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Daddy dearest

I healed but it wasn’t a quick process my stomach went from scab to scar in just over two weeks but my ribs where a different matter. They tell you it takes six weeks for a broken bone to heal, this is an over estimation to be on the safe side but it was more than a month before they stopped hurting to touch. With most broken bones they get covered with a plaster so they don’t get knocked around that much but it isn’t the same with ribs. It doesn’t matter how hard you are or what you see in moves a broken rib is a broken rib and any contact was almost debilitating and that really did put a cramp in my capacity for violence, it also ruined my sex life.

After that first time in the hospital had ripped me open Faye wouldn’t touch me before I was healed and even if she would it wasn’t as if I could do much beyond foreplay as real sex would have sent red lines of pain arching along my rib cage as most other forms of physical activity did. Now if the lack of sexual activity was bad for me at least I could tell myself it was stopping me pain but by the end of the second week Faye was bouncing off the walls with pent up lust. It would have been funny if I didn’t know how she was feeling, it had just become part of what we did, you got used to it.

My ranking within the Dead Heads didn’t suffer much as I could still sit a corner and keep a count so I still ran Lacy’s corner and could make money. I had to use Lacy name more often to keep people in line and I couldn’t do much myself but just being there was all that was needed. I had to sit out the first big fights of the year as spring took hold and watching from the side lines of that muddy bit of grass it was clean why I was covering for Lacy’s drug use, high or not the lad was a one man wrecking ball on the battle field.

It wasn’t all bad, it did trigger the first real change I my life for the better. The doctor said I shouldn’t go on the yard at dinner time, he was right it wouldn’t have been long before some would have tried to show me up and I was in no way ready for the rough and tumble that would have happened. I had to spend break times in the library with those kids that didn’t want to be on the yard, the geeks, it would have been 4 weeks of strained silences if not for Amy. Her relationship with Taz gave her some real pull now but she was always a geek at heart and still liked to hide in the library.

She taught me how to play chess, I was good at it, and by the end of the week I was a match for anyone there. I started to run beating on it, which for some reason none of them had thought of, and even made some money out of it. More importantly she started to teach me to read, it is not easy being a teenage illiterate and letting someone help you is even harder, it wasn’t easy and it took most of a year, allot of hard work and some interesting teaching methods on her part before I was anywhere near proficient but without her I can tell you I wouldn’t be writing this. And what was better we became friends, before I had never really known her and I would really have missed out if I never took the time.

Starting to learn to read made me feel better about myself, because of it I started to teach myself other things. Faye taught me to cook, my dad taught me DIY, I got Mike to teach me to drive not the best way to learn but being able to crash gears dose have it uses and I even started to pay attention in some of my classes after that. All thanks to Amy taking the time to notice that I simply couldn’t read. And learning to read gave me an excuse to spend time in the library after I healed up, it was nice to spend time with people that where as smart as I was.

It was the end of the second week of my recovery and I was sat on my bed with Faye and Amy. I was reading a children’s book, you know the ones with one short paragraph per page, words no bigger than six letters and a big pitcher to tell you what is going on. It would have been boring and I would have given up if Amy hadn’t come up with a way to keep me interested. For every page I manage to finish without needing her help she or Faye would take off an item of clothing. It wasn’t easy, my brow was knitted in concentration by the second page, I needed to focus to sound out the words and I couldn’t finish a page as often as I could. Of cause it got harder the better I did, as more clothes came of it was all I could do to look at the page let alone read it but the desire to see more made me work all the harder. When they were both naked decided to continue the game.

“Well as Rave has been useless to me the last couple of week and I really need to get off we are going to fuck Amy” her tone book no arguments.

“Ok” said Amy, it wasn’t the first time they had played together but I think it was the first time Amy took more than a passive role in the sex “but Rave has to keep up his practice, so I will do anything you want me to Faye as long as he keeps reading, he stops and we stop.”

