Kim had been at University of two months before anyone knew about her secret. To all normal appearances she was a perfectly normal girl, small and cute with jet black hair and a sweet well defined face. Her legs were smooth and thin and these were often laid bare below tiny denim mini-skirts which highlighted her firm rounded arse.
She sported a pair of luscious, juicy tits, not too big, but pronounced and well formed and with tiny pink hard nipples which she liked to flaunt regularly by wearing low cut tops. This drove most of the boys in her Uni hall crazy at the sight of that bare, easily accessible cleavage, unfortunately for them she had no interest in any of them and so, as hard as many of them tried, she always fended them off.
She had many reasons for her not wanting too much sexual attention, firstly she’d had a bad encounter with a boy about a year before, who had seduced her, fucked her and then broke her heart, leaving her with a general dislike of the male species. But mostly it was to do with her own physique…
Unlike other girls in the student halls she had something they didn’t, above her shaved little pink pussy there grew out of her groin a long, thin cock. Her parents had told her that she had been born with both sex organs and that they didn’t want to remove either in case they removed the wrong one, imagine if they had removed the vagina and then later discovered, as she grew older that she were a girl, she would have been a girl stuck with a penis, unable to lead a normal life as a woman. So Kim remained a Hermaphrodite, but she didn’t mind, actually she relished in having both organs to play with. It meant that that she could enjoy the sexual feelings and orgasms of both men and women at the same time, a feeling which quite often made her scream out loud in ecstasy as she fingered both her pussy and cock simultaneously.

Kim had met Laura in Freshers Week and they had hit it off immediately, and living in rooms that were on the same corridor meant that they rarely spent much time apart. Laura was an Australian bombshell, always well tanned and with a cute emerald bellybutton piercing which ached to be stared at. She was slightly taller than Kim with long brunette hair and a larger, more pronounced set of breasts; she rarely wore skirts or dresses, preferring tight sets of denim jeans brought out the curves in her round, delicious bottom. In many ways, Laura was a bit of a tomboy, being quite outgoing and authoritative in her personality, but still kind, gentle and decidedly feminine.
She and Kim talked about everything, from favourite places, to most embarrassing moments, to turn-ons, it only took a matter of days hanging out together for the subject to turn to sex. Mostly Laura talked and Kim listened, having had hardly any sexual encounters which lasted, due to her ‘extra’ as she called it. Laura had a long term boyfriend, Tim, which she seemed to have done almost every conceivable sexual position with. They had done it doggy style, they had done a 69 they had done oral, anal, in the rain, in her mum’s bed, in costumes and in role reversal.
The way that Laura descried these experiences, elaborating on every little detail, with a far away look in her eyes, biting her bottom lip as she recalled the intense pleasure of those moments. Laura was described how, on one occasion she had dominated Tim, tied his limbs to the bedposts and sat on his face for hours on end, forcing him to give her orgasm after orgasm, before finally jerking him off and forcing him to cum all over his own chest before she licked it all up. Kim, who had never even thought about such things before found her pussy getting very wet beneath her thick, concealing jeans, she also felt her cock twitch excitedly and slowly begin to grow insider her panties, which wouldn’t hold it in place for long. Biting her lip and suppressing her urge to grab her crotch right there and then, Kim made her excuses and went back to her room.
Closing the curtains and locking the door she ripped open her jeans and grabbed her cock in one hand whilst furiously rubbing her pussy with the other. As she slid her hand up and down her shaft she felt it grow to it’s full seven inches and closed her small delicate fingers around it’s throbbing head. With her left hand she steadily ran her fingers up and down her now dripping wet pussy lips, releasing a massive surge of built up sexual tension throughout her body. In her mind she ran through what her friend had just told her, the feeling of a long hard cock inside her pussy and the taste of fresh warm cum on her lips. She had been with men before but never in such intimacy, but strangely it wasn’t men she was fantasising about, it was Laura, her strong, feminine curves, long flowing hair and beautiful young pussy. Now as her own pussy leaked its juices down her leg she imagined sinking her cock deep into Laura’s waiting snatch and pumping her senseless until she had filled her to the brim with her own spunk. With this image in mind she tensed for one final release before unleashing her built up orgasm across the room, biting her lower lip furiously to stop from screaming out loud as the waved of pleasure rippled through her body from her pulsing cock and pussy.

