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Part 2 of A Good Morning
I hear the water running as I walk through the front door. I toss my keys on the coffee table by the sofa and lay my jacket on the armchair. I walk through the house looking for you. You’re not in the dining room or the office as I walk by glancing in them. Peeking my head around the door jamb, I look in the bedroom. I don’t see you there either. So I do what I should’ve done in the first place. I walk inside the bedroom and strip my clothes off. I unbutton my shirt and throw it on the bed. I undo my belt and zipper and let my pants fall to my ankles. I step out of my shoes and pants at the same time and then take off my socks, underwear and bra all in a hurry. I can’t wait to join you.
I step into the hallway and take the three steps to the bathroom door. I lean against it listening to you humming. I slowly turn the handle not wanting to startle you. I push the door open gently and it squeaks a little. I wince at the noise hoping you didn’t hear it. You glance back smiling and motion me to join you. I see your body submerged in the water and can’t wait to be with you. I walk over to the tub and you sit up. I slip in the water behind you and put my legs on either side of yours.
The warm water feels so good on my tight muscles but your body feels even better against mine. I lean us back into the water and start to rub your shoulders. You relax into my touch and sigh. I kiss behind your ear. You arch your neck for more attention and I happily continue. I move my hands further down your back and massage those muscles while I kiss along your shoulder. I love the way your skin feels under my fingertips. I can’t help myself and caress your arms down to your hands. I pull then out of the water one at a time and kiss them.
I slide my hands over your shoulders and down the front of your chest. I rest them above your breasts right underneath the surface of the water. I kiss your neck and shoulder more, feeling you back against my own breasts. I can feel my nipples pushing into your back as they get hard from the sight of your beautiful body. I close my eyes and use my sense of touch to feel all over your body; your chest, your left breast and then the right, your stomach and down your legs. I pause over your bellybutton before I go any farther. You lift one leg out of the water and rest it on the side of the tub. I take this as my queue.
I move my palm over your pussy and to the inside of your thighs. I can feel the heat of you over the heat of the water and smile. I rub your clit with the end of my finger and hear you sigh again. My finger starts to push on it rhythmically and I can feel you stirring, the water making ripples against our bodies. I pull you closer with my other arm and slowly start to massage your breasts again, one at a time. I roll your nipple between my fingers. I push a finger into your pussy and feel how hot you are. I can feel how wet you are inside and start to push in more.
I pull in and out slowly. Your pussy starts to clench around my finger and I push in faster. I keep kissing your shoulder down to the side of your arm. I move over your shoulder blade and kiss as far down your spine as I can. You put your hand on top of mine and intertwine our fingers. You bring them up to your lips. You turn your wrist over and kiss my palm. I move my head around so I can finally kiss your lips. We lean in and it’s like lightening through our bodies from our kiss. I move in and out of you faster as our lips stay locked into that kiss for a long couple of moments. I grab you to me and push my other finger deep inside of you. You gasp into my mouth and I grab you to me.
I move faster and faster, your hand tightening around mine. You haven’t let go yet. I move my fingers around inside of you feeling every inch of your pussy walls. I find your spot and concentrate on making you cum. I move my fingers over it, back and forth. You start to move your body in pleasure. Your hand gets tighter on mine and I bring it across your chest so I can play with your nipples some more.
As I play with your nipples I’m thrusting in and out of you faster. Your body starts to writhe against me. Your back keeps rubbing my own nipples turning me on. You finally let go of my hand and put it between my legs. You find my clit and start to rub it fast. I inhale sharply and concentrate on trying to make you cum before you make me cum. You push your fingers into my own pussy.
We match each other’s strokes making the water splash over the sides. Our moans echo off the walls of the bathroom. Our bodies start to shake against each other. I try to kiss your neck but another moan escapes my lips.
My pussy closes around your fingers. I’m going to cum. I move faster so we can cum with each other. I shake hard as the orgasm washes over my body and I moan. You push against me as your own takes over. I feel your cum all over my hand as I’m sure you can feel mine. The water is only half full in the tub as the rest is on the floor. We pull out of each other and breathe heavily, our chests heaving. I kiss your neck and smile. You turn around and kiss my lips. We towel off and head into the bedroom to get dressed…

ahmed geoReport

2010-03-19 14:17:56
good move sexy

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2009-08-30 13:30:27
very sweet

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