So that how it worked, I kept reading my voice monotone and slow, breaking down words into their parts trying the keep focused on the page even as my eye drifted time and again to the sceptical at the bottom of the bed. They knelt facing each other Faye head was almost at a perfect level with the tiny lumps that where the taller girl’s breast. She leaned forward and kissed Amy’s sternum softly and Amy’s whole body shuddered slightly. Amy pulled Faye’s head back and kissed her on the forehead then came back and kissed her hard on the lips.

She pushed her back bending Faye’s knees under her in what had to be a painful way. In order to get her back on the bed Faye’s legs spared wide exposing her already damp slit. Faye’s hand slipped down between their bodies. She touched Faye’s pussy as if it might bite her fingers, her hand jumping back almost the second it touched but the long loud grown that Faye gave out you would have sworn that it was the most pleasurable touch she ever had.

With that encouragement Amy went back at it, running her long fingers slowly along Faye’s outer lips. Amy never lost her slightly awkwardness in her body but as puberty advanced her subtle grace in her legs began to spread up her body. Her delicate movement began to speed up, she was slow and teasing but soon began to get more daring tracing her middle finger to trace inside of Faye’s slit, just brushing against her clit hood when she reached the top. Faye began to thrust her hips up to try and get more pressure but Amy wouldn’t let her, not yet.

Faye’s own hand moved around Amy’s back, her finger nail dragging white lines down her spine until they reached the top of her arse crack. Faye’s other arm wrapped around Amy’s body to stop her from moving away before her fingers disappeared into her arse crack.

“You best start to do some really work on my cunt or I am going to see just how many fingers I can force into your tight little arse hole” she growled into Amy’s ear.

Amy whimpered but instantly complied with Faye’s demands. She pushed her two middle finger into the Faye’s wet hole, rocking her hand back and forward, the downward strokes pushing her finger deeper into Faye and grinding her palm into her clit and the upward strokes dragging her finger over Faye’s G-spot. Faye shut her eyes, throws her head back and screamed in ecstasy as Amy speed up her thrusting hand. You could hear the wet slapping sound over Faye’s cries and my drowning voice.

Faye was wound up tight and it really didn’t take her long to lose herself to the pleasure and begin to peak. Her climax was signalled by three sort sharp gasps before her body went tense, her back trying to arch even with Amy’s weight on top of her, her body trembled slightly and her lips where pushed into a thin hard line. She started to breathe again clasping into a heap under Amy, but still she held the other girl close to her.

“I want you to lick your fingers clean” she said “sooner or later I am going to get you to eat me out, you might as well get used to my cum now or I can find another was to push you boundaries” with that she started to wiggle her finger still resting in between Amy’s toned arse cheeks. Amy squealed in shock, she slowly moved her hand up to her mouth, sticking out her tongue and gingerly flicking it over the tips of her fingers, once she found that the taste wasn’t as intolerable as she had thought she began to clean her fingers with long slow licks, even sticking them in her mouth and sucking on them once or twice as her confidence built.

I don’t know how long they would have gone on and what Faye would have had her do next but at that point I ran out of book. Both girls looked up at me shapely as I stopped reading. I shrugged and showed them why I had stopped.

“Are well, I guess that is it for today” said Faye letting Amy up “come on lets go get clean” she took Amy’s hand and lead her out of the room and soon I heard to shower running. I felt strangely proud, it may have been a kid’s book that most people would have read at 7 but that had been the first book I had ever finished, EVER. Within a few minutes I heard Amy voice raised in pleasure clearly Faye had decided to return the favour before they were done. They came back and got dressed, Amy came over and kissed me on the cheek, promising to continue our lessons before she left.

Faye came and snuggled up next to me on my good side, it still hurt a bit but I wasn’t going to bring it up, I really did like the feeling of closeness. She dozed in her post orgasmic glow her soft breathing the only thing I could hear for a long time enjoying her warmth against me. She woke with a start when my dad came home, slamming the front door, her sudden movements making my hiss a little in pain.

