I would suggest you read Nora first, in order to fully enjoy this chapter.
He woke when he felt her hand slide down his belly to his morning wood. His cock jumped and grew more as her long fingers wrapped around him and began stroking. Oh no, he thought, it was going to be his way on their last morning together.

Phillip rolled Nora onto her back, forcing her to release her hold on his cock. His mouth sought hers hungrily, pushing his tongue in to dance with hers. She answered his kiss with an urgency that had never existed before. They seemed intent on devouring each other.

He broke away from her mouth and began his journey downward. He covered her throat and moved to the side of her neck, near her ear. Whenever he nibbled there, her nipples became hard, goose bumps covered her body, and she made a sound like a cat purring. He moved his hand to her breast, while continuing his attack on her neck. His hand found her erect nipple and he gently rolled and pulled at it, turning her purring into soft moans.

Phillip looked at her face. Nora’s eyes were closed and her mouth was shaped in an “O” as she moaned. He couldn’t resist coming back for another kiss, before moving down to her breasts, and taking a nipple into his mouth.

He was still amazed that, even after the last five years, her breasts were still firm and perky. Although he had begun to look older, even more than his thirty-seven years, Nora looked as beautiful as the day she walked into his office and introduced herself as his executive administrative assistant. No one could ever tell that she was ten years older than he. For five years, they had shared business and pleasure. Now, that would end.

Nora ran her fingers through his dark hair, pressing him to her. She raised her body as if to feed him more of her. He was, by far, the best lover she had ever had. From the first moment, they were in sync with each other’s needs.

Phillip kept suckling her breast, but also began sliding his hand over her flat belly, down to her sweet valley. Nora opened her legs in anticipation, knowing full well what he would do.

Phillip ran his finger up and down between her lips, never quite touching her clit or her already wet hole. He knew it drove her crazy and her hips would move in an effort to capture his finger. She bucked her hips as he teased her, but he had other things on his mind.

He came off her breast and began to trail feathery kisses down her body. When he reached the top of her slit, she was wild for him to enter her. Phillip moved between her legs and spread them wide. He separated her lips and pushed two fingers into her, at the same time as his mouth captured her clit. He pumped his fingers in and out of her, sucking and nibbling her clit, immediately bringing her to orgasm.

Nora’s hips rose, her legs went tense and a guttural moan escaped from deep within. Her hands grasped his head, holding him captive. The juices that her body released began coming out of her hole. Phillip removed his fingers, eased his tongue inside her, and lapped at her cream like a hungry cat.

One of the things Phillip enjoyed most about Nora was that she was multi-orgasmic. After licking her, he pushed his fingers back inside to search out her very prominent g-spot. It never took long to find the ridged, textured spot and this time was no exception. Phillip began his massage, at the same time as his tongue flicked at her clit. Once more, Nora’s hips began moving.

“Now, oh God, Phillip, now! Don’t make me wait!” she begged.

Phillip sucked her clit one last time before rising up on his knees. He grasped Nora’s hips, pulling her towards his dripping cock. She was panting and her chest was heaving with excitement. She gripped his cock firmly and lined it up to the entrance of her hot hole. With one movement, he plunged his entire length into her.

The lovers moved to their own private music. Their bodies shared an intimate rhythm. Moving in and out, first slowly, then faster, fluctuating speed and force, they relished their primal lust for each other.

On and on, thrust meeting thrust, Nora’s orgasm began to overtake her. Her stomach muscles began undulating, her clit throbbed, her legs gripped Phillip's body harder, her back rose as her body released once more and she dug her nails into his back, holding him as tightly as she could.

It was seconds before he felt that all too familiar pressure building, his balls tightening, his cum bursting forward, filling Nora’s pussy. Phillip held on to her shoulders as her forced as much of himself as possible into her tight tunnel. His cock seemed to jerk and spurt more than it ever had before. When his balls had drained themselves, Phillip lay on top of her, leaving his cock in a place it had called home for five years.

They ended up dozing in each others arms, until Nora’s alarm went off. Phillip raised his head to check the time. Fuck, he thought, I need to get to the airport. He gave Nora a quick kiss and plodded off to the shower.

When he came into the kitchen area, Nora handed him a cup of coffee and then turned back to the stove to finish the omelet she was making.

“I’ll call you Monday night, just to check in," he said, and then bit into a piece of toast.

Nora nodded, “That’d be great. I want to hear all about your first day, and your new administrative assistant.”

This was going to be harder than she thought. They had been co-workers and lovers for a long time. She respected him more than most men, and now he would be flying across the country to start a new life.

