I always had the hots for my grandmother, she's gorgeous
Sex with my Hot Granny
I always had the hots for my grandmother, she's gorgeous.
About 5 feet tall 120lbs big tits and round bubble butt. She
always wore dresses to show off her great legs. She married my
grandfather very young 16, because 7 months later my mother was
born. They always said she got pregnant on the honeymoon, but
if you do the math she was knocked up before they said I do.
My grandfather was a full blown alcoholic and died young
because of it. He fell asleep in someone else’s car outside a
bar and froze to death. She never remarried and is still alive
today. She was only 40 when I was born, but looked like 25. She
often was mistaken for my mom.
When I became a teenager my hormones were going nuts and I
jerked off all the time. We lived in a two family house and
grandma lived downstairs. She always need my help with her
electronics, one day she needed her vcr hooked up. When I
was on the floor I got a clear shot up her dress, her pussy was
wrapped around her tight panties. I got a instant hard on and
told her I had to use the bathroom. She had to notice my bulge.
When I got to the bathroom I looked in her hamper to find her
dirty panties and I found a nice French cut pair. I pulled out
my cock and rubbed it on the crotch and smelled her pussy juice
and started to jerk off. She swung opened the door and saw me
with my cock in one hand and her panties in my nose. She said
what the hell you are doing. I was speechless. She walked over, touched my cock and said "do you like to smell my underwear
while you play with yourself?" I just nodded my head yes. She
started rubbing my cock and said "I haven't touched one of
these in a long time" She said "Let me lock the front door, you go to the bedroom and get naked. I show you what the real thing taste like, but this has to be our little secret. If you tell anyone I'll just say you’re a liar.
I went to her bedroom,stripped down, sat on the bed, she walked in and slowly took off her bra under her dress along with her panties. She said smell these fresh. I did, oh they smelled so good. She kept only her dress on and climbed on the bed and teased me with her body only showing me a little at a time. I was getting so horne. Then she kissed me full on the lips darting her tongue in my mouth. She became like a animal.
Kissing me all the way down my chest to my hard cock and she
sucked my dick so good that I lost it and came all over her lips and hands. She rubbed if all over herself licking it off her fingers. She said I'm not done with you yet, that's ONE.
She put her pussy in my face in a 69 position sucking my dick
while I ate her pussy. She said "I'll tell you were to lick and then don't stop till I tell you. I had both hands on each ass cheek, licking her whole pussy from her big clit to her asshole. She said , suck and lick my clit, oh yea right there.
She was screaming with pleasure. She shook, pushing her pussy in my face. She turned around and guided my cock in her very
wet pussy and road me hard, getting every inch of my cock. I was going crazy grabbing her ass and big tits. Sucking her nipples. She said I want to feel you cum inside me. I hugged her tight and shot my load deep inside my grandmother’s pussy.
She said "That feels so good, we have to do this more often. I said "Anytime" She took me by the hand and we went into the
bathroom and took a shower together. I soaped her and she
soaped me. My hard on never got soft. We got out, dried each other off got dressed and I finished hooking up the vcr

Sex with granny's old friend Peggy
Since our little adventure my granny asked my parents I could move in with her . She told them she hated being alone at night. Plus if something ever happened to her no one will know and she wasn't going to get one of those "I've fallen and I can't get up things" Well they said sure. I moved all my stuff in like 2 hours. I felt like I was moving in with my girl friend. I have my own room, but I don't sleep in there much.
One night I came home from work, her friend Peggy was over, they were watching the wheel. I said hello and took a well needed shower. I started washing my hair and I hear the door open, I thought it was granny, but it was Peggy. She said, I have to pee so bad I couldn't hold it anymore. I could hear it pouring out of her into the toilet. For some reason it gave me a raging hard on. I started to stroke my very hard cock. I was hoping she open the curtain. But she just kept on talking about all kinds of bullshit, still sitting on the toilet. I said to myself, fuck it I'm getting out of the shower and show her what I got. I turned the water off and opened the curtian witch was right in front of the toilet. She looked at my wet body straight at my 8" fully erect dick.
She said, Wow chuck are you attracted to old ladies? I'm older than your grandmother. She was well into her 60's mabey early 70's, Big fat tits and ass. Gorgous legs. I could smell her pussy. I said, Peggy your a very pretty lady. She said, I haven't seen one of those since my husband died five years ago. I stood right in front of her hoping she would suck it . I said, go ahead Peggy suck it. She said hold on, She took her teeth out and kissed my dick from my nuts all the way to the head, licking it and getting spit all over it , I tink she was drooling, I could hear slurping sounds. I grabbed her head and fucked her head, she took it all in. She never got off the toilet. It felt so good when she rubbed her gums on my cock it felt better than pussy. She looked up and me and said you ready to shoot, I said "Oh yea" She pulled it out and jerked me off all over her so she can see all my cum. She said, I got to ask your granny if we could have sex , I have to feel that thing inside me . I want it so bad.
Sex with Granny's friend Peggy part 2
After the blow job in the bathroom, Peggy didn't want to say anything to granny. Granny never told anyone about us. She never wants anyone to know. She said what happens in the privacy of our home is our business. So Peggy was clueless. She left the bathroom first then I got dressed and went to my room. About 9:00 granny asked me if I could walk Peggy home because it was dark and icy. She wanted to make sure she got home OK. I thought to myself, here's my chance to bang her old friend. Well I helped her down the stairs and as soon as we got to the sidewalk she asked if I had a girl friend or anything. I said, no I have a thing for older women. I really don't like young girls. Plus I really didn't want to get serious with anyone until I'm done with college.
When we got to her house she asked me in of course. You want anything to drink? I said a gin and tonic would be nice. She made it strong. We talked a little; she asked If it was Ok if she put a night gown on. I said, sure. She came out in this long black night gown and these sexy high heel shoes. She wanted it bad. She sat almost on top of me and rubbed my thigh just barely hitting my cock. When my cock sprung up she put her leg on mine and kissed me hard on the lips her tongue was all over my mouth and neck. She was so horney and so was I, she was straddling me now kissing me so hard dripping with saliva. She tore my shirt off and kissed and licked my chest, down my belly, to my rock hard cock. Pulled my pants down and my cock sprang out and slapped against my belly. She sucked it for like a minute, and then put it in her dripping wet pussy. She road me harder than anyone road me before, Flinging her head back and forth we were both in ecstasy. She got off and told me to get up and she said fuck me this way, she meant doggy style. She said slap my ass Chuck; I've been a bad girl. I'm fucking my best friend’s grandson. Oh you’re so good. Fuck me Chuck OOOOHHHH GGGGOOOODDDD!!! She screamed. I asked her If she ever had it in the other hole. No, my husband only did it the regular way. I said don't worry it feels real good, I'll start slow, just relax. I positioned my cock on her virgin ass hole and slowly plunged it in. She was tight as hell, once it was in it loosed up. Oh Chuck, I never felt like this before, you’re so good. Please don't stop. I told her I was going to cum , She said go ahead but don't pull out I want to feel it. I shot my load deep in her ass. Oh it felt so hot.
We took a hot shower together; she couldn't keep her hands off my cock. I couldn't keep mine off her big tits and ass. She's one sexy old lady.

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