The next day both girls went to lectures as normal but Kim could not stop thinking about what she had fantasised last night, she found herself imagining all the things that Laura had said she and her boyfriend had done. What if it was her cock inside her friend rather than that stupid boy, off in some other University, probably with his dick deep inside some other girl’s throat right now. Coming out of her trance, Kim realised that she had slipped her hadn down the front of her skirt and had her fist closed around a raging hard-on in the middle of the lecture theatre! Luckily the room was dark and everyone else was looking at the stage upon which a teacher was dictating and especially boring lesson. This was just as well, as Kim was able to concentrate hard enough on the lecture to make the swelling go down before the end of the class, when she would have had to rise from her seat and everyone would see her erect cock lifting up the frilly folds of her skirt.
That evening at dinner, Kim risked one more fantasy about how Laura had said she had dominated her boyfriend, this came as no surprise, out of the group of friends that they hung out with, Laura was generally the accepted ‘boss’. She wasn’t bitchy in any way, but she generally took command when it came to organising things like nights out. Strangely, Kim didn’t fantasise about being dominated by her friend, but dominating her instead, to make her submit to her every whim and willingly taker her cock deep inside wherever she chose to put it. The strange reversal of roles sent a quiver of excitement through her and she hid a smirk at the thought, of sweet, innocent little Kim fucking Laura like a dominatrix.