Nora’s life had changed, also. Phillip convinced her to move past her associate’s degree, and in two years she was rewarded with her bachelor’s degree. She was accepted as a project manager, and worked her way up to the position of Director. One of Phillip’s last official acts, with the full blessing of the entire senior management, was to promote Nora to Junior Vice President. She had worked damned hard to achieve this success and no one was at all surprised when it happened. In the two months since her promotion, she had more than proven her brilliant business instincts, and was trusted by everyone who came in contact with her. If she so desired, she could one day have Phillip’s old job.

They finished breakfast and Phillip gulped down the last bit of coffee. Nora walked over and got his coat and scarf out of the closet. The September day was breezy and brisk.

“I won’t miss this weather,” Phillip said. “I’ll take the Los Angeles climate any day."

Nora looked at her handsome boss, her wonderful lover, and her eyes began to moisten. He caught her wiping a tear away, when he turned around. Phillip scooped her up in his arms and kissed her deeply.

“Why don’t you come with me?” he asked in a whispered voice.

“You know why,” she muttered. “I’m too old to start over. Now go, and be safe. Be the best Chief Operating Officer they’ve ever had.”

He whispered in her ear, kissed her, and left quickly. Nora stared at the door as it closed. All he had said was, “I loved you.”

Nora went back to work on Monday, passing Phillip’s former office. She felt as empty as his office now was. She knew that she could stand on her own. She had proven her worth to the company and had been rewarded justly. But Phillip had been her rock. It would be interesting to see who would be chosen as his replacement.

Thank God, Ken was no longer with the company. She would have walked if he were still there. A head-hunter had stolen him away, and last she heard he couldn’t prove himself and was unemployed.

Days turned into weeks, and then turned into two months. Nora heard from Phillip less and less as he settled into his new life. At her company, for one reason or another, each existing Vice President had been rejected as a potential candidate for Phillip’s old job. On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, whatever staff showed up for work that morning was requested to come into the board room.

Mr. Anderson stood at the head of the table with an older gentleman. The white-haired, blue-eyed man wore a suit that Nora could tell was tailored to his body. And what a body; he was over six feet tall, broad shoulders and chest, no waist, no hips, no ass. His torso made a perfect “V”. His face was kind, and he had an absolute air of confidence about him. His face was kind, and he had amazing ice-blue eyes.

“Thank you all for coming here this morning,” Mr. Anderson began. “It is my pleasure to introduce you to Sean Kavanagh. Sean has agreed to join us as your new Senior Vice President of Marketing. I hope you’ll all make him welcome.”

Kavanagh stepped forward and spoke in a rich baritone voice. “Thank you, John. I’d like an opportunity to speak with all of you today. If you plan on leaving early, please let my assistant, Carol, know and we will meet this morning.”

Of course, the ass-kissers and brown-nosers raced to the front of the boardroom to shake his hand and basically fawn all over him. As Nora stood to the side, patiently waiting, Mr. Anderson approached her.

“Nora, how’ve you been?” he asked warmly.

“Very well, thank you Mr. Anderson. So, we finally have a new boss. I take it he’s a very special man.”

“I think you’ll be pleased, Nora. He has a great background and isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. Very much a team player, like Phillip,” he said as he moved on to talk to another staff member.

Hearing Phillip's name reminded Nora just how much she missed his company. She was lost in thought when he spoke.

“Penny for your thoughts?”

It was one of the rare times that Nora was taken off guard. She could feel the blush in her cheeks as she tried to recover.

Sean had immediately noticed her during his introduction. This was a stunning woman, who seemed to scream sex. Not overtly, of course. She was dressed nothing but properly in a chocolate brown skirt, teal blouse, and brown, white and teal tweed blazer. The only outward indication was the high brown stilettos she wore.

“You’re Nora Taylor – Sean Kavanagh.” His eyes twinkled as he spoke.

Nora stood straight, offered her hand and said, “Mr. Kavanagh, welcome to our team. I hope you’ll be happy here.”

“I’m sure I will be. So, you’re our newest Junior Vice President. How long have you been with the company?

Nora knew he had been briefed on all his staff members, but smiled and answered. “Twenty-six years, right out of junior college. If there’s any thing you need, please don’t hesitate to ask, although you’re in good hands with Carol as your administrative assistant.”

Sean started moving away. “Thank you. I’ll see you this afternoon in my office.”

It was pretty quiet around the office the day before Thanksgiving. Almost everyone had gone when Nora arrived for her meeting promptly at three o’clock. Carol’s desk was empty, but Sean’s door was open. She could see him at his desk, his jacket off, and his shirt sleeves rolled up.

“Mr. Kavanagh?” she asked, lightly tapping on the door.

A smile came over his face when he saw her standing there. He stood and directed her to the seating area.

