After two weeks of dealing with a terminally ill computer and another week of adjusting to a new computer I've finally managed to finsh the last chapter of Pornacopia Brown and I'm posting it before I head for bed. Next up is Ben 10 and the Second Summer, stick around if you want to see what I have planned for Ben, Gwen, Grandpa Max, and the friends and enemies they made during the first summer (including Charmcaster, Dr. Animo and several others). In the meantime enjoy the last chapter of Pornacopia Brown..
Chapter 7

“Stop that Pornacopia,” Lynn told her half brother as he came to the wall and turned to pace across the living room carpet again. She pulled her three month old daughter Ling away from her left nipple and shifted her to the other breast. “It’s not like this is the first time you had to wait for one of your children to be born.”

“I know that,” Pornacopia said nervously, pausing to give his daughter a quick smile as he walked past Lynn’s chair, “But before this it was just you and mom, this is Sally and I can’t help but worry about her and our baby. I didn’t mean that the way it sounded.”

“We know you didn’t Leroy,” Pornacopia’s mother said as she placed the finishing touch on her two month old’s diaper. Her new son Thomas gurgled happily as she picked him up from the changing table and held him against the rag she’d draped over her shoulder.

“Yeah,” Lynn chipped in, “mom and I may have a good share of your cock, but Sally is the one with your heart.”

“I have to agree with your mother and sister Pornacopia,” Mrs. Kimball said as she shifted the bulk of her swollen belly to a more comfortable position as she lay on the couch. While Sally’s father and chief Brown had driven her to the hospital the rest of the Kimball family had joined the Browns at their house to wait for the birth. At eight months Mrs. Kimball’s belly was larger than anyone else’s at full term, she claimed that it was because she’d already had several children and every one made her belly bigger than the last one, but Pornacopia suspected that she was carrying twins and wanted it to be a surprise.

From his old bedroom came the sound of several preteens, they’d been sent to bed an hour earlier but from the cries of pleasure it was clear that Paul and Danny were trying to get in a few more fucks with Cindy and Jane before their bellies got too large to enjoy fucking. It sounded like the four older kids weren’t the only ones enjoying themselves either, Pornacopia could hear the squeals of surprise and pleasure from the younger girls as they learned about sex from their brothers.

“Why don’t you sit down and give me a foot massage Pornacopia?” Mrs. Kimball suggested, pulling her feet up to make room for him on the end of the couch. “That will give you something to take your mind off Sally for a while, besides, it’s your fault my feet ache so much.”

“Ok,” Pornacopia said, thinking anything would be better than his pointless pacing. He sat down on the end of the couch and Mrs. Kimball placed her legs across his lap. “So, are you going to tell us the truth about why your belly is so large?”

“I already did,” Mrs. Kimball said with a moan of pleasure and pain as Pornacopia worked the knots out of her feet.

“While I think you’re lying,” Pornacopia said as he worked on Mrs. Kimball’s feet, “or at least exaggerating the truth.”

“I have to agree with Leroy on this one,” Mrs. Brown said as she sat down in the old fashioned rocker. Thomas let out a sleepy gurgle in her lap and then settled down to be rocked to sleep. “I don’t care how many babies you’ve already had, you don’t get that big with just one baby in your belly.”

“You’re right,” Mrs. Kimball said with a contented sigh as she scratched her exposed belly. “I am carrying twins, but I didn’t want to say anything before this because the doctor was worried one of the twins wouldn’t survive. But at the last checkup they were both fine. She said both babies should be perfectly healthy for the birth.”

“That’s a relief,” Lynn said Ling let out a loud burp and then settled down to a contented snore as she dropped off to sleep.

“Time for this little girl to go to bed,” Lynn said, carefully getting to her feet so she wouldn’t disturb her contented daughter. “I’ll just put her in her crib and be right back.”

“That sounds like a good idea for this little boy too,” Mrs. Brown said as she got up from her rocker and headed for the master bedroom and Thomas’s crib. “Now don’t go anywhere you two, we’ll be right back.”

“Mom, I don’t think we could go anywhere if we had to,” Pornacopia said while he continued to massage Mrs. Kimball’s feet.

“Sounds like they have something planned for us,” Mrs. Kimball whispered when Lynn and her mother were out of earshot.

“I don’t know about you,” Pornacopia said, “but they do have something planned for me. Not that I mind, I enjoy fucking, especially when I’m trying to knock up the girl I’m fucking.”

