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She wanted me as much as I wanted her...
A Mother-In-Law's Fuck Fantstasy

I am married to my wife for almost 7 years now and everything is going quite normal in my life.Work is great
and I have the best Mother-In-Law you can think about.Her name is Matilda.She is 53 and have a average body
and looks very sexy when I get to see her sometimes in her short night gowns.Her husband and my father-in-law
is 69 years and as usual for men his age cannot get an erection and I suspect that he likes little boys but
that is another story.

It all began about 4 months ago when we were hosting a dinner with my in-laws at my home on a Staurday evening
where all was going fine.As soon as dinner was mid way Matilda had to make a phone call so she went to the sitting room
and the way my house is situated is that I could hear her conversation while being in the kitchen which is where
I was exactly at the moment getting some tissues.Now I had a suspicion that she takes breif looks at my body which my
wife confirmed with me as well.As I was getting the tissues Matilda was talking to her old buddy Lucy.What I heard next
made me literally freak out.Matilda was actually telling Lucy that "I" looked so sexy and don't know how to
make a move on me cause her daughter and husband were present but that they will be spending the weekend.Upon hearing
this I was both shocked and sexually aroused at the same time.So she finished her call and went back to the dinning room
where I came with the tissues and another bottle of Red Wine.While we continues dinner I started to ponder
on how am I gonna make this happen since I already have a massive hint that I can probaly give her a good fuck.

I excused myself to the washroom when I decided upon this master plan.I took my cell phone and rang our home
phone and quickly run out to answer it..I pretended that it was my best pal Nick who called for me to come bail him
out of jail for drunk driving.So I made it known that I'll be back in 30 mins...So far so good but I drove straight
to the mini-mart about 2 miles away.I called Nick up and tell him to cover my story and he agreed.I bought some
sleeping tablets.Upon returnig home everone was still chatting and having a good time.So now all is back to normal.
I then suggested we have some ice cream and everyone was up for it.I went to the kitchen and got out 4 cups
and loaded it up with ice cream and I crushed 3 sleeping tablets and sprinkled it ontop of 2 for my
wife and one for my father-in-law...I served everyone and looked at Matilda and gave her a sexy smile and she
was so in for it.Every one dived in and within an hour signs were visible in my wife and James of tiredness.It was
now 11pm.So after 20 minutes of feeling tired my wife wife said she is tired and going to bed,I said I am gonna
watch some TV,james said he is going to sleep and Matilda said she is not that tired but will do the dishes.
Wow I was making good progress and I am sure Matilda was saying the same.

After 30 mins alone watching TV I can hear that she was finished doing the dishes and she came out and asked me if I want some
tea and I said yes why not.But I quiclky mentioned that I want to take a shower first and strangely she said the
same thing.I took it for nothing.I came back down at 12:10 am.Matilda came down 5 minutes after me and she was
wearing a blue silk mini night gown and looked very sexy on her.I had on my boxer and a T-Shirt.I went to The TV
and she got the tea ready and we sat watching and sipping our Tetly Tea.About 20 minutes later I started to
feeel a bit funny but a little horny at the same time.I thought to my self "Did she drug me?"Anyway I started
to get horny and my cock started to tickle and thats when it hit me.She was watching me all the time.Matilda
asked me if I was ok and I told yes.What happened next was no surprise but I was a little shocked.

Matilda took the remote and turned off the TV and turned to me and just dropped her blue gown down and revealed
her nakedness to me and I was speechless.I looked at her body and I was ready and so horny to fuck her in
ways she was craving for.I sttod up and walked over to her and asked her if she was sure and boy was she sure.
she grabbed my hard cock and said "I want you to do whatever you want with me".She said we need to be quiet
and I told her don't worry I put sleeping tablets in James and Debbie ice cream so they would knock out and I would
get a chance to seduce you...Boy was I being played...She drugged me.I removed my shirt then my boxer and my 6 1/2"
hard succulent cock sprang forth and she quickly pushed my down on the sofa and took it all in her mouth.It was
so erotic and I felt wicked and dirty but no way was I gonna stop.She sucked my cock with passion and I was loving every moment.
I then pulled her up and told her to spread her legs and I went stright for her pussy and I licked her clit
and boy was she in Exstasy.She was actually groaning and moaning and making loud noises.She started to talk
dirty and telling me "suck my pussy, lick my clit, make me feel like a young woman again".About 5 minutes later
she held onto my head and she started to tremble and there she had her first orgasm in years.

She then looked me in the eyes and said "I am ready for you juicy cock to enter me.I quickly mounted her and
as I went in her pussy she was not tight but the pure excitement of fucking my mother-in-law while my wife and James
was dead asleep made the fuck more erotic.I started to fuck her hot juicy pussy and she started to cry out
"fuck me harder,fuck me harder,cum in me,I want you to shoot your juice in me".As I gave it to her I can feel
my load ready to burst out and within seconds I shot my load deep in her pussy and boy was it something.

After I finished fucking her she asked me can you go again I said what do you see?My cock was still hard as
a rock and I told her I want to fuck your ass and she said "Yes, for she had always wanted to be used and fucked
up her ass but James is not that open".I took her hands and led her to the kitchen and told her to bend over
on the Island and I started to play with her anus and her ass was soft and smooth.I then positioned myself
behind her and placed my cock head at her entrance.I felt so in control of this woman and she was in total
submission for me to use her and fuck her.It was so so pleasurable for both of us.I slowly pushed my cock head in her
virgin ass and she was tight but I eased my way in.She first let out some soft deep moans and then said "fuck
my ass, hurt me, show me your strentght".And boy did I.I pushed all of my 6 1/2" inch fuck meat up her and I
started to fuck my mother-in-law virgin ass as hard and fast as I could.The feeling was amazing.She was begging
me to ram her and I held onto her waist and fuck her.She was loving every moment.Her anal walls were holding onto
my cock but I fucked her in and out in and out until I started to get so wild I just shot my juice deep up her hole
when she just lay there taking it all in.I fucked her slowly until my cock went limp and I pulled out when
she turned around and said to me "You and I would be doing this a lot more from now on", I said sure Matilda
you have access to my cock anytime you want".We kissed and went to the shower and cleaned up and went to our

Next morning we just acted like nothing now I have two ladies...

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2016-10-25 17:52:43
No lube for the ass bullshit it would have hurt her too much especially the first time.


2016-10-20 19:29:58
my mother in laws are to old

anonymous readerReport

2013-04-24 12:23:20
Very mild, not enough imagination and too many "wow! Was I... whatever" or "Man! Did she.... whatever"...
Too childish. Not HOT enough.
Sorry pal.

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2013-01-03 02:26:56
My mother in law gives me a hard on by just looking at her. I want to fuck her so bad.

anonymous readerReport

2013-01-03 02:23:39
I always was horny for my mother in law and then it happened. My wife and the rest of the family went to the shops and was alone with my mil. I walked into the kitchen while she was doing the dishes. I wore just my boxers and my cock was raging hard. I walked up behind her and just let it touch her ass thru the gown she was wearing. I said 'oops, sorry just passing' she turned and to my surprise grabbed my cock and said 'oops, just need cock so bad''' Wow I fucked her on the kitchen table - in the lounge - in her bedroom - and whenever we got time alone I came in all her holes

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