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Tension in the Anders house was at an intolerable high. It seemed like no one could get along with anyone else. Much to everyone’s amazement Lizzie and Kayla had similar tempers and did nothing but yell and have heated debates over everything. Kael was rarely home which was a shame since he actually got along pretty well with his new found sister. And it was obvious that both Kaden and Lizzie were avoiding each other equally, much to their fathers’ disbelief.

“You’ve barely said one word to your sister since she moved in” Richard said to Kaden as he poured juice into his favorite cup. “Not only is she your sister, but she’s your twin. I can’t believe you have nothing to say to her”

Kaden turned from his father to the sister he had been avoiding for two and half months. It was hard facing her after what had happened between them, yet he still couldn’t get the feel of her skin or the way she tasted out of his mind. The worst part of it was he knew he still wanted her, hence the avoidance.

“Hi. Happy now?” he asked his father

“Not even close” Richard retorted

“I gotta get to work but I’ll be back in time for dinner” Lizzie told their father without acknowledging Kaden.

“I don’t know what’s going on between you two but you seriously need to move past it.” He turned toward the stairway. “I have to go to a physics convention in San Francisco for two days. I figure you kids can take of yourselves and not kill each other”

Kaden turned to put the juice away thinking about how the next two days were going to be hell. It’s not like we can talk about what happened between us Kaden thought. He knew the reason why she was angry with him was because of the way he’d been acting. Like she said, they didn’t know that they were related when it happened but how was he suppose to explain to her that he was still attracted to her even though she was his twin sister? Or explain that at night all he could think about was the breathy sighs she made when she was close to cumming.

“Dad’s right. We need to move pass this. Can we talk when you get back?” Kaden asked while she was shoving things into her purse


“Why not? Your pissed when I don’t talk to you but when I try you get an attitude”

“I wanted to have this conversation month ago but you said no. Now that you’re ready for it I’m supposed to just sit her like a good little girl and say ok…I don’t think so. Now move out of my way, you’re blocking the door”

“Where are you going” he asked suspiciously. “I know you lied to dad earlier, you never work on Thursdays.

“Why do you want to know where I’m going? It’s not like you care”

“Your right I don’t” Kaden told her. He watched as she moved around pretending his words didn’t hurt. He knew they did but he’d rather see her hurt and angry than ignoring and avoiding him

“I’m going to see my brother”

“Kael’s in Los Ang-“

“I’m not talking about Kael, you idiot.” She sneak a quick took towards the staircase. “Mom was pregnant when she left. She never told Richard because she gave the baby up for adoption”.

“What happened to the baby? How is that you know him?” Kaden quickly asked.

“It was an open adoption; his adoptive parents let us see him whenever we wanted’. She blurted out. “He doesn’t live to far from here so I promised to come and visit. He’s been through a lot these past few months”. She sighed “He took Mom and Parker’s death harder than we expected.”

He didn’t know what to say to that. Everything’s so messed up he thought to himself. “Why didn’t you tell dad? Are you really that selfish, how could you keep that from him? Why are you here?” He screamed at her, watching the tears fall from her eyes before she angrily brushed them away.

“I’m not here by choice! I didn’t want to come here; I wanted to stay with my step-fathers family. But nooo…Richard made me come here so we could be a ‘family’. Give me a break. Like that’s ever going to happen” she started for the door. “Don’t follow me”

Kaden didn’t give a damn what she wanted. It felt like she was ruining everyone’s life on daily basis. He was already going to hell for having sex with her, she and Kayla could barely say one word to one another without fighting, Kael was never home, and his father had unrealistic expectations for them.

He saw her stick out her foot when she noticed him following her but it was already too late. He made a grab for one of her arms and groaned as his knee hit one of the chairs on his way down pulling her with him. Lizzie let out a squeak as she landed on the floor with Kaden on top of her. He froze when he realized they’re bodies where aligned with her legs cradling his. He hardened instantly. He grabbed her hip when she started to push him off her.

“What the hell did you do that for?” they asked in unison

Kaden liked the feeling of being on top of her. The skirt she wore was hiked up around her waist but he didn’t think she realized that yet. He knew he needed to get off her before she noticed his erection but couldn’t bring himself to do it.

“I hate you”

“You’re not my favorite person either” He braced his hands between her head so he could look at her.

