This story just happened over the summer
Kid next door is a peeping tom

This story just happened over the summer. We live in a complex were the houses all look pretty much the same and are in each driveway three houses. Every house has a six foot fence to draw the property line, so you get privacy. So I thought until now. In June I noticed our neighbor’s kid “Jimmy” peeking threw his upstairs window at me when I was in the Jacuzzi on our deck. No big deal I thought, I kind of liked it and started to look forward to it. It got to the point that when I saw him I made sure I gave him a good show. I even mowed the back lawn once in my summer dress with no panties. Did my gardening in short shorts and a tank top, no bra of course. I started sunbathing on the deck and flash him from time to time.
One day Phil and I were having sex in the Jacuzzi and I told him we were being watched. He looked up and said lets give him a show then. He fucked me like a mad man. After we both came and relaxed in the water I looked up and noticed he had a video camera. I told Phil I have to get that tape, If it get’s on the web, no telling who will see them. Phil said, “How are you going to get it?” I said “They invited us to Jimmy’s graduation party next Saturday, I’ll just sneak up to his room and grab the tape and we can watch it at home.
Before you know it was time to go to the party, we ate BBQ and everyone was hanging out in the back yard. I excused myself to use the bathroom. I went right to his room and looked threw the window were he was peeping at me. I was getting wet just thinking about it. I was so nervous looking for that video camera, I finally did and the bag had a couple of tapes. I couldn’t tell what was mine? What if I get caught in his room? I sat in the walk in closet and closed the door and watched each tape with the camera. This little pervert not only taped me he taped all kinds of voyeurism, he even taped himself jerking off, he was pretty big for a 18 year old. I was getting so excited I started to finger my clit while I watched. Then I found my tape. I took it along with the voyeur tape and left a note, “We got to talk, CC.
That night Phil and I watched the tapes, we got so hot and bothered we fucked like teenagers again. Phil said “You should teach him a lesson, I bet he never had pussy” I said “ I’ll teach him a lesson, then I’ll take his cherry. I’ll hide a camera so you can see the whole thing after work.
That morning Phil went to work, Jimmy came over looking like a dog that just pissed on the rug. I was just wearing a long shirt and having my coffee. I said “Hi Jimmy how are you?” He just said”Can I have my tapes back?” I said “What are you going to do tell your mom?”Oh no you can’t then she’ll know you’re a little pervert who likes to hide a video camera in the bathroom while she takes a shower. Jimmy was turning red. He said “I never wanted anyone to see that stuff” I asked him if he ever put the stuff online? He said “No” I was sitting on a stool in my kitchen across from him. He couldn’t help himself but to look up my shirt. I said” you like what you see, I pulled it up to show him my pussy. He like a kid in a candy store and said “You are so hot” I never even had a girl friend. I said “So your still a virgin?” He said “Yea” I said “You know what you did is bad and I have to teach you a lesson” Jimmy said “What do you mean?” Let’s go up to my bedroom, I walked in front of him giving him full view of my big round ass. When we got to the room I could see his hard on under his shorts. I said “You do as your told, I ordered him to get on the bed , get on your belly, Then I took off his cloths, he was laughing, then I tied him to the four posts of the bed spead eagle with his ass in the air. Then I spanked his little ass. I stroked his dick as I did it. He loved every minute of it. Then I slid underneath him and told him to lick my pussy , I had to tell him were to put his tongue, when he found the spot, oh did it feel good then I started sucking his dick and he was fucking my face and before you know it his cum was shooting in my mouth. Then I untied him and I got on the bottom and taught him how to fuck, I kissed him with my cum filled mouth, he couldn’t get enough of me, he sucked my big tits licked my legs, feet, and pussy again. I was in heaven then I taught him how to fuck doggy style, then he came again deep inside my pussy. He kept saying “Oh it feels so good, Thank you so much. I said “Now you have to promises me don’t ever video tape me again” Jimmy said “OK I promise, but can we do this again? I said “Sure you just keep peeking and if I wave you over then you come. He smiled and said “I can’t wait. Then I gave him his Voyeur tape back and kept mine and sent him home.
When Phil got home from work he couldn’t wait to see the tape and we didn’t even get half way threw it before he started eating my pussy then he fucked the shit out of me.
Kid next door brought some friends over to play

