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This guy finds himself in the predicament of not being able to arouse his wife sexually in bed anymore. Consulting all types of reference books and men's magazines, he decides to hire a big, well hung black man to aid him, believing that if his wife can watch the naked black man while he is making love to her, the visual stimulation alone will be enough to do the trick. So he goes about finding a well endowed, physically attractive black man willing to stand naked and watch him make love to his wife.
Expecting a marathon performance this time in bed with sparks flying, the husband hands the naked black guy a towel. He tells the black guy to keep fanning him so he stays cool while making love to his wife. The black man is stationed naked in full view of his wife and the couple starts making love. But again, nothing happens. The wife still is not aroused.
Desperate, he asks the well hung black guy to get in bed with his wife, while he stands naked on the side of the bed fanning with the towel. The black guy obeys and gets in bed with the guy's wife and they proceed to make love. The husband stands there next to him fanning him with the towel. All of a sudden the wife lets out with this huge scream of ecstasy as she climaxes from having intercourse with the black man.
The husband taking tall this in admits, "Hey, I'm pretty good at fanning the towel."
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