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Best friends older brother
Hello, this is my first story. It's not about my first time, but my first love. At the time i was 15 years old, 5'8'' 140lbs, shaggy brown hair, bright blue eyes. I didn't act gay, in fact i acted, and still do, straighter than most straight guys. My best friend, and the only person i'd actually came out to was Brittany. She was cute, really cute. Our frienship started as her having a crush on me, after more time went by though we got closer and i was able to tell her i was gay, she was thrilled about it. In fact we spent so much time together everyone assummed we were dating which was cool for me cause it was a great cover up, but she played along anyway...what a great friend huh? The first boy i ever like liked, not just attracted to was her 17 year old brother Casey. Star of the baseball team, shaggy hair like mine except it was blonde, not brown and he had the most amazing green eyes. He could have any girl he wanted, but he never dated. But anyway i digress, heres the story.

It had been just like any other normal day, I went to school, rode the bus home and went to Brittany's. It was more towards the end of my sophmore year and we were going to state in baseball thanks to that god Casey. Me and Britt sat in her living room, her parents were still at work and wouldn't get home untill about 7pm. I listened to her talk about her boy troubles and which guy's she liked and which one's she thought were cute. She had always gone for the big, buit-like-a-bear guys...whereas i would go for the lean and hot guys...such as her brother. She always knew i had a crush on him...i had let it slip to her once, she didn't care. In fact she was all for it, but we never talked about him in front of anyone else. Time went by and Britt got a phone call from one of her crushes so she went out back to take it. I remained in the living room and watched t.v. for a bit, that is untill Casey walked in.

"What's up bro?'' he said as he pulled off his shoes at the door, his gym bag strapped around his shoulder and his baseball cap cocked sideways on his head.

I looked over and smiled lifting my head in a type of upwards nod, "Not shit man, how was practice?''

he dropped his bag in the floor and collapsed on the couch sighing '' know how it is.'' he said closing his eyes.

"Yeah I know how that is." I said lying, I swam so never dealt with the heat of the day. There was a minute of silence untill Casey lifted his head and looked around.

"Wheres Brittany?" he asked. I told him she was outside talking to some guy she liked, he looked at me scrutinously. "I thought you two were dating." he said looking at me one eyebrow raised.

I imediately realized what I did, i blew my cover....maybe. Now turned bright red I replied "No....were just friends." i said.

He laughed, "Just friends? Seriously man whats going on between you two?" he asked. I was a little uncomfortable at this point. Do i lie and say we've been fucking around and have him beat me or tell him the truth.

"Nothing man we're just friends." I said. His laughed stopped and he looked at me seriously.

"Dude...are you gay?" he asked, i could tell it was more of a joke but the question caught me off gaurd, i didn't reply. Instead i opted to turn red again and look at the floor. I heard him chuckle but was too embarrassed to look up. "It's cool man, i mean if you are, it's alright.'' he said. I was shocked i looked up to see if i really heard what i thought i did, his cool smile told me that i did and i smiled back. "Well man i gotta go take a shower I'll catch you later." he said as he patted my shoulder. Little did he know that it sent butterflies through my stomach. I watched him depart up the stairs and then went outside to say goodbye to Britt.

A few hours later i was at home, it was around 11o'clock, my parents had been in bed for awhile now. I was up on my computer when i got a text message. "Hey bro you up?''. I didn't recognize the number but i had a feeling of who it was. I sent one back "Yeah. Is this Casey?". We texted eachother back and forth for a little while untill he asked me how easily i could sneak out. I told him easy and he told me to sneak out and he'd come pick me up in 30 minutes. I was filled with adrenaline as i slipped out my window and sure enough a few minutes later casey drove up in his white truck. I got in.

"hey man!" he said smiling as i got in the car. My adrenaline all of a sudden turned to nerves "hey" i said smiling back. We talked for awhile as he drove around, he parked at the park and turned the car off so only the radio would play.
"so youre gay?" He asked.
"Well.....yeah" i said starting to turn red again.
"That's cool, I've always wanted to try stuff with another guy, you know just to see what it's like." My heart leapt and i turned to look at him, he was smiling at me.

Definatly go to part 2 i promise its worth it

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