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“Maybe we should be in the movie business” Beth exclaimed
]Educating the Girls

By anon y mouse

Chapter 9: Help me please
Jerry and Conrad put the girls to bed. With the video Jerry and Conrad were able to show Beth and Ruby how the day had gone and both women were impressed

“Maybe we should be in the movie business” Beth exclaimed

“That would need distribution and costs” replied Jerry “Besides it depends if there’s a market for this stuff and the legal crap”

“True” Beth answered “Just thinkin”

No more was said as the film finished but all four adults had been so turned on during the watching they had all masturbated.

Bonnie and Angela had awoke and were also discussing the day’s events. Both were happy and they had made $210. They had been told they earned the right to keep it and they were sharing it out in Angela’s room.

“What ya gonna do with yours?” asked Bonnie

“Dunno and you”


“That’s a lot of sweets make you sick”

“Oh well we think of something”

The girls put the money in the little purse they each had that came with the outfits.

“When ya reckon we get to do it again” Bonnie asked

“No idea we can go ask Father”

Bonnie was staying the night at Angela’s, as the Brat’s as they were known to the girl’s were being picked up from grandpas in the morning. Bonnie was still supposed to be ill so she wasn’t going. It was an early start and they wouldn’t be home till after dark.

There was also the small matter of re visiting the shop. Bonnie had expectations of getting her photo taken which of course meant she would get fucked by the Joseph too. Angela was also looking forward to going back and letting the old man play.

Bonnie and Angela bounded downstairs They were met by Beth.

“Hey you two back to bed this instant”

“Will father come and tuck us in then?” asked Angela

“Yes no go shoo and not a peep you hear”

The girls headed back up and lay on their bed just talking. Eventually Jerry came upstairs and told them get ready for bed. The girls pleaded that he undressed them. Jerry was more than willing to help and task completed he bid then goodnight. They also pleaded for a feel of his cock but Jerry refused saying time enough in the morning.

The plain truth was that he had just fucked both Beth and Ruby. Beth and Ruby were so turned on by the film he fucked each of them in all three holes. Conrad had left to prepare the car for the morning.

Conrad had just settled into bed when the phone rang

“Hello” he answered half drowsy

“Sorry to bother You Conrad and I know its late but Gloria is crying she wants her daddy's cock and I don't know how to calm her.”

“It is rather late” Conrad replied

“Please come over” Alexis pleaded

This was a situation he had not mentioned Alexis did not seem important. Plus he had told her he was divorced. He promised to come over. Turning to Ruby he said Honey I have something to tell you. Ruby listened as they both got dressed. The plan was Ruby get a motel room for them near Alexis house. Jerry was surprised to hear Conrad's car turn off the drive.

Conrad deposited Beth at the motel and told her book a room. He left her some money and set off for Alexis house a few minutes drive. He was greeted by a distraught woman who showed him in and up to her daughters bedroom. Gloria stopped sobbing as soon as he entered. Taking the girls hand he had intended just to talk to her but Gloria threw her arms around him and hugged him hard.

Conrad was taken aback but at least she had stopped crying. Alexis was delighted too now she might get a nights sleep she had a job interview in the morning. Gloria continued to hug Conrad but after a few moments let him go.

“There now honey what was wrong your momma was upset at you crying”

“I sorry” Gloria said “But I got no daddy to do things and you are divorce and momma is divorce”

Conrad realised he had been had by a 7 year old.

“You mean you had me come over here in hopes your momma and I got together?”

“Aha then you be my daddy and I play my daddy cock”

Both Alexis and Conrad had to laugh at the situation.

“Honey” Conrad said “If I let you play a while with it will you stop this nonsense?”

Gloria agreed and Conrad removed his pants. He sat on the edge of the bed allowing the girl to do whatever she wished. Alexis on watching this was obliged to the man who was calming her daughter. It did make a difference having a man around but it need to be the right man. This one seemed perfect.

Gloria stroked and licked as she had seen before and this time she even put it in her mouth. Soon Conrad was bursting and could not hold back he shot his sperm into the girls mouth. Not all of it was taken in as she had trouble swallowing such a load and it dribbled out and onto her nightshirt. Alexis helped by cleaning Conrad's cock.

Sitting there having spent in Gloria's mouth and with Alexis cleaning him he felt comfy and gave a yawn. Gloria knew she could not sleep in a dirty nightie and promptly stripped off. She was completely naked underneath. Conrad admired her form. Chubby but not obese. Her little virginal pussy was on show as she stood on the bed lifting her nightie.

He was not thinking and he reached out to touch her smooth skin. Gloria did not object she moved closer to allow him to feel her well rounded buttocks and she oohed and sighed when he reached her pussy. Alexis watched the scene for a moment before taking the dirty nightie out to the laundry basket.

When Alexis had returned Conrad was fingering her daughter’s pussy and bottom. Gloria was just letting him do as he wished. When Conrad lay her down on her back she did not struggle or cry. Parting her legs he licked at her pussy and tweaked on her nipples. Alexis was so turned on she lifted her skirt and shoved a finger in her own pussy. Conrad eased himself onto his arms and rubbed his cock head on Gloria's pussy.

Alexis knew what was going to happen but in her aroused state she was powerless to stop what was to be inevitable. Conrad rubbed his cock until little drops of pre-cum appeared. He used this to oil the little girl pussy. He then started to insert his cock into Gloria. He was starting slow just as Joseph had done with Angela.

He got to the point of resistance and stopped a few seconds

“This will hurt darling” he told her “But soon it will better”

Bringing his cock to the entrance he took one lunge and was past the barrier. Gloria cried out in pain and asked him to stop

“That is the worst over “ he told her

Conrad relaxed inside her to give the child a chance to get over the shock and pain. He then continued with short gentle stokes. Gloria stopped crying and Conrad increased his tempo. Now his thrusts were harder and deeper but Gloria made no murmur. Finally Conrad came inside her. As he pulled out he saw Alexis lying exhausted on the chair. Pulling up his pants he kissed both mother and daughter and let himself out.

Reaching the motel he was exhausted himself. Ruby asked how things went and was happy her husband had taken a girls virginity. Maybe they wasted the Doctors fee but that was water under the bridge. She would have loved to have sex with him but his tired state said all. She settled on one of her toys as Conrad fell into a deep sleep.

To be continued.....................

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2014-01-15 21:07:57
Omg my cunt is on fire. My grampy started molesting me at 4. This story is making my grown up cunt (41) drip fantasizing I am 3 or 4 again:)

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2011-09-18 02:47:33
You're the gareestt! JMHO

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2011-04-09 16:59:19
I take my daughter and her friend to school each day.
One day I dropped the girl off..and instead of going right home
I drove Kelly and me out a road. I parked and got her into the back seat. She is just 5 years old. I got her panties off..and licked her tight cunt. I had always wanted to. She said it tickled her so much. I got a hard on..and put the knob to her cunt..slid it in...just a bit...she took all my knob.Then I jerked off into her cunt.

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Whew..good. When my wife goes to sleep..i go into my daughter's bedroom...Kim is only 6.....I let her play with my cock...while I am fingering her tight cunthole. I want to fuck her so badly , I do not. She loves to jerk me off...all over her belly.
She wipes my sperm off...with a kleenex.. I go back to bed.


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Very good

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