We turned them into swingers
Upskirt at the library the day we met Jerry & Rose

One day my wife and I went to the library. She wore a short purple shirt and a tight low cut t-shirt with no bra. To top it off she wore open toed 2"heels. She looked great. I knew by the way she was dressed she was going to give me and who ever wanted to look an up skirt show. This turned us both on.
When we got in the car I told her how hot she looked. She said "Oh isn't this how everyone dresses when they go to the library?” I said "Just keep your panties on, because the police station is right next door!"
It was pretty early and there were a bunch of old men in the lobby reading various newspapers. They all looked as Chrissy walked past them, and she knew it. She started looking at the cd's leaning over shifting from one leg to the other shaking her firm round ass. You could almost see her ass cheeks. Two of the men were looking over the newspaper; one had a “pup tent” in his shorts and was rubbing the tip behind his paper. I was standing behind him making like I was looking at the DVD’s. Then she walked slowly over to me in the DVD section still in the view of the men. They had hundreds of DVD’s on the shelves high and low. She had to squat down to look at the bottom ones and get on her tippy toes to see the top shelve.
The guy with the “pup tent” waved me over. He said "Is that your wife?" I said "Yes” Then he said "She has such a nice figure, a lot of the girls today are so skinny. Back in my day a full figured woman was considered beautiful. No disrespect, I just wanted to let you know, until today I had E.D. (Erectile dysfunction). I have not had a erection in over five years. That's also the last time I ejaculated. I haven't been able to have sexual intercourse with my wife since then. I didn't want to take medication because I have a weak heart. I said "Thank you, my wife would think it's a complement, let me call her over. "He said "No It's embarrassing. "I said "Don't worry, she'll be glad to help you and your wife out."
Then I walked over to Chrissy. "I told her the whole story. She said "Oh he sounds so cute, let me talk to him." So we walked over to where he sat and Chrissy squatted down and looked deep into his eyes and said, " That's the nicest thing anybody ever said " He said "My wife volunteers here, could I ask her if you two can come over for dinner, she's a great cook”. We said "Sure" He got up, went over to the circulation dept and he walked over with this lady about his age, she kind of looked like Betty White.
When they were done talking, they waved for us to come over.She said "Hi I'm Rose, nice to meet you, Jerry told her what happened. “See we have been married for 43 years we were each others first love, She said “I would love to have you both over for dinner tonight so we can have some fun”. We said "OK, what time” She said about 6:00. We finished up at the library and went home and talked about what we both thought might happen tonight. Chrissy said “Don't worry about it I have a plan; you just go along with it.”
We got there at 6:00 and we had a great home cooked meal. Then we had coffee and dessert in the living room. Chrissy asked them about their sex life. Rose said "Oh we haven't done that in a long time” Chrissy asked her to explain how it was when they did do it. Rose said, Oh we just did it the regular way me on top, we kiss, rub on each other until he got good and hard, then he would put it in me. Oh, did it feel good. And then, when Jerry, you know, "had an orgasm" we were done and went to sleep”. Chrissy said did you ever have an orgasm? Rose said "I think so, it did feel good."
Then Chrissy turned to Jerry. “Be honest Jerry, did you ever go to a Go-Go bar or see another woman nude? He said, "Only in magazines like Playboy." He was never into that kind of thing he just worked, raised a family and now they are retired. Chrissy said "Rose do you mind if I give Jerry a private show? She said “Oh that sounds fun, OK”. So Chrissy went over to the stereo system and found an old disco record. She put it on and moved the coffee table over. I was sitting in one chair and Rose and Jerry were on the sofa. When the music started, Chrissy started dancing and bending over in front of Jerry. She bounced on my lap, bent over to show Jerry her cleavage. You could see he was getting excited, Rose was clapping her hands. Then she said to me why don't you dance too. So I got up and started to dance along side of Chrissy.
