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Bonnie looked at the clock half past 6 it had been 5 hours since she had a fuck. She was desperate now to have another one. The other one in question was to be her own sweet Father.
Educating the girls

By anon y mouse

Chapter 2: Father helps out

“Momma what time will Father be home?”

“You asked that 5 minutes ago I told you he is working late he will be here at 8”

“Tonight of all nights” remarked Bonnie in a huff”

“Well he does not know the Doctor serviced you this afternoon he has been out all day and out of contact”

Bonnie looked at the clock half past 6. It had been 5 hours since she had a fuck. She was desperate now to have another one. The other one in question was to be her own sweet Father.

“Now listen honey don’t bother him as soon as he gets in O.K. he will be tired and want a drink first”

“Awwww OK”

“I mean it Bonnie if you do there will be no Father cock for you tonight”

Resigned to that Bonnie went back to her room and played her music.

Come the appointed hour and Conrad walked through the door. He was greeted with a kiss from Ruby and a grin from Bonnie.

“How did it go?”

“Fine she is no longer a virgin”

“Already” Conrad exclaimed “I thought you went to make an appointment”

“Well he had an opening this afternoon and as Bonnie was ready we took advantage saved another trip”

Conrad looked at his daughter and asked her to sit on his knee. As she did he pulled up her dress. Surprised she had no panties on he slid his finger inside and it went in further that the 1 inch she had managed before.

“She has no panties on” Conrad exclaimed

“No the Doctor kept them and mine”

“Better tell me all about it while I get me tea”

Bonnie was pushed off her Father’s lap. She sat watching her Father have his tea. Ruby explained what had happened.

“Did you enjoy it” he asked Bonnie

“Yes and now I want yours”

“Whoa! Princess let me get changed first and then we can make a start to further your education.”

Bonnie was a bit downhearted she wanted it now. As her Father left the room Bonnie was on the phone to her friend Angela

“Really” Angela cooed

“Yep and Father’s gonna fuck me when he had a wash n changed”

“Tell me what happens and I can tell my Father maybe he can do me”

“Has he got a big cock?”

“Don’t know never seen it”

“Maybe my Father can fuck you and yours will fuck me”

“That be cool see ya”

Bonnie and Angela finished their conversation as Conrad walked in the room. As soon as she saw him Bonnie clambered all over her Father.

“OK Princess you ready to start?”

First he wanted to see her properly. He asked her to lift up her dress.The best thing Conrad liked was her smooth as silk hairless pussy slit. He licked his lips as it came fully into view. He had seen it before but not in this close a detail.

He asked her to stand up, twirl and show off her little girl assets. Bonnie was happy to comply with her Father’s wishes. As she twirled she would open her legs a touch or bend over to expose her ass for her Father’s pleasure.

Conrad looked over to his wife she was ready too. At her Father’s request Bonnie unzipped his flies and proceeded to take out his cock. At first only the tip was visible the rest was restrained by his pants.

“Good girl” he told her at the same time looking at his wife.

Bonnie began to play with the head as she did it started to grow

“Wooo just like the Doctor” She exclaimed but bigger

“Yes” said her mother “That is why the Doctor broke you in your Father would have been too much to start”

Bonnie nodded and kept playing

“Take down my pants Princess”


As Bonnie removed her Father’s pants and then his shorts the whole thing sprang out. Bonnie squealed in delight. This monster was now pointing directly toward her and measured 9 inches at least. It was also thick and the balls were heavy and hairy.

Bonnie wondered if the thing would fit in her mouth. Instinctively she knelt down as she had with the Doctor and closed her mouth around the shaft. Conrad was in heaven seeing his cock being engulfed by his daughter’s tiny mouth and not wishing to hurt her let her do all the work.

“Oooooh Baby you are a good cock sucker”

Bonnie could not answer she had a mouth full of her Father. She had waited long enough she was enjoying every moment. Ruby looked on as her daughter sucked her husband and she let out a sigh of contentment. Bonnie continued to suck and slurp on that cock until her mouth was sore.

Conrad seizing the moment removed the rest of his clothing. Bonnie released her fathers cock and did the same. He sat down and watched as his daughter removed her dress revealing a tight smooth skinned body. Her breasts were not developed but her nipples were showing nicely and as she bent down her bottom was perfection.

This moment had been a long time coming and he wanted it to be good for her. There was no rush as he sometimes did with his wife in case one of the kids would wake up and hear them or see them. The last time they were interrupted was by Bonnie just over a month ago. She had not stopped asking questions since. Hence the long and difficult decision they made about her virginity.

