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I guess it was in 1997, I was bartending at a really hip new club in Scottsdale az. This club was hot and the women there were amazing. It would be nothing to pull hot ass out of there anytime you felt like it. I’m a pretty good-looking guy, so I would have ladies come to my bar to drink regularly. I was really into exotic looking girls. Spanish, Mexican, light skinned black girls especially. I can remember the first time I saw Miranda. She was just gorgeous. Long dark brown hair past her shoulders, green eyes, caramel skin and such a great smile. Her body was real slender and athletic. But her ass and tits were incredible. Of course I called her over to my bar and introduced myself. I usually didn’t have to try very hard to get a number but there was something different about Miranda. She could barely speak any English. And with the music so loud it was almost impossible to talk to her. Luckily her friend was able to translate for me. I got her number and told her friend I would call her later for an after party.
I got off work and met Miranda and a couple of friends at a place around the corner to grab a bite to eat and try and get into her pants! We spoke with each other just enough to understand that we both wanted to fuck our brains out. I suggested we go back to my house for a drink instead of the party so we could “talk” and get to know each other. She said ok and drove to my house. We got to my place and I quickly put on some music and opened some red wine. Our smiles did all the talking and soon we were kissing. She had the softest lips and kissed deep and passionate. I started to unstrap her bra from behind and she started to moan. My cock was rock hard by this time and she knew it. Her hand was squeezing my cock through my jeans and working my zipper to get it out. She slowly teased my dick through my underwear. Breathing through the fabric looking up at me with those green eyes. I was in heaven. She finally pulled off my jeans and took me in her mouth. Ohh man, she could suck dick. She was slow and teased me. Then she would swallow my entire cock down her throat. Moaning the whole time. I wanted to fuck her now and she knew it. She asked to go to the restroom for a minuto. I showed her the way and prepared the couch for a fuck fest.
When she returned she was wrapped in a towel. The lights were soft and I had mazzy star on the tunes. She walked slowly towards me with those sexy eyes. I couldn’t wait to taste that pussy. She stood in front of me and said in Spanish for me to close my eyes. I closed my eyes and heard the towel drop. Abierto she whispered. I opened my eyes slowly and almost fell over when I saw a big dick staring at me.
I didn’t even know how to react. She said to be calm and that she wanted to tell me earlier but she didn’t want to chance me not liking her. I was stunned and just sat there. She ran her hands through my hair and comforted me with her eyes. I didn’t know why I was not freaking out. I curiously wanted to taste this cock in my face. She continued to run her fingers through my hair and gently guided my mouth onto her cock. Now I was the horniest that I’d ever felt in my life. My heart was beating so fast. I took her cock that was bigger than mine in my hand and just started to look at it and smell it. I kind of wondered what it would be like to suck a dick when I would watch girls blow me. Well here I was. I just did what girls had done to me and started to tease her with my tongue. It was such a rush to have a big dick in my hand. I finally took her cock in my mouth and started to bob in and out. I was so fuckin turned on! The moan she let out when I started sucking was so hot! I thought I was going to cum just from that. I sucked on her fat dick while she stood in front of me fucking my mouth. She was thrusting her hips into my mouth holding the back of my head. I was being face fucked. I could feel her movements becoming jerky and thought she was ready to cum. Holy shit, this girl is going to cum in my mouth. I wanted it soo bad though. I endured her fucking me until she blew her load in my mouth. It was the fucking hottest thing I ever experienced. Cum dribbled out of the corner of my mouth as I tried to not gag. It was a really strange taste. Now I understood why certain girls would just love for me to cum in their face. It was fucking hot. I felt like a little whore. I just sucked my first cock, and I loved it.
She then laid me back and started sucking me off again. This time she started licking around my ass. I never had this done before and felt weird about it. But I let her do what she wanted. She was so beautiful. I started to see the signs of her being a man in her face and shoulders but, at this point, I didn’t give a shit. This girl was getting ready to fuck me. I felt so dirty and got on all fours like a little bitch and stuck my ass in the air like I would make all the girls do for me. I wanted to get fucked in the ass. She knew just what I wanted and grabbed the lube I had on the table. She lubed me up and started with a finger. Then I felt her cock at my ass. Ooh shit I thought, this is gonna hurt! She eased her fat cock into my ass and told me to relax. I trusted her so I breathed deep and relaxed. She slowly started to pump my ass. It was like nothing I ever imagined. It made my cock twitch and it felt like I was cumming. I just closed my eyes and imagined like I was a girl. I started to push back against her cock and meet her thrusts. My hands gripped the couch. It was ecstasy! I moaned out loud which made it even more intense. I felt she was going to cum again and told her to cum on her little whores face. She pumped my ass hard and I loved the rhythm of it. I loved getting fucked like a chick. She spun me around and shot a huge load of cum all over my face. It was so hot to be submissive and take a load in my face. I licked her cock dry and slapped my face with her dick with a huge smile. I returned the favor of fucking her silly till the sun came up.
I didn’t know how to deal with the whole situation so I told her she needed to leave but I wanted to see her again. I told her to not tell anybody for fear of being called a fag. Was I gay now? I still liked and wanted pussy.
In days after I couldn’t stop thinking about sucking Miranda’s dick. I wanted her cock in my mouth, and I wanted to feel bigger dicks in my mouth.

If you like this story, tell me and I’ll tell you the rest of the story.

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2009-11-19 03:07:11
More. " talking ".
More details like the feeling and passion.
You straight.
Your only gay if you only fuck the same sex.
That is clos minded.
You are at most a bi

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