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Synopsis: Emma is a timid girl who is caught kissing somebody's boyfriend. She is dominated and humiliated by another girl.
Emma was a very shy girl. She had a strict upbringing and consequently had a hang up about having sex. She was also very shy of her body as she had very small breasts on her petite frame and thought she looked childish, so nobody had seen her naked since she was a small child.

She was however a very sexual being, easily aroused and very horny. She masturbated regularly. At 24 she was a bit old to still be a virgin.

Emma was also a very attractive young lady and got a lot of attention from the boys. She had shared a few drunken kisses on nights out, but that was as far as it went. Any wandering hands were quickly stopped.

One unfortunate night, Emma had bumped into Sarah’s boyfriend, who noticed that she was drunk and tried to take advantage. He was very charming and good looking and easily stole a kiss in the dark corner of the bar they were at. As they kissed she became quite aroused, but when he tried to cop a feel of her arse she grabbed his wrist and stopped him. She got a hold of her senses and pulled away. Looking around she hoped nobody had noticed. But some one had noticed. Sally.

Sally was a friend of Sarah’s who knew that Emma would definitely be intimidated by Sarah. Sally wasn’t particularly close with Sarah, but was a bitch and thought it would be amusing to see the confrontation.

Sarah had a reputation of being a bit tough in her circle. She was actually quite posh and a bit spoilt, but she was tall and strong and a right bully. She was also attractive in a sharp and domineering way. People always wanted to do what she wanted them to and she always had a following of friends sucking up to her. She had boys and girls alike eating out of the palm of her hand.

So Sally spread the gossip and Emma’s fate was sealed. Emma forgot all about it and thought she’d got away with it. Sadly for Emma some of her friends knew Sarah’s friends and were easily bullied into setting her up.

They had all met up round Becky’s house to go out the following Friday night. Emma had worn a silky white top with a collared v-neck. She wore a little strapless a-cup bra which was too big for her little breasts, but she was too modest to go without. She was wearing some flared silky black trousers that were tight around her bum and her outfit was finished off with some patent leather court shoes and white socks. Her long dark hair was piled on top.

Sally was there which Emma thought unusual, but was not suspicious. Sally left the room and phoned Sarah

“She’s here”

“OK we’re on our way”

“See you soon”

Sally grinned a sly grin as she put her phone away, she was pleased with herself for her bitchy deed and knew she was in for some good entertainment.

When she came back to the living room the other girls looked at her nervously, knowing what treachery they were committing, but feeling powerless to stop it now. Emma noticed a tension in the air, but they were playing music and gossiping and having fun, so she ignored it.

Soon there was a knock at the door and Becky went to answer it. She came back in with Sarah and three of her bitchy friends.

The music was turned off and every body went quiet.

Emma was suddenly very nervous as she thought about what happened at the bar last week.

Sarah walked straight up to her and slapped her in the face,

“So you thought you would snog my boyfriend while I wasn’t there did you?”

Emma looked down holding her cheek and said nothing. She was totally unprepared for this and scared of Sarah.

“Well? I asked you a question”

Sarah grabbed Emma’s face, squeezing the cheeks together and held it up to face hers

“Answer me!”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to, I was drunk and he took advantage”

“Well he’s been dumped but you seem to have a habit of snogging other peoples boy friends when your drunk”

It was true. It had happened twice before but Emma thought nobody knew. She’d been found out.

“Is it because you’re a prissy little virgin?”

Emma blushed.

“How did she know that?” she thought.

Emma didn’t know that everybody knew that she was still a virgin.

“Acting all prim and proper like you’re better than us, but getting hold of other peoples boys when you’re drunk and not letting it go too far. Little prick tease!”

Emma felt ashamed of her behavior.

“Well now your going to be punished for your sins!”

Sarah let go of Emma’s face and she looked straight down at her shoes in shame.

“What are you going to do to me?” she asked in a very quiet voice.

“I’m going to spank you”

Emma looked up shocked

“What? You can’t!”

Sarah grabbed a hand full of Emma’s hair

“I can and I am going to and you can either accept your punishment, or it will get worse!”

Emma held Sarah’s wrist in an attempt to stop her twisting her hair.

“Put your hands down by your sides! You have been a very naughty girl and you deserve to be punished, don’t you?”

“Ahh, yes I’m sorry”

“ Say it. Say I’ve been a very naughty girl and I deserve to be punished”

Emma’s hands went to her sides, defeated she said,

“I’ve been a very naughty girl and I deserve to be punished”

She went bright red and shifted on her feet.

Sarah’s friends were standing behind her sniggering, while Emma’s friends were sitting around looking sheepish, but everybody was intrigued to see how this scene would play out.

“And how are naughty little girls punished?”

“I don’t know”

“Yes you do and your going to tell me without hesitation, or things are going to get worse for you!”

“Oh pleeeeease”

“Right that’s it. I’ve had enough. You’ve just made it worse”

“A sp… a spanking, they get a spanking”

Sarah let go of the girls hair,

“That’s better. Now put your hands on your head you naughty girl!”

Sarah was really warming to this, she loved bullying smaller timid girls, but she was taking this to another level.

“Now tell me, do naughty little girls get to keep their trousers on?”

“Oh pleeeeease. Sarah I’m sorry, please I won’t ever do it again please don’t”

“Answer me!”

“Oh no please, ok. No they don’t”

“Don’t what?”

