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Dear Diary
I have been here for two months now and I have endured (even sometimes enjoyed) several spankings by Uncle and even a few from Aunt alone. Uncle seems to be very strict about being at the dinner table on time but I was late one time. As soon as I walked in Uncle pulled my chair from the table and ordered me over to him. He lectured me on punctuality and the fact his and Aunt’s dinner was getting cold while they waited for us. I knew a punishment was coming so I wasn’t surprised when he ordered me to pull my jeans and underwear down to my knees and bend over with my hands on the seat of my chair. I had a full view of Aunt sitting at her seat waiting for him to finish so we could eat. It seemed forever for him to be ready and the humiliation of having my ass bared and stuck up in his full view actually made me moist between my legs. I dared to look behind me at Uncle and saw he was removing his belt. This was a first and I knew it was going to sting a lot.
Whap! “OOwww!” I screamed. It stung much more than I expected. But Uncle never let up. I was over twelve minutes late for supper and I was getting a stripe from the belt for each minute! About the sixth strike, I looked over to my Aunt to see if she would intervene but to my surprise she had put her hand between her legs and was rubbing herself! By the time he had hit me by the twelfth time I was crying in earnest. I could feel my cheeks on fire and without looking I knew they would be striped red. Uncle stopped and started to replace his belt and I began to pull my jeans up.
“No.” he said. “You will sit through dinner just as you are. Now pull your chair in and sit down and eat. Not a word from you.”
With tears streaming down my face, I sat on the chair and felt every blow from the cruel belt as I did. We began to eat in silence when I felt a toe nudge my knee. It was Aunt forcing my legs apart with her foot. I was afraid Uncle would see but he was intent on eating the wonderful meal and never noticed that I had spread my knees wide for Aunts foot to reach my wet womanhood and begin to stroke it right there under the table! I stopped eating and closed my eyes and began to enjoy Aunt’s erotic massage of my clit with her foot. Suddenly Uncle looked up and asked what was wrong! Aunt immediately took her foot away and I began to eat again.
“Because you were late for supper you can clean up and do dishes, young lady” Uncle ordered. I stood and began to pull my clothes back on when he barked, “Naked!” I was shocked. But one look at his stern face and a glance at the smile on Aunt’s and I obeyed. I knew Aunt loved to see me naked. She had come in to my room as I showered quite often and watched me dress. But I had never been nude in front of Uncle. However, I did as told and removed all of my clothing and stood in front of them both, my breasts perky and nipples hard from the coolness of the air and my ass still red and sore from the belt. Quickly I cleared the dishes while they watched and filled the dishwasher and started it. Uncle and Aunt left the kitchen and went to the family room. I finished cleaning and gathered my clothes and went to my room. There I lay on the bed and relived the stinging of the belt and my Aunt’s face and foot job and rubbed myself to orgasm. I had a fleeting doubt about staying any longer but it passed quickly. I fell asleep wondering when and what my next punishment would be and even began anticipating it!

For the most part the rest of my life was normal in every other way. I had school to attend and friends there who mostly lived in dorms or sorority houses. I suppose I could have envied them their freedom from rules of parents and Aunt and Uncle but I really didn’t. Remember, I have a beautiful apartment and when I am not being “punished” Aunt and Uncle are very loving and nice. They never refuse me anything I may need, encourage me to study hard and even to go out and have fun with people my own age. If I occasionally break the rules, my punishments are painful but always exciting to me in some strange way. Besides, leaving Aunt and Uncle meant leaving school and going back home. This was not an option I cared to exercise at all. Especially since Uncle’s punishments are getting more interesting.
The day after I received my belting from Uncle, my last class for the day had been cancelled. My friend, Becky, invited me to her dorm room to listen to a new CD she had just bought. When we got there, Becky remembered she had a dress that was a bit small for her and asked me if I would like to try it on. If it fit, it was mine. She took it out and I stripped off the dress I was wearing I turned around to put it on her bed and heard Becky gasp at the sight of the stripes Uncle’s belt had left the night before peeking out from under my panties.
