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My wife and I had always had fantasies and little role plays which, with a huge degree of hindsight, should have remained just that - fantasies. Let me elaborate.
One of her key fantasies was about being taken roughly by a black stud. This became more and more extreme over a number of years until it became a black gang-bang fantasy which included me being tied up and having to watch the whole scene whilst being subject to much humiliation. I remember chatting to a guy one day whilst just surfing on a swinging website. His name was Roger but his chat room alias was BigBoss. He seemed a really good guy and his picture was that of a smart, suited, large, black gentleman. Our conversation got around to my wife and feeling reasonably comfortable in our conversation, I confessed to him about the fantasy. We were chatting for about two hours and finally I plucked up the courage to reveal the full blown version that included the gangbang. He asked if we could continue our chat on messenger as he wished to see pictures of Deb, my wife. I rarely use messenger apart from communicating with my office so didn't really give it much thought. On seeing her pictures, which were all 'clean' and fully clothed, he said he was well impressed and would love to oblige!. She is a 45 year old, very pretty, blonde, voluptuos lady with a bubbly, flirty and vivacious personality. After another 30 minutes of chat, I bid him farewell and logged off. That night in bed, I introduced Deb to Roger, in our of our role playing sessions, and as a result she was sopping wet and enjoyed a huge orgasm at his expense.

Over the next week Roger had been erased from my mind until one day out of the blue my mobile phone rang with an unknown number. The voice at the other end sent chills down my spine. He introduced himself as BigBoss, which didn't twig with me until he expanded on his story. He said he had a few boys lined up and wanted to know where we could meet. I quickly quashed his request and asked how he'd got hold of my number. He said if I was stupid enough to use my company name in my messenger address, I deserved to be caught out. He'd googled my company name and tracked down my company. Ringing up and asking for me by name, the receptionist had given out my mobile number. He told me that my stupidity, coupled with my messenger chat and the pictures of my wife would find their way to my company if I didn't comply and meet him the next day. I was screwed and decided to meet him at his chosen venue, about 40 miles from my home.
I was scared but strangely excited on my way to meet him. He had changed from friendly guy to a somewhat intimidating presence whilst his 6ft 5in frame and dark shades made him all the more imposing as he introduced himself to me with a bone crushing shake of the hand. My task was simple. I was to somehow present my wife to him and his friend, so they could show her what she was missing. Our wedding anniversary was fast approaching and I had planned to take her away for a romantic evening, possibly in the New Forest. Years before we had stayed at a pretty little coaching inn with had a couple of bungalows in an outside courtyard.
Maybe if I could arrange such a night again, I could engineer a situation which would allow Roger to take charge. I booked the hotel for the following Saturday night, the day of our anniversary, which gave me a six days to hatch the plan. Roger called me every day to pressurise and intimidate me. I felt as though he actually owned me. My head was spinning but my cock seemed to be a permanent state of arousal as I thought of Deb being used by Roger and his mate.
We arrived at the hotel on Saturday afternoon at just after 3pm and decided to go for a nice forest walk. I had booked a table in the hotel restaurant for 8pm that evening so I had plenty of time to compose myself. I checked my phone and noticed 3 texts from Roger, each one more intimidating than the last, leaving me in no doubt as to what would happen if I didn't show up that night. Roger would accidently bump into 'his old football buddy' in the bar after we'd had our meal and I'd invite him to join us for drinks. The plan was laid.
Watching Deb get ready for the night out was incredibly exciting for me as I had this strange feeling of getting her ready for a lover. She looked radiant and incredibly sexy in a new white T shirt and black rah rah style skirt. Despite the warm weather and shortish skirt, I encouraged her to wear stockings and suspenders, along with a lacy white bra and thong set. The T shirt was close fitting and quite taught across her boobs which, for a 45 year old woman, are still full and beautifully ripe.
We enjoyed a lovely meal washed down by 2 bottles of sauvignon blanc. Deb was quite giggly and said she was feeling quite horny knowing what she had on underneath her clothes.
I suggested taking the remaining wine into the bar area, which was surprisingly quiet for a Saturday night, so we could sit more comfortably. We found an intimate table with a leather sofa and two leather armchairs, situated in a small and quite secluded alcove at the far end of the bar.