“Come in, Nora, please. I think we’re about the only two left here. Thank you for being so lenient about meeting later in the day, but don’t you need to be preparing for the holiday?” Sean inquired.

Nora took a seat at one end of the sofa, opposite him. “Oh, my family is scattered all over, and I prefer working when it’s quiet here. But you? Shouldn’t you be getting home?” Nora countered.

Sean almost missed her question. He sat there and absorbed her beauty, and the velvety-smooth voice. “I’ll be relocating here from Baltimore, hopefully before Christmas. I have brokers looking for an apartment for me.”

He didn’t say the words, but Nora was under the impression he was single. She didn’t know the story, and perhaps it was none of her business.

Sean listened with interest while Nora summed up her twenty-six years with the company. He had already been advised by John Anderson, that she was a force to be reckoned with, and one of the brightest stars on the team. He had been told that management was thrilled she had pursued her degree, for it enabled them to move her through the ranks quickly, into positions where she was highly valued. It was rare, Sean thought, not to hear one derogatory remark about an employee.

Nora found Sean easy to talk with and listened intently as he reviewed his career and his vision for their department. Nora knew within fifteen minutes, that he would manage with fairness and integrity. And like Phillip, he was not interested in making any immediate changes.

It was the sound of the vacuum cleaner down the hall that caused them both to look at their watches.

“Oh my God, I’m sorry. We’ve been talking for four hours,“ said Sean as he reluctantly stood.

They hadn’t been talking business for the past hour or so. The conversation had moved on to living in New York, the madness of Thanksgiving weekend here, Broadway, and music. Nora had even slipped off her shoes and tucked her feet under her. They had the comfort level of old friends.

“Don’t apologize,” said Nora as she slipped on her shoes. “I enjoyed our talk. It sounds like you and the city will get along just fine.”

Nora stood quickly, and as she did, caught her heel on the skirt of the sofa. Sean reached out and caught her when she started to fall forward. He pulled her to him, crushing her breasts into his chest. She inadvertently brushed his cock with her hand and tried to hide her embarrassment.

When he looked deep into her eyes, she became even more flustered. Calm, cool, collected Nora felt like she was a teen again, with a crush on the quarterback.

Sean knew it was wrong to feel this way, especially about an employee, but Jesus, he thought, I would keep her in my arms all night, if I could. When he saw that she was steady on her feet, he released her from his grasp.

For the first time in a long time, Nora was at a loss for words. She experienced a rush run through her body – the type she hadn’t felt in months, not since Phillip left. She looked at Sean and saw the same expression on his face that she felt on hers.

The pair was as nervous as school kids, and each just chuckled and blew off the moment. They wished each other a good holiday weekend and Nora left.
Sean was hypnotized by the fluid movement of her ass as she walked away. This woman was danger, through and through, he thought, but he had to decide if he would heed the warnings.

Thanksgiving in New York is insane. Nora always made sure she had enough food and brought work home with her from the office, to keep her busy and so she would not have to go out in the crush of the city. Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade had been going on for more than eighty years, but in Nora’s opinion, it wasn’t worth the hassle of the crowd of over three million people. She had a much better view from the television in her loft, as she worked.

By early Saturday evening, Nora was ready for some fresh air. The city had been blessed with an Indian summer day, so she felt an urge to get out and walk.

The shops had closed, so the streets weren’t overly busy. The breeze was warm and Nora felt great as she walked briskly through the lower west side. The smell of coffee drew her towards one of her favorite cafes.

“I’ll have cappuccino with amaretto, please,” Nora ordered.

“We gotta real good cantucci biscotti. Lemme get you one,” said Tony. He smiled recognizing Nora as one of his regulars.

“And what else would you recommend?” the deep voice said behind her.

Nora spun around and found herself looking into Sean’s blue eyes.

“Well, that all depends on what your pleasure is. Their cappuccinos are wonderful, “ she told him, as Tony set her order on the counter. Before Sean could say anything, Nora ordered for him. “Another one of the same, Tony.”

Sean wondered if she always liked being in charge, of being in control in every aspect of her life. He pulled his wallet out to pay for his order, when she informed him she would take care of it. He followed her to a small table in the corner of the cafe.

“Do you often walk alone at night?” he asked. “Or don’t the city streets scare you?” Does anything scare you, he wondered.

Sean looked at her, savoring her appearance. He auburn hair was down, and fell in soft curls on her shoulders. She wore a soft blue v-necked sweater over a pair of tight fitting navy jeans. His mouth went dry when he looked at her breasts, and thought about taking them in his mouth. Sean thought she looked fresh, and nowhere near as old as he guessed her to be. He did know one thing – he wanted her.