“What happened to you?” she asked in surprise. I didn’t know what to say and stammered something about breaking rules.
“You poor girl! That looks so painful!” She remarked softly. “Here, maybe I have a oil you can put on it and make it feel better. Take off the panties and lie down” She retrieved a jar from her nightstand and without even thinking I had removed my panties and laid face down on her bed. It was a moment before I realized I had automatically submitted to an almost total stranger and my face began to burn with embarrassment. Then Becky spread the oil on her hands and began to massage it into my red cheeks. I had to admit that the oil felt good as she continued to rub it up and down both cheeks of my ass. Then she started to rub it on the insides of my thighs where Uncle had not even hit me and gently nudged my legs apart. Then Becky spread the oil on her hands and began to massage it into my red cheeks. I had to admit that the oil felt good as she continued to rub he oil up and down both cheeks of my ass. Then she started to rub it on the insides of my thighs where Uncle had not even hit me and gently nudged my legs apart. I wanted to protest but it felt so wonderful I didn’t want her to stop. She murmured something about some punishments being harsh and then I felt a flutter of soft kisses all over my buttocks. Meanwhile her deft hands were spreading my legs farther apart and rubbing further up between my legs. She rubbed my inner thighs and began licking my ass cheeks, following the stripes Uncle had left. It felt so wonderful that I spread my legs wider of my own accord and lifted my cheeks to her mouth. But instead of going for my cunt as I so much wanted her to do, she grabbed my ass cheeks and spread them wide and I felt her tongue licking my anus. I gasped in shock but lay perfectly still while she licked and rimmed my anal hole. It felt strange and even taboo but wonderful all at the same time.
“Get up on your knees!” She said and punctuated her command with a sharp slap across my already sore ass. I cried out as I raised my hips and got up on my hands and knees. Becky lay on her back and positioned her face directly under my cunt, then roughly grabbed my ass cheeks and brought my pussy down to her mouth. Obviously she had done this before because she licked and sucked me almost to climax and then stopped. When she felt I had calmed she started in again. As she slurped my juices her fingers massaged my anus. I was tense, not knowing if she was going to shove her fingers up there like Aunt did and yet almost wanting her to. I remembered the awesome climax I had when I felt the stabbing pain and wanted to experience it again. I started to push my anus against her fingers and she got the message. She started running her tongue back and forth across my clit and then slipped a finger up into my asshole. I cried out from the pain of it and my juices flowed all over Becky’s face as I came hard. I rolled off of her and pulled her up to lie beside me on the bed. We kissed and I licked all of my cunt juices off of her face.
“Let me return the favor.” I whispered and she moaned and nodded. As she was still dressed I slipped my fingers down her jeans and began to rub her nub back and forth. I never stopped as she slipped her jeans and panties off and gave me a full view of her shaved pussy. I slid my fingers down to her cunt hole and they slid easily in. First one and then another. I wondered if she could take three and tried. She moaned and raised her hips to meet the thrusts of my fingers. Not really knowing why, I reached for the oil she had used on me and poured some over my fingers and her cunt. Then I slid the three fingers back in and fucked her with them some more. As she grew more excited I took my hand out and then put in all four of my fingers. She moaned loudly and pushed against my hand. She began thrusting her hips so hard against my hand that she was pushing herself almost to my knuckles! Then I bent down and put my mouth on her clit and began licking and sucking it while she bucked against my hand.
“Oh, oh, oh ,oh!!!! I’m Cumming so hard!!!” she cried out wailed as she gave a final push against my hand and then collapsed back down to the bed. We both lay there, exhausted and saying nothing but seeming very content. Presently, I got up, tried on the dress, which fit perfectly, even if a bit shorter than I was used to and then went home.
I still managed to be home a bit early but explained to Aunt about the class, the dress and studying a bit with Becky. She was pleased and asked if I might want to go with her to her ladies day card party on the following afternoon and maybe wear the new dress, if I like. As I had only one morning class I said I would love to come but I had to get a jump on my normal studying tonight then and went straight up the stairs to my apartment to do exactly that.

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