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My tree house became our favorite place to be that summer.
Fbailey story number 410

My Tree House

When we were younger my father bought an old farm and he converted one of the extra bedrooms into a playroom for my sister and her doll collection. Whenever I played in there with her it was under her rules. The only reason that I would play with her was because Mom kept her well supplied with Oreo Cookies and bottles of Pepsi. I was pretty sure that Mom did that so that I would play with my sister.

Dad also built me a really nice tree house up the woods and high up in the top of three trees. It was triangular in shape and the one side had a nice view back at the house, barn, and fields. I kept a pair of binoculars up there along with everything a teenage boy would need including a sleeping bag and some adult magazines that I had ‘found.’

At the time I was fifteen years old and my sister Kate had just turned thirteen years old. We were out of school for the summer and could get our chores done in an hour or so, so that the rest of the day was ours.

Over the winter I had become pretty good at jerking off and once I found Dad’s old stash of skin magazines I had plenty to do, all by myself.

Kate kept trying to get me to play dolls and house with her but I had more important things to do, like jerk off to pictures of naked women.

One hot day Mom and Kate were running around the farm wearing just their bikinis. Neither one of them had done that in the past so it was different to see. Mom was pretty well endowed as Dad called it. That meant that she had big tits. She looked almost as good as the women in my magazines and that got me to thinking about her when I jerked off.

However, I realized that day that my little sister had tits too. They were small but they were growing. Dad always told Kate that her tits would be as big as her mother’s tits someday.

Their bikinis were brand new because they had just gone shopping the day before and it was my first look at them in them. Mom’s bikini was bright orange and sexy. Her ass was covered pretty well as was her pussy but the strings at the sides were pulled up very high. Mom called it a French cut. The top covered most of her breasts and had strings around her back and neck. She looked very nice and had just a slight belly that she complained about. Her hair was up in a bun and she was going out in the backyard to sunbathe.

Kate had on a little pink number that was a whole lot smaller than Mom’s suite. It was sort of the same style but it didn’t cover as much in the front, back, or top as Mom’s did. Then again Kate had less to cover but she was looking better than I had remembered. Her breasts had grown over the winter into nice little mounds. She had a rounded belly and a slightly protruding ass like Mom had but somehow it excited me. However, Mom had a nice puffy pussy mound while my sister didn’t have. Mom reminded me a lot of those girls in the magazines and I wished that I could see her naked sometime.

Just to be bold I asked, “Mom do you ever sunbathe nude?”

I my heart skipped a beat as I realized that I had actually said that out loud. I was waiting for my punishment when she chuckled and said, “I used too before you grew up and got too curious. I might this summer when you go to Boy Scout camp.”

I thought for a moment and said, “What if I went out to my tree house and stayed there for an hour?”

Mom smiled and said, “Can I trust you to stay there and not peek at me?”

I quickly replied, “Of course you can.”

I must have replied too quickly because Mom asked, “Would you go with him Kate and see too it that he stays there?”

Kate smiled and said, “Okay but I’m not allowed up in his precious tree house because I’m a girl.”

Mom gave me that ‘look’ and then I said, “Okay Kate, but I need to get something for us to eat and drink first.”

I got some sodas, cookies, and fruit then started out. Kate came with me still in her bikini. As we got closer to my tree house Kate asked me what I did up there all day long. I casually said, “I look at pictures of naked women and jerk off.”

All of a sudden she got excited and asked, “Can I watch?” Then she added, “I masturbate too.”

So I answered, “Sure you can if I can watch you.”

She simply said, “Okay” and climbed up the ladder.

When we were in the tree house and I had closed the trapdoor I got out the stack of magazines and placed them on the carpeted floor. Kate picked one up and started looking through it. I watched her as she smiled, pointed to one of my favorite women and said, “I want to look like her when I grow up.”

Well there was no time like the present so I stood up, stripped off all of my clothes, and sat down on my sleeping bag. Kate got the message and removed her top and bottom without getting up. She came over to my sleeping bag and lay on half of it with her pussy toward me. As I looked down at the first real pussy that I had ever seen, I grabbed a hold of my cock and started to stroke it.