“You mean they’re both trying to get knocked up again?” Mrs. Kimball said in surprise.

“Lynn’s been trying for six weeks now,” Pornacopia admitted. “She thinks she already caught, but she doesn’t want to take any chances that she could miss her fertile period so we fuck every chance we get. Mom held off for a couple extra weeks because she still felt a bit sore after Thomas was born, but she informed me earlier today that she’s ready to go for another baby.”

“But why so soon after their first babies were born?” Mrs. Kimball asked with a concerned frown.

“Lynn says that she expects me to give her as many babies as I can between now and when Sally and I get married because she doesn’t expect to get any more after the wedding. And she insists on having a son for our daughter to fuck when they get old enough. I think she wants to have a son to fuck her as well once I’m no longer available.”

“Following in her step-mother’s footsteps,” Mrs. Kimball chuckled. “But what about your mother?”

“She and dad always wanted more children,” Pornacopia reminded Sally’s mother, “and she says she’s getting old enough that she may not have very many years left to have more babies so she wants me to knock her up as often as I can.”

“Sounds like you’re going to be busy for the next few years,” Mrs. Kimball said with a soft laugh.

“And very contented with all the pussy I’m going to have between now and the wedding.”

“I’m glad to hear that,” Sally’s mother said, “because with my husband so busy knocking up our daughters I need a regular source of baby juice for myself.”

“I’ll be happy to provide all the baby juice you need,” Pornacopia said with a grin as he massaged Mrs. Kimball’s feet.

With her eyes closed in pleasure Mrs. Kimball missed Lynn and Mrs. Brown’s return until she heard Lynn say, “So mom, whose turn is it to sleep with Pornacopia?”

“Well you had him all to yourself for the last six weeks,” Mrs. Brown pointed out. “Ever since you recovered from Ling’s birth and couldn’t put off fucking him anymore.”

“True,” Lynn said with a contented smile. “Does that mean that you’re ready to have him for the night?”

“I sure am,” Mrs. Brown said, eyeing her son hungrily.

“But mom, what if I haven’t caught yet?” Lynn asked with a frown.

“Well I’m not claiming him until we go to bed and that’s still a couple hours away,” Mrs. Brown pointed out.

“Great,” Lynn said, hurrying over to the couch she grabbed Pornacopia’s hand away from Mrs. Kimball’s feet and started pulling her half-brother to his feet. “Sorry Mrs. Kimball but I really need my brother’s cock right now.”

“I understand,” Mrs. Kimball said as she removed her feet from Pornacopia’s lap so Lynn could pull him away from the couch. “If I wasn’t too big to fuck I might fight you for his cock, but until the twins are born you and your mom can keep him in shape.”

“We will,” Lynn promised as she led Pornacopia to the recliner and pushed him in to the cushion. “Ok brother, we have a couple hours before mom takes you to bed so we should be able to get in a couple good fucks in that time. Let’s make sure that you have a baby brother for Ling in my belly by then.”

“I’ll do everything I can,” Pornacopia promised, “but you may want to give me a little help.”

“Of course,” Lynn said, dropping to her knees and reaching out to stroke some life her brother’s soft cock. “This little beauty is going to keep me knocked up for at least the next three years, and maybe longer than that if Sally will share you after the wedding.”

“No promises,” Pornacopia said with a sigh of pleasure when Lynn slurped his hardening cock between her lips and down her throat, “but if Sally is willing to share my cock than I’ll be happy to knock you up with all the babies you want.”

“Does that promise include me Leroy?” Mrs. Brown asked her son, “of course it does mom, you too Mrs. Kimball.”

“That sounds good to me,” Mrs. Kimball said, “and if you knock up your mom and Lynn before I recover from the twins I should have you all to myself.”

“Not all to yourself,” Lynn said, sliding Pornacopia’s now hard cock out of her throat and smiling up at her brother as she slid up her brother’s body until her slit hovered over his twitching cock. “After all, pregnant girls still like to fuck you know.”

“I sure do,” Mrs. Kimball said with a chuckle as she patted her swollen belly.

“Don’t worry, we’ll share him,” Mrs. Brown said with a chuckle, “emphasis on share, we’re not going to let you have his beautiful cock all to yourself, but we will share him.”

“Don’t I have any say in this?” Pornacopia asked with a low groan of pleasure as Lynn lowered herself into his lap and his cock slid slowly into her wet horny slit.