“Get to keep their trousers on”

“Say it properly, naughty little girls don’t get to keep their trousers on”

“Ohh….naughty little girls don’t get to keep their trousers on”

“Good girl, see you do know how a naughty girl is punished. Now, if you try to resist me, Kim, Lisa and Christine will have to help”

“Oh no please”

Emma whimpered, but she did not resist as Sarah unbuttoned her trousers. She squirmed a bit though as her zipper was undone and then whimpered again as Sarah pulled her silky trousers over her hips, down her slim smooth thighs. When they reached her ankles, she felt Sarah lifting her left leg and pull the flared trouser leg over her shoe, then her right leg was lifted and the trousers pulled over that shoe and off.

Sarah looked at Emma and thought how cute she looked in white knickers, socks and shoes. She stood with her hands on her head with her knees and toes pointing inwards as she watched Sarah pass her trousers to a smirking Kim.

Sarah had a wicked grin as she looked at her frightened victim standing before her.

“How do you feel now standing with your hands on your head, in your knickers, shoes and socks in front of all these girls waiting to be spanked?”

Emma said nothing. She was very consious of her bare legs. She could feel herself blushing and pouting and hated herself for not standing up to this girl. But any resistance she may have had, left her with her trousers.

“So Emma, do naughty little girls get to keep their knickers on for a spanking?”

At hearing this Emma started to cry,

“Oh please no, I’m sorry, please let me keep my knickers on, pleeeeease”

“I asked you a question, now answer!”

“oooooh no, oh please”

“Naughty little girls are spanked on their bare bottoms aren’t they Emma?”

Emma couldn’t answer she just looked down wishing that it wasn’t happening.

“I’m going to take your knickers right off and spank your bare bottom like a naughty little girl in front of your friends.”

Sarah was enjoying Emma’s humiliation and dragging it out, relishing every moment.

“You’ve been teasing the boys with your sexy little bottom, keeping it hidden in your knickers, but not tonight sweetie, not for the girls! Your knickers are coming off and your going to show us all your naughty bottom!”

Emma had stopped crying and was cringing with shame. She didn’t notice Sally getting her mobile phone out of her handbag to film her.

“Ok, let’s take these knickers off then shall we”

Sarah took hold of the waist band either side of her hips and slowly pulled the knickers down the girls legs.


Emma whimpered as her knickers were lowered, but did not dare move her arms to stop them. Sarah slapped her legs one at a time, forcing her to step out of them, then passed them to Kim.

Sarah took an already defeated Emma by the ear, bent her over and walked her like that to the sofa. Emma’s bare bottom jiggled as she walked and some of the watching girls giggled.

Sarah sat down and pulled the embarrassed girl over her lap. She kicked Emma’s legs apart and placed them so that her right leg was between Emma’s legs and the poor girl’s bare bottom was facing her audience.

Emma was immediately alarmed at the contact of her bare tummy, thighs and pubis on Sarah’s denim covered thighs.

Every body was fascinated. They could all see the spread cheeks, with her little pussy peeping between, her little button pressed on Sarah’s thigh.

Some of the girls shifted in their seats imagining Emma’s shame.

Then Sarah started to spank.

At first she used glancing upward strokes, hard and fast, stinging Emma’s bare cheeks and making them wobble. As the heat began to build in her bottom, Emma started to writhe and squirm, her little hips moving up and down and side to side. This made Sarah smile.

Emma tried to put a hand back to cover her pink bottom, but her wrist was grabbed and pulled up to the small of her back. She started to call out and moan at each spank as she totally lost her composure,


Sarah was mesmerized, watching Emma’s cheeks wobble and part and bounce with each slap. She started to spank slower and harder to see the full wobble and bounce of each cheek. This caused Emma even more consternation as she felt her bottom jiggling everywhere. It felt huge and hot and the spanks stung. She was very alarmed at the exciting sensations in her bottom and her pussy and could feel it getting wet.

“Oh my god!” she thought, “This can’t be happening!”

Sarah paused for a moment and began to rub the hot cheeks spread across her knee,

“Your naughty bottom is getting quite red Emma.”


Was all the poor girl could manage as she squirmed under the rubbing hand.

Sarah palmed and groped the hot smarting cheeks, with the occasional slap, making Emma lewdly sway her hips and unwillingly rub her self against the denim covered thigh. As Sarah’s hand explored Emma’s bottom, Emma got more and more concerned that her reluctant arousal would be discovered.

“Actually you’ve got quite fat cheeks for such a little bottom”

Said Sarah, as she alternately spanked and rubbed the squirming girl’s bare behind.

She started to spank Emma’s thighs, making her part her legs even more. This caused more yelps from the frantic young lady, much to the amusement of the others.

Sarah started to rub again, this time on the lower part of cheeks and the tops of the thighs. Emma moved her hips forward in panic, as Sarah's hand came too near her pussy, which to her shame, had become quite wet.

Sarah stopped rubbing.

“Are you rubbing your self on my thigh?”

Emma froze,

“You dirty girl, you’re rubbing you’re pussy on my leg aren’t you?”


“Stick your bottom out then and stop rubbing”

Sarah smacked her bottom hard to reinforce her command,

“Are you getting turned on by your spanking, you naughty girl?”

“Noooo!”, Emma said, really panicking.

Emma couldn’t see the evil grin on Sarah’s face, or how much the others were enjoying her shame. Even her friends were secretly enjoying her downfall.

“I think you like it and I’m not having you rub your naughty pussy on my leg”

Sarah’s words were painfully humiliating to Emma, but for some unknown reason, it was turning her on even more to be spoken to in such a humiliating way. She couldn’t believe how excited she felt. She hated it but could do nothing to stop it.

Sarah took Emma’s right leg and pulled it over her left leg, so that both her parted legs were between Emma’s widely spread legs, leaving her bare bottom and completely exposed pussy squirming in mid air in the middle.

