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A just ready to be married couple is at church on their wedding day. They are going over some final preparations for the wedding ceremony, when the urge strikes them and they retreat rapidly to a small private room in the church. She performs oral sex on him. After a while he emerges and returns to the men in his wedding party.
One of his groomsmen notices that he has a big happy grin on his face and says to him, "Bill, why are you looking so happy and relaxed? I thought this being your wedding day, you would be very nervous and fidgety."
He replies, "Well, the reason I am so happy and relaxed is because I just got the best blow job I have ever received from my bride to be."
Meanwhile the bride to be is back with the people in her wedding party all happy and relaxed too. Her maid of honor notices this demeanor and asks her, "Why are you so happy and relaxed on your wedding day? You should be very nervous and excited."
She replied, "Well, the reason I am so happy is that I just gave the last blow job of my life."
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