We when out to see him, we sat and talked in the kitchen as Faye cooked, he had broken up with his last girlfriend about a week before and had been spending more time at home. It was fine with me, his one conversation with me about Faye living with us was to make sure we were having safe sex and he understood who I was and what I did and when you get right down to it I love the old man. I fished out a pile of notes, my earning for this week, and counted out about half of them and passed them over to him to help out. The rest was split in three some was spent by me and Faye on stuff for this week, some went into a pot that was going towards a new TV and maybe a stereo, the rest went into the newly named “we have to get out of this godforsaken hell hole” box under my bed.

Faye was being nicer than normal to my dad but I didn’t really pick up on it then. We talked and we ate almost like a normal family. We sat on the coach Faye in the middle and watched our old TV for about an hour before going to bed.

“So did you enjoy today?” I asked Faye.

“It was a blast, she has such nimble fingers, but not like getting a real fuck from a big hard cock” she replied moving close next to me “That is why I have made up my mind to fuck your father”


She had the whole night to work on me she explained her reasoning to me and to be honest it made sense to me by the end. I never really had many taboos, even fewer about sex, my time with Bex had gotten rid of most of the other. She wanted male attention and I couldn’t give it, my only male friends that she would trust enough to ask where Taz, who wasn’t interested in girls, and Mike, who really couldn’t handle girls at all. So that left some random guy, who she thought I would likely kill the second I was better, and my dad. She liked my dad, he had always been nice to her, protected her from the worst of her mother addiction, he was a good father, a good man, he wasn’t seeing anyone and what was more important to her is he was so much like me. Mentally, physically and emotionally my dad was me in 17 years I knew each choices that had lead him to where he was and I respected them and hoped if put in the same place I would do the same. He was the best choice and I could trust him with Faye, he would never hurt her.

And so it was decided, all that had to happen now was for my girlfriend to convince my father to fuck her and I was going to help her. She started the next morning simply by getting up early, she had a shower and made breakfast of my dad rapped in a towel with wet hair. She kept learning forward so her leg stuck out of the gap in the towel higher each time. I was almost laughing at how he was trying so hard not to look at the jailbait flesh. She hug him goodbye as he left for work, he was trying not to let himself feel her against him.

It was Saturday so no school, I had gang work to do, mostly accounting for Lacy’s corner, how much we sold, what we made, what we would need next week. It all had to be checked and passed up line, Faye begged some cash off me so she could do something special for dinner tonight and I spent the afternoon sitting corner, Lacy no showed, we were open far longer on weekend but we didn’t make any more, the where only a set number of addicts. Business only picked up after 3 the same as a weekday, as it took them that long to put together any money. Amy came and sat with me by mid afternoon, she brought another children’s book for me to read, something that would become a regular part of my time on the corner. I sat there and stumble through it, I wasn’t going to let it beat me in front of the crew, most of them exchange amused looks but even hurt they held me in enough fear not t joke about it openly. One lad watch with avid interest, I made my mind up to talk to him soon.

I arrived at home the same time as my dad, he tended to work shorter hours Saturday. The smell of the food was so good when we reached the front door, I learned how to cook but I was never as good as Faye, she had lit candles and spent the evening being extremely sexual towards me. It got me all worked up but I knew it was for my father’s benefit. When she got up to clean the plates I caught him watching her arse. Once she had gone my dad apologised to me for it, I told him it was ok, Faye was grown up and had a great backside, I would have been a bit upset if he hadn’t notices soon.

He was off Sunday and I left them alone for the afternoon, they went to do the weekly shop. When I got home they had food done, it wasn’t as good as last night as Faye had made my dad help. This time she seemed to flirt with both of us, but still focused mainly on me and when she got up to clean the plates you could see her underwear sticking out of the top her pants, they where her best all silk and lace. I shared a knowing look with my dad.

