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Widing down after work
It was a below average Friday. Work was thoroughly depressing because you got yelled at by one of your co-workers and the whole office heard. You found the whole incident particularly unacceptable given the fact that she was in the wrong anyhow and your boss sided with her. On top of that you got accused of making a customer's life more difficult even though you had never had contact with that customer.

"It would be a great night for a martini, a movie ..." you thought to yourself, "... and maybe my rabbit to help take the stress away."

You got a quick sense of heat penetrate your nether regions at the thought of your favorite toy. It's not quite as good as the real thing, but when you need to get something done, it does the job as long as you want it! Picturing the evening ahead gets your mind off of work and onto an enticing evening by yourself.

Unfortunately, however you still have to take the 1hr long subway ride to get home. Your dreaming about the evening carry's you to your seat on the subway. You manage to make your way there without thinking - having taken that route so many times before. When you stop day-dreaming, you find yourself sitting on an inordinately empty subway for the commute home on a Friday. Certainly there are plenty of people about, but most of them have a seat save for a few who probably prefer to stand anyway. You've managed to procure the last seat on the car - where there is a divider wall in front of you, one seat open to your right, and two occupied seats to your left across the aisle. The dirty looking teenager by the window in the far left seat is napping on the window, and the old woman next to him has her nose buried in a book. There is a man standing in the aisle just in front of you, supporting himself on the two partitions that block off those last two rows of seats in which you now find yourself. In front of him are the occupied seats for elders and disabled, then the doors - one one either side of the car - and finally the rest of the car stretches out in front of you. It appears the seats are mostly full with a few people standing, but you find it hard to see everyone since you are on the other side of the partition, and you assume that they have the same trouble seeing you.

As your eyes return to your location and better take stock of your own surroundings, you take new notice of the man standing before you. A strapping business man with a slight cleft in his chin and somewhat long brown hair tied back into a short, curly pony tail. He is sharply and artistically dressed with a black shirt under an expensive ash gray suit he stands with his hips and shoulders facing your direction more than the direction of the teenager and old lady, but he's not all together facing right at you either. You scan his person starting at his neatly shined shoes and working your eyes up the beautifully formed suit to his v-shaped torso. As your gaze reaches its peak at his face, your eyes catch his and you know that he's seen you checking him out. You got just a flash of his hazel-brown eyes just before you turned your head and tried to hide your slight blush in knowing that you had been discovered.

You suddenly feel a need to take stock of your own self - adjusting your black skirt, pulling it up a little to show off your perfectly developed lower stems. Non-chalantly you rub at your neck for a second and then reach down through your open suit coat and unbutton 2 more buttons of your blouse and fan yourself as though you are warm. Looking at your reflection in the window you can tell that the unbuttoning has fully exposed your deep cleavage and even a little of your lacy black bra underneath. You shake off the urge to cover yourself because you are feeling care-free at the end of the week - spontaneous and alive.

Your eyes return to the man before you and you peer up to his face again. He has definitely noticed your movement. In fact he's looking strait at you with a little sly smile that says, "thank you". You turn away quickly. Never actually expecting your seductive moves to make any impression on him you are shocked by the forwardness and raw sexuality of his sight on you. You turn your head toward him again and your eyes catch his mid-section. You can fully see the outline of a raging hardon straining the expensive tailored slacks he's wearing to the brink of popping the button and zipper. You turn away again and toward the empty seat beside you mouth the words, "oh ... my ... god!"

But then you notice he is looking at you - looking at your face in the reflection in the window. Your eyes catch the reflection of his and he winks seductively. He glances down at the reflection of your ample cleavage and then to the throbbing stiffness that is tearing at his trousers. He slides a leg in your direction and presses it against your thigh. The audacity of the movement and the public nature of your situation causes you to burst a sudden wetness between your legs before you even know what is happening. He shifts his leg slightly, easily massaging your leg with his pants.

You look back at him. What should you do? You still have at least 30 minutes left of this ride and you're not sure you can keep it together that long. Suddenly you feel a hand touching yours. In all the commotion in your mind you didn't notice that you had leaned forward slightly and grasped the same supporting pole that this man was using for balance. He has slid his hand downward to meet yours and he's teasing your hand with his fingers. First brushing it with his finger tips, then squeezing your fingers between his. Next he surrounds your fingers with two of his own and slides them back and forth in the most suggestive motion your mind can't escape the thought of his pulsing hardon. Finally he slides one finger between your palm and the pole and begins to slide it up and down. You know what this is - you know what he wants and you want it so badly too you can barely feel anything else but what about all these people? How would you ever get away with it.