“Ooooooooh nooooooo!”

“There, that’s better. Now lets see if your telling the truth”

Sarah pulled the cheeks apart to see Emma's rudely winking bum hole. She let them spring back and started to rub the sore bottom again. Lower and lower she stroked, until she suddenly cupped Emma’s pussy and then drew a finger up the open slit,

“Oooooooooooooh” Emma moaned and squirmed

“You’re soaking wet you naughty girl.”

Sarah smacked her bottom and the put her fingers back to work, slowly stroking Emma’s slit down and over the little button and back up and then down again. The other girls were shocked.

Emma was beside herself with shame, her hips moving up and down with the horrible stroking.

“Oh please stop!”

“You’re a fibber as well. You like having your knickers taken off and being spanked by another girl don’t you?”

“No, oh please”

“Tell the truth or I’ll make this worse for you”

“Oh nooooo”

“Right that’s it!”

Sarah started to spank again, much harder this time, over and over until poor Emma’s bottom was very sore and wriggling all over the place, struggling to escape the stinging blows.

She was sobbing and pleading when the spanking suddenly stopped. She was so demoralized and defeated, that she would do nothing to resist Sarah now.

Sarah slowly stroked the helpless girls pussy and very quickly brought her near to cumming. Emma had given in to the cruel ministrations and humped the wicked hand feeling it rising in her,

“Oh god no, I’m going to cum in front of everybody” she thought.

Suddenly Sarah pulled her hand away, leaving Emma lewdly humping at thin air.

“You are a dirty little girl aren’t you?”

“Oooooohh please stop, I’m so sorry, I’ll be good I promise”

“Be quiet. I’m going to make you cum in front of your friends. Stand up!”

Emma quickly got up and put one hand in front of her pussy and the other on her sore bottom.

“Put your hands by your sides!”

Emma did as she was told,

“Lets get your top off, I want you totally nude for the rest of your punishment”

Emma stood limp as she helplessly watched Sarah take her top and lift it above her bra.

Sarah knew Emma had small breasts and thought it would be funny to get them out.

“This bra is much too big for you”

Said Sarah as she unclipped it. Emma raised her arms as her top and bra were pulled from her body. Sarah smiled cruelly as she saw how small Emma’s breasts were.

“Put your hands on your head and don’t move or you’ll be sorry!”

Emma complied. Sarah touched the girls cheek and carefully wiped away her tears. She stroked her face and down her neck and shoulder and stopped her hand at Emma’s breast.

“Ahhhh how cute, what tiny little tits! You poor thing, you look like a little girl”

She stroked both nipples which stood to attention. Emma squirmed with embarrassment. Sarah suddenly spun Emma round to face her audience.

Seeing her fully clothed friends made her feel so nude, but she didn't dare try to cover up,

“Look at these tiny little boobies girls. There's nothing there! Doesn’t she look like a little girl?”

The others agreed. Sarah stroked down Emma’s tummy and stopped between her legs. She started to rub Emma’s soaking pussy and Emma immediately responded with gasps and her hips were rocking back and forth, she just couldn’t help it. It felt so good to be touched like that by somebody else. She had done it to herself so many times, but nobody else had ever touched her there and it felt unbearably good, but to her utter shame, it was a girl doing it to her in front of other people.

Sarah slapped at Emma’s inner thighs,

“Part your legs”

Emma parted her legs without hesitation. Her clitoris was being gently stroked and she tried to squat a bit for more pressure, hoping no one would notice. They all noticed.

“You naughty girl, you like this don’t you?”

Sarah stopped again and pulled her hand away. She walked round to face her victim and put one hand on Emma’s arse to hold her in place and the other hand between her legs. She started to stroke Emma’s pussy sensing that the girl was close to cumming.

“Are you going to cum for us?”


She kept up a rhythm, focusing on the clitoris, until Emma suddenly let out a loud groan, her hips rocking franticly back and forth on Sarah’s hand. The other hand kneaded her bottom cheeks, as she was grinding bottom against it.

“There’s a good girl”

Sarah let her calm down as the other girls giggled and shifted nervously in their seats.

“Aaahhh, how embarrassing for you”

Emma shook with tears of shame. The orgasm had overwhelmed her, she had never felt like this before. She stood with her hands still on her head, wearing only her socks and shoes. She couldn’t believe what had just happened to her, she was so ashamed, but so turned on at the same time. She still didn’t realize that the whole thing had been filmed on her mobile phone.

“Ok now, since you have little girl boobies, I think we should get rid of this hair,”Sarah touched Emma’s neatly trimmed pubic hair,“so you look like a proper little girl”

“Oh please Sarah, I’ve been punished. I’m sorry”

“Oh your punishment has only just begun. We have a long way to go yet. Your going to spend the whole weekend nude, serving us like a little nude servant girl and getting plenty of spankings”

Emma hung her head.

“Becky, have you got any hair removal cream?”

“Yes” said Becky, afraid to lie and excited to see Emma shamed even more.

“Ok, go and get for me”

She ran upstairs and returned with the cream.

Sarah took Emma’s hand and lead her back to the sofa. She sat down in front of her and told Emma to spread her legs wide, which Emma did. Sarah rubbed the cream into Emma’s pubic hair.

She waited five minuets, then took Emma into the kitchen to rinse her off. All the girls eagerly followed.

She got a plastic washing bowl and made Emma squat over it. She scraped off the cream and hair, then rinsed her with a jug of water. Sarah used a tea towel to dry her off, then made Emma stand up so they could all see.

Emma looked like a little girl.