Jerry asked Rose can I touch her? Rose said "Ok as long as I could touch him" He said OK. Then Jerry started rubbing his hands slowly up and down Chrissy's gorgeous legs and when she bent over in front of him he grabbed her butt cheeks. Then Rose was running her hands from my chest, down my stomach, to my erect penis. Then Chrissy took off her top and let her tits swing free. And she got on her hands and knees and crawled over to Jerry with her big tits swaying back and forth and she ran her hands up his legs to his Dockers shorts and touched his cock. She said, “Somebody’s hard”. Rose unzipped his shorts and let his cock be free. Then she stroked her husbands cock. I looked down at it, it was huge and uncircumcised. No wonder he had a hard time getting hard, that sucker needed a lot of blood to get hard. She took some of the cream from the ?air and rubbed it up and down his dick.
Chrissy and I started making out and getting hot and heavy ourselves. We looked over at them and Rose was now licking the ?air cream off Jerry's cock and he was enjoying every minute of it. Then Rose did her little striptease for Jerry taking her blouse off slowly and throwing it on him. She pulled down her slacks, then off came the bra. She had some nice jugs for an old lady, her nipples big. Then Jerry started sucking on her tits and she threw her head back in ecstasy. Now I was sitting on the chair and Chrissy was riding me facing them, so Rose did the same thing. They were both bouncing up and down on our cocks. Chrissy sat down in the chair and I licked pussy like a ripe peach, she was so wet her juices were dripping down my chin. I looked over at them and Jerry was eating Rose out, it was like they were copying everything we were doing. Chrissy got down on her knees and she sucked my cock like there was no tomorrow and I shot my load all over her tits. Rose did the same to Jerry and he came twice as much as I did. It was like a fountain all over Roses big tits she stuck it in between them and she got some on her chin. Then she looked over at us and said “That was the best sex we’ve had in a long time. Thank you so much for the lesson, we have to do it again some time. Chrissy said “Sure any time.”
We met Jerry and Rose again a couple weeks later. Since Phil’s a Sous Chef Rose asked if he would teach her how to cook a turkey another way other than, just roast turkey. Since I’m off for the summer I joined them. Rose said I could hang out at the pool that was in their condo complex. They lived in a condo especially for the 55 and older crowd.
I wore my purple bikini under a sun dress. When Rose and Phil were all set in the kitchen I said I would head down to the pool. Jerry said “Oh I’ll join you” So we went down and it was a really nice pool. It had a small water fall and a Jacuzzi off to the side away from the pool. It was covered by some shrubs to give you some privacy. We got there about 10:00 Monday morning so only 3 people were sitting outside the pool. Jerry said “I like to go in the Jacuzzi first to loosen the muscles then we could go in the pool. I said “I’ll just sunbath on the edge with my feet in the water so we could chat. He went in and I set the timer for the jets to go on. We started talking about the old days and stuff. He’s really interesting; he had so many cool stories to tell. I hope when I’m 60 I see as much as they did.
All of a sudden another guy about Jerry’s age slips into the tub. He kind of reminded me of Mel Brooks. He sat directly across from me and said “Hi I’m Seymour” Jerry said “Hi I’m Jerry and this is my friend Chrissy” So Jerry continued his story. I look across at Seymour and he’s looking straight in between my legs. I acted like I didn’t notice. I continued to listen to Jerry glancing at Seymour and it looked like he was rubbing himself under water. I was like “No way?” I figured if he wants a show I’ll give him a show. I spread my legs a little and acted like I was scratching myself pulling my suit further up my pussy. He could not keep his eyes off me.
When the jets went off, I looked in the water and saw Seymour’s cock was out, his suit was pulled down. He was rock hard. I turned the timer then I got in the tub and sat in between Jerry and Seymour. I said “Oh this feels so good. I reached over under water and slowly stroked Seymour’s cock. He just looked amazed. Jerry just kept on talking. Seymour’s hand was now rubbing my thigh and he found my pussy. Now he was playing with my clit while I was jerking him off.
