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She would do anything to save her marriage, Anything!
After the party

By Samantha G.

Lynn and I were on our way down to the ground floor to go for lunch at our favorite near-by spot. The elevator stopped at the fifth floor and a total corporate asshole got on. You know the kind; he wore only suits that were tailor-made and started at three grand. The kind that wouldn’t acknowledge your existence unless he heard the word,’ Sir” at the end of every sentence. His label was, The Assistant to the Assistant to the C0-Ceo, of Marketing. Yep, he was the ’brother-in-law’ to a big suit. Twenty-one, freshly married, and a recent graduate of some Ivy League business school.

“Good Morning Mr. Hines.” We huddled at the back of the almost empty elevator. He got in and nodded, then quickly turned to face the closing doors only inches away from taking his nose off.

“Sammie.” Lynn whispered for me to look down at her hand as she quickly started to jack-off her imaginary cock at the back of this suit, while she stuck out her tongue at the back of his heavily jelled head.

“Mrs. Hines,” I leaned over and whispered in Lynn’s ear.” Is a lucky woman.” I raised my hand with a pinky finger extended, waving it back and forth. Hines couldn’t hear any of this, thanks to the loud radio speakers in there. He got off on the second floor and walked out.

“Have a nice day, Mr. Hines.” The door closed as we saluted him with our middle fingers extended. He never bothered to turn around.

“God dam.” I looked at Lynn. The elevator continued towards our ground floor. “He reminds me of my ex-husband, Rob.”

Lynn would hear my story about my corporate married husband, Rob. He was married, but only to the place where he worked. The first year of our marriage was good, but not great. We struggled to make ends meet. I was just hired by an ad agency in Phoenix, and Rob continued to bust his balls for a promotion that would never come at the accounting firm.

By the end of our eighth year of marriage, I realized it was ending and I desperately grasped at straws to keep it together. I would have done anything for Rob. I would have done anything to keep us together. I really loved him. Though he rarely thought of us. I even did a lingerie-modeling shoot for a local designer.

God, I hated that day. I never wanted to be a model, as it made me so uncomfortable knowing I was on display in the public arena. All kinds of people could see me in skimpy underwear. But I did it, hoping it would surprise him and get a spark back into our intimacy. But it did just the opposite.

I carefully laid copies of the photo-proofs on our dining room table, among lit scented candles. I slipped into my sexiest black see-through teddy, and nothing else. I lay on our bed, waiting for him to come home from work. Six hours later, he woke me up as he quietly got into bed and fell asleep. I silently got up and walked into our dark dining room. The candles were all blown out. And the pictures were in a neat stack, face down. I sat at the table and quietly cried for an hour.

“Did he turn gay?” Lynn asked as we got our food delivered to the table.

“No, but there was something different about him.” I began to explain.” I tried one more option.”

“What’s that?” asked Lynn, as she got closer to keep my secret.

“Swinging.” I whispered.

“WHAT?” Her gasp was heard at nearby tables, but no one turned to look.

“Yeah, he watched me get fucked by another man.” Her eyes grew wide with excitement.

“Are you kidding me?”

“No, he was with the pretty wife, and I got her husband.”

“How was it?” Lynn was prying now. I held my hands wide apart, giving her an idea on the husbands’ size.

“Jesus Christ, Sam.” She sat back in her chair shaking her head, “Whoa.”

“How did something like that start?” So I began to explain.

Some twelve years ago, when I was twenty-four, married and living in Phoenix, my ex-husband ‘Rob’ and I were at this nightclub in north Phoenix, on a rainy Saturday night. Rob was basically a good husband, very average which was good, it gave me stability. He looked good on that night, nice jeans, boots, and dressy denim shirt. I remember looking at him and sighing that night, wishing he would just loosen up a bit and live.

We danced a couple of tunes to this great country western band. ‘Boot scoot and boogie’ stuff. We were in a line dance, and this couple kept giving us the eye. I guessed them to be in their early forties or so, and very attractive. The woman, ‘Jill’ was a knockout, around six feet tall, and slender with shoulder length blond hair, nice big boobs, real long legs and a near perfect ass. That part pissed me off, my husband could hardly take his eyes off her as she danced in front of us. Then he started to smile at her, and flirt in his own little way. Her husband, ‘Tyler’ was a good six foot four, and built like an athlete. Just a very average looking guy. Tyler was used to his wife being the center of attention whenever they went out. She reminded me of a professional dancer, the way her body moved and slowly twisted, so fluidly. God, she even made me, drool. I kept at my husband to invite them to our table in the back booth.