A couple days after Jimmy (see story - Kid next door is a peeping tom) came over to play; I was in a horney mood because I just got done watching the landscapers do my neighbors lawn. It was so hot outside with 100% humidity. All the guys worked with no shirts. I put my bikini on. I went out to the Jacuzzi with my toy called a dolphin. It's a vibrator that can go under water. By the time I got out there the boys were done. It only takes them like 15 min.
I started playing with myself as soon as I got in the water with my cloths on imagining all those Spanish guys fucking the shit out of me. When I opened my eyes after my first orgasm I saw Jimmy looking at me threw his window. I gave him a nice show sucking my own tits and sticking my big round ass up in the air. I waved him over. In no time I heard the gate open on my wooden fence. In comes Jimmy with two other kids his age (18) They looked like the group of geeks from American dad, you know what I mean. One was David, I knew him we had sex before he's friends with my son (See story called His first time ~ MILF TOOK HIS CHERRY) the other was a Asian kid about 5 feet tall and 100 lbs wet.
I said hello boys you come over to swim or just watch me. They didn't say a word. I said, Hop in, David said "Like this" I said no silly take your cloths off they're coming off anyway I know why you came over here you little perverts. I could see the sweat beading up on their foreheads. David had his shorts and t shirt off first and he got in. I stuck my foot in-between his legs and played with is nuts. He took one of my feet and licked my toes one by one. His dick got hard real quick. Then Jimmy got in and sat right next to me and put his head on my shoulder. I put my arm around him and stoked his cock till it got hard, he couldn't help himself, he started sucking my tits like a breast feeding baby. The other kid was still standing there nervous as hell soaked with sweat. I said "What's your name? He said "Lee" I said come on in, I don't bite, Jimmy said no but she sucks a mean dick. He said, I don't want to see them have sex with you I'll feel funny. I said "You never had sex before did you? He said "No" I got out of the Jacuzzi and he looked at my wet body. I just put my boobs back into my bikini and I squatted down to look up at Lee. I said "You don't have to do anything you don't want to do; if you want to go home no one is going to stop you." He was looking down at my cleavage and I looked directly at his crotch, he had a nice pup tent going on. I touched it and said “I don't think he (looking at his dick) want to go" He said "Can I touch them?" I said "Sure!" I stood up and he rubbed my wet tits circling my nipples, I asked him if he wanted to suck them he said "Hell yea" He sucked like a hungry baby. I was getting so horney, I reached down and started to rub his hard cock in his shorts. He was panting. The other guys said what about us? I grabbed Lee's cock and guided him to the Jacuzzi, pulled his cloths off and sat him on the edge of the tub and sucked his cock. Jimmy got out and rubbed his cock in-between my ass cheeks finding his way to my wet pussy, David got out and started rubbing my tits and I jerked him off. It didn't take long for Lee to shoot his first load in my mouth. I kissed him sticking my tongue in his mouth and let him taste his own cum. He went in the tub and rested while I took care of Jimmy and David. Jimmy was fucking the shit out of me from behind. I told him to sit up on the tub and let David get some of my pussy. So David started fucking me from behind and I sucked Jimmy's dick on the edge of the tub. I could taste my pussy juice on his cock. I could feel David’s nuts slapping my clit every time he pumped my wet pussy. I was going nuts; I guided his cock to my butt hole and let him enter my asshole slowly, in like 2 minutes he shot 3 loads inside my ass. Oh it felt so good. I told David to cool off and let Jimmy have a crack at my butt while it was stretched out. Jimmy slid his cock in my cum filled ass like a pro. He pounded my tight ass with David’s cum slurping out each time he pushed, my tits were bouncing back and forth, and before I knew it Jimmy came in my ass. I felt like I was getting a enema. He pulled his cock out of my ass and made his way to the Jacuzzi were I joined them and we relaxed for awhile. More to cum in part II
Kid next door brought some friends over to play (Part II)

