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The Brother lost his virginity after sister
Walking back toward Sheri's apartment in the darkness of late
evening, her brother Kevin felt an entirely different atmosphere
from what he had experienced late that afternoon on the same
street. The tall palms, dark and bulky against the night sky,
should have seemed foreboding, but he missed that aspect of the
street completely. Where earlier it had seemed staid and
lifeless, the lighted houses now appeared warm and inviting, and
there was no doubt in his mind about the human qualities of the
people within. The surroundings radiated with warmth, matching
the almost iridescent waves radiating from his satisfied ego ...
to say nothing of his body. It had been quite an evening!
He had asked Susan Hatton, wonderful Susan, to drop him off
several blocks from his sister's apartment, as he needed time to
think before returning to the unfamiliar apartment and the certain
questions from his sister. He walked in a semi-daze, his gait
somewhat buoyant, as if his feet were hardly touching the ground,
and in his mind, he recounted again and again the events of the
past few hours, imagining far more significance in each turning
point than was actually deserved.
Susan had been late, more than half an hour overdue, and he
had considered his waiting of major consequence. Had he become
angry, nervous, or simply given up and left, the whole thing would
never have happened! Actually, he had considered giving up after
the first fifteen minutes, but it was because he had little else
to do and nowhere to go that he remained standing in front of the
apartment window.
He was watching the undulating hips of a young female
stroller when a large, expensive Cadillac came speeding up the
street and suddenly U-turned in the middle of the street.
Immediately his heart began to pound in his chest, but in spite of
his overwhelming curiosity, he held back from going out to the
curb, waiting to be sure the car was going to stop. It did, and
when he saw the girl behind the steering wheel, he stayed frozen
to the spot, taking in a vision he had not anticipated.
She got out of the car on the driver's side, and for a moment
he figured she was someone else, possibly someone just visiting
the apartment building, but as she came around the vehicle, there
was no doubt that she was staring up at him. He silently thanked
his sister as the girl came into full view, her appearance far
better than he ever would have expected. In fact she was
downright sexy!
Her pretty young face was smooth and unblemished, a face that
could easily be taken as that of an innocent young girl, but there
was something more, something in her look that implied experience.
Her reddish-brown hair was straight and long, the purposely uneven
ends falling at least six inches below her shoulders, and its
thick lushness was such that he thought it would be a joy to
touch. He was relieved to see she was wearing a casual outfit,
the cardigan sweater with large buttons down the front, and a
short skirt of material similar to the sweater, and his eyes
roamed excitedly over the lush young figure her clothes revealed.
"You must be Kevin, Sheri's brother?" she said, her voice
soft and pleasant when he reached the curb, slightly out of
breath. She extended her right hand as she came up beside him,
and he touched it lightly, feeling the warmth of her flesh against
his palm.
"Right you are. And you're Susan of course!"
She nodded in answer, her bright blue eyes flashing as she
openly looked him over. He held her hand a little too long to be
a simple greeting, and the moment that they stood face to face
seemed like hours of intense wonder. He remembered it as being
the time of decision, the second major event of the evening.
As he thought back on it while walking home to the apartment,
he couldn't clearly remember what he had said after the initial
meeting, but instead it had seemed like he took command so to
speak, guiding her to the expensive Caddy, then sliding behind the
wheel himself. He didn't think he had even bothered to ask if she
minded his driving her car. One thing had been certain however,
and that had been his total unconcern about where they went for
"If you're really hungry, we can go to a restaurant, but what
do you say we just grab a hamburger somewhere?"
It was the right thing to say, though he wasn't aware of it.
Susan liked his manner, because he obviously wasn't trying to
impress her with money.
"Hamburgers sound fine."
Her reply had made things simple for him, and he happily
drove the expensive car toward one of the nearby drive-ins.
They conversed along the way, but it was mostly small talk,
the kind that feels out the other person without being too
blatant. As he had surmised, the car was her father's, but he was
surprised to learn that she had lied to her parents and was
supposed to be out with other girls from her high school tonight.
"It was the only way I could get my father to give me the
car. I didn't want to go into any long explanation. He was late
getting home, and I was afraid you wouldn't wait," she said
smiling mischievously.
The prattle continued while they ate hamburgers and French
fries, and they became so engrossed with each other, they got
hungry all over again. Kevin was first to suggest having
something else, and she readily agreed.
