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hapter Three

We had been married only a few weeks when Paul and I went to visit our parents. After a few days there, the men decided to go fishing. I told Mom that I was going to go riding around to look at the old neighborhood and would be home in a couple of hours.
Having stopped at a red light, my head jerked around as I heard my name being called out. Looking to my right, there was Arty, an old umm…friend. He was smiling and waving. Returning the greeting, I pulled into the parking lot of a convenience store. Hurrying into each other’s arms, we hugged and kissed.
“Gosh I have missed you!” Arty said. His crotch bulge that was tight against my lower body told me he was telling the truth.
“I’ve missed you also.” I answered in a throaty manner as I pushed against him.
Starting to kiss again, we checked ourselves, as this was a small town. Arty started to say something and then suddenly he said. “Wait just a minute.” Going in the store, he promptly returned with an ice-cold six - pack of beer. “You still drink beer?”
“Oh yes!” My breath caught for a moment at the thought of an afternoon…!
Arty had called me one day and asked if I wanted to go down to our swimming hole. Naturally I quickly accepted, as I knew he would bring me home with a well-contented pussy. Between him and my finance Jay, and an occasional one…or err, two others, I was probably the most satisfied woman in town. Art’s family owned the land that the pool was on so we were assured of our privacy. On previous trips, we had made a lean to shelter that let us lay in the shade and enjoy the coolness of the running water nearby. I parked next to his truck as he waved to me from the shade of the lean to.
Arty had his hands full as I approached him. First of all he was completely nude. In his left hand he had a cold beer, in the right one, he had his hot cock!
Pulling me down next to him, we immediately fell into a tight
embrace. After he had gotten me so hot that my breath was coming in gasps, he stripped me. Next he took a bottle of beer and poured it over my heaving boobies. His serpentine tongue then flicked out and licked the sudsy brew from my turgid nipples. Then his lips closed over them and pulled my flesh to its limits. Next, he spread my legs wide apart. Bending down, he poured the remains of the sudsy brew over my slit. When his tongue began lapping, I cried out with happiness.
Arty kept at me until finally I orgasm. Letting me rest just momentarily, his body then went between my beer - stained thighs. Sticking his very, very substantial cock all the way up me, he then took a tit in each hand. For the next twenty minutes, I received a world class fucking.
Later, Arty opened another beer. Going back on his knees between mine, he began pouring the beer over me. The cold liquid felt good. I enjoyed it so much and when I started pulling on my tits as I was told, I begged for another fucking.
“Arty! Please! Please! Fuck me! I need it so bad!”
“You sure that’s what you want?”
Nodding with a pained expression, Arty took the now empty bottle and began moving it up and down my steaming cunt. Moaning, the cool glass felt terrific as it went up and down the sides of my pussy.

Continuing to beg for his cock, Arty put the neck opening right at my opening. Realizing what he was about to do, I whimpered for him to stop.
“Arty! Please! Ohh! NO! Argh!!! OHHH! OH! OH! Mmm…yyyy… cuntttt!”
The beer bottle was deep within me now. I lay there gasping as it was worked in and out. Then my hole began to groove on the slick and hardness of the bottle. My butt was working up and down and all around on the cool, hard, and oh, so good neck!
“Do you like this?
“Ohh! God! Don’t stop! Yes! Here…ee!” I squealed as I washed the neck with my love juice. I lay there whimpering from the passion I was enjoying. YES! I thought, this is the way to enjoy life. I considered my self lucky to have a good friend like Arty who made sure that I was sexually full filled. Yes, life is so good I thought as my hips continued to work up and down the neck of the beer bottle.
Finally my trip hammer of a heart fell into a normal beat. Arty told me to hold the bottle up me. Doing so, he then scooted up to my head. Stopping just below my heaving tits, he laid his pleasure stick between my tit valleys. Taking them in his hands, he began to mash them against his hardness. The spongy head would push against my chin each time he made a forward motion. After a few moments, he stopped and guided it into my waiting mouth.
He let me suck and lick for just a few minutes before he pulled it loose from my sucking mouth.
Reaching around, he took the bottle from my hand and pulled the neck from my greasy cunt. Sliding down my body, he got between my thighs and pushed his cock up me. Stroking me for a minute or two, he pulled free and hurriedly straddled my chest and pushed his glistening cock past my full lips. Our mixture of lovemaking was like tasting honey as I moaned with happiness over it. When his single eyed opening began to throb, I increased my swallows for I knew he was ready to coat my throat with the juice of love. Umm! Arty had never disappointed me in the past and he didn’t disappoint me that time either!
Locking my car, I got into his truck. We talked about old times, old friends, and marriage. Soon the city was behind us.
When he made an old familiar turn, I slid over to him and began unbuttoning his pants.
“Is the little pond still running nice clean water?” I asked as I had his rock hard cock out and my hand was slowly stroking its smooth flesh. Arty gave me a smile and a nod.
“Good, for I will need it to clean up after you pour beer over me!”

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