My husband finally got the nerve to ask them to join us for some drinks and conversation. As we sat, Jill sits next to my Rob, and Tyler sits next to me. I found that to be a little forward, but what the heck, we were new friends now. Jill and Rob were having a good time chatting and laughing, not to mention getting drunk and loud. Tyler was real quiet, but nice. As I’m talking to Tyler about nothing important, Jill leans over to my Rob, and whispers something. Rob sat up and I happened to glance down and see Jill’s hand rubbing my husband’s crotch. Just as I was about to deck the bitch, Tyler grabs my arm and pulls me out of the booth, and rushes me out on the dance floor, for a slow dance. I told Tyler what I saw. He didn’t even care; he said she does that a lot. Jill lives her life, and he lives his.

“Let me go back and deck the bitch!” I didn’t give a shit if he lived his life, and she lived hers. Those cock and balls belonged to me! Tyler eventually talked me into a slight rage, but I was still steaming. So, I began to flirt myself.

I thought about my ‘Mr. Average’ back in the booth, and decided to give him a show he might enjoy. So I ground my hips against Tyler as we danced close. His hands got lower near my butt. I got a little hot, so I felt his tight firm ass and grind a little harder against his groin. My pussy is getting warm and moist. Some members in the band are noticing this and smiling away. The keyboard player even winked at me.

As I was ‘grind’ dancing with Tyler, I just happen to notice he had something getting quite sizable and it was pressing against me. So every once in a while, I’d grind my hot hips into him to gauge a reaction. He looked at me with a wicked smile in his eye, and say, ‘careful hun,’ and I knew whatever he had in his jeans was a lot more than Rob had.
As we danced, I imagined this good-looking hunk, Tyler, with my legs over his muscular arms as he pumped my pussy with a nice cock, and my husband watching. I pictured Rob getting excited at the sight. The sexual dance ritual came to an end. I was getting brave and I ‘accidentally’ felt his crotch. My hand found this guy was all sex. I was weak in the knees at my discovery. Jill met me in the middle of the dance floor, whispered in my ear, ‘Yeah, he’s hung like a horse, sweetheart.’

Now my imagination was reeling. I didn’t doubt her words. I knew the way this was headed, I’d find out for myself later that night. Tyler led me to the bar for a shot, and a cool down kind of chat.

He, towered next to me with his back to the bar tender, leaning back against the bar with his boots crossed in front, and elbows resting on the bar top. The large bulge in his wranglers was very obvious, and four girls at a nearby table couldn’t take their eyes off of it. One girl was licking her lips as they commented on what they were each looking at.

“Nice butt.” A passing cowboy patted my ass.

“You’re gorgeous Sam.” Tyler smiled at me.” You could have any guy in this place.”

I glanced back to the booth and Jill and Rob were gone! I got a sinking feeling in my stomach. Just then, Tyler says not to worry, they probably went to the restroom, after all it’s almost time for last call. We finished our shots and went back to the booth, and we waited, and waited.

I didn’t know it at the time, but Jill and Tyler were playing us.

Jill and Rob finally came back into the club. That’s when I noticed her blouse had some wet spots just over her boobs near the neckline. And Rob, was flushed in the face, sweating and his shirt wasn’t tucked in! I got the hint. She had sucked him off! What surprised me the most that night, was what I said next.

“Let’s have an after party!” I stared at the Rob’s cum stains on her blouse. “How could she get him to cum so fast?” I studied her for a second, realizing she really had a natural beauty.

I turned to Tyler and said we should to their place. They quickly agreed. We got up and left. I was now turned on by the possibility of seeing my hubby getting laid by another woman; maybe it would spark our slowly fading marriage. But I didn’t consider what would happen to me. Rob and I followed them to their place outside of Tempe. It was a long quiet drive. I was squirming all the way there, and getting wet with excitement and worry. I became quiet as I thought about the penis that would be mine. I became sick with worry and doubt,” Had our marriage come to this?” I stared out into the dark night sky of Tempe. Our mutual silence was deafening.