"You know, I'd like another hamburger!"
"Me too!" she replied, and they both laughed.
They ate their second "dinner" in an even more relaxed mood
than the first. They joked about each other's schools, and
compared notes on the types of teachers each had. Through it all,
however, he couldn't keep his mind off Susan's sexy body.
The top two buttons of her sweater had been left unfastened
and just enough of her young firm breasts was exposed to keep him
somewhat distracted. The lush fullness filled her sweater nicely,
and he was pretty sure that the small pointed impressions in the
middle meant she was wearing no brassiere. When she leaned
forward across the narrow table, he could look in the open top of
her sweater and see the upper part of her hugely-set breasts and
the narrow valley plunging down into darkness between their firm,
full roundness. When that happened, it was difficult for him to
hear what she was saying.
Several times during the meal his cock jerked hotly in his
pants from just looking at her, and, as chance would have it, when
they finished eating he was painfully hard. He stayed seated,
waiting for his hard-on to recede, and the moment he thought it
would no longer be noticeable, he jumped up and suggested they
leave. It wasn't until they were back in her car that he realized
he didn't know where to go next.
"Anything special you'd like to do?" he asked, putting the
burden on her. He knew what he wanted to do, but he felt it might
be a little too early to just drive somewhere and park.
"We're near a place I know. You drive, and I'll give
directions," she answered, her smile telling him more than he
He realized later that if he had known where she was guiding
him, he most probably would have been too nervous to take
advantage of the situation when they got there. He had believed
she was talking about an ice cream parlor or something, and had
driven innocently along according to her directions, all the time
wishing that he had a private place to take her. In retrospect,
it was his success at covering his surprise when they reached "the
place," that had to be the final significant turning point on the
road to his achievement of the evening. What remained was etched
clearly in his mind as an event he knew he would never forget.
He had driven the car without conscious concern where her
directions were taking them, but instead, he thought about the
places he might go later in the evening. He was frustrated by his
lack of knowledge of the area, and he was unable to come up with a
satisfactory conclusion to his thoughts. There was no place he
knew of that would be private enough to make him feel comfortable
in his efforts to conquer her luscious young body. But his
frustration was quickly replaced by excitement when he realized
where Susan Hatton was guiding him.
"Turn left there ... on the other side of that big oak tree!"
she said.
It suddenly dawned on the teenager that they were headed
toward the low coastal hills, and when he saw the narrow dirt road
beyond the large oak tree, he realized she wasn't talking about
just any old place. In the rear view mirror he could see the
shimmering lights of the harbor area, spread out below ... a
carpet of colored jewels.
"Stop here!" she said suddenly.
"O.K., you fooled me. I haven't the slightest idea where we
are," he said, looking around the deserted area. Once the car
headlights were shut off, the nearest light he could see appeared
to be miles away.
"Simple. This is the beginning of a new suburban housing
development. Out there about half a mile is where the first
buildings are going up," she said pointing over to her right.
It was too dark for him to see what she was pointing at, but
he nodded to imply that he understood, though he didn't. If it
wasn't for the dull glow from the city lights far below them on
the hill, he thought he wouldn't even be able to see her sitting
next to him.
"That's very interesting. How did you know about this
place?" He made the comment lightly, but he was seriously
interested in knowing. He still wasn't sure how much experience
she had, and if she had been in that spot with others in the past,
he would have some idea of what he could expect to get from her.
"That's easy, my father engineered this whole thing!" She
gestured with her arms as if to indicate everything around them.
He was impressed, but he didn't show it, as he was more
interested in why she had led him to that spot. It certainly
wasn't just to show him her father's development!
"I don't think I could ever get any work done having a view
like that to look at all day ... Kinda spectacular, huh?" He
wanted to get the conversation back to themselves.
"I thought you'd like what you could see up here," she
stated, her double meaning unmistakable.
"I do," he said turning to look at her. He was still sitting
directly behind the steering wheel, and she was across the wide
seat, almost against the door. But her eyes seemed to beckon to
him, an invitation to slide over next to her voluptuous young
figure. Her long, tapering legs were stretched out in front of
her, but not crossed, and in that position, her already short
skirt seemed even shorter to him. The smooth white flesh of her
thighs was almost completely exposed, and he felt a twitch in his
pants as he imagined what was nestled a few scant inches up from
the hem of that tantalizingly short skirt.