Jerry noticed what was going on. He said “Are you doing what I think your doing?” I said “I think I got Seymour horny” Jerry said” Yes she had a tendency to do that that’s how we met. She got me hard in the library. He then started telling the whole story. This got Seymour even hotter; he look’s at me and said “I haven’t had a woman in so long I want you so bad.” I slowly sat on his lap and I feel his cock slip into my pussy. I lean over and let Jerry play with my tits. Seymour had his hands all over me. We were having a ball. I feel Seymour quiver and shake. Then he cums like a fountain in my hot pussy. I got off of him and he was so red. I said “are you OK?” He said “Yes I have to catch my breath, I almost had a heart attack, but it felt so good it would have been worth it.
Jerry looked at me and said “Lets cool off in the pool, then go up to the condo and have some fun with Phil and Rose. We swam around the pool and I brushed against Jerry to see if he was hard. The two people that were sitting around the pool had no idea what was going on. One was reading a magazine and the other was sleeping. I swam under the water and teased Jerry. I was really trying to get him hard. It didn’t work he was too nervous. So we dried off and went to the condo.
Rose and Phil had lunch all ready. We sat down and we ate. Rose talked about how Phil boned the turkey and made it all fancy. They would cook it for dinner tonight. Rose kept rubbing her neck. I asked if she was OK. She said “Oh I must have slept on it funny. I said “It sounds like you need a massage. How about, I give Jerry a massage and Phil gives you a massage? She said “That sounds nice, but I want to take a shower first.” They both went into the bathroom. Phil and I sat on the bed. He asked me “How was the pool?” I said “I really enjoyed the Jacuzzi” He said “Did Jerry get frisky?” I said ”No but, I almost gave Seymour a heart attack, I continued to tell him the whole story this made him really horny I could tell by the woody in his shorts.
Jerry and Rose came out of the bathroom in robes. I told them to remove the robes and lay on their belly with their feet at the headboard. I started on Jerry’s legs and worked my way up his thighs rubbing the back of my hand touched his nuts. Then I massaged his ass, at this point I was getting real wet. I climbed on the bed and straddled his legs while I massaged his lower back. Phil was doing the same. I was just wearing my bikini; I could feel my wetness seeping threw. I climbed off Jerry then I got right in front of him and worked on his shoulders, my wet pussy was right in his face. He said”Oh you smell nice”. Rose said” Your probably making her wet, I know I am.
Phil was in the same position as me his cock was right in roses face. She looked up and said” Somebody’s up.” She pulled his shorts down and released his engorged cock I could see the pre cum dripping off it. Rose said “Oh that’s nice” She started rubbing it then she popped it in her mouth, sucked him, licked him she was loving that cock. Jerry noticed and flipped over and said “My turn” His cock looked so good. I took off my bikini and put my pussy in Jerry face and sucked that huge cock of his. I rubbed it all over my face, licked his nuts, and licked the whole shaft up to the head. He licked my pussy from my clit up to my asshole. Oh it felt so good; I came all over his face. I looked over at Phil and Rose. He was fucking the shit out of her, with her big tits bouncing in her face. She was moaning so loud, I asked if he was hurting her she said Oh no It feels so good. I turned around and put that cock in me slowly. I didn’t think it was going to fit. I could feel it hitting my uterus. I rounded my hips so I could feel his whole cock from tip to balls. He was rubbing my ass and then my tits. He sucked my tits while I bounced on his cock. Jerry said”Chrissy I’m going to cum” I said “Hold on” I got off him and sucked his cock and let him fuck my tits then I licked the head of his dick and the cum started cumming out. It shot in my mouth, face, and tits. I rubbed it all over.
By now Phil was fucking Rose doggy style. Then Phil pulled out and I jerked him off all over her back and in between her ass cheeks.
We got ourselves together. Phil and I took a shower together. He was so excited he fucked me right in their shower. He fucked me so hard I felt like I was lifted off the floor when he came inside me.
We all finished putting dinner together. At 6:00 the Turkey Galantine was done. We ate a fabulous dinner and called it a night.

Fishing trip Gangbang

Jerry asked Phil if he wanted to go fishing with the boys. He said, “Seymour has a nice boat docked on the Jersey shore and every so often they take it out to fish for Blue Fish. Phil told him he didn’t like boats, because he gets sea sick. I told him “If you don’t mind I’d love to go out on the boat, it sounds like a lot of fun and I can work on my tan.” Jerry looked at Phil and asked “Is it Ok with you if your wife is alone miles off shore with a bunch of old men? He said “I’m sure she’ll have the time of her life.”
