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After being married for almost 50 years, this old couple decided to set the record straight about their marriage. Deciding they had nothing to fear about revealing secrets from their past anymore at this late stage in life, they both took turns asking each other about how faithful each had been in their marriage. The wife went first and asked her husband if he had ever cheated on her.
He replied, "Yes, but only once and it didn't mean anything. I was on a business trip after we had been married for about seven years, met this attractive woman in a bar, and we spent the night together. But I never saw her again and it didn't mean anything and that was the ONLY time I was ever unfaithful in our marriage. How about you? Did you ever cheat on me?"
His wife answered, "Yes." Way back when we were trying to buy our first house and come up with a downpayment, I slept with this guy to help us get the extra money we needed."
"Was that the ONLY time?" he asked.
"Well, not exactly," she said. "About five years later when we were having trouble making payments on our new car, I slept with this guy so the bank wouldn't come and repossess it."
"I guess I understand why you did it," her husband said, "But was that the last time?"
"Well, not exactly," she replied. "Remember the time you ran for mayor and you needed about another 47 votes to win.......?"
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