He hesitated, not realizing that his pause had a dramatic
effect, and when she rolled her tongue slowly over the soft red
oval of her parted lips, he moved over toward her. Her eyes
stayed fixed on his, as if she were overcome by his intense
physical presence, and it was enough to give him all the
confidence he needed. She was willing and ready, of that he felt
certain, but for how much, he didn't know.
His mind was filled with questions as he leaned close to her,
his mouth slightly open as he pressed it against her parted lips.
He didn't really know very much about Susan Hatton, and he was
wondering if she was actually only interested in some innocent
petting. But then he felt the warm, wet flesh of her tongue
slipping between their tightly joined lips, and the unusual thrill
that danced through his loins made him decide to go for broke.
A feverish sense of urgency took hold of him, and he answered
her kiss, driving his tongue deep inside the warm moist cavern of
her mouth in a plunging search for heightened pleasure. She
responded by opening her mouth wider, and her reaction encouraged
him to explore her sensually curved young body with his hands.
Caressing her softness through the warm, smooth material of
her sweater, the eager sixteen year old found that even limited
contact with her body made his blood begin to boil. His desire-
engorged penis was painfully hardened in the restrictive
confinement of his pants, and he twisted on the car seat in an
effort to get comfortable. He wanted to open his fly to free his
rigidly lengthened cock, but it was an action that he couldn't
bring himself to do. It had to wait until he was sure she was
ready to let him put it to work, and while letting his hands roam
more intimately over her, he still was afraid of moving too
quickly, too soon.
He kissed her harder, his tongue teasing at the sensitive
inner flesh of her mouth, believing his action would distract her
from his real purpose as he ran the palm of one hand up over the
tips of the full rounded mounds of her breasts. Even with the
sweater between, he knew that he was feeling the erect bud of her
nipple, and the idea of seeing her breasts naked made him even
bolder. With the fingers of one hand, he unfastened the buttons
running down the front of her sweater, unaware that she was
sloping her shoulders forward to make his efforts easier, and once
the last button was undone, he pushed the soft material to either
He was surprised to find she was wearing no brassiere, even
though he'd thought before that she probably wasn't. The direct
contact with her warm smooth flesh made his heartbeat quicken, and
he cupped his hand over one soft resilient mound, feeling the
hardness of her tiny nipple. His fingers instinctively squeezed
the pliant flesh, rolling the bud-like tip between his thumb and
forefinger, and the provocative brunette reacted by twisting her
lips from his, then moving her mouth close to his ear.
"Let me kiss your thing," she had whispered, and then for
emphasis, she had moved her hand over the excitedly rising bulge
in his pants.
Reflecting on it as he walked along the quiet street, Kevin
wondered what exactly had gone through his mind when his date for
the evening had spoken those stimulating words. What had followed
occurred quickly, though each second of it was as vivid in his
memory as if it had just happened. He knew that Susan's
suggestion had without a doubt appealed to him, but he had it in
his mind then to fuck her, and he guessed he'd thought to take her
up on her offer at a later time. He wished he had her sensual
young mouth around the head of his cock right now as he walked
along the street, but somehow he had the idea that he would never
see her again. The earlier events of the evening now seemed
almost unreal, as even the place they were parked had been too
good to be true. It was so isolated that he didn't have to worry
about someone interrupting them, and he thought perhaps that was a
help in what happened next.
His sensitive young penis had jerked in his pants as her hand
rubbed against its hardness, and he thought he would be unable to
hold back his boiling sperm when he realized her fingers were
unzipping his fly. Christ, he had to get into her pussy, and
fast! Dropping his hand from her breast, he reached under the hem
of her skirt to slide his fingers up between her soft inner
thighs. He was anticipating difficulty with her panties in the
close confines of the car, but as his fingers moved closer to his
goal, he felt the soft tickle of her pubic hair against them. For
a second, he hesitated, but then, as his hand moved on up between
her slightly parted thighs, he suddenly felt his fingers pressing
into her warm, naked cunt. Susan wasn't wearing panties!
Trembling with excitement, he traced the unfamiliar outline
of her wetly waiting pussy, running his fingers over the soft
hair-covered mound that was divided by the narrowest of slits up
between her legs. Her pubic hair was soft and silky in texture,
and he parted it with his middle finger to feel the warmly
pulsating flesh of her vaginal lips. By that time she had his
zipper down and was working with the fastener at the waist of his
pants while he slowly and carefully worked his finger up into the
hair-fringed folds of her moistly seeping cunt. She stopped her
frantic groping for his penis for a moment and clamped her legs
together, trapping his hand tightly between her inner thighs. It
was like he was directing her thoughts as his middle finger
pressed against her clitoris, and she moaned aloud from the wild
stimulation it created.