“How cute, you look adorable like that, in just socks and shoes. Now go to Becky’s bed room and look at yourself in the mirror”

She smacked Emma’s sore bottom to send her on her way.

Emma went to the mirror and saw her reflection. She gasped in shock. She looked about twelve with no hair down there. She was naked except socks and shoes, which some how made her feel more bare. God she felt bare. She turned and looked at her red bottom.

How had she let this happen? She was so embarrassed that she had just allowed all that to be done to her. Her face was bright red with shame. She had been made to cum in front of her friends by another girl. She started to cry again.

“Emma, get back down here at once!”

Emma ran down the stairs and stood before Sarah cringing. Sarah took her by the wrist and pulled her over to a table. She bent her over so that her hands rested on the table and kicked her legs apart.

“I’m going to give you another spanking and then you can make us all tea”

The spanking was hard and fast making Emma wiggle her sore bum side to side. Her cheeks were opening and closing, wobbling about to the amusement of everybody else.

By now the other girls were all secretly very turned on by this spectacle, though they would never admit it to each other. The spanks also caused Emma to moan and yelp and she started to cry again.

Sarah stopped the spanking and firmly rubbed her bottom.

“Now go to the kitchen and make us a nice cup of tea”

While Emma was in the kitchen, Sally showed Sarah the video she had made.

“Copy it onto Becky’s computer and burn it onto a disk for me”

Becky’s computer was in the living room and had a nice big screen.

When Emma came back in she saw the evil grin on Sarah’s face and was afraid of what was coming next. She served all the girls their tea and waited to be told what to do.

“Come and sit next to me sweetie”

Sarah patted the sofa and smiled. Emma sat down very aware of her nudity as Sarah put a hand on her thigh.

“Ok run the video”

Emma was shocked as she watched the evenings events. She couldn’t believe the nude writhing bottom was hers. She looked willing and compliant in the film, as it began after she had stopped begging to keep her knickers on.

She had never felt so much shame. Her face was hot. She felt Sarah’s hand stroke up her inner thigh, but didn’t dare to stop it. Sarah touched Emma’s pussy and felt how wet it was,

“What a naughty girl you are! You must be punished regularly and now I have this film and all the numbers in your mobile, I think we will be spending a lot of time together, don’t you?”

A tear rolled down Emma’s cheek as she nodded. Sarah made her spread her legs and stroked her pussy while they watched her video.

She was brought to another shuddering orgasm, all of which was filmed, this time on cam-corder. When they had finished Sarah stood up.

“Right then little girl, say goodbye to everyone. You’re coming with me”

Emma went to put her clothes back on, but Sarah stopped her

“Oh no you don’t. I want you to come as you are. You can put your coat on but that’s all!”

Emma put on her coat which stopped just below her bottom. She felt ridiculous. They left and got in Sarah’s car.

As Emma got into Sarah’s car, she tugged at the hem of her coat, trying to pull it further down, but it would not even stay under her bottom as she sat down. She was very conscious of her bare legs. Sarah noticed all this and smiled,

“Don’t fidget sweetie, or I’ll pull you out of the car and spank you in the street!”

It was a short drive to Sarah’s house and Emma’s anxiety rose as they pulled into the driveway.

Emma stayed in the car as Sarah got out and walked round to her door. Emma pulled at the hem again as the door was opened.

“What did I say, naughty girl. Come on get out”

Sarah took Emma’s hand and helped her out of the passenger seat, getting a good look as Emma parted her legs to get out. She opened the door and led the scared girl into the hallway.

Once inside, Sarah roughly removed Emma’s coat and made her stand with her hands on her head.

Emma could not stop blushing. She felt so aware of her nudity, standing next to a fully clothed girl and being told what to do. It felt so embarrassing, especially wearing just her socks and shoes

“You are going to do as your told Emma. Whatever I tell you, do you understand?”


“Good. Tonight you can rest, but tomorrow you have a lot of chores to do.”

She led Emma into the living room and sat on the sofa.

“You can take your hands off your head but don’t try to cover up or I’ll punish you. Go and turn on the telly.”

Emma self consciously walked over to the TV set, she wasn’t sure what was worse, bending over or squatting. Sarah noticed her hesitate and smiled,

“Hurry up!”

Emma bent over and turned the set on. She could feel Sarah’s eyes on her bare bottom and slightly parted legs. She felt goosebumps on her flesh. Standing up, she shyly looked at her tormentor. Sarah, smiling sweetly, patted the sofa next to her and Emma quickly walked over and sat down.

After flicking through a few channels, Sarah decided there was nothing worth watching.

“I’ve got the DVD from the cam-corder.”

She took it out of her handbag and passed it to Emma.

“Go and put it on sweetie.”

Emma felt very nervous of this suggestion. She went over to the DVD player and realised she would have to squat for this.

As she was squatting Sarah took in the delicious sight of the parted cheeks before her. Emma was very aware of the view she was giving her and put the DVD on as quickly as she could.

“Come back little one,” Sarah ordered.

Emma sat down next to her again and watched the DVD of herself being slowly masturbated by Sarah. As they watched the screen, the wicked hand of the dominant girl, began it’s cruelly sensual stroking again, up and down Emma’s bare thigh, across her tummy, round and round, gently but firmly, down the other thigh and back again. Emma’s thighs were quickly slapped apart and Sarah stroked her inner thighs and her tummy, along the top of her pubic mound, just stopping short of Emma’s pussy each time.

The smaller girl squirmed in her seat. Watching herself being diddled by another girl, while being teased so mercilessly, by a girl, was unbearable. She could just about stop herself from moaning with frustration.

She couldn’t stand the fact, that the more this mean girl did to humiliate her, the more turned on she became.

