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The grandmother greeted her 12-year old grandson when he came home from school and decided to make casual conversation. She said to him, "Johnny, what did you learn in school today?
Little Johnny looked at her and said, "Oh, the usual. I learned about masturbation, sexual intercourse, and AIDs prevention."
The grandmother was mortified and swung her hand and slapped Johnny upside his face. "Now you know better than to use those kind of naughty words around this house. What kind of school would teach you those kind of bad things?" Johnny looked at her in bewilderment and felt ashamed of himself when his mother came into the room to ask what happened.
Grandmother blurted out that Johnny had told her how he learned about masturbation, sexual intercourse, and AIDs prevention in school and had said these words to her. Johnny's mother started to calm old grandma down. She said to grandma, "You know nowadays, kids learn about sex in school as part of sex education and health class. I'm afraid your grandson was just being honest and straightforward with you and you should apologize to him."
By this time Johnny had gone upstairs and was in his room when his grandmother came to speak to him and discuss what happened. She opened his bedroom door and found Johnny naked from the waist down in bed masturbating. Shocked by his behavior, she said to him, "Johnny, I wanted to talk to you more about what happened, but I can see you are busy studying for school....."
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