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Conrad and Ruby Jackson had talked and talked and there was only one topic of conversation their 8 year old daughter Bonnie.
Educating the girls

By Anon y mouse

Chapter 1: Popping Bonnie’s cherry

Conrad and Ruby Jackson had talked and talked and there was only one topic of conversation their 8 year old daughter Bonnie.
Conrad was convinced that it was time that her virginity was taken. Ruby was a little unsure about the subject as she did not have her virginity taken till she was 11 by her dear Father who was kind and gentle while her mother watched.
It had hurt the first time her Father had inserted his Cock in her but after the initial shock she grew used to it and it became a feature of their home life until she married Conrad
In fact her Father had sex with her up to a month before their wedding.
Conrad on the other hand wanted his daughter to lose her virginity but not be the one to take it. He was also aware that if he did nothing some sleazy boy would rape her or get her pregnant and that was not ideal either.
The next best solution was to seek a professional a paediatrician. Ruby’s friend told her that her 8 year old daughter was helped by Dr. Patterson. Ruby explained to Conrad and the matter was settled. The fact that he was a Doctor made all the difference.
“Hey Ruby” said Dr. Patterson, “What brings you here today?
“Well we have a problem at our house Doctor, Conrad thinks it is time to bust Bonnie’s cherry and I am afraid she is too young.”
“Let me consult how old is she now?”
“She is 8.”
“Good grief, some girls are fucking by 8, you know that. “
“I know Doctor, but Conrad has a huge cock and he likes to fuck hard, I mean I love it, but for her first time, I am afraid and he feels the same that he will hurt her”
“You want me to talk to Conrad?”
“Well, I have already done that. The reason we are here today is I want you to take her cherry. You have a lot of experience and I know you will be gentle.”
I explained that I knew of at least one other girl he helped and would be very grateful if he would do the honours
“Yes I have been able to help a few girls, when do you want to make the appointment for?”
“Well I was wondering if you could do it now”
“Let me see now”
He rang his nurse who came in with his appointment diary the nurse smiled at me and waited for the Doctor.
“Well he said I am on rather a busy schedule this morning but it seems my afternoon has some free space how does 1:30 sound”
“Fine Doctor will you do it here?”
“Yes it will be done here it is a safe and clean environment”
“Then we shall be back in plenty of time is there any preparation you need her to make”
“No just bring her along but first I want to hear what Bonnie has to say?”
“Hell, she said for us to pick someone or she was gonna.”
“OK, bring her in.”
Ruby went out into the lobby and bought Bonnie into the Doctor’s office
“Bonnie, your mom tells me you are ready for your first sexual experience, is that right?”
Bonnie looks at him strangely, not sure what he said.
“I want to get fucked, is that what you meant?”
“Yes, sorry if I was not clear.”
“”Doctor, says Bonnie, “We just talk plain talk at our house, we say fuck.”
“Well, says the Doctor, then fuck it is”
Assuring himself that both parties are agreeable he asks the nurse to write up the appointment.
“Nurse will you see them out and take care of them please?”
Ruby and Bonnie follow the nurse and are given a card with the time and date on it with it she also whispers something to Bonnie.
“It will be alright sweetie, the Doctor has done this many times and I have assisted I can be in the room if you like or your mother or both”
“Thank you”
“You welcome honey there is a coffee shop down the corridor or you can visit the candy store on the next floor up”
There was a 3 hour wait and they decided to do both, Ruby thanked the nurse and they headed for the Cafe.
“What would you like?”
“Orange juice and an ice bun”
“Fine I’m having a coffee and donut”
They made their purchases and sat at a table near the wall. Making small talk Ruby asked her daughter
“Are you sure this is what you want?”
“Yes momma I am sure it will be OK”
Ruby’s hands were trembling at the thought of what she and Conrad were putting her through and if it was not for the kindness of the Doctor and his professionalism she would have walked out in spite of Conrad.
After a while they made their way to the candy shop Bonnie was delighted to get some liquorice sweets and Ruby began to relax.