“Sure you do,” Lynn told her brother as she seated Pornacopia’s cock deep in her cunt and leaned forward to rub her erect nipples against his chest. “You have the same choices as a prize bull during breeding time, you get to decide which pussy you fuck first.”

“I guess I can live with that,” Pornacopia said, he grabbed his sister’s hips and held her steady as she slid her wet pussy up and down his hard cock.

“Pornacopia,” Lynn said, taking one hand off her brother’s shoulder and squeezing her tit until milk oozed from the tip of her erect nipple. “Your daughter didn’t finish her dinner, I hope you’re thirsty.”

“I’m always thirsty for more milk Lynn,” Pornacopia said as he tried to catch the milk coated nipple his sister offered him as she bounced her ass off his thighs. Lynn slowed down enough for Pornacopia to suck her nipple into his mouth and then picked her pace up again with a small moan of pleasure as her belly started to build toward her orgasm.

Once Pornacopia had a good hold on her nipple Lynn picked up the pace. She rotated her hips every time her ass smacked her brother’s thighs so that his cock rubbed the inside of her cunt and pushed her closer to her orgasm with every stroke.

“I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of watching those two fuck,” Mrs. Brown told Sally’s mother as the two of them watched brother and sister fuck enthusiastically. “The only thing I like better is getting that nice hard cock in my own pussy. Especially when I know he’s trying to knock me up with his own brother or sister.”

“I have to agree with you on both points,” Mrs. Kimball said. “He isn’t my son but I still love it when I feel his cock moving in and out of my wet pussy. Maybe after the twins are born I should give Paul or Danny a chance to knock up their own mother.”

“Trust me,” Pornacopia’s mother said, “you’ll love the feel of your own grandchild growing in your belly once they knock you up.”

“If the two of you are going to talk dirty you should speak up,” Lynn panted as she picked up her pace, she could feel her belly about to explode with her own orgasm and she suspected that Pornacopia was about ready to shoot his load deep in her belly and she wanted to cum with him. “It makes me so horny when I hear someone talking dirty.”

“I was just saying that maybe I’d try having my own grandson once the twins are born,” Sally’s mother said as Mrs. Brown chuckled at her friends words. “But then I’d miss Pornacopia’s nice hard cock slamming into me. Maybe I’ll make it a competition, have all three boys fuck me until I’m knocked up by one of them.”

“But how would you know which one of us won,” Pornacopia grunted as he lifted his ass off the chair to meet Lynn thrust for thrust.

“I didn’t think about that,” Mrs. Kimball said with a smile, “I guess we’d all win with the three of you fucking me raw until I was knocked up.”

“That sounds like a competition I’d enjoy,” Pornacopia said as he slammed his cock into Lynn’s descending pussy one last time as his balls clamped tight at the base of his prick and shot a large load of cum deep into his sister’s belly. Lynn was right there with him, screaming in pleasure as her climaxing cunt milked his shaft for all the baby juice it could find.

“I’ll get it,” Mrs. Brown said, rushing to the kitchen phone as her daughter collapsed on her son with a contented sigh.

When Mrs. Brown returned to the living room a few minutes later all eyes turned expectantly toward her as she paused to look around the room. “Well?” Pornacopia said, the first one to speak even though they were all anxious to hear the news.

“That was your father,” Mrs. Brown acknowledged, “he said Sally’s fine and so is your new daughter. He says Lynda looks just like her mother except that she has your nose and her hair is just a shade darker than Sally’s, but he doesn’t think anyone will ever guess that you’re the father from her looks.”

“That’s a relief,” Pornacopia said. “With you and Lynn everyone expects some family resemblance since we’re related, but I was worried about Sally’s baby.”

“Does that mean you’re not worried about my babies?” Sally’s mother asked, rubbing her bulging belly as she spoke.

“Not really,” Pornacopia said with a shrug while Lynn lifted herself off his cock with a soft moan of pleasure as the half hard shaft slipped out of her wet slit. “Since you’re married everyone knows - or thinks they know - who the father is. As long as your husband is willing to go along with your story I don’t think we have to worry about any rumors about us.”

“I guess you’re right,” Mrs. Kimball sighed, “still, it might be fun to find out what kind of stories would come up if anyone suspected the truth.”

“You always were a trouble maker,” Mrs. Brown said with a laugh. “Well, Sally and Lynda are spending the night in the hospital and our husbands should be here pretty soon. I’d offer to let you spend the night but that would mean someone would have to sleep on the couch.”

