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“Well that stopped us dead in our tracks!” carried on Dad. “Instead of calling your mom ‘Melissa’ and telling her to take my cock like the dirty little slut she was we were both left open mouthed.”

“That’s when Melissa asked if she could watch while we fucked. So not only were we shocked that our little girl had caught us in the act but she was now actively encouraging us to fuck right there in front of her!”

Jack stared slack-jawed at his mom, then his dad and then finally at his little 12 year old sister. All three of them smiled back at him, his sister twirling her straight long chestnut hair, with the naughtiest shit-eating grin he had ever seen. Jack couldn’t help but notice that he had a boner that wasn’t about to subside. If anything it was going to rip through his pants and burst through the ceiling and he shifted uncomfortably in his seat.

“Dad didn’t need a second invitation,” continued Mom. “His cock was as hard as I have ever felt it and he drove it hard into my pussy, all the while looking at his daughter, who was doing her best to push her face close to where the action was. It was so erotic Jack. So hot I thought I would explode. I couldn’t believe it was happening.”

Jack had noticed that although his sister wasn’t talking she was rubbing her pussy mound through her shorts while her mom told the story of that fateful night. He was sure his cock was going to explode and he involuntarily gave it a quick rub and squeeze, trying his best not to let anyone notice. But of course, they all did (except his sister with eyes half closed, reminiscing and stroking).

“Dad told me to get on all fours so our little baby girl could see her daddy’s cock plowing my wet open cunt.” Mom said these words with relish, loving how the very sound of them made Jack catch his breath. “I told Melissa to get on the bed so she could see her father’s cock plunging in and out. She got up and knelt on the bed next to me, laying her cheek on my cheek...”

“Mom’s ass cheek..” interjected Dad, and everyone laughed, except Jack of course, whose head was swimming with thoughts, like he’d taken some kind of extremely powerful psychoactive drug.

Dad carried on, in a conspiratorial manner, leaning forward over the table, holding Jack’s gaze. “So there we were, my cock fucking hard in and out of your mom’s smooth wet cunt, your little sister watching closely as your mom’s cunt-juice covered my throbbing, swollen, COCK!” Like his mom, Jack’s dad took great pleasure in enunciating the dirty language he was using, almost like he was trying to embarrass Jack. Either that or turn him on. Or maybe even to let him know that it was all perfectly normal. But Jack knew that it wasn’t. But he most definitely turned on. But strangely, not a bit embarrassed.

“Anyway son. I’m sure you can guess what happened next?” asked Dad.

It took a while for Jack to realise that he was being asked a question. He was concentrating on images in his head, his mom, his dad, his sister, all fucking, sweating, hot. Was it dark or light? How big was his dad’s cock (he blushed when he thought this), was his sister naked while they were doing this? What were her tit’s like? God mom’s mouth felt so good.

Jack finally responded when he saw everyone staring and waiting expectantly. “Ummmm, no dad.”

Still staring right into Jack’s eyes, talking like he would to a pal, not a son, Cal replied, “I pulled my cock from your mother’s cunt and pushed it towards your sister’s mouth. Tell Jack what you did Melissa.”

Melissa, still rubbing her pussy through her shorts, looked at her brother and said slowly and deliberately, “I grabbed the base of daddy’s big hard wet cock and slid my open mouth over it. Oh Jack! It tasted wonderful. Mommy’s cunt juices smeared all over it, feeling it pulse and throb in my mouth.....”

Jack could not believe his ears. His sister, his 12 year old sister was describing a scene that would make the very devil blush. A scene in which she participated. He stared in awe at his sister, seemingly so sexually aware, so mature, far more than he was right now (although that would perhaps soon change). “Daddy pushed his cock into my mouth and started sliding it in and out, slowly at first. I couldn’t take much because it was so big and hard but I am getting better.” She turned and smiled at Cal, and Jack followed her gaze.

The children watched as mom and dad kissed. Cal had slipped mom’s t-shirt off over her head and was mauling her naked breasts which swung free, full and firm, dark pink nipples, standing hard and firm, aureolae about an inch and a half in diameter. Dad’s big hands squeezing and massaging her tits. His forefinger and thumb, pinching each nipple, eliciting a groan from mom.

Melissa turned back to Jack. “Mom has beautiful tits don’t you think?” Jack nodded and his sister moved closer. She leaned into him and whispered into his ear. “Would you like to see mine? Would you like to see all of me?” Jack gulped, and nodded. Melissa leaned back and peeled off her t-shirt. She had no bra on (she barely needed one) and her puffy little mounds came into view topped by the most beautiful nipples Jack had ever seen or imagined he ever would see. She tossed the t-shirt onto the table and squeezed her small tits together as much as she could. “You like what you see Jackie?” she teased.

Again, Jack gulped and nodded. Again his precocious 12 year old sister leaned in. This time she ran her hands up Jack’s thighs. The touch of his sister made Jack jump nearly a foot in the air, like her fingers were the key to bring him out of a drug induced stupor. “Sssshhhhh” she whispered as she leaned in closer, until her lips were an inch from Jack’s.

“I have wanted to kiss my big brother for so long,” she mewled, like a cat just about to get the cream (and who was Jack to deny her that pleasure?). Her lips parted slightly and she moved in, pushing her lips against Jack’s mouth. Jack, at first unresponsive, started to feel the haze ascending with his sister’s lips on his and soon his mouth responded. His lips parted and he found his sister’s tongue darting into his mouth. His tongue responded (as did his rampant cock) and soon they were kissing like lovers; hot, hard, passionate, in wild abandon.

“Kids! Kids! KIDS!” At first they didn’t hear their mom. Her raised voice brought them back to Earth and they both looked at her. “Melissa, Jack has a gorgeous cock. I think it’s about time you tried it out and tell me if I’m not wrong” her mother smiled. She was naked with her husband. The kids looked at each other again and smiled.

“Let’s go up to our room kids” said Dad.

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2011-03-10 03:09:59
Excelent story to show your siblinns how to suck nd fuck each other specialy his ninpho sister she loves to suck his fathers cock nd know his brother, will she lick her mothers pussy too?

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2010-09-13 16:27:04
im lovin this .my brother fucked me alot when i was lil


2009-11-05 13:09:07
Oh god im all wet lol and im a woman


2009-09-17 03:46:24
Story started with much promise of eroticism (though disgusting due to parental incest with a 12-year old and her brother), then it simply fell apart. It never generated the promised heat, oerhaps that will happen if there should be added chapters. As it presently stands, it falls far short of good reading!

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2009-08-30 12:06:40

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