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The girls in the hooker outfits were ready and Jerry was driving
Educating the Girls

By anon y mouse

Chapter 8: A grand day out
It was now 5 days since Conrad and the girls had visited the shop. As yet they had not worn any of the clothes in public but today was going to be the day.

Bonnie and Angela had been begging to go out and work permitting Conrad now had the time to take them. It also had to be when Jerry was free as well so they could both enjoy the fun. Beth and Ruby were not going there was a cake bake off for the local church and they had agreed to combine their ovens and help out.

The girls in the hooker outfits were ready and Jerry was driving as Conrad’s car was in for service. They would pick that up on the way back. Driving into town the girls were soon the attention of an assortment of males as they stopped at traffic lights. Males young and old could not believe their eyes. Those with wives or girlfriends present pretended they were not looking but their faces gave them away.

Parking in the mall parking lot the girl’s as pre ordained would deliberately bend over and pretend to do up trainers. Or sometimes would stick a hand up their almost none existent skirts and pretend to adjust their flimsy panties.

Once in the shopping area itself this game continued and soon males would be gathered trying to get a better view. Those with wives or girlfriends would be given dirty looks and made to turn their heads away. As they walked a few men seemed to be following but pretended they were not. Bonnie and Angela were happy with the attention they were getting but could not let on that they appreciated it that would give the game away.

Conrad also had to pretend that he had no idea of the trouble they were causing and act as any father just out with their kids like hundreds of others did every day. When they went to the burger bar the girls made sure they were perched on stools in such a fashion that a glimpse of panty was always on show. Sometimes they would drop something and have to climb back off the stool to retrieve it and then climb back on again.

They went to 4 burger bars and did the same in each one. Their stomachs were full after the fourth so they had to use the toilet. Of course when they came back out Angela had a piece of toilet paper showing and Bonnie waited till they were in full view of the crowds before reaching in and retrieving it for her having to lift Angela’s short skirt even higher. Of course they got plenty of dirty looks as well but this was more than compensated for by the admirers they attracted.

Conrad had noticed all the attention the girls were getting. He whispered to Bonnie who whispered to Angela. The Game was about to step up a gear. Bonnie asked in her best little miss innocent voice

“Father Can we go the park?”

“We might not have time” Conrad replied on cue

“We wanna go the park” the girls shouted loud enough for all to hear

“I said if we had time” Conrad replied as sternly as he thought that he should for best effect.

The girls stamped and swore and created as much of a scene as they could without overdoing it
Conrad with all and sundry looking at the display returned their glares.

“If you two don’t behave we will go straight home and you will get a spanking and no supper”

The girls kept it up calling Conrad names and trying to control the giggles.

“We will go to the park” He remonstrated “but not for long just let me go in here and get my paper and we can go now just wait outside and behave”

The girl’s faces turned from frowns to joy much to the pleasure of the crowd who had witnessed this bully of a Father. Conrad went in to get a paper he did not really need one but it was part of the pretence. He went in the shop and as soon as he was out of sight a man approached them.

“Pretty very pretty” he remarked

They pretended not to have heard

“Your Father is very lucky to have you 2 pretty girls”

“We not his girls” Bonnie said we are his escort he hired us to fuck him.

The man was bowled over “What agency do you work for I might book you for myself”

“Really” Bonnie replied “We come as a pair and we ain’t cheap”

The man thought for a moment and said “What time do you finish with this client”

“Bout 20 minutes after we been the park then he will drop us at the corner n we make our way home”

“Can I book you for afterwards?”

“Depends what you want us to do and how long for we need be home by 8 or we get into trouble”

“Well depends what you charge”

“30 for a blowjob 50 for a fuck and if you cum inside us mouth or pussy it’s double”

“Is that each”

“No that’s for both of us”

The man thought he was in heaven. Here were two little girls prepared to blow him off and let him fuck them and for less than half what some drugged up hooker would cost

“How long do I get?”

