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Angela had been promised a visit to her Uncle Mark and now the day had arrived
Educating the Girls

By anon y mouse

Chapter 7: Angela’s Uncle Mark

It had been a few days since the mass orgy, Both Conrad and Jerry had since fucked their respective daughters and each others.

Angela had been promised a visit to her Uncle Mark and now the day had arrived. Bonnie was going with her. Jerry was taking them and leaving them for an hour or so while he did a little work on his Mother’s car.

Jerry’s Father had passed away the day after Angela was born. He never got to see the girl he pondered what his father would think if he knew what a little slut she had grown into. Arriving at the house Jerry wandered in no formalities here kith and kin wandered in any old time. He was not greeted by Lucy and he thought that strange.

He did hear a noise coming from the garage and he walked in to investigate. There was his brother Mark pants round his ankles and was fucking the neighbour’s kid who he knew to be 5 years old. The little girl was so into it she was urging him on and Mark was pumping away for all he was worth. Neither of them noticed Jerry till they had finished.

Mark turned to see his brother and grinned but the girl was terrified

“Please don’t tell momma bout me and Mark?” She pleaded

“That depends honey” Jerry said come over here let me see that ass.

At this point Jerry had forgotten he had bought the girls with him and was inspecting the naked child’s ass and fingering her pussy when Bonnie and Angela found them.

“Having fun Father” Angela Laughed “In that case we can use Uncle Mark”

Mark still had his trousers down Angela and Bonnie went up and started massaging his cock.

“See honey” Jerry told the girl “I won’t tell and as you can see my daughter and her friend like to fuck just like you”

The child looked happier because of the sight of the other two girls. She pulled down Jerry’s pants and shorts and proceeded to suck his dick.

Bonnie and Angela looked back and saw Jerry was busy so they concentrated on Mark taking turns to suck him and lick his balls. Mark signalled he was ready and asked who wanted his cum. Angela lay herself down and pulled down her panties and willed her uncle to shoot inside her. Mark took his cue from his niece and rammed his cock in her pussy pounding away until he shot his load.

“God that was wonderful Uncle Mark thanks now its Bonnie's turn”

Mark knew he was good he had always bragged at school he could cum all day but he had just shot twice in less than 5 minutes.

“Sorry Honey you will have to wait a few minutes”

Bonnie didn’t wait she scrambled to his cock and licked him clean then when Mark was sorted she set about cleaning Angela

“Wow Jerry that’s some little whore‘s you got with you”

Jerry nodded as he was just about to shoot his load into the 5 year old pussy.

“Jerry meet Sally and Sally meet Jerry” Mark laughed

“So how long have you been fucking her?”

“About 2 years ever since her Father left”

“Ya mean she was only 3 then”

“Yup and how long you been fucking those bitches”

“A few days”

“Well they look experienced to me why did ya never try and fuck her before”

“Never seemed right”

“Ya know I tried to get her once but Lucy came in and I had to stop I never got another chance”

“Well you made up for it now” Jerry reminded him

Both brothers fell about laughing.

“I was gonna take Sally in and clean her up I usually bath her before she goes home”

“Ok let’s go it seems as the girls have made friends as well”

The two brothers gathered up the trio of giggling girls and headed into the house. Sally ran upstairs and started running the bath.

“With you in a moment honey” Mark told her

The brothers exchanged pleasantries

“Wanna bathe her?”


“Then follow me and while you do that I can get more acquainted with my niece and her friend Bonnie”

Jerry followed his brother upstairs where the girl was already in the tub waiting

“Listen honey, Jerry is gonna bathe you I have some catching up to do with my niece. But I will walk ya home later”

Sally nodded as she understood and allowed Jerry to soap her down showing him how she liked being bathed and the way Mark did it. She had Jerry pay particular attention to making sure her ass and pussy was clean. Having done as requested Jerry was shown how she liked being dried making sure her pussy was dry. Now she had to be powdered again the pussy needed special attention and showing her appreciation she kissed him full on the mouth.

Next was dressing Jerry had to take his time with that. It was important that not a button be out of place or a panty-line seen or her dress ruffled so her momma would not suspect. Next her hair was combed and a ribbon placed just so. Once finished she took his hand and they went downstairs.

Bonnie was just putting back on her panties as they returned.

“Well take a look at you?” Mark whistled to Sally “ain’t’ you the pretty one”

Sally blushed even though Mark said it every time.

“Be back in a moment bro just have to get Sally here back to her momma”

The two of them left and Sally held Mark's hand and as she walked she wiggled her little bottom. Jerry had been at his brother’s place many times so he knew where the coffee was and made himself a brew. Reaching into the fridge he got out a cold drink for each of the girls.

“Your brother is a good fuck” remarked Bonnie not as big as your cock but he was good

Jerry nearly spilled his coffee hearing Bonnie come out with it just like that. Angela was giggling. Just as he was about to remark on her outburst Mark came back in.

Before he could ask Mark explained that every other week Lucy and Jenny that’s Sally’s mother go into town shopping. Jenny has no car and is a single parent. Lucy needs to shop anyway so they do it in one lot. They share the bargains and split the fuel costs saves money for all. Lucy will be around there for ages yet he said they always end up gossiping.

Jerry always knew his brother had a thrift streak in him. Looking round his place always reminded him of bargain basement. Jerry was not well off either but he prefer the better stuff his motto was you get what you pay for.

Sally’s mother works as a waitress sometimes nights and so Sally often sleeps over since she was 3. She had slept in their bed between Lucy and Mark. She would climb on his knee at every opportunity when Lucy was not around and rub her mound on his knee. One day as Lucy was out back pegging out the washing she dropped her panties and let Mark have a feel.

Her Father had started on her 6 months before he walked out. An argument about her mother being a tramp. Mark was only too happy to carry on as long as it was their secret.

As mark told his tale Jerry was amazed as how can a man fuck a 3 year old then checked himself had he not just done the same and she was only 5 now. Bonnie and Angela just thought the girl lucky to have been fucked so many times. Checking the time Jerry realised he had not been and sorted his mother’s car yet and knew the girls were safe with Mark.

“Better get over mother’s fix her car” he told Mark

As he said his goodbyes to the girls he said

“Back in a couple of hours have fun”

The last words he heard were Angela’s

“We will Father I promise”

To be continued............................


2010-04-08 13:16:32
3 yrs and 5 yrs old is a bit young. But this is a fantasy and it got me hard.


2009-09-08 06:32:24
9/10. 3/5 are a little young but i still came pretty good. good story, continue writing.

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