That evening there was a knock on Kim’s door, it was Laura, and she was in tears,
‘Sweetie… what’s wrong?’ she said, taking her friend’s hand and leading her round to sit on the bed. She had rarely seen Laura so distraught and soothingly rubbed her shoulders in an attempt to staunch the flow of tears, (also managing a touch of side-boob into the bargin).
Finally Laura had calmed down enough to manage to choke through sobs,
‘Tim cheated on me!’, Kim suppressed a secret smirk as Laura buried herself in her shoulder; so she had been right, typical male, could never keep his cock in his trousers where it belonged.
‘I hate him!’ cried Laura, ‘I hate all men, they’re all pigs!’, wiping the tears away from her eyes, Kim’s mind began to run away with itself, just what if her fantasies could become real, her lusty dreams fulfilled, a pleasurable tingling sensation began to grow in her groin and for a moment she had a vision of extreme clarity, her friend’s tear stained face before her, she wanted to hold her, to have her, to love her.
As for Laura she was in a place where she had not seem or heard form her boyfriend for weeks, she was horrified of the image of him running his hands up and down another woman’s body, imagined his cock sinking deep inside that foreign cunt! This perverse image not only made her angry but desperately horny, she had not had a good fuck for weeks and her mind and her pussy was aching for passion. Looking up through tearstained eyes she saw Kim’s face, rosy and welcoming, her eyes filled with a mysterious wonder and her lips slightly parted as if in some far of trance.
In one swift motion Kim lent gently forwards, closing the gap between their faces and planted one long, soft kiss on Laura’s lips. For a second there was resistance and then, as the moment took hold, she fell into Kim’s passionate embrace as their tongues passed the moist full lips into the warm electrifying experience beyond.
Locked as the were in a full mouthed embrace, her ands running up and down Laura’s smooth curved back and down to those perfect round buttocks, to Kim it seemed like the room was heating up. In a few deft motions she only a woman knows how to perform she had removed Laura’s bra and had released those large peachy breasts from their t-shirt prison. Taking one nipple in between her fingers she twisted the bud back and forth, releasing a sigh of extreme pleasure from Laura as she revelled in the glory of the embrace.
Suddenly she seemed to come to her sense and breaking off the kiss for just a moment she whispered carefully,
‘Wait, wait,’ her eyes darting from Kim’s face down to her exposed cleavage, ‘we shouldn’t, be doing this’.
Giving a small smile and a fiery look Kim simply lowered her head and took one of Laura’s tits between her teeth and sucked delicately on the hardened pink nipple, this released an even greater sigh of pleasure and, reaching her hand down to Laura’s crotch she whispered,
‘Why not…’, as she gripped harder on the fabric around Laura’s pussy, ‘It looks to me like you’re already enjoying this, I can feel your pussy getting wet and you certainly seem to like this…’ as she sucked more vigorously on the breast, yealdinga cry that was almost a moan of pleasure.
‘You don’t want me to stop, you know you want this, you know that feels good.’ Kim’s mind was racing with thoughts as she continued to massage Laura’s breasts, she could hardly believe she was doing this, she was sucking the tits of another woman and deep within her panties, her cock was growing steadily larger, like it never had before as excitement ripple through her body.
‘mmmmmmmmm, no, no don’t stop’, Laura breathed as Kim’s hand moved deftly downwards to unzip her jeans, revealing beneath Laura’s pure white panties, now clearly wet between her legs.
Laura didn’t know what she was doing but she knew that it felt good and for now that was all that mattered, not just good, fantastic, hot and feminine, like nothing she had ever felt with any man, everything was smooth and rounded, she knew that she didn’t want it to stop. As Kim sank another deep passionate kiss into Laura’s tonsils she reached down and slid her fingers beneath the soft fabric of those panties and, moving slowly at first, but increasing with speed, ran her fingers up and down the pussy beneath. As she did she could hear Laura’s breathing grow faster and more breathy, as their legs interlocked and they fell backwards onto the bed.
Kim saw this as her chance, her chance to live out her most lusty fantasy and so quickly in a decisive move she sank her two forefingers into the deep wetness of Laura’s pussy, triggering a cry of pleasure from beneath her. This was it , there was no way Laura was getting out of this now, she had her under her thumb, in more ways than one as her thumb moved rapidly around Laura’s clit, stimulating long ignored pleasures.
‘You like that don’t you, my sexy little puppet, I’m gonna make you cum until you scream, aren’t I?’ she said and the words seemed to not be coming from her but form some deeper lustier part of herself, where she was in control and Laura was just a body to be fucked.
‘mmmmmmm yea, fuck… fuck me!’ moaned Laura, without a thought, she too was caught up in the incredible power of the moment.
‘yea I’ll fuck you, I’ll fuck you until you can’t take any more and then I’ll fuck you some more my sexy little bitch.’
Said Kim, hardly noticing the words pass her lips, it just seemed natural to speak that way.
‘mmmm yea please fuck me, I need it so bad, make your little bitch cum!’ the last word was barely more than a gasp as Kim sank three whole fingers into Laura’s pussy and continued to force the digits in and out without relenting. By now her own pussy was dripping wet and her cock was grown to it’s full 7 inches, still concealed within her tight fitting panties. Not letting up on her assault of Laura’s pussy, her fingers still moving in and out with fierce motions, she grabbed her by the nipple and pulled her up onto all fours, exposing her wet, throbbing pussy to her readily pulsing cock. Laura, didn’t even see the extra member protruding out of Kim’ s groin and her eyes were already closed tight in a moment of extreme pleasure as Kim continued to pound her pussy with her fingers.
Suddenly the deftly moving fingers and thumb stopped and Laura gasped as the feeling left her, looking round, she managed to cry out,
‘No! No, don’t sto…!’ she never finished as her eyes rested finally on Kim’s glorious cock.
‘Don’t tell me what to do, my little whore,’ chided Kim in a voice as firm as iron, ‘I will do as I like with your pussy, and right now it’s going have my cock.’
And with that Kim leant forward and sunk her long hermaphrodite dick deep into Laura’s waiting pussy. Any doubts that Laura had felt upon seeing that dick were instantly washed away as she felt it penetrate her, it was like nothing she had ever felt, so wonderfully long and smooth, so undeniably feminine. There were no masculine juddery movements and no sagging unsightly ball sack, just a perfect smoothness of skin down to where Kim’s pussy lay.
To Kim it felt like the best thing in the world, finally sinking her cock into another girl’s wet, smooth pussy lips and feeling the muscles inside twitch and grip around her shaft. She’d had men fuck her pussy before but there was nothing like the feeling of control that she got as she pushed and pulled her own dick in and out of another woman.
‘oooooooooh my god,’ she sighed, ‘you are such a good little whore, your pussy feels so good around my cock, do you like my dick little bitch?’
‘uuuuhhhhhhhh! YES, YES your cock feels so good, please don’t stop fucking me, I love your cock, you’re so much better than him!’ Laura moaned as she moved her own body to increase the rhythmic pumping of the cock in her cunt.
‘That’s right, you’ll never need another cock in your pussy ever again, mine is the only one you’ll ever get, remember that when I fill you with cum my little whore.’
Kim quickly increased the pace of her pounding, feeling Laura’s pussy respond around her and felt that familiar building feeling deep beneath her pussy as her cock stiffened and swelled.
‘aaaaaaaahhhhh, ooooooohhh god,’ Laura cried, I’m gonna cum, I’m gunna cum, don’t stop, fill me up, fill me with your cum, oooooooooooh FUCK!’
Just as she felt Laura’s pussy contract around her aching cock Kim screamed at last her pleasure as she discharged her full load into Laura’s pussy. It was like nothing she had ever felt before, the sweetness of the feeling that she got from pumping load oafter load into Laura’s defenceless pussy, feeling that body respond and react to the throbbing motions of her own, the close feminine tenderness that enraptured both of them. To Laura it felt like nothing a man had ever given her, beyond words at how incredible to power of that final orgasm was, just one crashing plunging orgasm after another filling ther every nerve with a tingling electricity. They moaned together at the top of her voices as both girls climaxed in one final writhing ecstasy.
‘Ohhhhhhhhhhh shit, Fuck, Fuck Fuuuuuuuck!!!’
‘Yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaa, that’s it, right there, keep going, ooooooooohhhhhhh!!!’

As they collapsed sideways onto Kim’s bed in a pile of panting tingling skin, Laura moved forwards and sucked passionately on Kim’s tits as the last waves of the orgasm washed over her. Stroking her little bitch’s hair and lightly stroking her own cock Kim knew that tomorrow would be like any other, Laura would be back in the driving seat and Kim would be sweet, innocent and quiet, like any other day. But in the evening she would mount Laura like a common whore and she would fuck her senseless night after endless night.

This was a fictional tale based on real people, no names have been changed

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