“It may be comfortable to stretch out on,” Mrs. Kimball said with a frown, “but I don’t want to spend the night on it, and I don’t want to kick anyone out of their bed. The kids have pretty much settled into Pornacopia’s old room so if you don’t mind I think I’ll let them spend the night here, but when our husbands get back I think we’ll be heading for our own bed back home.”

“Sounds like a good idea,” Mrs. Brown said with a nod, “I’ll make sure the kids get a good breakfast and you can pick them up later in the morning. So, Leroy, do you want to wait up for your father or should the two of us head for bed now?”

“Well,” Pornacopia said with a slow seductive grin, “I know you need as much sleep as you can get with the baby.”

“Not that I expect to get much sleep when you’re in my bed and I’m in my fertile period,” Mrs. Brown said in a quick aside to Sally’s mother.

“And there’s not really much I can do even after dad gets home,” Pornacopia continued, ignoring his mother’s comment except for the seductive grin on his lips. “I think we should head for bed right now.”

“That sounds like a wonderful idea,” Mrs. Brown said, standing up and taking her fourteen year old son by the hand.

“Goodnight Lynn, goodnight Mrs. Kimball,” Pornacopia called back, giving his half-sister and future mother-in-law a quick wave as his mother dragged him willingly to the waiting bed. “I’ll see you both in the morning.”

As soon as Pornacopia and his mother reached the master bedroom the teenager grabbed her by her hips and tossed her onto the waiting bed. “You know mom,” Pornacopia said, spreading his mother’s thighs and crawling between her legs to eat her pussy, “in spite of what Lynn thinks the odds are that you won’t get knocked up while you’re lactating.”

“I know,” Mrs. Brown told her son with a soft moan of pleasure as his tongue snaked it’s way between her pussy lips and into her fuck tunnel. “The hormones a woman creates while she’s lactating have almost the same affect as taking the pill - in fact it’s the same basic treatment. But you know very well that no form of birth control is completely affective. And just like a woman can still get pregnant while she’s on the pill, I can get pregnant while I’m lactating. Besides, do you think I’m going to give up any chance I have to fuck you between now and when you marry Sally?”

“I sure hope not,” Pornacopia said, giving his mother a big grin as he inched his way up her body until he reached her milk filled tits and started sucking on them greedily.

Pornacopia’s mother let out another soft moan as her son placed the tip of his cock against her wet slit and rotated her hips until the head was properly seated between her cunt lips. She grabbed Pornacopia’s hips and urged him forward, raising her naked ass off the bed covers to meet his thrust as he entered her body.

“I love fucking you so much mom,” Pornacopia said with a groan as his balls bounced off his mother’s round ass.

“You love fucking everyone Leroy,” Mrs. Brown said with a soft chuckle that ended with a soft moan of pleasure. “But none of us want you to change. The more you fuck, the better you get, and that’s why we all want you to keep going with every pussy you can get your cock in. Promise me you won’t stop fucking all of us as often as you can?”

“Mom,” Pornacopia said with a groan, “I don’t think I could stop if I had to. Now let’s see what we can do about making another baby.”

For the next few minutes mother and son were lost in the sheer pleasure of Pornacopia’s cock moving in and out of his mother’s hot fertile pussy. But all too soon Pornacopia recognized the tingle that always warned him that he was approaching his orgasm. He felt his balls tighten at the base of his shaft and looked up to warn his mother, but from the big grin on her face he realized that she already knew he was about to shoot his load.

“Here comes our new baby mom,” Pornacopia grunted as he slammed his cock deep into the older woman’s belly and held it there as his balls spasmed, shooting his baby juice where it belonged.

“I know Leroy,” Mrs. Brown told her son as her cunt clamped hard around her son’s shaft and tried to milk every last drop of sperm filled cum out of body. Her body shivered with her orgasm as well as the thought that she and her son could be making another baby as he collapsed on top of her.

“Sleep tight Leroy,” Mrs. Brown said, brushing his brown hair out of his face and smiling down on the father of her future children, “you’re going to need it before we’re done with you.”

Pornacopia wasn’t sure what time it was when he opened his eyes but it was still dark and he could barely make out the shape of his naked mother next to him in the queen size bed. He lay back and listened to the sound of her gentle breathing and wondered how long he could keep up with the demands of four horny females who wanted him to fuck them and knock them up as often as possible. Even as the thought passed through his head Pornacopia felt his cock stir and wondered if the real question was how long they could keep up with him.

- The End -

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