Kate opened her pussy up and poked two fingers in her moist hole to lubricate them and then started rubbing the little nub at the top of her slit. She was cumming in no time at all and panting. Then she told me how exciting it was to masturbate in front of me. She said that at first it bothered her but that she wanted to do it with me all of the time. She went at it again and again but I didn’t see anything squirt out of her. When I said something she told me to poke my finger in her and feel just how wet she was. I poked my finger in and she really was wet but I didn’t know how dry she was to start with so I had nothing to compare it to.

Fingering her had gotten me excited, so I rubbed my cock faster and faster until I erupted all over her pussy and belly. She giggled and said that she liked it. I was glad because I figured that she would think that it was gross or something. When she got a big gob on her fingers and put it in her mouth I almost gagged though. She liked it and told me that it tasted good, then she tried to get it all off her body and into her mouth.

She couldn’t understand why I couldn’t just keep having orgasms one after the other like her. Then she let me give her a few. I rubbed her clit, probed her pussy, and felt her contraction on my finger. She let me give her a few more before telling me that she had had enough.

When our time was up we got dressed and headed back to the house. Mom had changed out of her bikini and into a sexy white T-shirt and a pair of white shorts. She thanked me for staying away while she sunbathed nude. I told her that it was no problem and Kate told her that she would love to keep me company again the next day. Mom smiled and was pleased to see us happy to be together. Little did she know!

That week Kate and I would put on our bathing suits and do some sunbathing before we went to my tree house and let Mom do it nude. She even told me how safe she felt knowing that my sister was keeping watch of me. Little did she know!

My tree house had become our sex house quickly. We could hardly stay away from it. When we were inside my tree house we were little sex maniacs. Kate and I could do anything that we wanted to do to one another. Kate and I learned to kiss quite well. She learned to jerk me off with her hands and she learned to suck me off with her mouth. She loved to swallow my cum.

I got to suck on her nipples, which we both enjoyed, I got to lick her pussy, which we both enjoyed, and got to put things in her pussy. I enjoyed that more than Kate did but she didn’t stop me. Then in that second week I put my cock in her. It went in nicely and we both enjoyed that a lot. I felt like I shot more cum in her than I normally shot, and Kate said that her orgasms were more intense. We definitely liked sex and with one another too.

From sex in my tree house we started having sex in our house whenever we thought that we could get away with it.

That summer Mom had the best tan of her life and she said that she owed it all to us for respecting her privacy.

As it got closer to time for school to start, Kate and I were fucking more and more. We got pretty bold about it too. Then inevitably we eventually got caught. Mom came into Kate’s bedroom just as I was pumping the biggest load of my life into her doggy style. I was groaning and thrusting with all my might while Kate was panting heavily in between thanking God for giving her a brother. As we were coming back to Earth, Mom cleared her throat while standing in the doorway. All we did was separate and sit on the edge of the bed facing her. My damn cock wouldn’t go down.

Mom asked us a few questions like how long had we been having sex together, do we do it every day, and how often do we do we do it every day. Kate told her that we started the day that she started sunbathing nude in our backyard, that we never missed a day all summer, and that how many times we did it each day depending on how often we could find the time.

We figured that we were in trouble but Mom said, “Well young lady you’ve been pretty lucky up to now, but we had better get you started on birth control before you become the youngest mother in your school. As to you finding time to make love…supposed you start by sleeping together, one night in your bed and the next night in his bed. Feel free to have sex in any room in the house any time that you get the urge. However, if I can…I’ll watch the show…so will your father.

Kate asked, “Can we watch you and Daddy make love?”

Mom laughed and said, “Not if we are in our bedroom with the door closed but if you catch us getting a quickie in the kitchen after dinner, feel free to watch or even join in.

Then I asked, “How come you’re not upset with us?”

Mom smiled and said, “Because my mother wasn’t upset when she caught my two brothers fucking me one summer either.”

Kate said, “You let Uncle Bill and Uncle Ron fuck you.”

Mom said, “Don’t be so surprised they still do and your father fucks their wives too. Its called wife swapping. Maybe when you turn sixteen we’ll let you join in.”

The End
My Tree House
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