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Conrad looked round the room there were several booths all round the room and at the other end a section had been curtained off
Educating the Girls

By anon y mouse

Chapter 5: Angela’s cherry

They were led down another passage and through a small door .Joseph helped Conrad and the girls carry the clothing they had yet to try plus the ones they had not rejected.

Settling back to the task Conrad was left to help the girls choose. Joseph kept popping in and out to check how they were doing. Having made up their minds Conrad was ready to get out his cheque book.

“Let me just attend to this final fitting” The old man said “They are here for an alteration I will be 15 minutes” and off he went.

Conrad looked round the room there were several booths all round the room and at the other end a section had been curtained off. The floor was carpeted very lush and deep pile. The walls were decorated better too and the room did not smell as musty as some of the others did. There was a seat or two so they just sat and waited.

“Angela come here?” Bonnie exclaimed

Angela went over to join Bonnie who had gone behind the curtain. Conrad noticed and told them not to be nosey and come back before Joseph got back

“But Father you gotta see this?” Bonnie insisted

Reluctantly Conrad went over to join the girls and his eyes popped wide. Covering the walls were Photographs of girls all naked, Some of them from 2 upwards, all had their legs splayed and pussies opened and Conrad could feel his cock twitching. Examining further some of them even had semen on their little bodies.

They heard footsteps and Conrad urged the girls to shut the curtains up and get back to a seated position.

“Ah I see you been behind the curtains” He smiled

“Sorry “Conrad stammered “Girls were curious”

“See anything you liked?”

“Well some of them are fine very nice girls and I admit to getting a small arousal, but some of them are only 2 or three years old with semen on their bodies”

“They are my special discounts” He smiled

Joseph went on to explain that he had sex or played games with all the girls in the pictures. Depending whether or not they were virgins and how far their parent or guardian would allow. But his main event was to shoot his semen over the girl’s bodies and photograph them.

“Oooooh Father Can I have my photo took” enquired Bonnie

“Well it depends what discount I get” Conrad laughed

The old man explained that if he fucked them and had a photo that gave a 30% discount. If he just played and came over them then it was 20%.

“Seeing as you have the 2 girl’s” He said ”And 1 is a virgin I make your bill less 25%, if I can fuck one and play with the other. And as a bonus everyone has a photo as a souvenir.

Conrad pondered the situation as Bonnie said she was willing to fuck the man. Angela said she would allow him to play with her. Joseph was watching them intently as the three deliberated.

“As a bonus of course” Joseph added “If I was allowed to take the other ones cherry, I would discount to 50%”

“I am not her Father” Conrad told him “I would need his permission for that and as I think I mentioned he has something planned I believe but I will give him a call”

“As you wish Sir you can use my office, but while you are doing so do you mind me starting on your daughter”

“No go ahead” Conrad allowed “I can see she is chomping at the bit. But what about your shop will you not be needed?”

“I took the precaution of closing up” The man said “I had a premonition that you looked willing to participate”

As Conrad left to make his call Joseph was instructing Bonnie.

“Now sweetie you and I are going to have some fun but you must do it my way and I promise I will not hurt you OK”

Bonnie nodded her compliance and Joseph made a start. First he hugged her to him and asked her to touch him on the crotch. Feeling no resistance to this request he continued.

“Now sweetie I am going to take off your shoes and sock but leave you with your dress your vest and panties on for now”

Bonnie nodded and Joseph did as he had told her.

“Now sweetie if you lift ypur dress and put your hands inside your panties and play with yourself you know how”

Again Bonnie nodded and her hand was soon inside feeling herself. Joseph asked her to rub harder and as he did so he walked round her taking in the views. Putting his hands on her shoulders and playing with her hair.

It was at this point Conrad rejoined the group and watched what Joseph was doing with his little girl

“Now sweetie I am going to remove your dress and vest but do not stop playing understood”

Bonnie nodded. Joseph removed her clothing and started to rub her little nipples. All the time he stood behind her. Bonnie felt good his hands were nice and gentle and she uttered a low “mmmmmmmmm”

Encouraged Joseph stopped rubbing her nipples and told her to take her hands out her panties and stand still. Once she had complied he removed her panties but he did not pull them straight off he was slow and deliberate savouring as each and every inch of skin was slowly revealed.

Conrad was in awe of the way this man seemed to know how to please the girl. This was not some dirty old pervert this man was actually allowing the girls to enjoy themselves.
Once her panties were at her ankles he told her not to step out of them till ordered. Ha asked her to part her legs as far as she could. He reached down and rubbed her hairless pussy mound slowly with one hand whilst rubbing his other hand on her ass cheeks. He then asked her to step out of her panties.