Sarah smiled. She could clearly see the effect she was having on poor Emma. Her little petals had opened with her spread thighs and they were glistening with her increasing wetness.

Sarah touched Emma’s little button and a moan escaped the poor girls lips,


“Aren’t you a naughty little girl?”

Sarah began to circulate her fingers around the hood and up and down. Emma's hips moved in response.

“Who’d have thought it eh? Such a good little girl. Such a virgin, being so naughty deep down!”

“Oh please don’t.”

“Begging won't help, although it is amusing for me.”

Sarah smiled as she watched Emma's little pussy moving up and down with her fingers.

As Emma saw herself cum on the screen, she came again, rubbing herself hard against Sarah’s hand. As she slowed down and stopped squirming Sarah prevented her from closing her legs and went back to stroking her tummy and thighs. A tear rolled down her cheek.

Emma sobbed as Sarah pulled her close and put her arm around her.

She was so ashamed. Her face hot and flushed with a mixture of desire, shame and confusion. She wondered again, how this had happened. How she had let it happen.

All her friends had seen her stripped nude, dominated, spanked and forced to orgasm by a girl. She was straight and couldn’t believe a girl had made her feel so naughty between her legs.

“I’m going to put you to bed little one. You’ve got a long day ahead of you tomorrow.”

Emma was lead to the spare room.

“Remove your shoes and socks and lie on the bed.”

Having done this, the sniffling girl felt strangely comforted, but also embarrassed, as Sarah sat beside her on the bed and wiped her tears, stroked her fringe off her forehead and kissed it gently. It felt like a tender moment, after all the humiliation Sarah had put her through. Of course Sarah was well aware of this and was merely toying with her emotions.

She suddenly produced a dressing gown belt and tied Emma’s hands to the bed above her head, making sure it was not too tight.

“No, please don’t tie me.”

“Shhhhh! It’s just to stop you touching yourself.”

Emma blushed, she didn’t know what to say and couldn’t do much about it anyway. Sarah pulled the covers up, tucked Emma in and left the room.

Now Emma was left with her own thoughts, pictures of the events that had took place that evening swirled in her mind. Her anxiety increased, as she worried about what would happen to her the next day.

She fidgeted and squirmed at the uncomfortable thoughts and feelings she had. She could feel that she had become quite wet again and felt the need to touch it, but tied as she was, there was little she could do.

Eventually, she drifted into a fitful sleep, filled with erotic dreams and nightmares.

The next morning, Emma awoke suddenly, as Sarah pulled the covers down, exposing her nakedness. The shy girl instinctively tried to hide her nudity, but her hands were tied above her and she could only clamp her thighs together, slightly crossing them.

“Now remember, no covering up!”

Sarah untied her from the bed and helped her to her feet. Emma was conscious of the curtains being open, but didn’t want to upset Sarah first thing in the morning. She thought about what Sarah had said yesterday, about keeping her there all weekend and didn’t want to get off to a bad start. Things had gone badly enough so far and she still hoped to talk her way out of this somehow.

“Right then, you can go and make us a nice breakfast to start with!”

Emma was smacked on her bottom as she left the room, sending her into a run.

She prepared breakfast while Sarah read a book, while waiting at the table. To Emma, it seemed like she was being ignored, but Sarah was catching sly looks every time she bent over or reached up, turning her back.

When she had served breakfast, Sarah pulled out a chair next to her.

“You can sit and eat too. You’ve got a lot of housework to do, you’ll need a good breakfast.”

Emma sat and they ate in silence. She noticed that Sarah kept looking under the table, trying to catch a peek between her legs.

After breakfast, she was sent to put her shoes and socks on. She felt so silly wearing just those and nothing else.

When she came back, Sarah was waiting on the sofa. There was a collection of cleaning materials on the floor, in the middle of the room.

“I want you to clean and dust the whole house. I will inspect your work when you have finished.”

Emma felt so humiliated cleaning in the nude. There was no mop, so she had to sponge the floors on her hands and knees, with her bare bum in the air, while Sarah watched from the sofa.

Sarah sat and took in the view. What a sight! Emma’s bare bottom wiggled about in the air as she scrubbed the floors. With her legs apart, Sarah could see her pussy, peeping out between as she wiggled her bottom and wobbled her cheeks, with the scrubbing motion.

She watched as the delightful little creature reached and stretched with the feather duster. This even caused her tiny little breasts to jiggle.

When Emma did the washing up, she could feel her cheeks wobbling even more and Sarah came into the kitchen to see the show.

By the time she had finished dusting the TV, Emma was covered in a sheen of sweat. It had taken most of the morning to do all the housework and she was quite out of breath.

“Stand with your hands on your head and your legs apart while I look at your work”

Sarah went round inspecting carefully everything Emma had done. The naked girl had worked hard and taken care it was all done properly, fearful of another spanking. She was relieved when Sarah seemed quite pleased with her.

“Good girl. Now, I think we need to get you clean!”

Emma’s relief was short lived, as she was taken by the wrist and pulled to the bathroom.

“Take your shoes and socks off.”

Emma took them off. Sarah smacked Emma’s bottom as she guided her into the bath. She opened the taps and let the water run warm. The bath was still very shallow when Sarah closed the taps and Emma’s hopes of being hidden under water were shattered. She still felt horribly exposed.

“Sit down.”

Emma sat down. Sarah poured a jug of water over Emma’s head and massaged shampoo into her hair she washed it slowly and lovingly, causing Emma to relax a little. Then she rinsed it and repeated her actions with the conditioner.

“Stand up!”

