floor In each others arms and fell asleep.
"My back...."
I awoke in the morning with terrible back pain and a headache. I wiped the sleep from my eyes and
saw her still sleeping by my side. I stroked her hair and pulled her close to me "I will see that you will remain safe, as long as you are here with me you will be fine." Her eyes opened and she gave me a kiss on the cheek. "Thank you John your a really nice guy, I'm glad I tried to rob you" she said with a smile "Me too" John said. "By the way ... What is your name?"
"My name is Jenna"
"You have a beautiful name Jenna"
"Thank you John."
"You know ... we still have to find something for you to do"
"He he ... I thought you would have forgotten"
"Well I guess I could go to school."
"Alright, but for now, lets just head to bed, this floor is too hard"

End, More to come.
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