“How long?” I asked.

“All afternoon, I couldn’t bring myself to tell her” right, not because he liked it “When did she get such... adult... underwear?”

“I got it for her a bit back, for a party” I shrugged, making sure he got the idea that she was at least down to her underwear in public. We went to watch TV, she made sure she sat on my bad side so that when she snuggled down next to me I gave out I impressive hiss, she said sorry but instead of move she just slide the other way, up ageist my dad, in about 5 minutes she was asleep or pretending to be because with relatively innocent moves she ended up with her leg over his and his arm squeezed between her breast. I left her like that of the best part of the evening talking to my dad as if the was nothing different. When I woke her she gave out a little sigh of pleasure and a moan of disappointment when I made her move so we could do to bed.

She was beaming when we went to bed, she thought she was doing well, I told her if she did much better I was going to have to fuck her broken ribs and all. Monday meant school which didn’t stop her assault on my father’s sexuality. She got up early again to shower before him so he could see her in a towel, we got home and she continued her flirting. He managed to keep this up until Wednesday night when he pulled me aside.

“What the fuck is going on Rave?” the Rave was a bad sign I was ar’kid most of the time.

“I don’t know what you mean da”

“Well if little Faye gets any more flirty with me she is going to rip off her clothes and we will be fucking. What is the fucking game here?”

“There is no game da, at least not one that you are thinking of but I can tell her it is working that will make her happy”

“What do you mean?”

“God da do I really have to spell it out for you, Faye isn’t little anymore, she want a man to have sex with while I am unable to. She gave it some thought and picked you. So think on it.” I pushed him out of the way with strength that I didn’t really have, my rides screaming as I did it.

I watched him over the next couple of days, thinking about it, thinking about Faye in a new way. She kept up the flirting even if he did try to keep his distances. He sat us down Friday night to talk about it, I think he intended to talk us out of it, Faye calmly explained her reason to him, he was a bit surprised that Tazz was gay, and what she was expecting from him. He got angry but it was just a way to try and cover that he was interested. As he shouted Faye took a cheap shot and began to cry, that he didn’t like her, that she was ugly on and on if I didn’t know her better I would have been swayed by the display.

My dad put his arm around her and she stopped, looking up at him with big sad eyes, he really didn’t stand a chances. He still held out for some time, but in the end they decided to try it tomorrow night, I think my dad was still thinking he would find a way out of it. The way she had manipulated my dad so expertly made me wonder how much of our relationship I had really had control of.

He left for work Saturday morning and Faye instantly began to set the place up for a romantic evening. I left her to it and went about my business. Lacy showed up that day and the where a few things that I needed to settle with him. I left early and got home before my dad I sat outside waiting for him. He showed up and I had a word.

“You hurt her da, in any way and I will hunt you down and do bad things you understand.” It didn’t need to be said, he knew how much she meant to me, but I had to say it anyway.

I went up first, the flat was set up nicely, I wished Faye good luck and went to my room. I practiced reading with one of the books Amy had left, the walls of the flat where really very thin and I could hear it all. The only time I felt a pang of jealousy was when I hear them laughing together at some joke. After about two hours of listening to the two them talk and some quite bits where I was sure they where kissing they took it to my dad’s bedroom. It wasn’t long before I hear Faye’s moans and shortly after grunts from my dad. From the sound she peaked before my dad but he wasn’t that far behind, I listened to them panting for a while as I finally dozed off.

I woke the next morning with Faye napping curled up behind me, I don’t remember her coming in. We got up I blew off the corner for today and spent the day with my dad, there was no suggestion that there would be a repeat performance of last night, it was a one night thing and never happened again but it made them far closer. Hell it made me and my dad closer we had shared something that we weren’t supposed to and we had both learned a little something about each other. After that we talked about our sex lives more often.

All in all it was a good thing but I couldn’t wait until I could be with Faye again.
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