While in there she overheard a woman and her daughter talking the mother first
“Was it ok honey did it hurt”
“A bit a first” the child replied “But the Doctor was so kind and gentle after a while the pain went and he just made me happy”
“Good” her mother replied “Then you deserve this treat”
“Will Father be ok to do me now?”
“Yes darling he can now the Doctor had to go first your Father is a little large but you can cope now I am sure”
And with that they were gone. Ruby’s mind raced I wonder if that girl just done what Bonnie was about to do. Time was passing and Ruby noticed the clock in the shop and reckoned it was time they went back to the waiting room.
As they walked through the door a little girl holding her Father’s hand came out of the Doctors office the Father saying “See honey that was fine wasn’t it”.
“Yes Father can we go home and try some more please”.
“Sure honey” and he kissed her forehead.
The nurse beckoned Ruby and Bonnie to sit.
“Doctor will be ready for you soon, you are early you still have a 20 minute wait there are some magazines over there or if Bonnie wants there is a play area with a few toys”.
Bonnie chose to fetch a small doll from the pile and was playing with it removing the panties and thumbing over the exposed area Ruby watched on in amazement.
“Doctor is ready now if you want to go through”.
Ruby held Bonnie by the hand as they went through the Doctor’s door the nurse followed them in.
“Well Bonnie it is time are you ready”.
“Yes Doctor”.
With that he instructed her to take off her clothes. While she undressed, so did he. Ruby was still in the room.
“Ruby” said Doctor, “Are you going to watch? “
“Yea, if it ok with you”.
“It is ok, but do not interrupt
“Do you want the nurse here as well?”
“No we will be fine I am sure”
Ruby sat down and allowed Dr Patterson to continue.
Bonnie was ordered to lie on the exam table. First he felt around her Vagina and Bottom he paid special attention to her slit and proceeded to rub it. He went to his drawer and put on a special pair of gloves.
The Doctor says, “Bonnie you are staring at my cock and balls, ever seen any this close? “
“Not this closes up. I’ve seen dad’s balls, but he was across the room.”
“I am average size darling, so I will not hurt you.”
Placing a gloved finger in her pussy and one in her bottom the doctor seemed satisfied. Bonnie felt a little discomfort but did not make a sound
The Doctor ordered Bonnie to kneel in front of him with her face inches from his cock.
“Now take it in your mouth and suck it so it will get hard.”
She was good; she sucked hard, not only his cock, but his nuts. He had an average cock, but his balls were big, just hanging there, she licked and licked them, taking them into her mouth.
Her mother was watching feeling very horny at the sight of her 8 year old daughter sucking the man’s cock.
“Ruby,” says Doctor, “You could help Bonnie if you wish. “
She got on her knees beside her daughter and started to suck, it was not long and the Doctor was hard.
He told Bonnie to lie back on the table and he pushed it in and in one fell swoop. That took Ruby by surprise as Bonnie screamed out.
Doctor said, “I have learned it is better to drive it home quick and get the pain over with, and then she can enjoy the fuck.”
With that he started to stroke and stroke his cock in and out of her pussy. Ruby sat back down and began playing between her legs as the Doctor worked on her daughter.
The girl was gasping as the cock went in and out and her breath became laboured around the same time Ruby felt her orgasm flow.
A short time later, the Doctor blew his load,
Then the Doctor told Ruby to clean him up and clean up Bonnie. Ruby enjoyed taking the sperm that the Doctor had loaded into her daughter and Bonnie enjoyed having her mother clean her out.
“Well Bonnie, are you ready for Father now?”
“Oh yea, momma say’s he is bigger than you, but I can take him.”
Doctor said, “Well, you’re a good girl. Just one last thing I need your panties.”
Ruby handed her daughters panties to the Doctor
“And yours Ruby please now I do have to see other patients, so let yourself out, I’ll send you the bill.”
As they left the Doctors Bonnie smiled at her mother and said
“I can’t wait to get Father inside me and feel his sperm”

To be continued...............................


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Good read and much more to follow

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