Kaden could feel the need building inside of him and knew what was to happen be basically inevitable. Her brown eyes darkened as his hand settled over her breast

“We can’t do th-“

His mouth was on hers before she finished, hard and demanding. All that registered was the need. He wanted his bare skin against hers, his body on hers. He needed to be inside her more than he needed his next breath. Her teeth scraped against his lower lip and he moaned out loud.

“Someone could come in” she said breathlessly

His hand slid down to squeeze her breasts and in that instant he felt like he was on fire. She tore blindly at his shirt while he attempted to strip her of her tank top. Her hands grabbed his as he started to remove is jeans.

“We can’t” she said feverishly. She pushed at his shoulders until he sat up

The sane part of his mind knew that she was right but the lower half his body demanded that he bury himself in her hot pussy until they were both screaming.

“There are a lot of reasons why we can’t do this. First, you’re my biological brother. Second, we’re on the floor in the middle of the kitchen. And lastly...I’m kinda seeing someone at the moment” she said quickly

“Who the hell are you seeing?” Kaden cringed at the note of jealously in his voice. He could tell by her look she noticed it too. “I am not jealous. You’ve been here for less than three months and we aren’t even in school yet. “

“Not that it’s any of your business but his name is Jason”

“Jason. Wait-you mean Jason Briggs? You have got to be kidding me; he’s the epitome of a dumb jock. Plus he is known for treating girls like crap.”

“Well brother dear I happen to like him. And I don’t have time for this conversation. I have to go see my-our brother Kevin” She grabbed her purse and headed for the door and he started to follow. “No you can’t come with me, I want to get Kevin used to the idea of meeting the rest of you and then I have to come up with a way to tell Richard he has a child he never knew about. I’ll see you later”

Kaden watched silently as she flounced out the door and headed to her car. He turned and picked up his thinking to himself how much he needed a shower-a cold shower.

Twenty minutes later he emerged from his shower feeling rejuvenated. He knew what had happened earlier was a mistake and was convinced it wasn’t going to happen again. He still didn’t like the idea of her dating that idiot Briggs. Probably trying to get back at me he thought. Kaden tripped over his computer chair trying to get to his ringing cell phone. The time read 2:30. Damn he hadn’t realized he’d been sitting around that long

“Hello” he said into the cell. He hadn’t checked the caller id so he had no idea who was on the other end

“Hey baby. Miss me?” said a sultry voice

Kaden immediately knew who it was. Only two people had a voice that could make him break out in goosebumps. “Hi Ms. Gordo. You know I miss you very much. Its been awhile since I had those pretty legs wrapped around my waist.” He laughed “That was always the best part of my day”

“You naughty boy. Don’t make me give you detention before school even starts. The reason for my call is concerning your sister, Kalina.”

“Lizzie. She doesn’t go by Kalina anymore. What about her?

“I just wanted to see how your dealing with the whole situation. I know you weren’t looking forward to her coming to live with you guys”

“It had a rocky start but I think we came to a truce” he told her “What are you wearing”

“Stop that. I’m looking at your schedule and you’re in my English class right before lunch and my study hall right after lunch. So basically I have a whole hour to do whatever I want with you.

“I’m definitely looking forward to that. You know you’re my favorite teacher don’t you?

“Well of course I am. How any other teachers let you fuck them on a regular basis?” she asked laughingly.

To be perfectly honest she wasn’t the only teacher he was fucking but he wasn’t dumb enough to tell her that “No one.”

“Well I have to get going, I just wanted to see how your doing. Oh yeah, it looks like your sister’s in all of your classes.”

Kaden sat up “Are you serious? I’m taking AP classes and I’m still not getting away from her? Fuck”

He threw the phone on the bed and went to get his swim towel. Nothing was more relaxing then swimming naked when no one was around. He had just opened the patio door, completely naked, when he heard someone laughing behind him

“Nice ass”

“What are you doing here? I thought you went to see Kevin” He asked her tying his towel around his waist. Not that he was modest

“Change of plans. I’ll go and visit him on Sunday. Plus Jason called me; his parents are out of town so he has the house to himself. If he plays his cards right he just might get lucky tonight” She told him wagging her eyebrows

“No” he said ferociously. He grabbed her arm pulling her body closer to his. “If lays on finger on you I’ll hurt him. Your mine.”

For the second time that day his mouth landed on hers hot, hard and demanding. It wasn’t about romance. There wasn’t a vestige of anything soft or tender about the kiss. It was all about fulfilling the need that had been building inside both of them.

Kaden gloried in the feel of Lizzie’s hands moving roughly over his body. He slid his hands down to the delicious curve of her ass pulling her tight against his dick.