"Ooooohhh ... yesss ... Oh, Kevin, rub it there!"
Feeling the hardened little pleasure bud under his fingertip,
he rolled it back and forth, and each movement of his finger
seemed to be amplified through her twisting body like great
crashing waves. She intermittently groaned and gasped as he
massaged her clitoris with quickening motions, and her entire body
seemed to be guided by his middle finger, suspending her in
thrilling ecstasy. Then, as if she had never stopped, she again
started working with the clasp of his pants, only her actions now
were more frantic, creating a tantalizing new feeling of mystery
and urgency.
With his mind already imagining the stirring excitation of
having her hand on his nakedly upstanding penis, Kevin moved his
middle finger down the soft, curl-covered furrow of the brazen
girl's pussy until he felt the warm moisture around the tight
little opening of her cunt. Screwing his finger into the smooth,
butter-soft flesh, he wormed it unhesitatingly up inside the
narrow passageway until his palm was pressed flat against her
naked pubic mound. At the same moment that the slick wet walls of
her pussy flesh clamped tightly around his middle finger, she
succeeded in getting his rigid cock free of his pants.
Clear of the confining material, his blood-filled shaft
swelled even larger, purple veins throbbing with pumping blood as
she grasped it in her hand. He was anticipating the contact, and
when it came, his whole body tensed with exhilarating desire.
After a moment of exploring its rigid shape with her fingers, she
began to tease and stroke his excitedly pounding member while
grinding her own widely spread pelvis down against his lewdly
buried finger, and a flood of passion took over his mind and body.
He had to get inside of her ... had to ... had to fuck her until
every drop of his cum was drained from his sperm-bloated balls.
"Now," he groaned, twisting across the car seat to position
himself on the floor in front of her. It was awkward as his pants
dropped down around his thighs, but there was enough room in the
large car so that he could position himself on his knees between
her wide-spread legs. His erectly jutting cock was pointing
toward the spot his finger had probed only seconds before, and
that was the way he wanted it.
The floor of the car felt hard under his knees, but he did
not concern himself with the minor discomfort. It was his first
real chance to see what he had been fondling with his fingers. He
stared with excited anticipation as the teenage girl, her eyes
glazed with lust, pulled her skirt up and bunched it obscenely
around her hips.
There was no question about her being aroused, and yet at the
same time her slow, deliberate hip movements were driving him
crazy. It was the most sexually stimulating sight he'd ever seen,
and it was all he could do to hold back and not lunge for her
immediately. Her open sweater was a soft frame for the twin
mounds of her proudly quivering breasts, and the dark pink nipples
that crowned the lust-inciting flesh were hardened like raised
buttons. But more important to him at that moment was the simple
fact that her hot young pussy was completely exposed to his gaze.
Her naked lower torso was a glowing white expanse of warm feminine
flesh, and nestled right below her flat belly, there between her
soft inner thighs, was the silky smooth curve of her curl-rimmed
little pussy!
He looked up, awe-struck for a second, and his heartbeat
quickened as he saw the tip of her tongue roll slowly and wetly
around her full sensual lips. Her breasts seemed to quiver with
her heavy breathing. Then she was sinking down, squirming her
naked buttocks across the seat toward the smooth, rubbery flesh at
the head of his throbbing cock. She hesitated for an instant, but
then gasped as if having to resign herself to a craving need. As
she slouched down, her wide-splayed knees rising, she moved her
glistening pink pussy lips to the edge of the seat, close enough
so that the wisps of her dark pubic hair were brushing lightly
against the tip of his rigid penis.
"Ooooh, do it to me ... Fuck me, Kevin ... NOW!"
Her lewd words reverberated through his lust-crazed brain, a
mixture of sensual pleading and positive demand. Groaning with
unleashed passion, the young teenager arched his hips forward,
thrusting at her open little cunt mouth with urgent abandon, but
she held him back with her hands on his shoulders as if cautioning
him to go slowly. Feeling ashamed of his display of over-
eagerness, he slowed down, but his testicles throbbed with the
pressure of swirling sperm as she used the tip of his blood-
engorged penis to teasingly part the thin hair-lined slit of her
pussy. It was all he could do to keep from spewing his cum all
over her naked belly right then, as the smooth, tickling contact
of her pussy hairs sent shock after shock of violent pleasure up
the length of his rigidly swollen cock.
