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Arriving home the girls could not wait to try out their purchases
Educating the Girls

By anon y mouse

Chapter 6: The Orgy
Arriving home the girls could not wait to try out their purchases. Conrad told them to put them in Bonnie’s room for later.

Hearing Conrad’s car pull up Jerry went to check with Angela and to find out from Conrad how things went. Conrad told him everything and left no detail out and Jerry was well pleased. Now he could fuck his own daughter any time he wanted and he could use her friend Bonnie too.  The deal was that Conrad could also take Angela any time he wished so both men were happy.

Ruby and Beth had been busy shopping too and showed Jerry their purchases. They had not tried them on till both men were present that was the wives deal. Ruby had heard the conversation the men had and had a smile on her face too.  Ruby now had two more playmates.

“So where are the photos then?” asked Ruby

“Being sorted and we are going back in a week to collect them and get some of Bonnie” Conrad explained

“This time can I come with you?” asked Jerry

“Sure thing yes Joseph is happy to meet you”

“I’m coming too then” said Ruby

“Sorry honey he has this rule older men and young girls under 14 only”

Ruby sighed her disappointment was obvious, but that’s the way these things go. She also thought if it means they get the discount she would play along.

The talk was of the evening’s entertainment which Conrad promised them would be out of this world. He would not give too much away so as not to spoil it. The arrangements were made for the Henderson’s to come back about 7pm. Angela was to come around at 6:30 in order for her to get prepared. Jerry sidled off home after grabbing a coffee and a squeeze of Ruby’s breast.

Angela followed her Father home. Ruby finished preparing the dinner things back to normal routine. Bonnie was playing her CD’s and Conrad sat reading the paper. Soon enough dinner was ready and they sat to eat.

“Father, why did I not get my photo done?”

“Princess, that was because Joseph did not have much film left and he saved it for Angela. We will go back and get you done”

Bonnie was satisfied with the answer and the rest of dinner was in peace.

The time soon passed and at 6:30 Angela arrived and both girls went into the bedroom. Before they did Conrad made sure they knew what they had discussed in the car coming home and they nodded a yes.

Jerry and Beth Henderson arrived on time too and after the two had kissed both Conrad and Ruby, they were ushered into the living room. The stage was set for the youngsters to come down. Conrad shouted we are ready. Bonnie and Angela came downstairs and even though Conrad knew what was to happen all the parents eyes were glued to the sight before them.
Bonnie was wearing a rubber suit not an ounce of flesh was showing except her eyes. Angela was only wearing a black leather thong and a collar which Bonnie held in her hand as she led Angela through.

“Kneel slut” Bonnie commanded

“Yes mistress”

“Now get on all fours”

“Yes mistress”

“Stick that ass in the air I wanna see ass”

“Yes mistress”

It was plain this was a game but both girl’s were playing their role to perfection.

“I know this one” Jerry said “You two did it for us last week”

“Shhhhhh “Beth said “I know we did now it’s their turn”

The girls continued despite the interruption. Soon Bonnie was slapping Angela’s pussy pulling apart her thong. Bonnie then took the dildo that was hanging from her neck and inserted it into the willing Angela. This little show was turning all the adults on

“Feel free to masturbate” said Conrad “I’m gonna”

Jerry soon had his cock out. Ruby removed her panties followed by Beth. Conrad took down his pants. All the adults were openly playing with themselves whilst watching the show.

The entertainment continued with Bonnie removing the thong. She lead the hapless Angela around on all fours commanding all the time. Occasionally slapping her ass or a nipple just in spite. Bonnie then started removing part of her own costume ordering Angela to ick the body part on display. When it came to the ass Angela willingly licked Bonnie and stuck her tongue up as far as it would go. By this time the adults were near cumming

“Jerry wait for the finale” Conrad requested before you shoot

Jerry slowed down his pace as Angela was ordered to lie on the floor face up.

“Now Jerry now follow me”

Conrad got up and stood over Angela and started pumping faster soon his semen flew out. Conrad aimed it at the prostrate girl making sure she got it in her face, her hair and on her belly. Jerry followed suit and the girl was covered in all the sticky stuff.

Angela remained stock still as Bonnie set to work lapping up and swallowing the semen even allowing Angela a taste by letting Angela lick her fingers.

Beth and Ruby were amazed and were far too gone by this time. Beth cleaned Conrad’s cock Ruby did the same for Jerry. Minutes later when all were done the adults sat back.

“Was that OK Father” Bonnie enquired

“Wonderful princess, just wonderful”

It was not long before the adults had recovered and soon Jerry was undressing completely. Ruby and Beth were doing likewise also Conrad. Now all 4 adults were naked and the women got down on all fours facing each other. Conrad fucked Beth up the ass and Jerry did the same with Ruby. As they were being fucked the two women kissed each other.

Bonnie and Angela were tired and they watched the adult show now.

“Wow” Angela remarked “Look at what they doing”

“Mmmmmm wish it was my ass your dad was in” said Bonnie

“Didn’t it hurt last night you was crying?”

“Only a bit after that it gets better”

“Maybe I will try then”

“Yes you should now let’s just watch”

Bonnie and Angela remained quiet while watching the adults having sex. Beth and Ruby had anal and oral sex with the others partner before turning in on themselves to let the men rest. Doing the 69 they were able to enjoy each other’s pussies at the same time.

Jerry and Conrad came to rest on the floor while watching their wives tonguing each other out. Angela cuddled up around Conrad and was resting her hand on his cock and Jerry had a similar experience with Bonnie.

It was not long before both men were ready again and Bonnie and Angela as if in unison began to suck each other’s Fathers cocks. The men were groaning with pleasure. The two women had satisfied themselves and sat up to watch their daughter’s ministrations. Bonnie was sucking and slurping as was Angela

It was not long before both men were ready to unload. Bonnie and Angela both wanted it in the pussy so laying down they spread wide. The men put in their cocks and humped away. each hump bringing the squeals of ecstasy from the two young girls.

Not wishing to be left out as Conrad was fucking Angela Ruby played with the girls nipples and kissed her on the mouth. The same was being done to Bonnie by Beth.

As the men’s orgasms came they unloaded their respective sperm into the girl they were fucking. Spent the men sat back and watched as Beth cleaned up Bonnie and Ruby cleaned up Angela.

Satisfied the Henderson’s left after a brief coffee break and the promise that now the girls had a taste they would be allowed to participate in their future orgies.

To be continued................

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2010-07-18 10:13:32
i cant take any more, thoght it would get better but it's not


2009-10-31 19:43:06
If I decided to hurt someone, it would be someone like you.

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2009-10-18 02:51:49
Senty4 fuck off ones sexuall urges do not dictate there iq nor the size of ones balls. My quess your one of those closet pedo's in denail but your the type who is far more likely to end up hurting a kid. So instead of trying to be the savior you invission yourself being maybe you should spend some time dealing with your own suprised desires before you hurt someone


2009-10-17 10:25:21
Hey, you brainless idiots. Obviously, most of you have the IQ of a brick and no balls. Otherwise you would be reading and writing about sex with adults instead of children. I also notice that readers and writers don't show any contact ID. What are you afraid of?


2009-09-08 06:13:03
8/10 dp the girls.

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