“This is my neighborhood, so I’m quite comfortable here. But you? What brings you out tonight, in this part of the city?”

Nora watched him, taking in his masculinity. He had on a tweed sport coat, cream rugby shirt and khakis. He looked like a college professor, she thought – the kind any coed would give herself to, to better her grade. And she felt something else, too – comfortable. This man made her want to spend time with him.

“Actually,“ he said, “I’m trying to get the lay of the land. My real estate broker is pushing me to consider a loft in this neighborhood.”

The two talked until Tony interrupted them. “Hey, you wanna take this some place or you gonna help me close up here?” he kidded.

They each checked their watches and stood up to leave.

“Look what you did to me again,” Sean chided. “It’s already nine o’clock. What is it about you, Nora? I feel like I’m talking to an old friend.”

Nora could have sworn Sean blushed as he said those words, and he quickly looked away from her.

“Me? I’m at fault?” she asked laughing. “You’re going to have to accept half the blame here, Sean.”

Sean looked down at her shining blue eyes. The breeze blew a curl into her face and without thinking; he brushed it away and tucked it behind her ear. Although the gesture was innocent, it was also intimate. Stop, he thought, don’t do this!

“Well, I’m heading this way, “ Nora said, turning right.

“Mind if I walk with you? I’m headed that way, too.”

“Sure, I don’t live very far,” Nora said. Should I ask him up, she thought? Her heart beat a little faster at the idea of having him in her loft apartment.

They chatted about trivial things concerning the neighborhood. All too soon, they were at Nora’s place. For half a minute, she was going to ask him up, but then thought better of it.

She turned to say goodbye, but never got the words out. In slow motion, Sean’s mouth descended on Nora’s.

Time stood still with that kiss. Nora found herself leaning into him, feeling his strong body against hers, breathing his scent, wanting him. A fire began inside her and there was only one way to extinguish it. Suddenly, the kiss ended. Sean moved back quickly, as if trying to escape her flame. Nora looked confused, but immediately stepped away, closer to the front door of her building. He could see the look of hurt in her eyes, but he just couldn’t allow this to happen.

“Nora, I’m sorry. What I did was stupid and highly unethical,” Sean said, shaking his head and looking at the ground. “I’ve never made a move on an employee before, please believe me. I don’t do that, and I never will do that. I would never get involved with a member of my staff.”

Nora spoke quietly, “Sean, it’s all right. I’m not offended. Quite the contrary, actually.”

“You’d be well within your rights to turn me in to Human Resources. I was wrong.”

“Would you stop? It’s fine. I’m fine. I understand, so please just drop it,” she said and she turned to enter her building.

Sean pleaded with her. “Do you understand how sorry I am that I did that? Do you…”

Nora stopped him before he could go any further. “Look – I heard you the first time, don’t worry about it.” She was beginning to sound angry. “Have a good rest of your weekend, Mr. Kavanagh, I’ll see you Monday.”

Nora went into her building without looking at him, and the door closed with a bang. She walked to the elevator feeling like she had just been slapped. Sure, he turns out to be Mr. Ethical. Wonderful, just fucking wonderful, she thought. For the first time in many years, Nora felt lonely. She had been alone, and enjoyed it actually, but this was different.

She had instantly liked Sean Kavanagh. She felt a rapport and comfort level with him. It was funny, because the two times they had spoken, she felt she could give up control to this man. She wanted to give up control to him. She wasn’t sure if it was hormones or just plain attraction, but Nora realized this was a man she could really care about, and a man she wanted to care about her.

Sean kicked himself all the way back to the corporate apartment. What the hell had come over him? In almost thirty years, he had never approached an employee, let alone a subordinate. He knew better, Jesus! Nora – just saying her name made his body start to react. Nora – her body, the curves, the way she moved, her voice, and the feel of her lips. He wanted to lose himself in her.

But it was more than that. When he kissed her, it wasn’t about the sex, although he was sure it would have moved that way. It was more. She was smart, funny and caring. She listened when he spoke. She cared about what he said. She was the total package. But he could not let anything happen.

Monday came, and Sean dove into his work. He deliberately avoided Nora. If he saw her coming down the corridor, he’d find a reason to visit someone’s office. At the staff meeting, he never looked her way. However, when her back was turned, his eyes were always on her. He wanted her – more than any other woman. And he knew he had to have her.

Nora was all business on Monday. She was not going to let Saturday night affect her performance. She didn’t realize how hard it would be to look at Sean across the conference room table. The hurt of his rejection came rushing back. She understood his reasons, but it didn’t hurt any less.

After two weeks of working like this, Sean knew he was losing his battle and made an appointment with John Anderson, three weeks to the day he started. John saw the troubled look on Sean’s face as soon as he came though the door.