“Rob? What are we doing?” I turned to him. The words wouldn’t come out. How’s he going to feel? Does he want to see me with another guy?

“How was that blow job there, Rob?” I quietly became anxious to pay him back.”Oh, and Rob, Tyler is hung like a horse, do you mind if he fucks the shit out of me?” I wickedly giggled to myself. “Anything for Rob.” I sighed and looked at the blackness of the city’s outskirts. I could feel this was the journey to our end.

Tyler and Jill’s place was a nice one story, log home with a bedroom loft looking over the spacious living room. As soon as we walk into the place, Jill’s got her hands in my guys’ pants. So I turn to Tyler and wrap my arms around his neck and pull him down on their leather sofa, and slide my hot tongue into his mouth. His strong hands are gently kneading my breasts. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Rob has his pants around his ankles and Jill has her face in his groin, moaning and slurping away. Rob is looking my way to see what I’m doing.

Rob and Jill were putting on a good show, I didn’t notice that Tyler had stood up and was lowering his jeans. I saw Rob’s eyes grow wide, and then I turned and saw Tyler standing there naked with his penis hanging between his thighs. My husband has a seven incher, hard, but this Tyler, ‘Oh my God’ had at least eight thick inches of meat hanging between his muscular legs. And it was still soft.

“Jesus Christ!” My shocked gaze went straight to Jill.

“Nice uh?” A wicked smile crossed her beautiful face.” It get’s really hard to handle.”

“Oh my God.” I reached for Tyler’s large phallus. Honestly, I’ve never seen a limp cock that big, ever. I held it, amazed by how heavy it was, and the thickness was scary. I let go of it and watched as it swung down in-between his muscular thighs again.” Jesus, that’s big.”

Tyler stood close as I sat on the sofa. I kicked off my boots, and took off my blouse and bra. Tyler was stroking and milking his penis, getting it ready for the festivities. I slowly slid my jeans and panties off, never taking my eyes off that cock. It began to grow a little longer, but got a lot thicker. There were large veins running up and down the lengthy shaft. Across the room, Jill had mounted my husband’s offering. Rob was on his back in front of their dark fireplace. Jill moaned loudly and started to slowly rock back and forth on him. I could see Rob’s balls moving up and down. “His cock was really in her.”

I agonized in the finality of our relationship. I was about to be swept away in a cold lust.

Tyler stood in front of me, naked and hungry for my body. I sat on the couch, as I felt the cushion under me was damp with warm moisture from my nervously excited cunt. I leaned forward, and slowly cupped his large balls with one hand, and lightly stroked his wide shaft with the other hand. Tyler’s cock was heavy and warm. I didn’t even notice that Jill and Rob slowed their action to watch us.

I’m five foot six, and a slender 125 pounds, and I just couldn’t imagine this guy’s cock going in easily. I was getting nervous, but extremely turned on at what my husband was about to witness. I held his bulky phallus in my hands, slowly stroking and squeezing the shaft while flicking my tongue around the soft head. I traced the full length of his shaft with my tongue getting it wet with saliva. Slowly, I sucked on just the tip of that thing; I could barely get the head and a few inches in my mouth. Twisting and turning my hands on his long saliva wet shaft, while pulling and pushing my hot mouth over the head of his cock.

Tyler pulled me down to the carpet as I worked his cock. I straddled his face as he lay on the floor so he could give me some. That man could lick a pussy, Oh my God, he was good! He ran his tongue around my sweet button, and up and down my warm pussy lips, ever so slow. I swear I was dripping. We pleasured each other for quit a while. Then Tyler rolls me onto my back, and kneels between my legs as I spread them wide and looked down at his large swaying cock.

“Oh my God!” I gasped out loud. What a sight. Tyler held it and slowly rubbed the head on my clit. I was going wild, panting and moaning. I was bracing for the fuck of a lifetime. He finally puts it at my drenched pussy, and slowly shoves the head in.

“Jesus Christ!” It knocked the breath out of me. My eyes began to roll back in their sockets. My hips were trembling.

I’ve never had such a full sensation in my pussy before. He bends down to kiss me, with a surprising compassion and raw lust. He doesn’t move and lets me get used to the size of his cock. ”Thank you for that Tyler.” After a few minutes of kissing and moaning, Tyler slowly pumps my drenched pussy with just the large head. I can feel my juices running down my butt cheek, I can hear a wet sucking sound from my stretching pussy, and I can feel the start of one heck of an orgasm building. I’m panting feverishly, squealing on each stroke of that thing, and violently humping back at his cock. Suddenly a good four inches thrust in.