“I want you inside me. I want your cock. Now”

Somewhere between Lizzie wrapping her legs around his waist and settling over the table, Kaden had lost his towel. All he could think about was getting inside her. With a noise of frustration Kaden pulled her to the edge of the table, pushing her skirt up over her hips. Gritting his teeth, he held on long enough to grab his aching cock and pull aside her silk thong.

And then he thrust himself inside her. Hard

Lizzie cried out, her head arching back as she clutched the table, pushing herself against him. It was too fast he thought in some sane part of his mind, but every stroke inside her tight pussy was bringing him closer to losing control

She brought her mouth to his ear and traced it with her tongue sending chills down his body. He grabbed her legs and moved them higher around his waist, pushed her back against the surface and began pumping her so hard the table started to creak

“Do you hear that?’ she asked him breathlessly

His mind registered some sort of knocking noise. “What is it?” he asked her while frantically thrusting his hips.

“I think...uh…someone’s knocking on the door.” She tightened her legs around him “I’m so close. Fuck me. Make me cum” she whispered in his ear

With those words, Kaden lost his last shred of control. He grabbed her hair, burying his face in her neck as he felt her shudder and contract around him. She came like a tornado. His balls tightened, and with a yell he started pumping her pussy full of his cum.

The silence was broken only by their breathing. When his heartbeat was relatively back to normal the full impact of what they had done hit him

“Oh man. Fuck”

“You can say that again”

“Are you ok?” he asked her

“Yeah “

He grabbed her hand and started pulling her towards the stairs. Going past the bathroom that separated their rooms, he stopped outside his door. He bent down to plant a soft kiss on her lips

“What are you doing?”

“We’ve never taken our time and really enjoyed each other.”

Kaden watched, praying that she wanted the same thing. At her nod, he pulled her to him and nibbled on her bottom lip. He wanted to take his time with her. Since the had the house to themselves for the remainder of the evening he wanted to show her how much she was starting to mean to him

He pushed open the door and pulled her in with him. “I never bring girls in here” he told her nervously

She looked at him curiously. “Why not...Wait you’ve never had sex in your own bed?”


“Why not?”

He took her hand into his and kissed her palm “Because this is one night I want to remember every time I go to sleep. I didn’t care about the others”

Slowly he started to pull her tank top over head. Except for a small scar on her shoulder she had clear skin.
He bent his head to draw a hardened nipple into his mouth listening to her soft moaning. Kaden moved from her nipple to her neck, moving forward until her knees hit the side of his bed. He gave a light push and she fell back in his bed while he crawled on top. Once again he kissed her lips and thrust his tongue in her mouth.

Lizzie pushed at his shoulders until he was flat on his back. “It’s my turn” Grasping him with both hands, their eyes locked as she moved her mouth up and down ever so slowly. He looked down to watch her stroke his demanding cock. His eyes shut tightly as he pushed his hips sinking deeper into the hot warm mouth, the tongue, the throat, the sucking as it tightened all around his dick. He moaned out loud with the warm and intense pleasure of the mouth that forced itself deeper and deeper around his demanding cock.
Kaden couldn’t think he could only feel his sister’s mouth around his cock, his cock practically buried in her throat. She had obviously had experience because no other girl made him feel like this.

“Lizzie” he said barely recognizing his voice. “Stop” he begged.

She mumbled something incoherently and he gasped, feeling the vibrations. She kept working his cock, her hand gently tugging his balls while her mouth moved faster and faster. It finally became too much for him and he exploded. He couldn’t help but grab her head as he pumped her mouth full of cum. His back arched, thighs trembled, and his toes curled painfully from the intensity of his climax.

Kaden lay panting as Lizzie gave his cock one last squeeze before moving up and planting a kiss on his cheek. “I think you’ve killed me” he told her

“Have you died and gone to Heaven?”

Laughing, he thought back to what had happen that day. “Not in this lifetime” he told her instantly pulling her body on top of his.

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2012-02-22 15:45:34
as usual a wannabe writer that can't finish a story and can't write one that is believable the whole story was a joke and needs a total rewrite

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needs a good editor real bad way too many STUPID goofs

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to unrealistic no one goes from being mad as hell to loving in a few seconds it takes years and just because he was seperated from her for 12 years doesn't mean he wouldn't know her they are twins after all and are suposed to feel each other even when apart so he would have known it was her before they fucked do some research before writing and keep it atleast somewhat realistic

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Even better than the first! I hope part 3 is even better!

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