Tonight it was all about Bonnie. Her younger sister Rosie, who was 4, and the baby Amber aged 2 had been sent to the grandparents for a week. Bonnie would have gone but she feigned illness so she could stay at home.

Bonnie set herself back to work on her fathers cock.

“Nnnnnng Ahhhhhh gooooood” Her Father moaned

Pushing as deep as she could Bonnie could not fit all her Father’s cock in her mouth. Ruby watched her daughter struggling even she found it difficult sometimes.

After what seemed ages to Bonnie her Father made a large groaing noise.

“I’m going to explode Agggghhhhhhhh” and Conrad let out a stream that almost took her head off

Bonnie managed to get some of it but an awful lot spilled over her chin and onto her body. Swallowing as much as she could Bonnie then proceeded to lick her Father’s cock clean.

Ruby smiled and moved in to help Bonnie clean herself up. She was delighted to hear her daughter’s enthusiasm for her licking. She also got to get some of her husband’s sperm albeit second hand, but it still tasted sweet and her daughter’s pussy juice was a pleasant combination.

“Father that was so cool”

“Thank you Princess”

“Can we do it in my pussy now?”

Ruby was the one to interject explaining how a man has to rest before he can go again after shooting his sperm. Being assured that it would only take about 20 minutes. She agreed to wait.

“Meanwhile” Ruby said “We can help Father get harder by eating each other’s pussies”

Bonnie was agreeable and Ruby showed her how to get in position so that they could eat each other out. Lying on the floor Ruby removed her clothing and had her daughter climb on top of her and sit her pussy on mommy’s face. From there Bonnie had access to her mommy’s pussy and the two began to eat away.

Conrad watched as the two of them licked and slurped and fingered each other. He smiled to himself. His wife had a nice pussy and he had always enjoyed eating it. He knew from this moment on he would be sharing it. He was ready again in 15 minutes. His wife and daughter were having so much fun. Having moved on from pussy licking to Bonnie sucking on her mother’s breasts while Ruby was fingering her daughter’s ass.

Bonnie spotted her Father playing with his own cock ,and moving from her mother she began to stroke her Father. As soon as she felt he was getting harder she sat up on his lap and impaled herself on her Father’s cock squealing as it went in. It hurt at first and she tried and tried to get it all in.

Her mother helped by holding the cock and allowing Bonnie to sit on it until she was ball deep. Sitting with her Father inside her she had to take a restas the effort had taken its toll. Once recovered, she positioned herself so she was able to raise herself up and down at will on her Father cock.

As she rode her Father faster and faster her own juices began to flow and it became easier. Her Father was breathing heavier and he let out a mighty scream and she felt the full force of his eruption in her tiny womb. More and more of the stuff was going in she thought her stomach would burst.

As Conrad pumped his semen inside his daughter he was grunting and perspiring, his daughter was taking all he had and he was happy. As Bonnie sat there impaled on her Father’s cock she gave him a long kiss and a thank you. Reluctantly she slid off her Father’s cock and allowed her mother to clean her up again.

“Geez Father that was fantastic when can we go again”

Conrad laughed “Not tonight sweetie but we will do this more often I promise”

“Bedtime” Ruby told her

“Awww “

“Yes now it is late and we need our rest too”

Reluctantly Bonnie hauled herself off to bed I am gonna have a lot to tell Angela she thought to herself I can’t wait.

Both Conrad and Ruby were soon off to bed themselves after deodorising the room and cleaning up some of the spillage. As they climbed the stairs Conrad walked behind his wife and playfully mauled her ass. Neither was in a state to fuck so they just lay and went sleep.
To be continued..................................

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2016-01-31 13:51:22
I loved your story made me very horny I to have had a bit off fun like that but with my step daughter she had already been played with before I did she jumped in my bed when her mum waz at work 1 morning I told her I had nothing on she said with cheeky voice can I c I said yer u show me yours as well so the sheet went back and she just said make it hard I sad sit in front off me with your legs open wow she had such a nice fanny I waz hard in no time so I waz sliding my cock up and down her hairless slit 4 years !!!

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2013-03-06 21:45:25
story isn't bad. I fucked my daughter at 9 and she loved it. Now my wife is part of the action.

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2010-03-31 23:26:28
are all you brits this fucking stupid!


2010-03-31 13:55:36
MMM at 8 years old I was playing with my pussy all the time I wish I could of had someone treat me like this!!

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2010-03-30 15:41:28
He should have kept the 2yo and had her suck him off. And the 4yo. What stingy people.

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