“1 Hour”

 “Very reasonable”

“Money up front you pay her and fuck me. Then you pay me and fuck her that’s how we work”

“Agreed give me where you want to meet and I will be there”

“Corner by the fountain in say 40 minutes”

“See you there then”

Satisfied the man walked off and Conrad appeared on cue

“Father we been propositioned and we gonna get paid”

As they walked to the park Bonnie recounted the offer she made the man.

“OK better make sure Jerry has enough film left in the camera”

All the time Jerry had been in sight but incognito. He was filming the day as it happened for later viewing for the wives. Conrad phoned Jerry on his mobile and told him what was going down. As luck would have it Jerry did have spare film and hurried ahead to the park to await developments there.

Once at the park the girls joined the other children and Conrad sat on the bench watching pretending he was keeping a fatherly eye on them. A Young mother who had noticed him came over and sat down.

“Nice looking girls”

“Thank you”

“That’s my girl Gloria over there” she said pointing at a flaxen haired chubby girl

“Pretty” Conrad replied

“You here doing the father thing”


“I notice you and the girls are alone, either you are divorced doing the father visit bit, or your wife is no longer with you and you look after them alone”

“The former” Conrad lied

“Oh sorry” the young woman said “Well all credit to you my husband comes nowhere near and his checks are getting later and later”

“I’m sorry now” Conrad replied

“Don’t be we better off without him”

All the while they had been speaking Conrad had noticed a man lurking in the bushes watching the children as they played. He was paying particular attention to his girls. Conrad continued his conversation with the young woman. She was 30 divorced and looking after her daughter times were hard Blah, Blah, Blah. They exchanged names hers was Alexis. She did most of the talking and for one moment Conrad was so engaged he almost lost sight of the girls.

He was right about the man as the girls got nearer to his position he approached. When he was sure no one was looking he had talked to Bonnie and Angela and they were heading off towards some bushes over the other side. Conrad made his excuses to Alexis and made his way over to dodge round the other way so he could follow but be out of plain view.

He got to the other side in time to greet Jerry who had noticed the same event and was filming still. Crouching down the two witnessed the girls in action.

First Bonnie lifted her skirt and removed her panties followed by Angela. The man made them spread their legs apart and then he placed a finger in each one of them. Neither Conrad nor Jerry could make out what they were saying, but could see most of what was happening. Jerry more so as he zoomed the camera in and out to get the best of the action.

After a few moments the man stood and pulled down his trousers. Angela began giving him a blowjob. Bonnie removed all her clothes and took over from Angela who then removed hers. After a while the two lay on the ground and the man stood over them both masturbating. As he came he shot his sperm across the bellies of the girls.

Bonnie got up and sucked him clean, he then pulled up his trousers and gave the girls some money and left. Jerry zoomed in as the two girls licked the sperm from each other’s bellies and got dressed, Conrad called the girls over they had not seen him before and they saw Jerry too. Bonnie held up the $50 the man had given her and the men smiled.

Suddenly there was a rustle behind them. Conrad turned to see Alexis standing there with her daughter.

“Hi again” was all he could think to say

“Mind if I ask did your daughter’s enjoy that?”

Conrad did not know what to say he blushed

“No honestly I am just curious Gloria here only lets him have a feel”

Alexis went on explaining how the man first approached Gloria. At first she did not want to but when the man gave her $5 It was good and all for taking panties off and letting the man touch her. But she will not do more Alexis went on even though I tried as the money would be handy.

Conrad and Jerry both sympathised and Jerry looked at Gloria. Jerry asked the girl why she would not but the girl went shy and hid behind her mothers skirt.

“We have no male influence” Alexis explaining “I cannot show her a cock”

Jerry seized the situation very quickly

“How old is she?”

“7 this year” Alexis smiled “And so adorable do you not think?”