Emma’s relaxed state was broken as she stood nervously in front of her bully. Sarah squeezed shower gel into her hand while smiling at the helpless girl. She started to rub it gently all over the naked girls back and down her sides. Then she concentrated on her little breasts. She slowly worked the soap round each nipple, teasing them until they stood out stiff.

“Ahhh, your tiny boobies are so cute!”

Emma was already blushing, but her colour deepened.

“You are just adorable when you go all red!”

Emma cringed inside. Sarah washed her tummy, then her legs. Starting with the feet and working her way back up to the thighs.

She spent a long time on Emma’s thighs, causing the girl to squirm with the tension building in her. Suddenly she slapped Emma’s right thigh,

“Keep still, you naughty girl!”


Emma immediately wished she hadn’t apologised and hated herself for doing so, but she was naturally submissive and couldn’t help it.

“Put your hands on your head and spread your legs, so I can wash this naughty pussy!”

Emma did as she was told and the humiliating words had an instant effect on her, as she felt the shameful sensations down there, in anticipation of more touching.

Sarah soaped up between her legs and gently washed the quivering girls slit. One hand washing, the other holding her in place by her bottom.

Because it was bald now, Emma felt like it was even more bare and exposed to Sarah. It felt so rude and she was struggling to keep her composure. The intense feelings of embarrassment and desire, overwhelmed her again. She was reluctantly close to cumming, when Sarah quickly spanked her several times and roughly forced her down on her hands and knees. Emma was suddenly shocked out of her reluctant ecstasy.

“Stick your little bottom up in the air for me, so I can wash your bum hole!”

Emma panicked. She tried to reach back to stop her, but her wrist was grabbed and pulled into the small of her back and she was rewarded with another spanking.

This time it was very hard and stung against her wet bottom. It went on for quite a while and had Emma wriggling her bare bum about in the bath, trying to escape the stinging hand. By the end, she was broken and crying.

“What did I tell you!”

“I’m sorry”

“Do as your told and be a good girl for me. If you misbehave, I will have to punish you!”

Sarah slapped her bottom again very hard, to make her point.

“I’m sorry, I’ll be good!”

“Good. Now stay on your hands and knees while I make sure your naughty bottom is at least clean.”

Sarah took great delight in slowly teasing the little virgin bum hole, watching it winking and puckering up in shame, as she stroked over and around it, massaging it with her soapy fingers.

“Ohhh......oh please.......please don't.”

“Be quiet you silly girl!”

Emma felt her bottom hole opened up, as Sarah pushed a soapy finger in, just to the first knuckle.


Sarah was slowly pushing and pulling her pointing finger in and out of the clenching knot.

“Oooooh no......oh......ohh......nooo.....ahhh.”

The finger pushed deeper and deeper each time.

“Oh.....oh no.......ooooh.....ooh!”

Sarah was trying not to laugh. Emma's face was a picture of consternation and anguish, mixed with obvious, but reluctant arousal. Sarah pulled the intruding finger slowly out of Emma's gripping bum hole, leaving it rudely winking, as if it were gasping for air.

“I think we need more soap in there, to get you cleaned up properly” Sarah said, matter of factly.

“Oh no more!”

Emma begged, but she stayed obediently in position, as Sarah squeezed more soap onto her hand and massaged it into the winking bum hole. She slowly started to push her finger in and out of Emma's vulnerable bottom again, causing the poor girl to whimper and whine.


Sarah started to move her finger back and forth much quicker, pumping it in and out of the squirming bottom.

“Oh....ooh....aah....ooof.....aarrr...uuum....aah god!”

Emma's face was hot and red, as she wriggled and swayed her bare bum side to side, up and down.

Suddenly Sarah withdrew her finger and slapped Emma's upturned bottom, which puckered up and did a quick, but loud fart. Emma's arms buckled under her and she buried her face in her hands. Sobbing, with her bum still sticking up in the air, she let out a much longer and louder fart.

Sarah helped her out of the bath and gently toweled her dry, while she sobbed the whole time, beside herself with shame.

She had lost all her dignity and pride, had allowed such a terrible invasion from this bully and yet her sex was on fire!

She had never been so excited in her life. And the worse thing about it was that, no matter how much she tried to hide or deny it, this horrible bully knew how excited she had made her.

Sarah could smell the helpless girls unwanted arousal in the air, even though she had just been washed.

She finished drying her and put her hair in pig tails.

“Put you socks and shoes back on and come to the living room”

Sarah walked off. Emma put them on and followed her to the living room.

Sarah sat on the sofa, looking very happy with herself. When she saw Emma come in, she couldn't help laughing out loud,

“Oh little Emma, you should see yourself! You look about twelve with your hair like that!”

Emma looked at her shoes and shuffled awkwardly from foot to foot. She looked up and saw that Sarah suddenly looked quite cross.

“Come and stand here, in front of me.”

Emma walked across the room and stood nervously where Sarah pointed. Sarah grabbed Emma's arm, without warning and pulled the naked girl across her lap. She gave her another quick spanking, very hard and fast. Emma's cheeks wobbled and flattened and sprang back and opened and closed, under the assault. She was stuggling to escape, but Sarah had her pinned. Emma gave in and cried, lifting her bottom for each spank, meekly pushing it out for punishment in an act of submission.

The spanking stopped and Sarah firmly groped her bare bottom.

Emma submitted her bottom to Sarah fully, grinding it against the rubbing and exploring hand, parting her legs and allowing it roam everywhere.

Once again, Sarah discovered her unwanted arousal, but this time Emma made no attempt at hiding it from her. She rocked her hips, as Sarah diddled her.