“OH MY GOD!” That’s all it took. I shot up and hung onto his neck.

I was coming loud, filling their living room with my agonizing whales and cries. I dug my nails into his shoulders and wrapped my legs around his waist. Wave after wave of heat washes me into ecstasy. I’m near delirious; my pussy is stretched so wide and full of hot throbbing cock. I was in a pure sexual haze, and slowly laid back onto the carpet, when I glance over at Rob. He was watching this well-hung guy, slowly pumped his pretty wife’s pussy. “I love you.” But now the unspoken words were just ancient history.

As Tyler slowly fed my sopping pussy, Jill slowly starts to crawl to us like a beautiful golden panther approaching her wounded prey, to seductively feast upon. My hand reached out for her and she kneels besides me, and starts to lick and lightly bite my nipples. Her fingers go down to my stuffed pussy, ‘ He’s big uh?’ she whispers.

Then she straddles my face and presents her wet pussy. She’s facing her husband while holding my legs high and wide, and then they start kissing. All the while Tyler keeps his slow pumping cock in a steady rhythm. I start to lick Jill’s sopping pussy and I can taste Rob’s cum, but I didn’t care, all my attention was focused on this cock in my starving pussy.

Tyler’s sexual prowess was awesome. He gave me what I could take and had me coming almost constantly. I held Jill’s beautiful ass and tongued her pussy till she was in the throws of her first orgasm of the night. My head was spinning. Tyler’s breathing and moaning told me he was really getting close to coming as I felt more of his cock force it’s way in. He stopped pumping me when it hit the bottom of my pussy and he held it there.

I was in a gut wrenching, scorching hot orgasm. I felt Tyler slowly pull his cock out of me. The slight rush of cold air in my gaping pussy surprised me. My warm juice was running out, following the curve of my ass cheeks and spilling into the carpet beneath me.

Jill spun around, still on all fours with her soaked pussy just above my face. Tyler puts my legs down and gets behind her. I was still coming as I looked up and watched him rub his cock up and down her dripping slit, and then he gave her the whole thing in one big long stroke.

“Oh Honey!” She cried, and then Jill let out a guttural animal moan. I raised my head and gently sucked on his large ball sac. Tyler was coming. His big cock was buried in Jill, splashing, pumping a big long load of hot cum into her. Jill came shaking and hard, humping and milking her husbands’ cock until she was satisfied. Her cries and moans slowly withering. She reached down and caressed my face, and rolled off me.
Tyler’s spent cock ‘slurped’ out of her pussy and flopped onto my breast, still oozing a small stream of cum. I grabbed him and pulled his half hard cock to my mouth, tasting him and pumping his pussy drenched cock with both hands.
I milked every last drop of cum from him. Tyler looked down and smiled at me, ‘Thank you,’ he said in a low quiet voice. And he bent down holding my face, and kissed me with a passion that Rob used to feel for me.

So, as I said in the beginning, Jill and Tyler were ‘playing’ my husband and me, as they told us it was Tyler’s birthday, and it was his fantasy to screw another woman in front of his wife. We shared the rest of the morning with this couple, having breakfast and then swimming naked in their pool. As a going away present, Jill and Rob, let Tyler give my pussy another workout, poolside on a lawn chair, and she took pictures of the whole thing. My pussy was sore for a week. Sadly, we never got a chance to get together again, as Tyler’s company had transferred him to a San Francisco office.

As for Rob and I, we went back to an average life together and once in a while, we took out the pictures of Tyler stuffing my pussy, and ended up having great sex. I was hoping it was my husbands’ fantasy too. But it would soon wear on the final days of our marriage, as he no longer looked at that night as a turn-on, but just a night he got to fuck another woman that wasn’t his wife.

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2009-08-31 04:23:15
"filling their living room with my agonizing whales and cries" Even one whale would fill a living room!

Thanks for a good read.


2009-08-30 16:06:51
You have a lot of talent, Sammie, but you need just a little more effort on proof-reading. Just nit-picking stuff, but it does detract from the experience. Your deive powers are super, though. Thanks for the great read.

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