Then it was there. The lust-thickened cock-head was pressing
into the tight wet mouth of her vagina, and she raised her
buttocks up off the seat as if signaling that she was ready to
suck him up inside her desire-inflamed flesh.
Kevin's only thought was to get his painfully aching young
cock buried in her heated cuntal depths, and nothing could have
stopped him then, including the girl changing her mind. He
pressed forward, feeling the resistance of the elastic-like outer
lips give way to his rock-hard penis, and for a moment the pink
flesh of her tight young cunt rolled inward with his thrust. But
then, the path was suddenly clear, and he snapped his hips
forward, driving his long hard rod of flesh deep up inside the
tightly clasping passage until the whole pulsating head was caught
in the unyielding grip of her cunt mouth.
"Ooooohhh, darling! You're so biggg!" Susan moaned through
passion-tensed lips, and she spread her legs, pulling her knees as
far apart and as far back as was possible in the close confinement
of the car seat.
Kevin was in complete control of the situation now, and he
knew it, although this was the first time he'd ever fucked a girl.
She was at his mercy. He ground his heavily throbbing cock
forward a fraction of an inch at a time, and each tiny advance
brought a squeal of pleasure from the depths of the wealthy girl's
throat. His pounding cock seemed to grow even larger as it
gradually unfolded deeper and deeper in her tight warm pussy
flesh, and he could feel the walls of the flowering passage
parting before him and sucking wetly and warmly all around the
sensitized shaft of his cock. It was almost more than he could
stand, yet the apparent mastery he experienced over her body and
mind at that moment kept him from ramming the whole length of his
cock up into her quivering belly with one vicious thrust. As he
ground his buttocks around, fucking deeper and deeper, she seemed
to become more and more frantic with lust, and finally with all of
his senses stimulated, the youth could no longer proceed bit by
bit. The sight, smell and feel of her sensually squirming body
was just too overwhelming, and with nearly half of his rock-hard
cock still protruding from her tautly locked pussy, he thrust
forward to drive the remaining length all the way home.
"Ooooohhh ... God! Uuuuggghhh!" She cried out as the
fullness of his thickly pulsating flesh drove mercilessly up the
desire-moistened passage of her resisting cunt until the blunt tip
smashed heavily into her cervix. His almost hairless young loins
slapped up against her cock-pierced loins with a loud thud, the
impact causing the full twin mounds of her breasts to jiggle on
her chest.
For a moment he was afraid to move, as the sensation of her
tight vagina rippling warmly around his flaming cock made it lurch
perceptibly close to orgasm, and he took several quick breaths in
an effort to still the sperm in his pounding balls. Jesus! In
her own car, he was fucking the most sensual female animal he'd
ever known in his life, the first woman he'd ever fucked in his
life! He had to get on with it, and quick!
She began to moan softly in his ear, grinding her naked
buttocks up hungrily against his loins, and the tantalizing motion
made his cock jerk several times deep inside her burning womb.
Feeling every inch of her contracting cunt around his deeply
imbedded shaft, he withdrew with a long even stroke until only the
huge, bulbous head remained inside the clasping mouth of her
pussy. Her obscene undulations seemed even more animated now, as
though begging him to plunge back up into her, and he acknowledged
her unspoken plea with a vicious forward thrust, ramming into her
belly with agonizing force.
"Aaaaaggghh ... Oooohh ... Yesss, lover! Like that! Like
The silken hair-covered lips of her cunt seemed to snap up
his lengthy cock as he drove it to maximum depth, the smooth wet
walls rippling before it as the thick head skewered even deeper
into her quaking belly. What a fuck ... What a wild, ecstatic
fuck, he thought, better than he'd ever expected his first time to
be. Her eyes, wide open, looked down over jiggling breasts at the
thick rod of male flesh ramming up between her milk-white legs,
and the harder he drove, the wider her eyes became. Her tongue
flicked wetly out of her sensuous mouth again and again, as if
tasting some invisible pleasure that clung to her soft parted
lips. Her breasts, ripe, round and pointed, were rising and
falling with her excited breathing, and the dark material of her
skirt bunched at her waist served as startling contrast to their
pale form. It was a sight he had dreamed about many times.