Sarah stroked her wet slit, teasing her little button, until she was ready to cum, then stopped and cupped the girls swollen sex with her hand. Emma tried to push back on the hand, but Sarah slowly pulled away with each attempt, leaving her humping rudely at thin air.

“Tut tut, naughty girl. I can't have you enjoying your punishment, can I?”

Emma's hips still rotated on Sarah's lap, trying without thinking, to seek out a thigh, or a knee to rub on.

“Up you get, before you make a mess on my leg!”

Emma groaned as she stood up.

“Now go and stand in the corner, with your hands on your head!”

Sarah read her book on the sofa, occasionally looking up and smiling at the exposed, red bottom, of the cringing, nude girl in the corner. Emma was left to stand there for a while. She was too afraid to even look round.

Eventually Sarah got up and left the room. She returned shortly, with a pink t-shirt,

“Here, you can put this on.”

Emma looked round, hopefully and caught the garment, when Sarah threw it to her, but her heart sank when she saw that it was just a little t-shirt.

“Go on then, before I change my mind!”

Emma quickly put her arms in and pulled the t-shirt on, hoping it was long enough to cover her, but as she pulled it down, she found that it stopped at her hips, just above her exposed kitty.

Sarah smiled and left the room again, leaving her to think about her new state of dress.

Emma stood there, pulling at the t-shirt, front and back. She couldn't pull it down both sides far enough to hide her naked shame. When she pulled the front down, the back was raised to show off her bare bum, but that was as good as it got.

As she stood in the corner, looking at the wall, Emma felt a little better having the t-shirt on, after a while. She felt a lot less exposed as she had since last night. At least she could pull it down and cover her front.

Sarah had gone out to the garden to phone some friends.

“Hello Julie..................yes thank you, how are you?..............good, are you and Pippa still coming for lunch?............oh good, remember that girl that I told you about, the one that kissed Pete?..............yes that's right, well I got my revenge last night, the plan worked perfectly................yes and you'll never guess what I did...............I spanked her!...............I did, I stripped her naked and spanked her!....................yes and she got turned on by it!.....................I know can you believe it?..................she was so embarrassed......................yeah I know, how humiliating and in the end, I forced her to have an orgasm, in front of a room full of girls!..................I'm not lying, seriously..................I'm not a lesbian, you silly cow, I just wanted to humiliate her. I tell you what though, it was very hot! I took her home and she's still here!........................I know, she's so ashamed...................yes and I've made her cum again, twice!...............she can't help it, I think she gets off on the humiliation, she sort of gets all overwhelmed and cries!.....................yes, she does anything I tell her to!................look you've got to come and see, it's so funny, but act like you don't know, when you meet her................ok, see you both soon.”

Sarah was delighted. The weekend had turned out to be so much fun. She was glad that idiot Pete had taken advantage of poor little Emma. Anyway bullying this weak little girl was making her feel more hot than he ever could. She sat in a sun lounger and relaxed, leaving Emma to worry about what would happen next.

Actually, inside, Emma was beginning to relax a bit. She felt better without Sarah watching her and she at least had a t-shirt on. After a while she heard Sarah come back in, but she went to another room, so Emma felt fairly safe.

“Put the kettle on sweety, it's nearly lunch time.”

Emma went to the kitchen and filled the kettle. She had just turned it on, when suddenly, the door bell rang.

“Oh no!”

“It's ok little one, I'll go.”

Emma stood nervously in the kitchen, knees together, feet pointing in, pulling the little pink t-shirt as far down as she could. She looked around for somewhere to hide, but there was nowhere. She could hear them still at the door.

“Perhaps they're not coming in.” she thought hopefully.

Then she heard footsteps and they were coming towards her!

“Oh no please!”

Sarah walked in smiling at her mischievously, followed by two other girls.

“Julie, Pippa, this is Emma.”

Emma stood there blushing, stretching the t-shirt as low as she could and slightly crouching.

“Oh my!” said Julie, faining surprise “You've got no knickers on!”

Pippa giggled behind them.

“Oh please” was all Emma could say.

“Emma is being punished. She has been a very naughty girl and is spending the weekend with me.”

“Oh, I see.”

“Say hello to the girls Emma, where are your manners?”

“Hello,” said Emma looking at the floor.

“Emma will do what ever I say, won't you Emma?”

“Yes Miss”

Pippa giggled and Emma cringed even more. Why had she said Miss?

“Let go of your t-shirt Emma!”

“Oh Sarah please!”


Emma let go and the t-shirt sprang back to her waist, showing the girls her smooth, hairless pussy.

“Please sit down, Pippa and Julie”

The girls sat on the arm chairs.

“Put your hands on your head and do us a twirl, slowly”

Emma did and the t-shirt came right up, showing everything off to the young girls as she slowly turned for them.

“She really does do what ever you say, doesn't she?”

“Yes Pippa. would you two like to boss her around?”

“Yes please,” the girls said together.

“Emma, Pippa and Julie are both eighteen. They're a lot younger than you, but Julie is my little cousin and Pippa is her friend, so I don't want you giving them any trouble while they're here. Do you understand?”


“Actually, I quite liked it when you called me Miss. You will call every girl who sees you this weekend Miss. Do you understand?”

“Yes Miss”

“All your's girls”

“Ok,” said Pippa, “have you seen how the girls dance in the rap videos. You know, when they shake they're arses at the camera?”

“Yes Miss”

“Do it!”

“With music Miss?”

“No, no music. Just do it!”

“Yes and if you don't do it well enough, you know what will happen!” added Sarah.

Emma stood facing away from her audience with her feet apart, hands on her knees which were slightly bent and bent slightly forward at the waist. She didn't try to hide herself, as she knew she'd get more humiliating punishment if she didn't do it right.

