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Bonnie was the first down to breakfast. Her parents had seen her naked and her Father had fucked he
Educating the girls

By anon y mouse

Chapter 3: Showing off

Morning was a heady one as all 3 woke they all had nice thoughts about the previous evening and what lay ahead.

Bonnie was the first down to breakfast. Her parents had seen her naked and her Father had fucked her so she saw no harm in being naked. Conrad was the next to arrive but he was wearing his shorts

“Morning Father” Bonnie said

Walking up to him and giving his cock a squeeze through his shorts.

“Morning Princess did you sleep well?”

“Yes thank you”

“Good where’s the toast you ate all the bread”

“Sorry I couldn’t find the Cereal”

Conrad made himself a coffee just as Ruby appeared wearing just her panties.

“Where’s the bread” he asked her

“Ran out didn’t have time to do any shopping yesterday”

They all laughed

“Cereals then”

“No out of those too”

“Bugger so what am I gonna eat for breakfast” Conrad scowled

“Try me” Bonnie said

More laughter

“I’ll pop next door “Ruby said and walked out in her panties

Knocking on the Henderson’s she called out only me and without waiting walked in the kitchen. Beth was there with Angela and Jerry her husband. They had seen her nude many times when Conrad and Ruby had popped round for drinks which also included group sex. The children were never part of their sexual games.

Angela had also seen her naked when she had gone round Bonnie’s to play. Whilst the women openly flaunted their nudity in front of the children the men never revealed their cock’s, but had walked around in shorts. Angela once thought she had seen her dads cock but it was a fleeting glance and so she had no idea of its size.

“Got any bread and we ran out or Cereal”

“Sure” Beth said “But I thought you were in town yesterday shopping.

“No” we didn’t have time “We had it done”

Beth and Jerry knew what she meant but Angela had not been informed. They were thinking of having their little girl ‘sorted’ but were waiting on reports from Ruby and Conrad first. Beth tried to ask

“Tell you later” Ruby said as she scooped half a loaf and a packet of Cereal from Beth’s larder.

As she left Beth looked at her husband and they both looked at Angela.

Reaching home once more Ruby piled her spoils on the table.

“Did you tell em” Conrad enquired

“Only we had it done Ill pop back later and fill em in”

“OK” Conrad said and reached for the Cereal Box

After making sure her brood were fed and watered Ruby excused herself and went back next door.

“You alright Princess”

“Sure Father”

“Want to play some more sweetie?”

“Oooooh can we?”

“Sure princess you know what to do”

Bonnie did not need telling twice. She pulled her Father’s shorts down and her hands were soon working on his cock.

“Let me come in your mouth again Princess and then when I have rested I will fill your pussy with sperm”


Bonnie worked on her Father. This time because she had taken it in her mouth she knew the taste of it and she wanted to swallow it. Using both her hands she worked her Father to stiff. She also now knew when he would be ready to shoot. The previous time she had sucked but her Father was able to hold out and her gums ached. This time she would do it better.

“Nnnnnng yes Oooooh that’s nice you are Father’s little cock slut”

“Yes I am”

Bonnie had worked her Father’s cock and now it was time to start sucking as she wrapped her lips around her Father’s cock she was in heaven waiting for her meal of sperm.

“I’m cumming baby get ready for a mother-load”

As Bonnie held her position Angela walked in the kitchen just in time to witness her friend getting her Father’s sperm. The little one watched in amazement as the stuff flew into her friends throat and dribbled down her chin and onto her body.

Looking up Bonnie acknowledged her friend with a wave. Then set about her next task which was to clean the residue from her Father’s cock. She licked and cleaned the dribble on her chin and from her body.

Conrad sat back allowing Angela a better view of what her friend was doing. When it was all over Conrad glanced at Angela who still had her eyes on his cock.

“You never seen one close have you”

“Father won’t show me his cock. Uncle Mark was going to get his out, but Aunt Lucy came in and he stopped”

“Well you can inspect mine if you want”

Angela looked at the monster before her eyes.

“May I touch it?”

“Sure honey go ahead”

Angela put out her hand to touch and it jumped into life. She stepped back

“It won’t bite”

Moving forward and with help from Bonnie and her hand was once more on the member.

“You are still a virgin yes”


“It is up to your Father to say who breaks you in I will not so do not be afraid”


“Let me phone your Father and see how much I can show you”

Conrad phoned Jerry

“OK sweetie we gonna wait a few minutes your Father and mummy are coming round they want to see me fuck Bonnie”

It was the longest few minutes of Bonnie’s life. She wanted her Father inside her to make her feel all warm and fuzzy same as last night. While she waited Bonnie showed Angela how to massage her own pussy sticking a finger in and twisting it round. The two girls were still fingering as Ruby, Beth and Jerry walked in. All 3 of them were naked.

Ruby had sperm in her hair and on her breasts and Jerry and Conrad just winked at each other and smiled.

Angela took her fingers out her pussy and looked at her Father’s cock. It was not as big as Uncle Conrad’s but it was still quite a size. Meanwhile the show had begun as Bonnie without any more ado was massaging her Father’s cock

“She looks to be doing that well enough” Jerry stated

“Yes quite the expert” her mother laughed

Meanwhile Jerry had allowed Angela with help from Beth to touch and stroke his own cock. He calmed her down from going too hard, he wanted to see the show and had no intentions of cumming just yet.

Bonnie was working her Father into a frenzy

“Oooooh Aggggggh Geeeez You cock sucker get ready to take your Father in your pussy”

“Pleaseeee Father Do it fuck me fuck your little slut”

Bonnie lay back and allowed her Father better access to her pussy. Teasing her Conrad just laid his cock head along her pussy slit

“Fuck Father give it me or I’ll scream”

“You will scream all right girl” and so saying he flipped her over at went for her bottom

“No Father not up there I’m not ready Aghhhhhhh”

Bonnie thought she had been split in two as her Father’s cock entered her bottom. In order to get her used to it Conrad left his cock up to the hilt in his daughter’s bottom for several minutes talking to Jerry.

Jerry was watching closely as his friend was sodomising Bonnie. Soon her pain had gone and Conrad continued to fuck the girl. She started asking him for more. The little slut liked it just as her mother did. He pumped and pumped his cock in and out but before he came he withdrew from her bottom and turned her over slowing down his movements so he could stay the distance.

The girl was glassy eyed and did not know what hit her as Conrad rammed his cock home into her girl pussy. This time he rode her hard and furious. Ruby watched thinking her little girl would break. She knew her husband liked to ride pussy hard but she was just a child.

As his semen filled her up Bonnie was barely conscious of proceedings any more. She was whimpering after her bottom invasion and could take no more, but it seemed as if it was never going to stop. Finally it was over and her torment ceased and as she opened her eyes she looked up at her tormentor and whispered.

“I love you Father”

To be continued..............................

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I always wqnted my father to fuck me. One day I saw his it huge. He was on his bed..jerking it.
It honestly looked like it was a foot long. No wonder mom
squeals when they fuck. I hear them. Soon I am going to ask dad if I can just jerk him off. I am 17....and hot.

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i took my daughter with me one day to drop her off at school, but instead i took carla to a motel she was 14...we fucked all afternoon. no condoms. i just hope she is not pregnant now.


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Hey, you brainless idiots. Obviously, most of you have the IQ of a brick and no balls. Otherwise you would be reading and writing about sex with adults instead of children. I also notice that readers and writers don't show any contact ID. What are you afraid of?


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