“John, I’ve got a problem with one of my staff.”

John talked to Sean for two hours. This type of situation hadn’t come up before, so any course of action had to be well thought out and legally correct.

Thursday morning saw canceled appointments and mysterious closed door sessions. The buzz around the department was that someone was on their way out. Eyes went to Nora, as the last vice president. Last in – first out. Nora heard the rumors too, so it was no surprise when the call came. Be in John Anderson’s office at four o’clock on Friday.

Casual Friday or not, Nora always dressed for business. She arrived for her appointment wearing a navy suit, with pencil skirt and shocking red stilettos. John greeted her warmly, and his assistant closed the door behind them.

“Nora, let me start by saying that your loyalty to this company is unparalleled. You’ve worked hard and deserve every promotion you’ve gotten. But, sometimes it becomes apparent there is a need for restructuring. We assess the strengths and weaknesses in a department and shift our personnel accordingly.”

Nora listened as best she could considering the alarms going off in her head. She stayed silent.

John continued, “A decision had to be made this week that affects you. Effective immediately, you will be moving up to the Advertising Department on the sixth floor. We’ve decided your talents can best be utilized there. We’re bringing Jason Katz down here to take your place. It’s a lateral move for both of you.”

Nora felt as if she had been run over by a truck. “But Mr. Anderson, I’ve been in Marketing for fifteen years. It’s what I know.”

“Nora, we think you’re going to shine in Advertising. Now you can argue the case all you want, but the decision has been made, and it’s final. If it’s one you can’t accept, then I’m sorry. It’s up to you whether you resign, or use this as a chance to show us how adaptable you can be.”

Nora felt numb. There were two options; move to Advertising or quit. Well, she was no quitter. She regained her composure and stood up.

“Thank you for this opportunity, Mr. Anderson. I won’t let you down.”

She swallowed her pride, shook his hand, and slowly walked back to her office. With each step, the hurt subsided, and the anger kicked in. How dare he do this to her?

As she came off the elevator, Nora was seething. She marched down the corridor to Sean’s office. Carol was putting on her coat to leave for the day.

“Is he in there?” Nora asked in a bristling way. Without waiting for Carol’s response, Nora burst through Sean’s door and slammed it shut. Her velvety voice had an edge to it as she addressed him.

“How dare you? Just what the hell are you trying to do to me?” she asked the man sitting at his desk.

“Nora…” Sean began calmly.

“Don’t talk to me – not until I’m done. By then you may want to call security and have me escorted out of here.”

Sean’s eyes widened and he raised his eyebrows at Nora’s statement, but stayed silent. Jesus, she was pissed.

“How long have you had this planned, huh? You knew from the first day, didn’t you? What couldn’t you deal with? How long I’ve been here? How fast I’ve come up through management? Is it my rapport with everyone in the department? What the hell did I do to deserve being transferred out of here? What could I have done that was so grievous that you had to get rid of me? You know, I’ve seen a lot of assholes in my day, but you take the cake. You didn’t even have the balls to come and talk to me. You’ve done nothing but ignore me for two weeks and now you’re tossing me out like garbage!”

Sean stood up, his face starting to turn red with anger. How dare he? Well, how dare she question his judgment?

He came around to the front of his desk, his arms folded across his chest and firmly said, “Now you listen to me…”

At that point, Nora’s voice got louder, her hands went to her hips, and she glared at him. “No! You listen to me. I told you not to speak until I was finished, and I’m not finished yet! You’re a coward Sean Kavanagh – afraid of a strong woman. I’ll show you. I’ll show all of you. Advertising will be just a step for me. I’m not only going to succeed, I’m going to go farther than any of you imagined. You can take this department and shove it up your ass, for all I care.”

Nora turned around and began to march to the door, not waiting for Sean’s reply.

He closed the distance between them in five steps, grabbed her arm and spun her around to face him. He had both hands on her arms and she began to fight him.

“You God damn son of a bitch get your hands off me or I’ll call…”

The words she hurled at him were silenced when Sean covered her mouth with his. She struggled against him, but his arms went around her and he crushed her to him. His mouth stayed insistent against her fight. He was past caring about the consequences. He was going to silence her one way or another.

Nora’s mind was racing. Her hands were clenched in fists as she tried to push away from him. Sean’s one arm went around her waist; his other was holding her head so she couldn’t escape his lips.

She hated this man! She hated him. She…she…she felt her resolve start to slip. The longer his lips were on hers, she became more aware of his physicality. He wasn’t hurting her. There was no violence. He was kissing her, moving his mouth the way a lover would.

Sean felt a little of Nora’s tension dissolve. He kept his arm around her, but he relaxed it a bit. He started moving his hand through her hair, loosening the chignon she always wore at work, and letting her hair tumble onto her shoulders.