She took a deep breath and began to shake her pretty ass.

She was actually rather good at it and shook it up and down and side to side, at an astonishing speed. Her cheeks took on a life of their own, wobbling and bouncing around. It was an incredibly arousing sight.

The girls were laughing and pointing, but Pippa and Julie were mesmerised by the bouncing cheeks.

“God that is hot!” said Julie, who was the bolder of the two younger girls.“Come here and do that right in front of me!”

Emma backed herself up to Julie, she was pretty much giving her a lap dance!


Emma went back as far as she could, shaking her ass right in Julies face. Julie watched in awe of the nude bottom cheeks, wobbling about in front of her eyes. Emma shook and gyrated with gusto.

“Can I touch her?” asked the grinning girl.

“Of course. Do what ever you want to her!”

Julie reached out and held Emma by her thigh with one hand and felt her bottom with the other.

“Don't stop! Keep moving. Roll your hips slowly”

Emma slowly rotated her hips as Julie took liberties with her backside, her hand roaming all over her pretty naked cheeks.

Emma was hot and flushed. She could feel how wet she was between her legs and knew she would soon be found out.

Sure enough, Julies hand wandered down to where her bottom meets her thighs, rubbing the thighs for a moment and then on in between. She felt how wet Emma was.

“Oooooooh!” moaned Emma, submitting herself once again. She told herself that she had no choice.

“She's soaking down here!”

“I know. She's a very naughty little girl who can't control herself, aren't you Emma?”

“Ooooh, yes Miss. Sorry Miss”

“See. I told you. Look at her, how shameful!”

Of course Emma was very ashamed. There she was, standing in the middle of somebody else's living room, in front of several other girls, with no skirt or knickers on, sticking her bum out and wiggling it about for an eighteen year old girl to play with. To make matters worse, the young girl was now blatantly masturbating her in front of the other two and as embarrassed as she obviously was, there was no disguising the fact that Emma was incredibly turned on.

Suddenly, Pippa reached over and slapped Emma's gyrating bottom.


“Stand up!” Pippa said, in an authoritative tone.

Emma stood, one hand in front of her pussy and one on her bottom.

“Hands!” Sarah reminded her.

Emma's hands went to her sides.

“She looks like she hasn't got any tits!” Pippa said happily.

“She hasn't. Would you like to see?”

“Yes please.”

“Take off her t-shirt then, she loves to show off what a little girl she is, don't you Emma?”

“Yes Miss.” said Emma, wishing the ground would open up.

Pippa stood up and took the hem of the t-shirt and slowly lifted it.

“Lift your arms, little girl”

Emma couldn't believe how she was being treated, by these two much younger girls. As the t-shirt was lifted clear of her head, she was blushing more than ever. Pippa threw the top in the corner.

“Oh they are tiny, aren't they?” she said as she caressed the little breasts, one at a time.

“Yes Miss.” Emma said, squirming under the gentle caresses of the younger girl.

Pippa gently pinched Emma's nipples, until they stood out stiff.

“So cute! I am so jealous Sarah. I wish I had a little pet to play with”

“Maybe I'll lend her to you one day”

Julie got up and stood on the other side of Emma and started to stroke her thighs and tummy, while Pippa continued to play with her breasts and bottom. Julie slowly worked her way between Emma's legs, by which time the naked girl was very hot and could not help squirming and writhing with the exploring hands.

She felt so naughty again, being toyed with by these younger girls, as she looked at Sarah, who had a wicked grin on her face.

She held her gaze momentarily, as her hips moved rudely backwards and forwards and then looked down, ashamed as she came, shuddering, squatting down slightly on Julies fingers.

She held on to both girls with her arms around they're shoulders, as she fell limp, allowing the cruel fingers to keep her cumming on and on.

She groaned, as the orgasmic feelings became too intense and panicked as they were replaced with an overwhelming desire to piss. She tried to struggle, but was held in place, too week from her climax.

“Oooooh please, I need to wee!”

“Ok ladies, I think you had better stop, before she wees on my floor.”

Pippa and Julie let Emma go and she crouched on the floor, holding her pussy.

“Can I go for a wee Miss?”

Sarah stood up, walked over and took hold of Emma's ear, pulling her back to her feet.

“Come along.”

she pulled the naked girl by her ear, to the back garden, with the other two eagerly following. They giggled as they watched Emma's bottom wobble and jiggle as she was lead outside.

“Oh no, not outside. I mean, please Miss,can't I use the toilet?”

“No!” Sarah said sternly, as she stopped and slapped Emma's bottom. She pointed at the grass.

“Squat and do it here.”

“Oooooh no, Miss please.”

“I want to see it coming out, or you know what I will do to you!”

Emma squatted with her feet apart. As she went down, her petals opened, causing the two younger girls to laugh. She thought she wouldn't be able to go in front of other people, especially like that, but she had been holding it in for hours.

It came out like a horse pissing. A loud jet of wee wee, making a puddle under her.

“Oh my god, she's actually doing it!” said Pippa, gloating at her shame.

The piss went on for ages and Sarah went and stood behind Emma. Suddenly she bent down and grabbed her behind the knees.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!” screamed Emma, as Sarah lifted the smaller girl off the floor by the backs of her knees, with her back against Sarah's body.

The piss shot up into the air making an arch, as it fell a few meters away. Sarah held her like that until she was finished and the arch of piss slowly decreased back and became a dripping trickle.

“All done?”

“Yes Miss,” came Emma's voice through a flood of tears.

Sarah let her down and she curled up on the floor crying.

“How shameful!”

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