I wore my favorite purple bikini .I put a summer dress over it. When I got in Jerry’s Caddy he looked at me and said “Wow you look hot” He couldn’t keep his eyes off me on the parkway. I started painting my toe nails and I looked up at him and asked, “Is this turning you on”? He said “Can’t you tell?” I looked down and he he had a massive hard on under his shorts. We hit some traffic, so I thought it was a perfect opportunity to suck that luscious cock. I started rubbing it and he said “what are you doing?” I said, “just drive” I unbuttoned his shorts and unzipped his fly and let that monster out. “I looked at him and said “I want to taste your cum, so don’t stop until I drain your beautiful dick”. I sucked him up and down. He had one hand on my tits and the other on the wheel. Oh his dick felt so good in my mouth. Then I felt him tense up. The cum started shooting down my throat. I swallowed every drop and didn’t stop sucking until he went limp. I put it back in his shorts and he continued to drive.
When we got to the dock 3 older gentlemen were waiting. Seymour was doing the finial checks on the boat then he informed us it will take about an hour to get out to the spot. So off we went. It was a gorgeous day; I went up to the front of the boat and felt like that girl in Titanic with the wind blowing my hair and dress all over the place. The guys were enjoying the show. I flirted with every one of them. They said “we never had a woman go fishing with us” I said “I think we’re going to do more than fish” I felt so horney for some reason. Just being in the middle of the ocean with four men knowing they all wanted to fuck me. When we dropped anchor, I took off my sun dress and sat in the chair. I held up the sun tan oil and ask “who wants to oil me up?” They almost fell over each other to get to me. This tall guy named Sam won and took the oil and started massaging my shoulders. Working down my back sliding his hands on the sides of my tits that hung out the side of my suit. Then he got down on his knees and worked on my legs. When he got up he was hard as a rock. I acted like I didn’t notice and said “Thanks” I closed my eyes and soaked up the sun. The guys got the poles out and started to fish on the other end of the boat. After a while I got off that chair and laid down with my ass up on a flat recliner. I asked the other guy “Bob” Can you oil my back? He said “Sure” He was a little rougher than Sam he paid a lot of attention to my ass. So much I thought his fingers touched my pussy. When he rubbed my neck and back I looked up and he had his cock in my face. I said “ what do we have here?” I started rubbing it then I let him fuck my mouth while I laid there. He got all excited and got on top of me and slid his dick under my suit and in my wet pussy. He fucked like I was going to get away. He held me so tight. Then he shot his load deep into my pussy. I was far from satisfied so I asked Sam to come over. I started to rub under his shorts and released his hard member. Then I put him in the chair and I took off my bikini and road him up and down . Bob was still naked and hard again I rubbed his dick with one hand and he rubbed my tits. Jerry and Seymour noticed what was going on and they got into the action. I had a dick in each hand Bob in my mouth and I was still riding Sam. Then he came inside me. So I got off him and I let Seymour fuck me doggy style. I took turns sucking Bob then Jerry sometimes both at the same time. Before I knew it Seymour pulled out and came on my back. Jerry popped his huge cock out of my mouth and pushed it into my cum filled pussy and rammed me like there was no tomorrow. Oh he felt so good, my tits bouncing all over the place. The guys were rubbing me all over. All I saw was hard dicks in my face, on my tits one guy even stuck his cock under my arm pit. I lost count how many times I came. I loved all the attention I was getting. Then Jerry pulled his cock out and came all over my belly and tits. With Jerry’s cum still all over me Bob got on top of me and titty fucked me. He came all over my tits and chin.
I got up and noticed I was full of cum from head to toe. I walked slowly to the back of the boat were there was a ladder going to the water. I went in and swam around butt naked while they all watched me like I was a mermaid or something. I got out and they treated me like I was a princess drying me off. I went down to the inside cabin were their was a bedroom and I took a well deserved nap.

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theres many a good tune played on an old fiddle

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