Nora fought with herself. She wanted to get away, but his lips brought back the memory of the one previous kiss they shared. As though she had no will of her own, her hands softened and began to creep up around Sean’s neck. She felt her body begin to mold to his. She held him, now giving to him as he gave to her.

Sean finally broke their kiss. He held Nora’s face and looked deep into her eyes. He saw hurt and confusion there. When Nora looked into Sean’s eyes, she saw warmth and sincerity.

“Don’t you see, Nora? If you work for me, I can’t do this,” he said, kissing her once more.

Any indecision, any hesitation Nora felt was gone. She pulled herself to him and kissed him with her entire being. Her mouth opened and Sean took it as an invitation to explore her with his tongue. The flame was ignited and the fire was beginning to burn.

Nora felt her nipples harden as his tongue stroked the roof of her mouth. She started to move her hands across his chest and then up to his tie. She pulled at it, trying to get it to loosen. Sean moaned and then backed away. She looked startled.

“God, I want you,” he said. “But, not here. Not like this.”

He pulled her to him again, burying his face in her soft hair. “I want to make love to you. I don’t want some mindless fuck here in the office.

He raised his head and looked at her. “Will you come home with me? Please, Nora.”

Sean grabbed his overcoat, they stopped at Nora’s office to get her things, and they went out to hail a cab. Soft snowflakes fluttered around while they waited. Sean glanced at Nora and thought that, with her hair down, sprinkled with snowflakes, she looked like an angel.

They did not talk during the short taxi ride to Sean’s corporate apartment. Sean picked up her hand and just ran his fingers over hers. It was quiet, unrushed. Sean did not want to screw this up. Even the elevator ride up eleven floors was taken in silence.

Once inside the sophisticated rental he was temporarily calling home, Sean helped Nora off with her coat.

“Can I get you some wine? A drink? Coffee?”

Nora smiled, took off her suit coat and laid it on the chair. She walked over to him slowly, seductively, and whispered, “No.”

Sean took her hand and led her into the bedroom. Nora stood at the end of the bed and reached for the pearl buttons on her white silk blouse.

“No,” Sean said in a hoarse voice. “Let me. I want to unwrap you – slowly.”

One by one, he unbuttoned her blouse, and then the buttons on her sleeves. He walked behind her, slid the blouse off her creamy white shoulders, and dropped it on the chair. He lifted her hair and began kissing the back of her neck. Nora slowly exhaled and goose bumps formed all over her flesh.

With one hand, he held her hair and his lips moved over the back of her neck from, ear to ear. Sean ran his free hand down Nora’s back to her bra, and unclasped it. His kisses stopped and he stepped around to face her.

First one side, then the other, Sean slid the straps of her white lace bra down her arms. The sight of her bra falling away from her twin globes made him begin to salivate. Puffy, rose pink nipples stood out sharply against the milky white of her breasts. She looked luscious.

He traced around her areolas with his finger, one at a time. Her nipples became even harder. He then gently slid his fingernail over her pointy tips. Nora whimpered with desire, but stood still.

Sean leaned forward and kissed her soft lips. Nora tried to get closer, but his arms held her back. He began trailing his kisses down, covering her throat and nibbling her ear lobe. The floral fragrance of her hair filled his nostrils.

Nora began to lose herself in the sensations. His kisses were light, like being touched by a feather. His nibbles made her want more. When he bent to kiss lower, Nora pushed her chest towards him.

Sean never stopped – kissing down the center of her chest, to her cleavage. He then traveled over the swell of her right breast, to her arm pit, kissing and licking. He wanted to taste every inch of her body. Under her arm, down the length of it, taking her hand and kissing its palm. Then he began his journey back up her arm, across the tops of her breasts, down the other arm, kissing the palm of that hand. The salty taste of her was intoxicating. He needed more.

Nora couldn’t remember every having been explored so completely. She wanted to give herself to this man, however he wanted her.

When Sean returned from her left arm, he cupped Nora’s face and kissed her deeply. Nora put her arms around his waist and moved into him. She felt his heat through his trousers, and she knew she had to get his shirt off. She needed to feel her breasts against his bare skin.

It was she who stepped back. She gently pulled his tie loose and tossed it on the chair next to her blouse and bra. She stood close to him and, one by one, undid the buttons on his shirt. With each one undone, she kissed where his shirt opened, moving lower on his abdomen. She pulled his shirt out of his pants very slowly, staring at him with a look that told of more to come.

As Nora removed his shirt, Sean ran his hands over her body. He was trying desperately to control himself. Nora was like a fine wine – one to be savored. She came into his arms without being asked, and offered her mouth to his. She felt so good against him; her softness next to his strength. Her mouth told him of her willingness.