We'd been sat there for about 15 minutes when I noticed Roger and his mate walk up to the bar and order a couple of drinks. Roger looked over towards us and pretended to take a double take. They picked up their drinks and walked over towards us. Jeez he said, Dave?...what are you doing here?....Hello Rog, 'it must be at least 15 years'. Sit down and join us. Roger introduced his mate as Mac and I introduced Deb, who was immediately flirty as a result of the wine. Every movement from her brought a little flash of leg and on two occasions she actually gave us all a glimpse of stocking, coyly shuffling her skirt down to hide her mock embarrassment. Roger and Mac both smiled and said I was a lucky 'mother'.
Eventually, I said it was time for us to leave so we all stood up and Roger and Mac both gave Deb a kiss on the cheek. Stumbling slightly, Deb put out an arm to steady herself and caught Mac's leg. Blushing and apologising, her embarrassment was plain for all to see as her nipples became prominent through her bra and T shirt. Roger and Mac embarrassed her even more by actually pointing them out and telling her that she had amazing breasts.
Before leaving I asked Roger and Mac if they wanted to pop back to our bungalow for a coffee and they said would have loved to but they were supposed to be meeting a couple of other mates who lived locally. I said that if they didn't show, they'd be welcome to join us and gave them the room number. It was approximately 10.30 when we got back to the room and I put the kettle on as Deb popped into the bathroom. She was still in there when I heard footsteps outside the door, quickly followed by a loud knock. I opened the door and there was Roger, Mac and two other large black guys. Barging past me, Mac said, '4 for coffee' and they all piled into our room. Deb, hearing voices, quickly flushed the loo, washed her hands and walked back into the bedroom to be confronted by four, very large, horny, black guys. 'What's going on' ? , she asked. 'We fancied coffee', said Mac, 'and a bit of dessert', and you are the dessert baby. They all laughed, including Deb, who hadn't really grasped the nature of the situation. Twizz and Den missed the leg and tit show baby so they need to catch up, said Mac, as he moved towards her and grabbed her arms. I protested, but Roger and Twizz grabbed me and held me firmly. I struggled and Roger told me, in no uncertain terms, that my fate was sealed. They sat me down on the chair and made use of the two towelling dressing gown ties as they bound both my arms behind my back and to the chair. Deb was now scared as both Mac and Den roughly groped and kissed her. Your husband has arranged a little anniversary present for you baby so let's hope you both enjoy it. As Den kissed her neck, her nipples were standing to attention through her bra and T shirt and they all laughed and whistled at her involuntary reaction. Look man, she's enjoying the brothers attention, giggled Twizz as Mac lifted her skirt to her waist to reveal her stockings and suspenders. By now Den's tongue was furiously probing her mouth as his huge hands peeled her T shirt up and over her head, aided by Deb who obliged by raising both arms above her head. Her whimpering and moaning was barely audible as her mouth was engulfed. A forceful yank ripped her bra off and her gorgeous boobs were exposed to show off her highly aroused nipples, which were being roughly fondled, licked and sucked by obviously excited Roger. Mac's fingers were skillfully working inside her thong which was now soaking wet. He grabbed the gusset in his huge fist and ripped it away in one quick tug causing her to gasp as a sharp twang snapped at her arse. Easing her pussy lips apart, to show his team mates how wet she actually was, he dropped to his knees and gently slid his tongue into the folds. Hey,she tastes so sweet, he said and with that the four of them lifted her up and dropped her onto the bed, taking it in turns to taste her. They kept turning to me, taking great pleasure in telling me how sweet and wet my wife tasted. She was now in a high state of arousal as the tongues took it turns on her clit. As each one backed away, they stood up, undressed and with their huge cocks standing to attention, lifted her into a sitting position and offered her a choice of which to lick and suck first. By now she was in her best show-off mode and was revelling in the collection of shiney monsters. Sat on the end of the bed, topless, with her skirt around her waist displaying her stockings and suspenders, taking great delight in the choice of big, black, cocks in front of her she began to work them up into a bit of frenzy, so much so that they pushed her onto her back to allow Roger first go inside her with his cock.