Jerry took the bull by the horns and asked Alexis if she minded that Gloria saw his cock. Alexis had no objections if Gloria was happy. The little one was not sure. Once again jerry hinted that if momma played with it would she. Alexis blushed it was a while she had handled a cock and this what too good a chance to miss.

Alexis knelt in front of Jerry and helped herself getting his cock out. She swooned when she saw its size. Her husband was not that big but he was her first and only. Alexis beckoned Gloria to take a closer look. Even though The only thing Alexis wanted was to suck on it.

Gloria started to come out of her shell. She put her face closer as Alexis pointed out the shaft, the head and the balls. Jerry was grinning and Bonnie and Angela by this time had joined the group. Angela told Gloria it was OK to touch it. Tentatively Gloria touched the head.

Encouraged Alexis showed her daughter how to stroke it. Jerry was straining not to cum. He could hold no longer and asked one of them to allow his release. Alexis because she had not had cock for ages sank her mouth over his shaft. Watched by Gloria and the others.

Jerry spent his load in Alexis mouth. It was when she let go that Angela moved in and licked her father clean. Gloria watched in admiration.

“See Gloria” Bonnie said “Nothin to it”

Gloria asked if she could try that. Jerry being spent passed the offer to Conrad. Bonnie helped the girl get the cock out and showed her like her mother had how to stroke. When the time came Bonnie showed her how to form an O in her mouth to receive the cock. Gloria was a model student and soon Conrad was able to point his cock into her mouth.

Since she had never tasted sperm it was felt wise not to make her take it all but instead a facial was best but that would stain her dress if it spilled. Alexis had no objection to a stained dress she had to wash it after all. Conrad took his cue and blasted the girls face. It did indeed miss is places and land on her dress. Alexis smiled as her daughter was blasted with cum.

Reaching into her bag she took out a tissue and wiped her daughter clean. Meanwhile Bonnie took care of father. Alexis invited them back to her place but the offer was declined they still had another issue to take care off. Conrad and Alexisswaped phone numbers and promised to call.

It was getting on and they still had the appointment at the fountain. As he dropped them off Conrad pretended to leave the girls and headed off but doubled back as he already knew where the next event was to take place. Jerry was filming as the man arrived.

“On time” He remarked “I like girls who are prompt”

He tried to get them to go in his car to his house but Angela said they knew a place. They would not be disturbed and it was there or nowhere. The man was obviously put out but he had wasted time already and agreed to go. Leading him into the empty house the girls teased him all the way and he was putty in their hands.

“OK girls show the goods”

“Money as agreed”

The man got out some money

“You said double if you swallow or come inside you”


“OK” and he handed over the cash to Angela

Bonnie helped the man get his trousers off she then removed her panties and gave them to Angela. She then bent down and gave him a blow job to die for. The man was soon in agony and he shot his load into her mouth which she greedily licked up.

It took about 15 minutes before the man was ready again. This time it was Angela he wanted to fuck and come inside her. Bonnie took the money and Angela removed all her clothes and lay down waiting for the man to begin. He first fingered her and found she was no virgin and proceeded to lie on top of her and placed his cock inside. As he had come before he could go for longer this time. Eventually his sperm erupted into Angela’s pussy and he got up grateful. Angela licked him clean and he pulled up his trousers and started to leave.

“You were given 1hr and it’s only been 30 minutes” Bonnie reminded him

“As you have paid you might as well stay and watch us”

The man was in awe as Bonnie got down between Angela’s legs and proceeded to slurp on the semen the he had deposited. In another 10 minutes all was over and the man left. As he left the girls got dressed and came over to where they knew Conrad and Jerry were watching from.

They all agreed it had been a grand day out and had the video to prove it.

One last stop to pick up Conrad’s car, and then home. As the girls had fallen asleep in Jerry’s car it was not wise to move them. As soon as he was happy and he saw Conrad had his car back he drove the girl’s home

To be continued............................

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