Sean backed up to the bed and sat down. His face was level with Nora’s breasts. God, they were beautiful, he thought. He lifted them, almost inspecting them, before bringing his mouth to them.

Nora felt his tongue running over her breast but ignoring her nipple. Sean licked and kissed and nibbled his way over her skin, saving the best for last. Nora’s hands were on his shoulders. She was massaging him as he covered her skin with his attentions. It felt decadent to have so much time spent here, but she loved it.

When at last Sean had satisfied himself with her skin, he opened his mouth and took her nipple. He felt her hands dig into him while he sucked her precious tip. He flicked her nipple with his tongue, and Nora moaned and swayed. Sucking harder, and then licking. Tracing the nipples with his tongue, and then nipping at her pleasure spot. Sean was relentless with her breasts, feeding like a starving child.

At first, Nora didn’t believe what she felt. The muscles of her pussy started to quiver, heat rose from deep inside her, she felt light-headed and weak. Her legs tensed and then her knees gave out as her juices began to flow. She was in the middle of an intense orgasm when she started to fall.

She trembled in his arms as Sean caught her and held her close. He got her onto his lap and she rested her head on his shoulder. Nora was still panting when he asked if she was all right.

She raised her head, blinking at him, with a weak smile on her face.

“Oh, I’m fine,” she said in a shaky voice. “You made me cum, Sean. I’ve never cum from nipple play.”

She sat up and kissed him, pushing her tongue in his mouth and running her hands down his stomach to his belt. When she began to tug on the buckle, she slid off his lap and dropped to her knees. She worked diligently to remove his belt and open his slacks. His breath caught in his throat when her hands reached inside. Nora rubbed him through his boxers and brought him to full hardness. She could feel his cock straining to get out.

Sean did not move to help her get his slacks down. He wanted to be in control again. He gripped her shoulders and brought her up off her knees. Sean’s hand went right to her skirt, opening it and dropping it to the floor.

She stood before him now, in a navy lace thong and her red stilettos. Sean thought he would cum right then and there. He turned her around and ran his hand over her ass. It looked like marble, but felt incredibly soft. He kissed each cheek and then stood.

Nora turned around to face him. She watched as he removed his slacks, shoes, socks and finally his boxers. His cock head was red and swollen, his shaft pointed upward.

Without a word, he lifted Nora up in his arms, walked to the side of the bed and gently lay her down. Her auburn hair fanned out over the snow-white pillow case. Sean carefully removed her red shoes, and then reached up for her thong. Nora raised her hips as he pulled the small piece of lace down her legs. It was moist with her cum, and was saturated with her woman scent. As he looked at her now, he felt intoxicated.

Nora raised her arms, silently calling him to her. She felt powerful and yet defenseless. Sean was ready to lose himself in her arms. He lay down next to her and they met in the middle of the bed, with the tenderness of first time lovers. Their hands explored, their mouths tasted. Sean wanted to cover every inch of her body with his mouth.

He started moving his hand down to the region he had not yet traveled. He swept over her flat belly, lower to the core of her womanhood. She opened her legs expectantly. He rubbed her soft, bare mound, trailing his fingers over her lips. Nora raised her hips, hoping he would let his fingers discover her further. She was not disappointed.

Sean separated her lips and ran his finger up and down her slit. He circled her clit, and then traveled down barely entering her warm, wet hole. Up and down he toyed with her, making her pant with anticipation.

“God, put it in me,” Nora begged.

Sean happily complied, curling two fingers and thrusting them inside her. Her g-spot beckoned him and he went to work massaging it, while his thumb moved to her hardened pearl. Nora’s hips met his movements as he fucked her with his hand. It wasn’t long before her back arched, her hands gripped the bed covers and she cried out. Sean kept up his concentration on her core until her legs stiffened and went straight, and her head rolled from side to side.

Sean gently removed his hand and put his fingers in his mouth. Nora tried to calm herself as she watched him clean her essence off of his fingers. She reached up to touch his cheek, and then rose up to kiss him. Her kiss held the promises of more pleasures to be had.

He rolled her onto her back, covering her with his body. Again, her legs opened and she felt his cock nudge her. Slowly, inch by inch, he entered her. Nora inhaled as slowly as he moved. Their eyes locked when he could go no further.

The lovers moved together now, slowly, deliberately, each seeking to please the other. Sean’s cock was gripped by her tightness. Nora felt him reaching places that had been ignored for months. Each had a need that had to be met.

The minutes ticked, their thrusts became harder, faster, and more urgent. Sean pushed in as deep as he could. He felt the pressure building inside his balls. He needed relief.