After that ass pounding I needed to rest. I put my tits back into my purple bikini and returned to the Jacuzzi with the Boy’s. I sat in-between David and Jimmy. They were speechless. I tilted my head back and let my tits float in the water with the jets going full blast. I said “So what are your plans for the rest of the day?" Jimmy said "I don't know, maybe go to the mall, watch TV, or fool around with you some more? Dave said “Yea that's what I'm talking about." I reached over with both hands and rubbed each of their thighs up to their hard cocks. I said Oh boy you guys are ready to go. Jimmy said that's our teenage hormones racing. We need sex all the time. I said " OK lets relax for a little bit. I could feel my ass hole contracting from before. I was sore. But, I wanted them again, I didn't care. I tried to make small talk; they basically said they didn't want to get into serious relationships with girls until they were done with college. They just wanted to have sex and I was just the one to give it to them. I said "OK lets dry off and head up to my guest room and you can fuck the shit out of me. They chanted YES, YES, YES we got out of the tub and Jimmy went in first and I walked slowly into the house holding Lee's and David’s cock in my hands. I went up the stairs letting them look right into my big wet ass. Nice and slow. By the time we got to the room they were like hungry animals. I told them they could do what ever they wanted to me. They were all over me ripping off my bikini, sucking my tits, eating my pussy. Oh it felt so good. I sat on Jimmy's face and sucked his cock. He licked my clit just like I taught him, A, B, C. Then Lee entered me from behind doggy style above Jimmy's head. I could feel his balls slapping my clit as Jimmy licked my clit. Jimmy didn’t seem to mind Lee's balls were touching his tongue. Maybe they both liked it. Before I knew it I had David’s cock in front of me along with Lee's I sucked both at the same time, rubbing them together. Oh how I love cock, they tasted so good. I was smacking them together like toys, rubbing the heads on each other. They didn't care at all; I think it made them hotter. It sounded like Lee was going to cum as he pulled out Jimmy put his cock in his mouth and Lee came in his mouth, I wanted to taste him so I turned around and kissed Jimmy letting the cum flow into my hungry mouth. I swallowed every drop, all while his dick entered my hot pussy, at the same time David was tapping my asshole with the head of his dick. I said, "Stick it in my pussy to get it wet then put it in my ass, Jimmy you stay in my pussy. I felt both cocks in my pussy, I never felt so full, they both pumped at the same time. Then David slid his cock in my ass. Lee's cum covered cock was in my mouth. I had all three boys in me at the same time, I was going nuts. I felt David shoot his load deep into my ass, I told him to get off then I slid Jimmy in my ass and he pounded my cum filled ass while I bounced on him like a pogo stick. Then he came deep in my ass. I didn't stop pumping him, I could feel the cum dripping out. I got off Jimmy. I told Lee get over here; put your dick in my ass while it's wet. He fucked my ass doggy style slapping my ass He said"Your such a bad girl! Pushed his cock all the way in and shot his 3rd load in my ass too. I was so tired and full of cum I told them to leave and let me take a hot shower. "I'll see you all later" They said "Thanks Mrs. C your the best"


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Get help, keep trying. It can only improve.

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Please use short paragraphs, and please double-space between each paragraph.

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The revenge on the peeper is pretty good, but the group scene is too hard to follow.
Also, please proofread your work -- too many spelling and word-choice errors, and it's clear that you're a bright person and could do better. If composition isn't your strong suit, then ask a friend to proof your work.

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A lot of the problems with these stories would be fixed with an Editor. Please find someone to proof your stories. They have good premise but need filling and structure changes like more than 1 paragraph. They do show promise though.

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Pretty LAME!!

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