Despite the fact that I was tied tightly to the chair, my cock was bursting in my pants by now. I desperately wanted to release it and wank it senseless to relieve the pressure that had built up during the fantastic show I was watching. With Roger grinding away inside my wife, Mac and Twizz working on her tits with hands and mouths, Den knelt behind her head whilst she reached back with both hands and stroked and wanked his beautiful cock until he could take no more, jerked his whole body before going into a spasm and shooting his loads all over her hair, face and tits, covering his mates in the process. Deb started to jerk her hips faster and faster as Roger started to moan and groan until they both climaxed together, Roger filling her with his warm spunk which began to run out and cover the bed spread beneath her arse. Pulling himself of off her with a loud squelching noise, he was immediately replaced by Twizz, who turned her over onto all fours and proceeded to take her doggy fashion whilst Mac positioned himself at the front end and fucked her willing mouth. Roger went off to the bathroom and returned two minutes later with Debs vibrator and a bottle of baby oil. He then bent down, inches from Twizz's cock and started to lick Deb's arse, something that I'd never done before. He looked over at me and informed me he was just lubing her up. He then poured some baby oil over her and gently worked a finger inside, all the time widening the hole, until eventually he could get three fingers inside. She'd always flatly refused any sort of anal action and here she was now, seemingly being prepared for anal sex.
Removing his oily fingers, Roger replaced them with her vibrator, which after a few gentle strokes was now being used like a piston. Suddenly Twizz began to moan and with an enormous spasm of his body, jerked and emptied his weapon inside her, pulling it out on the last couple of shots to add to the baby oil around her arse. Roger removed the vibrator as Twizz allowed his dribbling cock to slide into the groove of her arse.
Roger then worked the remainder of the dribbling spunk into her now gaping arse with his thumb and both he and Twizz backed away to make for room for Mac, who they took great delight in informing me, was the butt boy. Mac was hung with a fearsome looking, 10 inch weapon that he now began to ease gently and slowly into Deb's glistening, gaping hole. She howled a scream of pain as he began to push his way further into the hole until he was in up to his balls. Shut that bitch up, he said to Roger, who immediately obeyed by feeding his hard again cock into her mouth. Mac, who had been enjoying the delights of Deb's mouth, didn't last more than about 10 thrusts before he started to moan and then with a huge gasp, he starting pumping his seed deep inside her arse which was squelching and farting to the amusement of the gang. As he pulled out, she let out an involuntary fart which caused Mac's spunk to shoot out all over the bed. She appeared to be fixed in the doggy position, seemingly unable to move. Den, who had been in the bathroom, returned with Deb's lipstick and proceeded to write 'owned by blacks' on her arse then he turned her over onto to her back, where they removed her stockings, suspenders and skirt. I noticed about half a dozen love bites over her breasts and stomach and her face and hair were matted with cum. Den, abrubtly got up and went to the bathroom, quickly returning with my shaving foam and a couple of disposable razors. He squirted foam over her bush and Roger and Twizz commenced shaving her. They cleaned the remaining foam away with her T shirt to allow Den to continue his graffiti with the words 'black slut' around her now bald pussy and 'black whore' over her tits. Then Roger untied, undid my trousers and took my pants down to reveal my hard cock, covered in my own spunk. I was then ordered to clean her up but I refused. This brought threats of violence and with my arm held tightly and painfully behind my back, I was led to the bed where I was made to lick her pussy as clean as I could. She was manhandled back into the doggy position and I had to lick her arse clean as well. This amused them all and then Roger commanded me to lick each of their cocks in turn, so I could taste my wife on them. They all dressed and took it turns to kiss Deb goodbye. I must admit to being a bit shocked by her reaction to this as she actually embraced them and gave as long and passionate a kiss as they gave her!
I was then shown about 20 pictures, which had been taken by Roger on his mobile. These pictures, I was assured, would be used at any time if Deb was not made available on a regular basis.
I sat back in the chair, sobbing for a while as Deb appeared to fall asleep on the bed. I joined her on the bed, cuddling her and I must have also fallen asleep because the next thing I remember was waking up just as Deb was stirring. It was about 7.30am so we'd obviously slept all night. I stood up and looked down at Deb on the bed. She had turned over onto her back and was led there, naked and with her legs apart. The dried spunk lines were all over her body and the lipstick writing was slightly smeared but still prominent. Her clothes were strewn around the room and T shirt was scrunched up with foam and little bits of pubic hair. I started to sob and apologised but she looked at me and smiled. She told me that she'd been quite scared initially but it had been a wonderful adventure and that she'd climaxed about 15 times in all. She was very sore and extremely tired but said Roger had asked her if she'd 'go for it again'......her reply to him was an emphatic YES!
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