Nora felt herself falling once more. This man made love to her as if he knew her, and knew exactly how to please her. Her legs gripped him tighter and her nails dug into his ass, when her floodgates opened.

Sean’s body reacted, his balls releasing his hot cum deep inside of her. He held her as tightly as she held him, pushing in as deeply as he could, until he dropped, exhausted. Nora lay underneath him, tenderly running her hands up and down his back. She felt his cock still throbbing inside her. She felt complete.

When Sean rolled off her, he gathered her in his arms. He kissed her brow, down the side of her face, and finally stopped at her lips. The kisses were sweet and tender, and the pair basked in the afterglow of their lovemaking.

Nora finally broke the silence. “I think I’m really going to enjoy the Advertising Department.”

Sean hugged and kissed her and smacked her ass playfully. It all just felt so right.

Nora sat up and swung her legs over the side of the bed. “Mind if I use your bathroom?”
Before he could answer, he was watching Nora’s ass sway as she walked away. Sean stretched and smiled. Yep, everything was going to be fine.

“Sean? Can you come in here a minute?” Nora’s voice sounded a little strange.

Sean bolted upright, moved to the bathroom and burst through the door. Nora was standing in the shower with the water running. The shower door was open and she stood there, looking like a water nymph with the water trailing down between her breasts. She had a come-hither look on her face and her finger curled up, beckoning him to join her.

Sean stepped inside and took her into his arms. That desperate feeling was starting again, and he could feel himself growing hard against her belly.

Nora backed out of his arms and got on her knees. She wrapped her fingers around his cock and swept over it with her tongue. It was a beautiful piece of art. Long, wide, straight, and its head perfectly formed. The shaft was hard as iron, but the head was baby soft. She kissed and nibbled his length, and used her tongue to play with the tip. Nora covered every inch of it, still able to taste herself on him, before she opened her mouth wide and took him in.

Sean’s hands were in her hair and his hips moved, thrusting his manhood into her throat. She took him, every inch, holding him deep inside. She bobbed up and down while reaching for his balls to massage them. She tasted the salt of his precum. She worked hard and fast, needing to drink from him. She felt his balls tense and hummed on his cock.

The vibrations of her throat and the feeling of her hands on his balls pushed Sean to his limit. With a growl, he thrust forward once more and exploded down her throat. She never let up until she was sure he had emptied every drop into her belly.

Nora looked up and smiled when she saw him lean against the shower wall for support. He put his hand out so she would rise and join him. She walked into his arms again, and nuzzled his neck.

Oh God, he thought, she was either going to be the best thing that ever happened to him, or kill him by draining his energy.

They stayed closeted together all weekend. On Monday, Nora reported to her new department on the sixth floor. Monday night, she reported to Sean’s bed.

Weeks went by, and the couple was together every night, usually in Nora’s loft apartment. They got a small Christmas tree together, and made love by its lights on Christmas Eve.

The holidays in New York are crazy, and New Year’s Eve is the worst. Although Nora never ventured out into the maddening crowds, Sean had his heart set on seeing the fireworks in Central Park.

He held her hand tightly while they made their way over, dodging the already drunken revelers in the streets. The air was cold, their breath hung in clouds in front of them, and there were snowflakes falling gently to the ground.

When they reached the park, they found a spot under a bare tree. Sean stood with his back against it, Nora in front of him, and his arms around her. He rested his chin on the top of her head as the colorful explosions began.

They could hear the crowd oooh and aaahh with each display. Sean felt Nora’s excitement start to grow. He held her closer and smelled her hair. God, he loved her.

Oh my God, he thought, I love her. When the hell did that happen? And what would she say? Maybe she would run the other way. Maybe she would… oh shit, he wasn’t sure what she would do, but he knew what he had to do.

Nora was pointing at a display that looked like a flower, another looked like rings intertwined. At another, she turned excitedly and said, “Look! They look like a shower of diamonds!”

He took her face in his hands and kissed her deeply. Nora smiled up at him.

“What was that for?” She asked, laughing.

“That, my darling, is because I love you,” Sean said, as he tried to gauge her reaction.

She just stood there with her mouth open, looking totally surprised. Nora blinked a couple of times and then regained her composure. She sounded confident, but looked hopeful when she asked, “So, what are you going to do about it?”

A smile made its way across her face as she looked at Sean’s shocked expression. It took him only a minute to regain his composure, too.

“Well, what if I said I want to love you for the rest of my life? What if I said I want us to be together always?

Nora flung her arms around Sean’s neck and he lifted her off the ground. She brought her mouth to his and they kissed by the light of the fireworks.

“Take me home, Sean. Make love to me and make me yours.”

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