He scooped her up and positioned her on a chair her legs were splayed and resting on the seat in a winged position. From this view he could see her open pussy. Kneeling down in front of her he began to insert a finger or two inside her and then he removed them and moved in with his mouth.

Bonnie thought this could not get any better but the man’s tongue sent her head spinning and she was putty in his hands. Her moans were proof if any were needed to Conrad that his little girl was enjoying herself.

Angela was enthralled and watched her friend being used by this stranger. She was also getting turned on and hoped she could have some of the same. Angela looked at Conrad and whispered

“What did father say?”

“Yes darling if this man wants your cherry he can have it”

“Wow thank you”

Conrad smiled. Joseph never heard the conversation he was too busy with Bonnie. Once he was satisfied that she had enough he stood her up. Getting her to kneel in front of him and take his pants and shorts down. Bonnie did this with great pleasure and was rewarded with a cock that was similar to the Doctors, but it was perfectly hairless like her pussy.

In a way she was disappointed but it was a cock after all. This would be the third she had handed in two days she was happy. Bonnie knew the game by now and waited until the man allowed her to touch it.

“OK Sweetie now you may play with it or suck it at your leisure”

Bonnie needed no second invitation and started to furiously rub at the man’s cock.

“Sweetie this is not a race, take your time savour what you are doing your partner will enjoy it more and stay his cum for longer”

Shit thought Conrad this guy knows his stuff. He was making notes of his technique for later use. Bonnie slowed her efforts giving the man gentle strokes and licking his cock and ball’s.

“When I am ready to cum I will pre warn you so that you may have your throat ready....... Do you swallow?”

Bonnie nodded a yes without stopping her movements. Joseph was getting near.

“Nnnnnng Oooooh Yesssssss that’s it honey I am nearly there get ready”

Bonnie prepared herself for the onslaught to come and suddenly his semen came into her mouth. Not as much as Fathers or the Doctor but enough and she managed not to spill a drop.

“Good girl, thank you”

“Don’t I get any on my body and a photo?”

“Not yet sweetie you will have to come back for that”

Bonnie was disappointed.

“Now” said Joseph “And what about this one”

“You may take her cherry” Conrad announced

“Very well just give me a moment and I will begin”

Angela was happy today she was going to be like her friend no longer a virgin.

“First I want a word with you Conrad”

The two men stepped away from the girls sight. Bonnie had not dressed she had not been given permission yet. Conrad understood what Joseph was telling him and he gave the go ahead.
First Joseph pulled up his pants and moved toward Angela.

The session started for Angela as it had for Bonnie. All this time Bonnie still had not dressed. Not as she cared she was watching her friend having her turn and hoped she would enjoy it as much as she did.

After Joseph had her panties down he did something different. He went over to a bench and got some lubrication. He then smeared this in the girl’s pussy and ordered her to remove his Pants as her friend had done. Once he was freed of his restraints he ordered her to kneel with her panties still round her ankles.

Angela did as she was told she had seen how Bonnie had done exactly as the man had asked and did nothing without being told.

“Suck it sweetie, but suck it till it is hard then remove your mouth”

Once Joseph was hard he ordered the girl to lie on the carpet and open her legs. He removed her panties yo allow her to open them further. He examined her little slit. He rubbed his cock head around her opening till he had pre-cum and then he inserted it into the girl’s waiting pussy.

Angela felt the cock go in and it seemed nice until he suddenly lunged and she let out an almighty scream

“That is the hard part over sweetie it will get easier now”

As Joseph continued pushing and pulling his cock inside her Angela began to relax. The hurt had gone and this was so nice. Suddenly Joseph began to jerk and pulled his cock out just in time for his semen to splash all over her body and her face.

“Stay still sweetie do not move and do not clean-up”

Joseph went and got the camera and took photos of the girl from all angles similar to the ones on the wall. When he was finished he looked at Bonnie still naked.

“OK sweetie go and clean your friend and do not miss a drop”

Having cleaned out Angela both girl’s were told to get dressed. Joseph helped them carry their choices to the till and Conrad got his cheque book out. Leaving the shop Conrad reckoned he got a good deal there.

To be continued......................

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Excellent story.

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Good yarn
Surely you know there were shops like this; before
everyone got the internet.

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sick story............

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why did they end up dressed again, needs more detail and a little longer too.

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Your story sucks. You;re lacking details, which is the best part.

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