He fell into an easy rhythmic motion, his hands gripping her
smoothly flaring hips to control the violent pace, and he too
stared in awe at the glistening pussy that seemed to be perfectly
made for his rigid penis. On the long instroke his pubic hair
would entangle with the thin dark wisps of her sparsely growing
pubic curls, his cum-heavy balls slapping into the deep crevice
dividing her ass-cheeks. Leaning back, he could watch the pink
flanges of her tightly gripping cunt roll outward with his
withdrawing penis as if wanting to hold on, keeping it from ever
leaving her hungering cuntal depths. The sight was exhilarating,
and the lust-crazed young teenager drove his cock deep into the
very core of her loins on the verge of exploding with his growing
Susan was grinding back and forth beneath his long hard
thrusts, her knees lifted up and out wide, spreading her
vulnerable young cunt to his will. Her deep throaty groans became
louder and louder, and she pulled at his waist with her hands,
seeming to plead for her final and complete submissive debasement.
"Oh yes! Fuck me! Fuck me, lover! Fuck me hard like that!
Fuck me!" she chanted, the lewd lust-inciting words intoned to
each of his frantic yet rhythmic strokes.
There were so many things he wanted to do to her while he had
her like this, numerous images of sexual fantasy filling his brain
so quickly that he didn't know where to begin, and the thoughts of
those pleasures were so intense, he knew he was destined to finish
before he ever really got started. She was just too arousing, too
animalistic in her sexual frenzy, and he was unable to contain
himself any longer.
"God ... going to cum ... I'm ... uugghhh!"
He jerked his hips forward with hard urgent thrusts, the
swollen, blood-filled head of his cock buried deep in her burning
cunt, and he gasped again and again as he struggled to hold back
his boiling sperm another second. An electric sensation at the
tip of his deep-sunk cock sent pleasure signal after pleasure
signal up the turgid length of his thickly distended shaft, and
his balls released the heated cum with swift reply.
Groaning, Kevin shoved his full quivering length into her
wide-splayed cunt as the sperm dashed wildly through his heavily
jerking young penis, and he groaned again as the first shattering
burst of thick male cum shot out with tremendous force from the
dilated tip and splashed deep into her receptively waiting vaginal
channel. She was ready for it, and she shoved her hips up to meet
his forward lunge, locking him tightly against her pelvis with the
backs of her calves wrapped serpent-like around his hard-driving
"Oooohhh! God, lover! Give it to meee! Give it to meee!
I'mmm cuuummmiiinnnggg!"
The soft wet walls of her spewing cunt seemed to ripple
crazily up and down the full length of his jerking cock, flash
after flash of her orgasm exploding from deep in her naked belly.
Her sensuality was all consuming, and Kevin felt the overpowering
sensations might last forever. She squirmed and writhed against
his squirting, swollen cock, gasping and moaning alternately as
the thrills of her own orgasm racked through her luscious young
body, and the combined juices of their mutual climax dripped
slowly back out around the thick base of his penis, soaking their
tangled pubic hair with its warm, clinging stickiness.
What a way to go ... What a beautiful fucking way to go!
Kevin thought, realizing that his cock was half-hard again, trying
to put the images of young Susan Hatton out of his mind as he
neared the entrance to the apartment building. His date had ended
abruptly after his still jerking young cock had pulled from her
satiated vagina. She had hurriedly buttoned up her sweater and
pulled her skirt down, and without speaking had slid behind the
wheel and started the car. A bit confused by her actions, he had
held back saying anything until they were close to his sister's
apartment, and then he had simply asked her to drop him there.
She had said something earlier, but he'd paid little attention to
her. He was totally overcome by his own reaction to the evening,
and since he would be returning to Santa Maria after the Christmas
vacation, he doubted there was much chance of seeing Susan again,
When he entered the apartment grounds, he stopped for a
moment to look at the building, dark against the night sky, and as
he'd expected, everything around him looked different. Everything
looked different to the young teenager now that he was no longer a
virgin. But the most important element of his adventures that
evening was that they held out the promise of other, more daring
experiences, and he made a mental note to keep that fact foremost
in his mind. By doing so, he felt certain that even the Christmas
vacation might prove to be as exhilarating as tonight.

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