Another glance up to his face receives another seductive wink and you can't take it anymore. You actually look away from him - half looking at his face in the window reflection and half hiding your own, you reach your hand blindly in his direction. You feel his knee and the material of his pants is soft and smooth like silk. You slide your hand upward and notice the definition of his strong and surprisingly active thigh. Your hand adventures higher and he shifts his hips into it and you feel it. His cock twitches at your touch under his pants and then pumps rhythmically. It's incredible! Solid as a rock and you feel like you could wrap both hands and your mouth around it with room to spare. You slide your hand back and forth on the long shaft and a heat comes over your body. You have an uncontrollable urge to be touched - to be teased - to be thrusted upon and filled.

Your finger catches the zipper of his fly and without noticing what you are doing and still not facing the tall adonis, you open his fly and work your hand into his pants and underwear. You're able to wrap your hand around the full stiffness of his cock and you feel a wild chill rush through your torso and your nipples become so hard that you can actually feel them press into your bra. You stroke the strong shaft in your fisted hand - at once feeling soft and smooth and enormously rigid. With a slight tug and effort you manage to release the throbbing member from its coverings.

You look over to him again realizing your surroundings and notice that the teen and old woman have not stirred - neither, it seems, has anyone else on the train. And the exposed man before you is grinning at you wide and longingly. He shifts his hips in your direction a little more and you can tell he feels totally safe in his current exposure. You decide to see if you can get him any more turned on and you unbutton another clasp of your blouse. You slide your skirt up all the way in front and spread your legs - checking to see if anyone else is watching and they are not - you reveal your thin lace see-through black panties. His eyes grow wide. You reach into your bra and release each nipple into view, one at a time and they extend forward as though they are reaching for his dick as much as you just were.

The mans mouth drops open and he reaches a hand into his pants and pulls the entire length of his dick out - balls and all. It's staring strait at you. You exposed and feeling inexplicably horny in this ever so public place you reach out and cup his balls with one hand. You lean toward him and wrap another hand around the base of his shaft. You feel your breasts fall out of your bra slightly more and they hang from your chest as soft moons aglow with waves of heated desire. Your tongue flicks the tip of his large head and his whole cock convulses with the touch. You open your mouth and slide the head inside, sucking as you go. It stretches your lips like a large apple and you wonder what it would do to the lips below. You begin to stroke his shaft with your hand and slowly slide your mouth deeper and deeper down his manhood the best you can. It's a difficult task because of the size but you don't notice - nor do you remember the fact that you are on the commuter train with hundreds of people totally enthralled in an amazing blow job.

As you suck on the ever swelling member, you peer up and him and his face is twisted - eyes closed - in pure ecstasy. He breathes a little moan and you work more furiously. You can feel your breasts shake and your pussy throb as you bob your head up and down over this large cock on this beautiful stranger. Faster and faster and harder and harder you work until suddenly his hips burst forth and his dick explodes into your mouth with repeated shots of amazingly sweet cum. You keep your mouth around him to take it all in and then swallow so as not to make a mess - then you return to his thick shaft with your hands and put your mouth around his head again and squeeze and pull the shaft, drawing every last bit of hot orgasm out of him.

You sit back - finding yourself panting without ever having been touched. By the time you open your eyes he has put himself back into his pants and he coaxing you to move to the empty seat beside you.

You slide over and he sits. With his left hand he helps you spread your legs again and then holds your legs open with his left leg. His hand reaches over to you and squeezes and massages your breasts and you notice now just how tender they feel. Each tug of your nipples shoots energy shocks between your legs and each time he presses them to your body you feel great straining feelings of emptiness deep inside - emptiness you have to fill!

All at once you feel a finger penetrate your already soaked pussy. You lurch forward as another finger quickly enters your sex and the quick response of your body builds a shaking inside your womanhood. Immediately you feel pulses of tightness and shocks of energy springing forth from your pussy, consuming your body as you orgasm almost the instant he entered you! Your legs and head jerk uncontrollably in your chair as you endure waves and waves of wrenching orgasm. It seems to go on forever even though you can't feel him move. Over and over the waves come and the muscles of your groin start to spasm only adding to the incredible sensation.

As it slowly fades you begin to come to your senses and you are able to open your eyes. The teen and the old woman are still there as are most of the other people on the train but none seems particularly interested in you. In a shock you notice the man is no longer at your side and you catch his eyes as he exits the train and gives you the most memorable wink you will ever experience.

Your only regret as you reach home is for the sleep you will surely miss tonight as you repeatedly bring yourself to wonderful, beautiful orgasms at the hand of your friendly little rabbit. You don't know who he was, and you don't really care - because right now he's not complicated - he's complete sex. He's perfect and he'll stay that way forever in your memories and fantasies to come...

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